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Not really a Bible school more of a life training.

Help young adults get from c to d

Personality profiles The Harvest Project

Orlando Director of administration and finance Echo: education concerns

Tim: open us in prayer Two nights ago The Harvest Project heard a couple of times through the night The Harvest Project: Were going for it or Going for it God-ordained riskb/c you are connected with the Holy Spirit Noah; David; Naomiwent for it. She stepped out; made herself available; Esther; Mary; Peter; John the Baptist; Communitasgoing for it; Lydia Housegoing for itTHPgoing for it! Trained; equipped for life; Paul: and its ok if we are a little nervous! The joy of giving praise!: Gary Gillbertson Stood up and gave praiseNature scene Eyes open to see the Glory of God! With all our emotionsrespond Louie Gigglio: everything is worship! Ephesians 1 Paul taught last week zion Lutheran chisago Jesushe had it all this is what MORE looks like! He had it ALL!

501c3 status: Harvest Communities: over all umbrella Bekah helping tremendously with this! 2. Bylaws: Paul made a copy of thistook out some things from it.. Questions: length of time on 3 years on one off then on the board or place 3 on 1 off Paul: are you comfortable for me to add According to the board: we paint our own box; Appointed not elected The tighter you do it the more you Retraining; re-examination Like the idea: Signers: change too a rotation Orlando: benefits of rotatingneeds and gifts change Timing After 6 years one year off: The board brings people on and off Nominated for the board Casts lots: Anyone can nominate **Paul: e-mail vote Paul to send each of us the by-laws Board Officers: Treasurer Check signer: Harvest communities: 3 accounts: has rights over the accounts Treasurer: roles overview and summary Secretary

Single signature check or double signature check 8: on list 2 names for a set amount Direct deposit?

**$500 minimum Signers of the check2 if over $500 Motion for treasurer: all in favor for Kat Fathers in the school: Chuck; Eldin Deans: Experiential not academic The Harvest Project is born! Nick Chuck known on wall st. he is known Dan Morten: tender; solid; committed Fundraising: Kickstarter an online rage in fundraising Get the good word out Website: Kickstarter: send e-mail; catch vision; easy way to do it Have to say: if we dont hit the mark we have to send it all back Students: saying yes; 8 yes 7 maybes Kickstarter goal: not set yet, but one thought: Administrator: still working on it Paid Positions: part-time dean: paid or not? Dean-type: $15 Admin: $12 Marketer: $20/hr $15 okyes!

We asked for $3000 form LH and they said yes $Communitas $3000 yes

Paul much more than %20 of his timegood to give LR Confidential: until you know where you are going.until LR knows who Dan Siemens is leavingthis is public b/c it doesnt effect the LT Full time to salary Oct: Paul will raise funds

Website: options to give: support Build %25 before that

**guy for support training in May Stipened from LR: funds redirected toward harvest communities or toward paul directly Rate: feedback then we can make a decision Insurance: Church mutual Articles of incorporation needed to get in place so that officers and directors are covered too: Two insurance: $1400 for the year but it would cover national How it grows: how does that effect it? Exposure changes North Heights: how does it cover things there? Liability/theft/ Is it classified as a house? Add my name to any thing: Motion: $500 limit max for single signer Motion: Kat to sign overall 2nd all in favor all Is :o)

Not copyright it If you dont choose to can someone Its copyrightedbut you can waive it? Artists have the rightpromote creativity If its good copy it right :o) M-w 3 classes; Arts and media Gifts can find and expression Copyrightlook into then find out May just be a statement? Leave the option open? Distribution sake? Copyright used by permission Defimation of character they change what you didbut then puts you on it? Will you publish? YES! Is it non-business Non-related business income *if its core to your mission teachings, What percentage ? 7: can discriminate ** add: Will not discriminate *unless its in violation of our core values Backdoor: not sure fire but it helps **brochure suggestion: watermarked people in the background of the wheat picture Clarified: ministry not a church Articles of Incorporation: Harvest Communities: has the 501c3

Lydia house: Bob Ryan: use this language: Motion: Change under 9 Tim: 2nd it All in favor: I Gary: officially? Majority vote quarem? Above half makes it real Orlando: last item of business Potential of you joining? Resume: Wants to help: my energy levelmore limited assign projects; advisor; what is the expectation of being physically involved would I be 4x/year or once every other month Orlando: recruiteddid their skills bring balance? Will they fit within the needs of what is there now? Do they have the means to give to the group? Understood: Contribution: organizational Voting in your presence: Objective: to assist in developing the Resources and Infrastructure that allows the mission of the ministry to prosper and progress to higher levels of effectiveness Mission: NEED A VISION STATEMENT!!

GOOD is the enemy of Best Tim: make a motion: Orlando: detail is fun

Visionary side and detail side as well Administratively important Clint: direct amount of Printing: lightning press Through amazon: private publishing Close in prayer:

Conflict of interest policy: summary: not do something for financial gain Copyright: can use portions for something Vote: Policy: family member discounts: Children %50 Additional discount for multiple students: suggestion %10 Board members: another %10 part-time staff Connections school Indiana Church wants to invest in the school It integrates & encourages families

Money for scholarships: economics needs based international Marketer/treasurer/ kickstarter: Suggest that we look at %50 off and have a policy for stepping down with mulitiples AFTER or inaddition? %1o of half or the full/ Immediate: %10 off the 100 Who as a staff member would want to clarify that? Staff/board member breaks: *ORLANDO will find out if at NH board members children also get a discount with staff

Alsoto find out about part-time qualifications? Or did Tim answer it?

Who is staff? Define this? Adjunct teachers: no Dean; admin; anyone on salary Vote on principle then define staff: Tim: has the summary of the decision Full; 10; 20; 30 additional 10 for each kid Make a motion All there at the same timeadd this Does the child and grandchild get the same? Yes Passed Multiples of family 1 100 2 90 3 80 I move we do it Staff: salary or full-time but not adjunct teachers and not board members (no for now?) They get the 50% they being the salary or full-time staff person Its prorated after that Pro-rate: for the discount for staff based on full or part-time based on hours they work Tuitiontime of entry (so if staff changesit goes with the time of payingbeginning) Next meeting : June legitimate yese-mail voting is allowed notification of the meeting What was to be voted on and the time brief discussion, Executive team: board gave authority to the executive team

As we grow: board: vision; legality; finiancial Ceo: and employee of the board Board members Structure: to help for when it grows, critical Tim; I and and executive: to what level of a decision can be made with board or even within the Communication Boards: many commities In the minutes of the board that that has been allowed that a board member can work with? a liason? Efficiency with minimum burroceracy Job descriptions: Size dictates it and we implement it as we grow