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To Whomsoever It May Concern, I am writing this recommendation letter for Mohamed Gamel in the capability as the project supervisor

for him during his last semester in our institution and business professor during his last two years of school. Mohamed has completed his bachelor's degree from our school with excellent grades and now wants to further his educational qualifications by acquiring a postgraduate degree. He is a energetic and capable fellow, who would certainly go on and excel at whatever he does in his life. Mohamed has always been highly motivated in his studies throughout his undergraduate degree. Actually, he was one of the most diligent students in his class. His intellect is evident not only from his academic work but also from his general inquisitiveness about all the concepts of science as well as his choice of extracurricular activities. He has always chosen the most demanding activities, just for the sake of challenging his intellectual capacity. Moreover, during his last year of study he was the leader of our school's intellectual team which won third place in a cultural competition, competing against all the other schools in the governant, and once again proved his capability by working and producing results as a team leader in charge of a very diverse and intellectually varied group of students. Moreover, during his project under my guidance, he once again proved his capability by working and producing results on a pretty difficult subject. Not only in the academic setting, but Mohamed's distinction can be seen through his behavior with his classmates and teachers too. He is a thorough gentleman, quite polite and friendly even with the most unpopular students in the school. He is loved and adored by everyone, students and teachers alike. He gives appropriate respect to all his teachers and has seldom broken any of the school rules. However, he is very adamant and does not budge at all if he thinks that the thing he is doing is right. He always upholds the right side of the matter and does not concede until the other person sees the light in his argument. Ultimately, I would like to add only one more thing. Mohamed has been the most ideal student I have had in years. You would certainly benefit by giving him admission in your program. He is guaranteed to add some more value to it. Particularly, in the fields of research, he is sure to outshine all others. Hence, I

highly recommend him to you based on my association with him over the last few years and particularly in the last semester during the graduation project. You can feel free to contact me on the number provided if any need be. Yours Sincerely, Dr. Alsayed Abdulmenem Hegazy. [Signature]