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Articles: Erik the Norseman Staff Journalist - email - bio A Nation Betrayed By Erik the Norseman Canadian Heritage News January 2003 Canada was a young nation, still in the process of defining its unique cultural identity. This process was hijacked! Vested interests inimical to Canadian interests decided multiculturalism, a so-called cultural mosaic, was more profitable. Those acting on behalf of these vested interests (elected officials) had no mandate from the Canadian people nor did they tolerate dissent and indeed, denied out of hand, any demands for a referendum or ANY public input. They acted on the orders of their masters. What about those of us who believed, and still believe in the Canadian Dream? I refer to the dream that reached its culmination in the 50s and early 1960s. This was the dream that many Canadians fought and unfortunately, valiantly died for in two World Wars and a UN Police action in Korea. On May 1st, 1947, PM Mackenzie King eloquently articulated, in part, this dream, in his statement on Canadas long-term immigration program. Immigration is a matter of domestic policy and is subject to the

control of Parliament. Canada is perfectly within her rights in securing the immigrants she wants. An alien has no fundamental human right to enter Canada. This is a privilege. The people of Canada do not wish to make a fundamental alteration in the character of their population through mass immigration. The government is therefore opposed to large-scale immigration from the Orient, which would certainly give rise to social and economic problems, which might lead to serious international difficulties. People of European descent created the Canada that we, the White majority love. After WWII Canada invited more Europeans to share in the heritage of this vibrant young nation. Many, including the family of this writer accepted. These were selected emigrants, qualifying on their merit, not refugees. That was the Canada this writer volunteered to serve, and did serve as a soldier and Military Policeman. The Canadian people and those European migrs who came here to share in this promised dream have been disinherited and betrayed. It is apparent that no government of Canada has served the interests of the Canadian people since PM Mackenzie King. Now, having instilled, in the average White Canadian, a sense of absolute impotence regarding his ability to influence the course of events in his own nation, resulting in a state of almost total apathy, the politician no longer seeks his vote. He (the politician) doesnt need them. He knows that fewer and fewer White citizens will even bother to vote at all in the future, or if he does, it will be for one of the establishment parties, all which serve the same master. To this master, whichever political party gains power is irrelevant since they own them all. To the individual politician, however, elected office is their ticket to the gravy train. To obtain a berth they therefore toady up to the so-called minority vote. These minorities, once naturalized, show up in droves to vote because they know that the promises of special treatment and funding for all sorts of goodies will be kept. Our politicians are using the wealth created by Whites to buy minority votes and if Whites complain about it, they are branded as politically incorrect racists. There should no need to itemize all the strategies and buffoonery used by the government to encourage more minorities to continue colonizing Canada, eventually making Whites a minority. We are all well aware of them. We may not like it, but at this time we are given no choice. It is government policy imposed from on high and the wishes of the majority are not relevant. The White majority does have a chance, however, if it acts promptly. This will be no easy task. A new political party, neither indebted nor beholding to any outside agency or concern, made up of incorruptible men and women who hold the interests of the nation and the majority of its people as its mandate, must be created. Are White Canadians up to this challenge? Can the usually laid back, apathetic Canadian be motivated in sufficient numbers in time to accomplish such a daunting task? Lets keep our fingers crossed. It is our only hope to avoid racial extinction! In the meantime, its up to US, members of CHA and other organizations on the Freedom Site, working cooperatively with similar fellow travelers on the politically incorrect road, to start the ball rolling. WE must act and we must act NOW! Let us all dedicate ourselves, to pledge our honour, pride in race, and prepare to make the necessary personal sacrifices to save ourselves and race, our culture, and our country, a Canada to be Our Home and Native Land!

The True North Strong and Free!

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