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The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

Birth of the Inflow Matrix

or why build an Integrated Business Thinking System By Elijah Ignatieff Nexialist Harmonic Thinking Systems (HTS) INTRODUCTION Cognitive Dissonance DISCONNECT
Ever since I was a kid I thought something was wrong. I didnt know what, but it seemed that all the adults were acting in a way that didnt seem real. Everyone as playing pretend but no one ever stopped. It was a big mystery, seeing all these adults running around doing things they really didnt want to do. Children can sense cognitive dissonance from What you know New Information a mile away. They dont know what it is, they dont know how to talk about it, but they can feel the disharmony within their parents. Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon which refers to the discomfort felt as a discrepancy between what you already know or believe, and new information or interpretation that doesnt fit in so we disregard it. (ATHERTON J S (2003) Learning and Teaching: Cognitive dissonance). People rarely seem to admit to the seeming inconsistencies in their life and the society they participate in. Its like everyone has agreed the elephant is purple. This has led to the creation of the greatest problem on the planet today: That people are not doing what they are meant to do. We are all destined to do something that fundamentally fits are natural disposition. If we are not doing it, we never feel fulfilled. If we never feel fulfilled, we dont allow others to feel fulfilled by continually competing with them in very subtle and not so subtle ways.

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

Once you really know you are doing the right thing in the right way, all competition seems to vanish. Its like people waiting in line to get on the roller coaster. They are not Waiting in Line satisfied until they are in their seat. They are not in the game yet. They are not happy and arent really happy until the ride starts. Once they are sitting down they can enjoy the experiencewell, most of them. And you stop caring where other people are seated. Just as long as you are moving now. In the game


You are always moving towards your destiny you just dont know it. One day you get a wake up call and it becomes as clear as the sky what you are meant to be doing. You wont be able to


The light at the end of the tunnel

understand what it was that carved the path towards your destiny until you have

The outbound train

begun to fulfill your destiny. Then you can look back in time and look at all the events that fashioned your choices to end up in a certain direction. This becomes your story, the story of how your destiny unfolded. This is the story of the birth of my own particular destiny.

John Wooden

A long time ago, I was listening to a John Wooden interview with Tony Robbins. John Wooden is the legendary basketball coach for UCLA. He was talking about how he would motivate all the members on the team to feel like they were part of the team. This is difficult because some players have a much greater role to play, and others never see the court.

Tony Robbins

He used the metaphor of a car. Some people are the engine. They drive the team. Some people are the wheels. They are powered by the engine. Your destiny may be just a wheel to someones engine. Or you might be the nut that holds the wheel to the car. Without the nut the wheel might fall off one day. I dont think that I would want to be known as a nut, but that might be my cosmic place. We all have a place, a Cosmic Role to fulfill, that when we realize what it is and act in accordance to it, our life changes and every experience has a new meaning &

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

significance, if you care to examine it with a reflective eye. Destiny is reaching a point of self-actualization where one knows ones place in the world. You know who you are, where you are going, and how you are going to get there. You know your role in the big basketball game of life. Whats interesting about life is that until you do come to this place, you are basically running on faith and persistence. These two values are necessary to get through the difficult times when you dont know who you are, you dont know where you are going, and you certainly have no idea of how to get there. An important part of the picture that is missing for most people on this journey to selfactualization are the correct tools to assist them to find their path. I dont mean a physical tool, because our reliance on physical tools has created the kind of person who has no real personal power. The tools I am talking about are largely concerned with voyaging in the abstract world of the mind. It is here in this inner world, that the real journey lies, the

Map of the territory

journey of self-knowledge. The most profound tool that I have found to be useful in my own experience is that of the cognitive or mental map. It is a way of organizing concepts in your mind so you can gain understanding as to the relationship between your inner world of thought and your outer world of experience. A map is an interesting device. It is only a model of what is

real. It shows where things are placed in relationship to one another. It is a guide in an unknown territory. Without it you are lost. If the map is wrong you end up in a place you didnt intend to go to but you may have no way to get back to the start. The people with the more accurate maps have a much better chance of finding what they are looking for. There can also be false maps made to confuse seekers, created by those that do not wish people to find what the real map leads to.

In a book called the Profit Zone written by Adrian Slywotzky & David Morrison, the authors tells of how the most important thing for a business to focus on is not their market share but their business model. That struck me as a very significant realization. A business model is a map. It is the main map of how businesses make money. It is like a treasure map. It points you to the gold the gold being the profit.

21st Century pirate maps

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

Do you have pirate blood?

I like the metaphor of pirates going for the gold when looking at business. In the 1600s Spain was a dominating power mainly because of its incredible ability to plunder other civilizations. Their explorers would wander around the countryside of South and Central America looking for gold. When they found it, they took it, and then they brought it to a port, loaded it up into a large fleet, and took it all home so the King and Queen could build some more ships to go rob someone else. In the Caribbean were desperate people who had no

way of making a living and they banded together in teams to go get a piece of the action. Their reputation portrayed them as ruthless killers but history is written by the winners. Dominating political organizations always paint the people who are oppressed as criminals. This is not to condone their behavior but I am sure the Spanish government was much more ruthless and violent in their

Wheres the gold?

What map do you have?

acquisition of the wealth in the first place. So these pirates were after the gold. They all divided the gold that they received and all took an equal risk in the venture. They dressed as they liked and lived a life of relative freedom. They had to use their wits with few resources and had to take brave initiative. The most important thing that they had was their knowledge of the surrounding waters that was held in their charts or maps for that matter. If they buried their gold, the secret location was also held in maps.

If we transfer the metaphor to the modern world we can see that a similar thing is happening today. The Internet is the new uncharted territory. The Spanish Government are the global corporations that are sending their ships (businesses) into the web
Hugely Significant

The Sea of Internet is the uncharted waters

to carve out their slice of the pie. Whoever creates a certain business model first (map) claims the territory and gets the gold (profits). I was almost a Marketing Director for an internet company and it takes a lot of money to get going. Some companies make it with a small budget and a good idea but most become little waves in an ocean of information and they are seldom seen or heard. The golden key is marketing. You

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

have to be either very rich or very smart. That leaves the independent pirate to rely on their brains. Their intelligence then is shown in how good their maps are and how well they use them. Most people only use the outer world maps to travel in the outer world, they seldom know the value of an inner world map, one which can lead them to travel towards their own destiny.

A business thinking system is essentially a way to connect inner world maps (who you are) with outer world maps (where you are going & how you are going to get there). You need both types of maps to have an integrated system. You also have to have maps that take into account all the different perspectives. Here are 7 possible levels of perspective:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Individual Group Organization Community Regional National International

So you have maps showing the different perspectives of the internal world and maps of the external world. The maps of the external world most people can understand. You use them when you drive on a holiday. The maps of the internal world are more difficult because our culture does not place as much importance on the inner development of the human being. When you combine maps of the two, peoples inner & outer worlds, you create a powerful learning, creating and communicating tool. The key is designing the maps so both people can understand where the other person is coming from. If these maps of you and I are similar in some ways, like they both have North pointing upwards, it will be much easier to see where the maps line up. We understand things by seeing the differences and similarities between things. If you do not have a common reference point this is much more difficult to do. If you use the points of similarity to see how to align the maps, you can then see the differences from a common reference point.

For a pirate talking to another pirate they both may have maps of where their secret hideout is. If they both have the same map they can find out where each other is in relationship to each other. On both of their maps they can then plot a place to meet that is in between that is the quickest place to rendezvous and share in an adventure with their combined resources. If both their maps scale is not large enough and do not include the others territory, it would be impossible to identify a meeting place in the middle. A meeting place would have to be

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

on one persons map and the other person would have to find it. This would be difficult because the maps do not connect together and there would be some space that was unknown. One person would have to travel through uncharted waters. This example points out that it is important to have a map that is scaled large enough to identify where everybody is. The map has to cover all the territory of the business world, both inner and outer at all 7 different perspectives.

So what I was looking to build was a series of maps that any business and person could be placed in. You could then use these maps to help people either in a company or between companies, to learn, communicate and create together in a different way, because you had a map to help you understand who the other people were and where they were going. You could then figure out how best to help each other get to ones respective goals. The theory is this would happen in a much quicker fashion than if you didnt have the map. The key is then to organize the maps, both for the inner abstract world (the mind) and the outer material world (what we all see and touch), that applies to any business and any person, no matter what kind of person they were or what kind of industry the business is in. The maps have to be very large in scale, able to encompass all the possible concepts & experiences that can occur, in a way that when these models (maps) are connected together, they would give you an understanding of any person in any business. The building of the Inflow Matrix has been the search for the concepts and models to make these maps and how to put them together in a meaningful way. The end result becomes an integrated business thinking system.


The journey started when I gave up all my painting tools to a friend when I decided I was going to do what I loved to do but I didnt quite know what that was. I knew it had something to do with the mind and spirituality, but had no idea how it would look in regards to a tangible career. I rented one room in a weird and wonderful house and continued a life long love of reading books on consciousness and spirituality. Albert Einstein doing a quantum tongue phase jump You might think that I would read books on business, but that did not interest me at the time. Albert Einstein said you couldnt solve a problem at the level of thinking that created it. The business world has been creating a growing number of environmental and social problems based upon an industrial paradigm of thought. I was looking for the next level of thinking that would solve these problems. This wouldnt be found in most business books. The answer to me is found in the spiritual traditions of the planet. There is a law, or levels of law that science has been

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

attempting to unravel. The religions have been doing the same thing. Essentially both traditions are looking for Truth from different perspectives to the Whole. In the end they come to the same result, there is a God/Spirit/Big Kahuna/Nameless one/ and there are laws that run the whole Universe, both inside you in your mind and outside you in the material world. An individual like Jesus or Buddha or Mohamed comes along, teaches a Way to follow and understand these laws and religion is born with the followers trying to figure out how the Prophet did those cool things they did. Yes, God is a big part of my whole development experience. It is one of the essential questions in life, do you believe in God or not? If you do believe you either live with that belief having a huge impact on your choices or you dont. I think if you do believe you have to take God into account in all your choices, otherwise whats the point? The big question then becomes: Why are we here? This brings us back to the point of having a destiny to fulfill. If God exists that means everyone has a relationship with God. What does that mean? That is for the individual to figure out for himself or herself. That is why persistence and faith are so important. It takes time to figure out what your calling is. You have to have it in mind to find what your purpose is though. If you believe in God and you dont relate this belief to your choices, you are in a funny position. You essentially think there is no accountability to the Source of life. Or you are like the fool who thinks there are no consequences to his/her behavior.

The Big Guy

Why are there so many cults in Texas?

If you dont believe in God then it really doesnt matter anyway, the Inflow Matrix can still be used but the essence of it will be missed. The important thing is not to look at this business thinking system as anything that will contradict your present beliefs about Spirituality and God. It is a way to structure your mind so you can understand your relationship with God and your present belief system towards Spirit in a different way. The purpose is to add a deeper meaning & to what you are


already experiencing. If you are unwilling to do this, if you are locked in the rigidity of your present belief system then you will remain that way and growth and learning stops. There are so many different perspectives to the Whole and as you gain a new one it reassembles all your other perspectives to accommodate the new viewpoint. If you not want to do this, and you want

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

to keep what was conditioned into you by an authoritarian dogma, you are not allowing the transformative energies that are circulating on the planet at this time to enter into your consciousness. You will be caught adhering to an old belief system that no longer has validity. Time is cyclical and we are at the end of many larger cycles and this brings with it the transformation of our present consciousness. If humanity as a Whole sticks to our past beliefs, we will pay the price of not being able to adapt to what is happening in our environment. We are part of much larger currents in a greater Plan, doesnt it make sense to figure out what it is and play our part? Humanity has been duped into believing many false beliefs about the way things are. Most of these are the underlying beliefs of the present economic system. The main purpose of economics is not to increase shareholder value, but to create the context for the individual human being to connect into groups that will facilitate their spiritual development. If there is a God I have a hard time believing that the plan says, Lets build some more roads into the Old Growth Forest and cut down those huge old trees to make some more decks for humans to drink their Pina Coladas on. Why are we as a species accepting these policies of rape and pillaging by greedy capitalists that do not have a

Where do deserts come from?

And why do we let it happen?

spiritual conscience? It has to stop and every individual on the planet who feels this must begin to play his or her part.

The spiritual warriors need to unite and stop the madness that is happening before they lay waste to this entire planet! If you leave out of the plan the protection and preservation of the ecosystems that provide our life, then you are completely out to lunch. But we need to do this is a completely innovative manner.

Underlying the chaos of the planet is a harmonic pattern that is fractally embedded in everything and that pattern is Spirits way of organizing the universe. I didnt know it at the time but I wanted to find out what these laws were. I assumed that behind all the spiritual traditions was the same Truth and that if you saw it from enough perspectives you would eventually figure out what was what.

Fractal madness

Glorious and free?

It was essentially a journey of self-discovery that any person who wants to have more meaning in their life eventually goes on. That meaning is not going to be found in the revered cultural icons of Canada, and its American Big Brother, such as fame, status, & worldly goods. It is the inner journey of self-

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

knowledge. I have read so many books written by people who have had the same intent and different experiences in regard to their awakening to the spiritual life, I dont want to repeat what can be found in the literature concerning the subject. I am not so sure I am awakened. Everything is so relative. I know that I am different from when I started. It seems like it has taken so much work to go only a little distance towards understanding my relationship with God. Yet I do not get depressed anymore (at least to the same degree that I used to), I feel much more comfortable around people and I have a faith in myself and the world that I never had before. Sometimes you have gone very far without knowing it because the steps are always so small and you dont always realize that you have taken them. Then one writes about it and your destiny streams out in a way that is strange in its clarity and you say to yourself, Heh, I actually got somewhere. I think we focus on the half empty part of the glass so much, that when we finally look at what we do have in the glass we are amazed and its fullness. The name of Janus has come up over the years so many times and I thought I understood what the name symbolized, but like so many stories and parables, I would understand another

Janus inner reflection and outer projection

perspective on a deeper level of experience. Janus is the two faced Roman God. One face is looking inner towards your being, and the other is looking outwards, towards the material world. If we look inside and see how full we are, its easy to accept that when we look outwards we dont really need that much.

True peace of mind comes when we understand what to place value upon. Why place value on those things that are outside of your control? You are forever under the power of something that does not have your best interests at heart. Peace of mind is that state where you are truly accepting everything in the present moment. Everything is perfect. Compare this to most peoples life. Everyone has so

Bullshit epidemic

much shit in his or her life. They become consumed by this shit, not realizing that the shit is an outer reflection of their inner state. They attract shit by how they think. Its so simple and yet so hard to know. It means taking full responsibility for everything that happens in your life. People continue to have negative thought patterns running around in their minds. Negative thoughts about how Aunt Betty and Cousin Vinny didnt do this, or did do that,

and that they are so inconsiderate and blah, blah, blah.

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

They have no control over their mind. They have no control over their tongue. They have no control over their emotions. They just react to stimulus in their environment. The same patterns get fired over and over again. Robots interacting with robots. I know, I used to be one. I still am when my awareness gets caught in an old track. The key is now I have some tools to identify and change the patterns so they dont take up too much of my time. Whats interesting is that almost no one recognizes that this is how they live their life. If you told them. They would be insulted. I know. They become very irritated and stop talking to you. Yet what is a tell tale sign is they have lost their curiosity. Most people do not ask questions. They dont probe deeper than a very superficial level. They dont wonder why something is a certain way. They have already succumbed to learned helplessness. The best example to explain learned helplessness is that of a trained elephant. When it is young, the owner places a chain on the elephants leg. The baby elephant tries to get away but realizes it cant . As the elephant gets older the owner places a smaller and smaller chain on its leg. By the time it is full grown, the owner only needs a little rope to hold a powerful elephant completely under control. There have been examples of elephants dying in a fire because they didnt try to escape from a tiny thin rope they could rip up in a second. This is because of the learned helplessness conditioned within them. Humans are no different. They learn patterns of limitation at a young age and then succumb to mediocrity for the rest of their life. As long as they are fed, have some tv to watch and a good lay once in a while they are happy. What kind of life is that? I really blame our educational system for putting the ropes on peoples legs at an early age. How many people out there hated school? How many people knew they were being robbed of something very important? Ever watch a child? They are learning machines. They love to play with things. What happens to them? They go to school. By the time they are teenagers they are bored out of their minds, complacent and have lost most of their drive to learn. What happened? The person I have found to best describe how this occurs is Joseph Chilton Pearce. In his book Evolutions End, he states, Natures imperative, then, and her over-arching development rule, which has enormous consequences, is that no intelligence or ability will unfold until or unless given the appropriate model environment. Mind and environment give rise to each other through that new-born brain only if the environment is there.

Only if the right environment is there. Why is the environment of our schools so antilearning? Anyone wanting to understand what is happening, or not happening in the development of their childs intelligence should read Evolutions End and especially another of his books, Magical Child. You cannot read them and not wonder what are we doing to our children. Our

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

The Magical Child A must read
educational systems must change to take into account what we really know about how we develop our intelligence and what kind of environments are needed at what age. You cannot design a thinking system without taking into account how humans develop intelligence. By the age of 15 a human mind would be ready to understand and utilize a thinking system that would teach them the power of their own choice and how to make decisions. Isnt this a needed ingredient in the recipe of a youths education? They are in need of some form of self-authority. If they had that they would not be rebelling so much against the social system. They have no place, so they carve out their own place. They realize at some level that they are being robbed but they dont have the education to know how. I decided at some point to do something about this travesty.

The Start: The Impact of the Vision

In 1995, I wrote a vision statement for an ideal humanistic company, Harmonic Thinking Systems. It reads as follows:

Our vision is to develop a living system based upon universal principles that free individuals to learn, create, and communicate in a way that increases harmony to the whole they belong to. This will be done by developing simple and practical tools that anyone can use to increase their self-knowledge and uncover the tremendous potential found within every human being. Organizations that use these tools will greatly increase their ability to contribute to global health. The synergy of creative energy produced by groups of people who share vision and values, will be used to find solutions to the challenges of our times. Harmonic Thinking Systems (HTS) is an organization that takes care of the needs of its members and is a system where love and healing are recognized as needed ingredients in a healthy environment.
It was not known at the time what would be the results of such a statement. The goal was to make the vision come into being and since that time many things have occurred to enable this to happen. The most important of these has been the creation of a business thinking system called the Inflow Matrix.

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

The first sentence of the vision statement mentions the development a living system. This is in reference to the work of James Miller and his groundbreaking book, Living Systems, published in 1978. He identified 20 critical subsystems that are the parts necessary to have a living system. Miller found this to be true at 7 levels of organization (cell, organ, organism, group, community, society, supranational system).

What was significant in his theory is that when these 20 critical sub-systems organize and move matter-energy and information, a harmonic balance can be achieved that sustains life. This means that if you reproduced the 20 critical sub-systems within the design of your business living systems, you stand a much better chance of creating an organization that would sustain itself and be in harmony with our living environment.

The Symptom: The Impact of Business Systems

This last part is very important, to be in harmony with our living environment. If you combine the steadily increasing human population with the environmental impact of unsustainable resource use, it isnt hard to figure that at some point in the near future there is going to be a breakdown.

Most of our current large business systems value shareholder profit over harmony with the environment. While this may be fortunate for a few individuals and their families, it is not beneficial for humanity as a whole. It is an economic model that has its roots in the industrial paradigm of thinking. Producing and consuming without any thought of impact for the greater good are its forte.

It is assumed that most people want to make a positive contribution to humanity if they were given a chance. The problem is that most of us are connected into this current economic system and have to be in order to sustain a livelihood. In our hearts we know there is a more appropriate way of making a living, but where and how?

At the center of the industrial paradigm of thinking, which is a paradigm that most people in the western culture are enmeshed in, is a core hierarchy of values. Now this is a sentence that bears much thought if you want to understand what propels most systems into action, or leaves them motionless. It is the fact that the purpose of all systems is to maintain their values (Miller, 1978, p. 39).

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

The Source: The Impact of Values

Values focus the attention of a humans mind upon whatever objects that have value to the person. This is at the core of the problems we are facing today. Our values are conditioned into us from birth onwards by a culture that wants to maintain itself. You do not have a choice in this matter. You only have a choice when you decide to understand how you really make choices and how influenced you have been by a system that you cannot see touch or feel: the cultural thinking system of the industrial paradigm of thought.

The way our minds work is that it is a self-organizing system. It organizes itself by patterns. These patterns come from learned behaviors from our authority figures, basically anyone who has impact on us in our early pattern forming years. These patterns are formed in response to rewards (pleasure) or punishment (pain) that is inflicted upon us when we conform to or rebel against the values of the people who have authority over us.

These patterns are passed down to each member through memes, which are cultural thought patterns. They are little understood by most of humanity and yet run most of our lives. These general patterns in our societies, (that most do not question), are held deep in the collective consciousness of humanity. They have their use and it is the way we pass on our knowledge from generation to generation.

The Problem: The Impact of Fear

The problem occurs when these patterns of behavior are based upon fear. Not the healthy state of mind of a human realizing they are in danger in a particular moment, but when this state of mind becomes a persistent overriding tendency that hides in the subconscious mind, where the fears are difficult to locate, and still more difficult to eliminate. Few people realize that they are bound, handicapped, whipped spiritually and physically through some sort of fear. So subtle and deeply seated is the emotion of fear that one may go through life burdened with it, never recognizing its presence (Hill,1960, p.226) In Napoleon Hills book, Think and Grow Rich, there are the results of his research of over 500 multimillionaires. It is an important book to reference when looking at the building of a business thinking system, for its purpose was to show the relationship between how you think and what wealth you produce. The title of the first chapter is Thoughts are Things. This underlying principle which is so important to understand is not in the minds of most of humanity. It needs to

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

be because the world and lifestyle we are producing for ourselves and others is the direct result of our combined thoughts. Change the thoughts and you will change how we interact as humans, whether in peace (positive thoughts) or in war (negative thoughts).

Why this is brought up in relationship to fear is that his work on fear outlines how fear stops people from achieving their potential. He has identified 6 major fears with some combination of which every human being suffers at one time or another:

1. Fear of poverty 2. Fear of criticism 3. Fear of ill health 4. Fear of loss of love of someone 5. Fear of old age 6. Fear of death

There are 2 sections of his book I would like to quote for they so well express the relationship between fear and the need for a business thinking system that identifies and eliminates fear.

The first quote explains how people create wealth with thought:

Man can create nothing which he does not first conceive in the form of an impulse of thought. Following this statement comes another of still greater importance, namely, mans thought impulses begin immediately to translate themselves into their physical equivalent, whether those thoughts are voluntary or involuntary. Thought impulses which are picked up by mere chance (thoughts which have been released by other minds) may determine ones financial, business, professional, or social destiny just a surely as do the thought impulses which one creates by intent and design. We are laying the foundation for the presentation of a fact of great importance to the person who does not understand why some people appear to be lucky while others of equal or greater ability, training and experience and brain capacity, seems destined to ride with misfortune. This fact may be explained by the statement that every human being has the ability to completely control his own mind, and with this control, obviously every person may open his mind to the tramp thought impulses which are being released by other brains, or close the doors tightly and admit only the thought impulses of his own choice. Nature has endowed man with absolute control over but one thing, and that is thought. This fact, coupled with additional fact that everything which man creates begins in the form of a thought, leads one very near to the principle by which fear may be mastered.

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

If it is true that all thought has a tendency to clothe itself in its physical equivalent (and this is true, beyond any reasonable room for doubt), it is equally true that thought impulses of fear and poverty cannot be translated into terms of courage and financial gain.
These 4 paragraphs can best be summarized as : your thinking creates your reality and if you are thinking fearful thoughts you will create that which you fear. This is a principle a lot of people know but lack the tools to avoid its impact.

The second quote shows how the fear of poverty, the fear we are looking more closely at in relationship to building a business thinking system, is the most destructive of the 6 fears:

This fear paralyses the faculty of reason, destroys the faculty of imagination, kills off self-reliance, undermines enthusiasm, discourages initiative, leads to uncertainty of purpose, encourages procrastination, wipes out enthusiasm and makes self-control an impossibility. It takes the charm from ones personality, destroys the possibility of accurate thinking, diverts concentration of effort; it masters persistence, turns the will-power into nothingness, destroys ambition, beclouds the memory and invites failure in every conceivable form; it kills love and assassinates the inner emotions of the heart, discourages friendship and invites disaster in a hundred forms, leads to sleeplessness misery and unhappiness and all this despite the obvious truth that we live in a world of over-abundance of everything the heart could desire, with nothing standing between us and our desires, excepting lack of a definite purpose. The fear of poverty is, without a doubt, the most destructive of the 6 fears. It has been placed at the head of the list, because it is the most difficult to master. The fear of poverty grew out of mans inherited tendency to prey upon his fellow man economically. Nearly all animals lower than man are motivated b instinct, but their capacity to think is limited, therefore, they prey upon one another physically. Man, with his superior sense of intuition, with the capacity to think and to reason, does not eat his fellow-man bodily; he gets more satisfaction out of eating him financially. Man is so avaricious that every conceivable law has been passed to safeguard him from his fellow-man. Nothing brings man so much suffering and humility as poverty. Only those who have experienced poverty understand the full meaning of this. It is no wonder that man fears poverty. Through a long line of inherited experiences man has learned, for sure, that some men cannot be trusted where matters of money and earthly possessions are concerned.

So fear, and fear of poverty can be seen to be a thought virus that stops people from

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

fulfilling their destiny. It is the crucial, not talked about subject that needs so much more attention put upon it by the worlds business leaders. I have spent time with a Canadian conflict and fear theorist, R. Michael Fisher, and have learned much in regards to the real problems associated with our lack of education about fear. Its like the big purple elephant in the living room that no one is willing to talk about. Fisher has drawn an interesting connection between fear and the movie the Matrix. He sees fear as being the whole sum of all the patterns of fear on the planet that combines into a Matrix. This is interesting considering the name of the business thinking system is the Inflow Matrix. Inflow means information flowing. Perhaps what the thinking system does is flow information through each persons or organizations matrix in an attempt to dislodge the fear patterning. Matrix is the Latin word for womb. Joseph Pearces work in Magical Child references the Matrix a great deal. He explains the womb offers three things to a newly forming life: a source of possibility, a source of energy to explore that possibility, and a safe place within which that exploration can take place. Whenever these three needs are met, we have a matrix. Our planet is our matrix, or was our matrix. Perhaps this is the Garden of Eden that we fell from. Who knows, but there are some strange things going on that cant be explained by mere chance. If you step back a bit and question our assumptions about how things are and why they are this way you have to scratch your head a bit. I dont run into people that have an active desire to hurt other people. Now I am Canadian and we pride ourselves on our ability to be nice. This doesnt mean that we all dont have the ability to hurt people, and we do, but there are not a lot of people who enjoy it. Canada is a pretty peaceful place compared to a lot of other areas on the planet and we have never really experienced war on our own soil so it is hard for a Canadian to conceive of war (except if you are of first nations blood & then you have suffered from a genocidal residential school and other such government sponsored violence). Yet it just seems to me that most humans want to be left alone to live their life in peace. Its the people at the top of the heap, the power brokers that manipulate things to be a certain way. They need the fear to be here so they can keep their power. Maybe Im crazy but there does seem to be a dominating ruling group of families who have the intention of maintaining control and power, the two values they hold dearest. They do this by manipulating the various control mechanisms of their power: the media, the military, the banking system, insurance system, the medical system, and especially with the control of the higher forms of technology. They do this at such a high level of organization; most people cannot fathom what they are doing. It all appears as random chaos. How could anyone control outcomes in such random disorder? Once you begin to really understand system theory, you can see how the higher the

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

level of organization, the more you can do over a wider span. It may not get to controlling the specific details of affecting a persons life, but if you trace the constraints of what is possible back to its source, you will see that certain fundamental decisions have an incredible impact on our society as a whole, an impact that maintains the fear patterns on our planet. If you disagree, ask yourself this one question, why dont people talk about fear? Its always there in people, yet it is so buried within our unconscious, that we live our lives so far from what we could be. The fear stops us from learning, the fear stops us from creating, the fear stops us from communicating. It is these three functions that when combined together have such a huge impact on our lives. The fact that we can communicate, learn and create is what makes us uniquely special.

The industrial paradigm of thinking wanted humans to do repetitive tasks that had been broken down into their simplest procedures. The evolutionary thing that has since ,happened is that with the invention of the computer and the dawning of the age of the individual knowledge worker, this methodology no longer works. You cannot be competitive in this global working environment without having intelligent people who adapt quickly in a forever-accelerating marketplace. Their ability to learn, create, and communicate are the true value of a company especially those based upon knowledge. This brings up some interesting questions. We as a race are going through an evolutionary period of accelerated change. We are changing so many things in order to adapt to what is happening. What is the underlying system of thought going to become? What are going to be its core group of values? How will these values come about? Values are created by pain and pleasure that are imposed upon us from our authority figures during our formative years (our supra system). What is the authority figure for humanity? How will it shift our values? Will it be a conscious process or completely unconscious, like a bear displacing a flea by rolling over in the night. My guess is the authority figure, the suprasystem for humanity is the consciousness of the planet, which is a living organism. This may be a far step for our western culture, but for other cultures at has been as natural an assumption as the sun rising everyday.

The Timing: The Impact of Cycles

There is a curious paper I was shown by the Candleman that looks at cyclical enlightenment periods. Every 250 years there is a approximately a 20 year span where paradigms of thought change (?). This is accomplished through an enlightenment period. Most of the assumptions of the old paradigm of thought are lost and new ones are created.

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

What if our planetary consciousness had a new idea every 250 years? What if it took a certain segment of humanity 20 years to assimilate it into their own minds. What if this segment of humanity then went about restructuring its circles of influence in relationship to this idea? For the first time in history, everyone has the ability to communicate across the planet with many different cultures at the speed of touch. The Internet has created a worldwide communication network that is connecting us in a way that was inconceivable 20 years ago. What if this is the latest planetary idea: Create a global communication network for my brain cells (humans) and see what happens?

The Solution: Putting all the Pieces Together

We have transgressed from the original point of this section, why build a holistic business thinking system? Lets review the major points of what has been said:

1. There is a model that predicts how living systems are formed. 2. Overpopulation with depleting resources will create a breakdown. 3. The industrial paradigm of thought values profit over harmony with our environment. 4. Cultural thinking patterns are passed down generation after generation by memes. 5. A group of families maintains a global pattern of fear. 6. Humans reach their potential by learning, creating & communicating together when fear is not present. 7. The planet is alive. 8. We have created a global communication network.

Most people would agree with 6 of these points. On the other hand, points #5 and # 7 would stretch most peoples belief systems. The theory is that if you want to have a positive impact for humanity you have to take into consideration constraints that will limit or destroy your efforts. If you do not realize there is a bigger system that has a plan for its own development you miss the point of your own existence. All systems are sub systems of larger systems. Nature is organized in hierarchical structures. If our kidney thought its own pleasure was the reason for its existence, its functioning would be very distorted if it could control its on processes. At some level there is a realization that its purpose is connected to the larger functioning of the human being as a whole. We human beings are no different. We exist to serve a purpose to the greater whole we are part of. That may be the collective consciousness of humanity or it may be the consciousness of our planet. Perhaps both are the same thing.

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

So you have to take into consideration that you are a whole by your self and a part of something larger. This is a holon, a term coined by Arthur Koestler.

The end: Impact of a Learning Community

Much of the work for the making of the Inflow Matrix has been greatly influenced by J.G. Bennett. He was a student of George Gurdjieff. Gurdjieff was an extraordinary man who was talking about advanced psychological and spiritual concepts at a time when of the most advanced Western thinkers of the time, Freud, was barely beginning to uncover the unconscious mind. He like most advanced spiritual teachers had quested throughout the East to find enlightenment. He brought many of these concepts to the West, one of them being the enneagram, one of the background geometrical structures used to organize the information in the Inflow Matrix. JG Bennett along with Ouspensky and Nicholl are probably the best known of Gurdjieffs students. They translated the information and experience they learned from Gurdjieff, as well as what they had learned for themselves, and put it into their own books. Bennett was quite prolific with his writing and his one book, Ennegram Studies, is the source of the idea to map out business systems on the enneagram. He has a model for a manufacturing company that organized information around a circle. It was the first time I had seen that done and it made a lasting impression on me. What was important was that because of the arrangement of the circle, you could look forward and backwards in time in a unique way. There are times you must look ahead to have a grasp of what you are doing in order understand what you are doing in the moment. A book I would like to summarize to finish this chapter is his book , Needs of a New Age Community. Published in 1977, it was a look at the movement of many people to look at living in communities, communes, and why they for the most part had been unsuccessful. He says that there were two main reasons: 1. The did not use the latest technology to assist them and 2. They did not realize how hard it is for people to really to live together unless they really had the intent to create a conscious community. A community where the development of the individual was the most important reason for being together.

The most important part of developing a business thinking system is that it can be the model for an entirely different way of economically working together. The primary reason for doing work is not to make profit for shareholders but for the individual to realize their true potential. This can only be done by realizing their cosmic function. What if the whole community agreed to this?

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

Real happiness comes from the secure feeling that one is doing the right thing in the right way. People crave security and do not see that there is no security unless one is doing the right thing. Evolution needs energy, and it needs just the kind of energy that we people alone can produce. This is our obligation towards the earth, our larger suprasystem. The energy needed is released when a living being dies but it can be produced by our own efforts. The second way does give us something for ourselves. That something is a higher form of being that can be called a soul. Gurdjieff insisted that no child is born a ready made soul but only the potential for acquiring a soul. This concept leaves one with much to ponder. If our real purpose is to acquire a soul, and that is all that really matters, how is this accomplished? What stops us from acquiring a soul? Does our present economic system eliminate the conditions necessary for a human to acquire a soul? Bennett stated that there were 3 main questions we had to ask ourselves: 1. Are we prepared to accept the principle that we live in order to fulfill a cosmic purpose and that is only by this fulfillment that we can assure our own welfare? 2. Do we accept that we cannot do things alone and that we need each other? 3. Do we accept that a group consciousness is needed that is not just self sustaining on the level of survival but self-sustaining on the suprasurvival level of creativity? If you answer yes to these three questions, then one has to ask oneself some serious questions. What does one do for a living? Is it in alignment with your cosmic purpose? How does one know if one is in alignment with our cosmic purpose? Who do we choose to work with and why? The test to find out is easy. Does one feel fulfilled by ones work? I have asked the question to many people, what is your purpose? It is very rare to find people who have identified their purpose. Most people are floating in the ocean of humanity being carried by the currents of other peoples goals & desires. To join into your own higher current you have to state for yourself what your purpose is. This is an exercise of free choice. In college I used to joke with my roommate that a man of purpose cannot be stopped. People who are firmly fixed in a specific purpose are different from people who dont. It took a long time to finally write down what my purpose was: to connect energy and information so that others could better fulfill their purpose. I just wrote down one day what I wanted my purpose to be. I might have asked God what it was and an idea came into my mind. I dont remember the complete process. Its important to set your intent to finding it and that you choose your own way of finding it. Once it does come you dont have to be freaked out that youre stuck with it forever and you might not like it. You can reframe your words or create another purpose by using the power of choice again.

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

The key is that the purpose is in service to others in some way. If it is to ride motorbikes until your gas runs out, you might be a little disappointed in life. Your purpose becomes the way you tap into the universal symphony that is playing. It is how you become an instrument of Divine Will. I dont think that God minds what instrument you play, She just wants you to play. There is always guidance out there to assist you. Are you willing to open up and see it? When the student is ready, the master will appear, is a saying most people have heard. Do they understand it? It means that once your are receptive to incoming information, the messages will appear but you have to be open to receive them. Most of the time we dont want to hear the Truth. Its painful. Illusions are lovely to live by. We like to see ourselves as kind loving intelligent people. Yet we are for the most part very selfish, self-serving, conditioned humans that are acting out patterns to get what we want and avoid what we dont want. I call it Scammin. We are all masters of the scam. Its how we manipulate each other to satisfy our needs. This is the world of the present economic system. Everybody scamming everybody because it is the nature of the system to create that in the individual. We are a product of our conditioning unless we do the work to change it and that n be a painful process. You cannot transcend your present day level of awareness without understanding there are higher levels to transcend to. Its fine just to exist and to keep your illusions about yourself and your life, but if you think that on your death bed you can say to yourself, I gave it my best shot, youre kidding yourself. I say that not to be burned at the stake because no one likes to be called what they are but to awake some sort of national spirit that is beyond the brainwashing of our Big Brother to the South. Canadians are like Hobbits in the Lord of the Rings. They have a great little life, they dont want to bother anyone or be bothered. They like to talk about gardening and the weather and their relatives. They like to eat food and drink wine. And they dont want to change their ways. Yet within them is a hearty spirit that never comes out because our life is so easy. 30,000,000 people in the 2nd biggest country in the world. Doesnt anyone ever think about that? If you look at the other large countries, the US, China, Russia, India and Brazil, they all have much larger populations. Their populations create the wealth they do so with combining their natural & human resources. If you took the number of natural resources and divided them by the # of people wouldnt that give you an indication of the potential wealth of a nation? Whats up with that? Its almost as if we have been drugged into some kind of sleep so that everyone else could come in here and take our resources away. Oooops, I didnt want to let the cat out of the bag, because that is what is happening especially in BC. Think about the old growth forests for a minute that are being logged. The largest growing industry worldwide is tourism. I walk my sisters dog Rosie up a hill in Vancouver that has a view of the city. Its a nice view but not that impressive. I see busload of people after busloads

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

of people come up there and look out at the view. There is a bronze sculpture of a person taking photos of three other bronze sculptors. Its nice and realistic and EVERYBODY takes photos of it. I remember first seeing the statues and they didnt impress me much. Thats just my opinion, but people are happy to fly across and ocean to photograph statues. Getting back to the old forests. I dont know how many people have been around these old trees but if you have, you are struck with Awe. The energy is incredible. It is an experience you cannot forget. Lets say you cut the trees down it has a certain economic value that is gained mostly by the company that cuts it down. Once its cut, its gone forever. Personally I dont think there are many things more awesome than old trees. If there are less and less of them they are more and more valuable. Doesnt it make sense to make eco-tourist spots out of the old forest regions? They pay to see the trees, they spend their money in our restaurants and hotels. The forest regions are some of the most beautiful places on the planet. Bird watching is the #2 hobby in the US after gardening. #1. I cant remember where I read that and for what age group but lets just say there are a lot of people who spend money to watch birds. Let them watch birds. Charge them by the bird. They are probably retired baby doomers with tons of cash. If they think they are helping the world by spreading the wealth they will feel that much better about it. You look at the amount of people who go to Disney world with their kids to see some oversized mouse that looks as if it is some genetically altered dinosaur. There is the noise, the crappy food, the large crowds, the lines etc. People spend tons of money to go these tourist attractions. How did they do it? Why do the masses go? Marketing. Americans are the masters of the spin. They make people feel like they are missing something in their lives if they havent visited their make belief world. What a joke. I know I may be alienating a whole culture but these words but someone has to say it. They spend almost ten times more money on national security than on education. And who is in their pockets? Are we nave enough to think that our political system is not controlled by the Americans? When I was 13 years old I went through a profound political experience. My mother took my brother, sister and I to a Liberal nomination event for our area. There were 4 candidates and my mother was a friend with one of them. He needed our support and we came to give it. Even though I grew up in Ottawa, our Nations capital .I didnt know much about the political process. I still dont and think that is major reason for being a happy individual. Bob Fox was the candidate. Bob Fox explained that there was a series of rounds of votes and you needed to get a certain amount of votes to get into the next round. There were 4 candidates and Bob thought he had a chance if he could get into the next round. The main contender had been in power for along time and it was time for a new voice.

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

There was great excitement in the air. I seriously had never seen a group of adults acting in such a feverous manner. They seemed to me that everyone was acting like children and it somehow depressed me. I thought there should be some dignity in the process. Most of the night was spent by us children running around acting like the adults. A big part of the strategy seemed to put your posters in the best spot. The contender had 20 foot long streamers of his name. We were given about 50 3 inch stickers between the three of us. I remember the stickers because Bobs last name was 3 letters and had an o in the middle of it and he had put his first name and last name to make a cross. These stickers were green and the contenders color was red. I didnt know much about marketing but I thought that this contender guy had way bigger posters so things didnt look good. 20 foot posters compared to 3 inch stickers was like the Bismark was fighting a bunch of rowboats. To cut to the chase Bob received 50 votes. The contender landslided with 3500 votes and that was it. There was probably a second round vote but it was in the bag. What I couldnt understand was how Bob was so far off in his assessment of the situation. Was he completely deluded or just had a bad day? My brother played basketball with him and said he was a guard who dribbled with is head down. That pretty well says it all in my books. When you keep your head down when you are dribbling you dont see what is happening in the game. Where is your head right now? A lot is going on you dont know about. One day it may crash in and spoil your Pina Colada party. Wake up, Canadians, we have our own collective destiny to carve out, lets get to work. Time to wake up and reclaim our heritage.

Bibliography Bennett, J.G. (1977) Needs of a New Age Community. Bennett Books, Santa Fe. Hill, Napoleon (1960) Think and Grow Rich. Fawcett Crest. New York. Miller, James (1978) Living Systems. University Press of Colorado. Evolutions End (1992) Evolutions End Harper SanFrancisco Pearce, Joseph (1977) Magical Child Bantam Books. New York.

Reflection on writing the chapter

As I rewrote this chapter, I changed the strategy of organizing the information from explaining the concepts that drove the design of the Inflow Matrix, to telling the stories of how I the significance of each concept was realized. This is because for the most part, the intellectual reasoning behind a theory can be quite dull to people. They are more interested in your story of

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system

The Inflow Matrix CHAPTER 1

how something was built, rather than what it was built with. My story is about how and why the Inflow Matrix, a business thinking system was built. My guess is that the Inflow Matrix is going to have quite an impact on humanity. I have always felt that. That is one of the main reasons that people have not paid much attention to my work over the years. If you start talking about huge planetary impacts, people think youre nuts, too arrogant and someone that should be left alone or maybe it was the way I talked about the latest development of a system they knew nothing about 10 minutes after first meeting them. Who knows. You never know the impact of your work on others people generally dont tell you. I think if you have the intent to positively affect others it will in some way. The larger the group of people you want to impact in your intention, the longer you have to wait and the less it will be visible. If you aim your impact at the level of society you may never see what happens, it just takes too long for that aircraft carrier to change course. Most people are content to know the impact of their work touches their boss. Others care if their work impacts their fellow employees & customers. Still others go as far as the community they belong to. Some go as far to the nation they belong to. Few think of the impact on all of humanity and for the future generations to come. Yet I dont think I am crazy. Far from it. I dont want to work on anything unless it is beneficial to humanity. I think if you know you are having a positive effect on the people around you, no matter what you do unless of course you are a tax collector life has a different tone. Its harder though when youre a human systems designer, you are very far removed from the people. Its only when you manifest the system in the real world can you see the fruits of your labor.

The Inflow Matrix A values based multidimensional thinking system