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1. The occupier will regularly during the term of the agreement and upon vacating the premises:
1.1 Maintain, keep and clean the windows (including external face of windows), internal areas of the
premises in a clean and tidy condition and regularly remove all refuse and rubbish from the
1.2 Ensure that the kitchen appliances, stove, oven and cupboards are thoroughly cleaned and
1.3Do not make drill holes in the walls for hanging pictures, etc.
1.4Ensure all damages, scratches, and marks to the premises,in particular walls, ceilings, and floors are
repaired and painted by the occupier.

2. The occupier must immediately report any matters requiring urgent repair, replacement or
inspection, and the occupier will be responsible for all repairs, replacements, works and costs as a
result of their own damage fault or neglect.

3. To pay the rate prescribed herein in advance.

4. To replace with articles of equal value or equivalent of the same, any articles of furniture, effects
or fittings that may become damaged or lost during the period of occupancy, or to pay the agent or
property manager the cost of repair or replacement.

5. Not to remove any of the furniture or effects from the premises.

6. To allow the Property Manager to enter and view the state of repair, up to two times during a
twelve month stay, a time and date to be confirmed in advance.

7. Not to keep any animal or bird inside or outside the subject premises.

8. No responsibility is taken for the occupier's personal property left on the premises. It is up to the
occupier to have insurance for personal belongings.

9. That the occupier or any persons using the premises shall not be guilty of conduct which is a
nuisance or annoyance to adjoining or neighbouring properties and shall comply with the By Laws
applicable in respect of the premises.

10. No smoking is permitted inside or outside the premises. (As smoking outside smoke affects
residents in upper level)

11. The landlord reserves the right to do the following and the occupier will not make any claim or
seek any adjustment to the rental:

(a) Subject to prior notice to the occupier, enter the grounds of the property with consultants to
carry out inspections, geo-technical investigations (including with drilling equipment) or sampling
or do work, provided the tenant has been first consulted and all endeavours are made to minimize
any disturbance to the occupier.

(b) From two weeks to the expiry of the agreement the property will be advertised for lease and the
premises will be in a clean and tidy state during any inspections to prospective occupiers.
12. The landlord will mow the lawns and trim the edges.

13. Various services and aspects of property are not in the best working order and repair, including that
windows do not necessarily open at all or shut firmly.

14. The alarm system in the premises does not function. Repair or replacement is at the occupiers cost.

15. The property is perched on a cliff overlooking Gordon’s Bay and the existing fences may not be
sufficient to prevent a person falling over such edge in which respect the occupier (including
guests or invitees with or without children) acknowledges that extreme special care, diligence and
supervision will be exercised to avoid any such incident or accident and in this respect release the
owner, landlord, property manager or agent from any liability or claim whatsoever.

16. The occupier acknowledges that the premises, bedrooms, beds and mattresses are bed bug free.

Bed bugs and the bed bugs eggs are easily transferable due to suitcases touching other suitcases
or luggage during travel and/or wherever suitcases may be in contact with other suitcases.

The occupier acknowledges that suitcases must be kept out of the bedrooms, therefore unpacked,
packed and stored away from bedrooms to prevent the likelihood of bed bugs transferring from
suitcases to bedroom furnishings. It is recommended that suitcases be stored in plastic bags and
stored away from bedrooms.

In the event an outbreak of bed bugs does occur you are responsible for treatment costs (up to
$300 per bedroom) and replacement costs of beds and mattresses (up to $500 for each single bed,
$800 for each double bed, $1,000 for each queen bed).

17. The tenant accepts the premises, the property, as set out in the lease agreement in its existing
state of repair and condition and the landlord will not be required to improve or replace any aspect or
part of it, subject to the matters in this special condition. Should any works, repairs or other matters
arise in relation to the premises or the property which together require expenditure of more than
$1000 (incl.GST), then the landlord may terminate this lease by giving no less than 6 weeks notice
and the tenant will not be entitled to any compensation, damages or other claims. Should the tenant
waive such expenditure, repairs or works in a form acceptable to the landlord and the landlord is not
required to carry out such works, the landlord will not terminate this lease as contemplated by this
special condition. This clause does not apply to the hot water system for the premises.


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