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Invention and Industry

January 2012 This pathfinder will be useful in finding information about the advancements in technology during the late 1800s and early 1900s that dramatically changed the American way of life. For an introduction to the topic, see: The Industrial Revolution: From the History Channel, this two minute video offers a quick overview of the major components of the Industrial Revolution.

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Age of Great Inventions A multi-media site that offers a comprehensive look at the major events/figures of the Industrial Revolution.

Industrial Revolution Industrialization Technology-History-(date) Gilded Age Child Labor Inventions-History-(date)

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"Industrial Revolution." Encyclopdia Britannica (youll need to use the schools username and password). This short article explains the Industrial Revolution. Video and text available here. Readers may also click to hear the text or have it translated into Spanish. Citation information available by clicking the citation link.

Industrial Revolution United States-History-(date) Industrialization Urbanization Child Labor


Books Ideas That Changed the World by Julie Ferris (609 Fer) An in-depth reference guide to technological developments that changed the world, describes each invention and explores its place in history and how it influenced civilization, discussing inventions from the wheel to computers. Famous First facts : a Record of First Happenings, Discoveries, and Inventions in American History by Joseph Nathan Kane (R 031 Kan) Contains over 7,500 entries on firsts in sixteen categories, including arts and entertainment, science and technology, medicine and health, media and communications, and daily life, arranged chronologically within alphabetized subcategories, and includes subject, year, date, name, and geographic indexes. The 1800s edited by James Miller (909.81 180) Chronologically arranged primary and secondary source articles help profile major political, social, and cultural events which occurred during the nineteenth century.

Call number 973.8 609 909 Library catalogs NHS Online Catalog to see books in all the school libraries, click on the arrow by North High and choose Sioux City Community Schools. See Mrs. T or Mrs. Frank to have a book sent from another school. Sioux City Public Library

Great Projects : the Epic Story of the Building of America, from the Taming of the Mississippi to the Invention of the Internet by James Tobin (LA 609.73 Tob) Presents a history of American engineering by chronicling eight great projects: the lower Mississippi's flood control works, Hoover Dam, Edison's lighting system, nationwide electricity, the Croton Aqueduct, the bridges of New York City, Boston's "Big Dig" street system renovation, and the Internet. Gilded Age and the Progressive Age edited by Rebecca Valentine (R 973.8 Gil) Presents eighteen primary sources from the Gilded Age and Progressive Era including a survivor's account of the sinking of the "Titanic," excerpts of writings by Theodore Roosevelt and Andrew Carnegie, excerpts from Supreme Court decisions, examples of Sears mail-order homes, and other documents and collections of illustrations. There are many more books available-you will need to search the online catalog for your specific topic

Databases (Click HERE to get to any of the following): SIRS Issue Researcher: Do a basic search using the key search terms and subject headings on page one. Click on the citation link for citation information after choosing a specific article. Your citation information is at the bottom of the page. Email the article to yourself. Gale: select all databases, select advanced search. In the first keyword box, type the name of the war and in the second box type home front, social aspects, economic aspects etc. to limit your search results. Suggestions in the navigation bar on the left may help you further limit your search. Email the article to yourself. Citation info is at the top of the page, or click the citation link. EBSCOhost: Choose to search all databases, then click full text and search the key terms and subject headings on page one. Click on the citation link for citation information after choosing a specific article. Email the article to yourself. Marshall Cavendish: perform a basic research by typing war and home front into the search box. Look at the navigation bar on the left, choose your war and you will find information about life on the home front during the war of your choice. You may also search for general information about the wars by typing the name of the war in the search box. Your citation information is at the top of the page. Email the article to yourself. ABC Clio: Start with Issues or Pop Culture: Using your specific topic terms, search the specific a database. OR search all databases with the multiproduct home page. You can filter your results by using the left-hand column categories. Your citation information is at the bottom of the page. Email the article to yourself. Grove Music: this one may not contain all of the info you need, but if your topic is related to music, you may want to do a quick search in this database. Citation information can be found by clicking on the citation button. Email the article to yourself. Grove Art: Art has always been a way to protest the establishment. You may want to look up your topic or person here. Citation information can be found by clicking on the citation button. Email the article to yourself. Web Pages and Web Portals They Made America This PBS site offers a quick look at influential American inventors and inventions. A timeline of inventions of inventions is also included. A Biography of America-Industrial Supremacy This site offers a look at the Industrial Revolution of the late 1800s with links to maps, a timeline of inventions, as well as a 60 min. video that highlights major technological advances of the day.

Technology Timeline Offers a timeline of technological advances in the United States from 1752 to 1990. The Richest Man in the World: Andrew Carnegie Explores the rise to power of industrialist, Andrew Carnegie The Gilded Age Overview of rapid changes that took place in America from 1870 to 1900.

Organizations and Special Collections American Memory Collection The Library of Congress hosts this extensive collection of historical audio, video and print materials. Click on Technology and Industry to explore materials related to search terms of interest.

Video Resources They Made America- Revolutionaries- (PBS, 2004) [streaming video] They Made America examines innovation in America through the stories of the resourceful men and women whose ideas and inventions have transformed the world. (Accessed through Learn 360. Use the schools username and password to log in.) Chicago: City of the Century: Mud Hole to Metropolis (1673-1871) (PBS, 2003)[streaming video] This video looks at the founding of the city, from the potential of the area despite its smell, as seen by explorers Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet, to the risk-taking of its first settlers, the work of the laboring immigrants, the politicians, the inventors and the drive, zeal and unbridled capitalism and determination that transformed the marsh and cesspit into a city. (Accessed through Safari Montage, use your computer username and password to log in.) The Unfinished Nation-Revolution of a Different Sort (Intelecom, 2004) [streaming video] Accessed through Learn 360 explores the social and economic ramifications of the Industrial Revolution on U.S. society Andrew Carnegie ( [streaming video] A 45 minute video that examines the life of industrialist, Andrew Carnegie Industrialization and Urbanization (Schlessinger Media, 1996)[streaming video] The steam engine, railroads and the rise of heavy industry gave birth to corporate America. (This video is accessed through Safari Montage. Used your computer username and password to log in.) John D. Rockefeller: a Short Biography ( [streaming video] A very brief (10 minute) video biography of John Rockefeller, the founder of Standard Oil.