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Here are 10 diseases related with excretory system Glomerulonephritis Glomerulonephritis is also called glomerular nephritis.

. In this disease, the glomerulus, which is an intertwined group of capillaries as a part of the nephrons undergoes inflammation. This can cause acute renal failure too and may cause other disorders like fever, diarrhea, cough, etc . Generally, the cause of this disorder is inabilities of the immune system. It can be cured by plasmapheresis in which the blood plasma containing antibodies is replaced with blood plasma without antibodies. Horseshoe Kidney This is a congenital disorder in which the two kidneys of the patient fuse together to form a horseshoe shape while the child was developing in the womb. It is the most common renal fusion anomaly. Horseshoe kidney may be a reason for kidney stones or kidney cancer too. Urinary Tract Infection Urinary tract infection, abbreviated as UTI is a bacterial infection in any part of a urinary tract. Usually, urine does not contain bacteria in it, but if it contains bacteria in it and when it multiplies in any part of the tract, the urinary tract infection might take place. Usually it is because of the bacteria Escherichia coli. It can be treated by oral antibiotics like trimethoprim or cephalosporins. Kidney Stones Kidney stones is a disorder in which any part of the urinary tract, basically the ureter gets constricted by stones, which are solid concretions formed in the human kidneys from dissolved urinary minerals. It may obstruct proper urine excretion. Diuretics may help in curing kidney stones. Gout In this disorder, the body builts up excess amount of uric acid as the kidneys fail to process it properly. It may be a cause for kidney stones too. Glucocorticoids may be helpful in treatment of gout. Hydronephrosis This is a disease caused by obstruction or constriction of free flow of urine from the kidney and it can lead to severe damage of the kidneys in the future, and might make it fully unusable. Insertion of ureteric stent or a urinary catheter in the urinary tract can be helpful to treat hydronephrosis. Renal Failure Renal failure is also known in plain words as kidney failure and it may be caused by injury, infection, improper blood supply to kidneys etc. The kidneys fail to filter the wastes properly. Kidney transplantation is a way out of renal failure and dialysis can be helpful in this case too. Nephrotic syndrome In this disorder, the kidneys are badly damaged and they leak large amounts of proteins from the blood into the urine. Frequent relapses of cyclophosphamides or nitrogen mustard can be used to treat this disease. Lupus nephritis In this disorder, the kidney undergoes inflammation due to a disease of the immune system called systemic lupus erythematosus or SLE. Generally corticosteroids can prove to be helpful in treating in this disease.

Urethritis This is a disease which is characterized by the inflammation of the urethra. It can lead to painful and difficult urination experience. There are many drugs which can help to cure this disease, like, ceftriaxone, metronidazole, nystatin, etc.