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Now, let's discuss the History of Irrational Numbers. At the time of the Greeks (from about the fifth century), people use whole positive numbers and fractions. People didn't use negative numbers or irrational numbers. The Greeks were the first people to determine the need for irrational number.

From the early history of irrational numbers this is tied up with Pythagoras' Theorem, which was known before the time of the Greeks and was not actually invented by Pythagoras. But the Greeks were the first one to realize the significance of it for the development of numbers.

The famous proof is the square root of 2 is irrational which means it cannot be written as a fraction and square root of 2 was the first number to be proved irrational.

Example of Irrational Number

Like addition and subtraction we don’t need to equalize the denominator we can multiply them as, numerator of 1st number *denominator of 2nd number/denominator of 1st number *numerator of 2nd In other words we can say dividing the number is just equivalent to multiplying the 1st number with the reciprocal of other.

We also need to see one thing the sign convention that’s also plays a very important role in the division we need to know that in multiplication (+) *(+)= + , multiplication of (-) * (-) =+,multiplication of (-)* (+)= - and multiplication of (+) * (-) = - we can also remember these convention as if we have the same sign then the result will always be positive and if signs are negative then result will always be negative ,I think this is the simplest way to remember the sign convention.

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What are irrational Numbers

Irrational numbers are the numbers which are not rational numbers. In other words we can say that any number that cannot be expressed in the form of p/q are termed as irrational numbers.

If any floating point number (that is a number that has an integer part as well as an decimal part is termed as floating point number.) cannot expressed as the ratio of two integers that floating point number is termed as irrational numbers.

Let us take some of the examples of Irrational numbers Now if we take the value of “ pi (π ) “ that is π = 3.1415926535897932384626433832795

This value of π is impossible to express as the simple ratio of two numbers or two integers instead.

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