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A Project Report On

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Submitted by NAME OF STUDENT 1 NAME OF STUDENT 2 NAME OF STUDENT 3 Times New Roman 14 bold, capital Under the Guidance of Times New Roman 12 bold

Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. ----------------

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering G.H. Raisoni Institute of Engineering and Management, Shirsoli road, Mohadi, Jalgaon425 001 (2011-12) Times New Roman 12 bold

G.H.RAISONI INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT JALGAON Department of Electronics and Communication Times new Roman 12 Bold


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This is to certify that the mini project entitled MINI PROJECT TITLE Submitted by: Name of the student 1 Name of the student 2 Name of the student 3

is a work completed under my supervision and guidance during the academic year 2011-2012. Place: Date: Times New Roman 12

Mr./Mrs./Mrs..-Mini Project Guide (E&C)

Mr. K.K.Rajput Head of Department (E&C)

Dr. Prabhakar Bhat Principal


Name of the student 1 Name of the student 2 Name of the student 3

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have done the appropriate work related to Mini Project Title during the academic year 20112012.

Examiner: Date:

Guide: Date: Place: Jalgaon


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1.1 Concept of project

2.1 History 2.2 The system 2.3 The timeline history of project

3.1 3.2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 Introduction to system development Block diagram Block diagram description Circuit diagram Circuit diagram operation Project specifications 3.6.1 3.6.2 3.7 Electrical specifications Mechanical specifications

Hardware designing (if any) ----


PCB designing and fabrication 3.8.1 Introduction to PCB

3.8.2 PCB fabrication steps 3.8.3 PCB layout of circuit diagram


Software designing (if any) 3.9.1 Flow chart 3.9.10 Program

3.8 System testing 3.9 Experimental analysis 3.10 Testing objectives 3.11 Experimental testing 3.12 Result for analysis

4 5 6 7 8


APPENDIX A: User manual (e.g. Data sheet & list of components) APPENDIX B: Snap shots of GUI/result


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We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all those who have rendered cooperation and guidance that supported us while developing this mini project work. This is the right moment to express our sincere gratitude towards our guide Mr./Mrs./Ms.for his/her valuable guidance and prescriptive suggestions at every stage during the project work. We thanks from bottom of our heart to Mr. K.K.Rajput, Head of Department who has been a great source of moral and timely support for completing this project work. We would also like to thank our Principal Dr. Prabhakar Bhat for his warm support. Last but not the least we express our inner gratitude to our family members and friends for their everlasting support.

Name of the student 1 Name of the student 2 Name of the student 3


1. Paper Size : A- 4 size bond paper 2. Margins : Top : 1 (1 inch=2.54cm) Bottom : 1 Left : 1.15 (2.86cm) Right : 1 3. Line Spacing: 4. Title of Chapter Font Size Alignment : Times New Roman (Bold face) capital : 16 point : Centre Alignment 1.5 lines

5. Headings First Order Heading: (for e.g. Introduction to system development) Font Size : Times New Roman (Bold Face) : 12 point

Second Order Heading: (for example 3.6.1 Electrical specifications) Font Size 6. Text Font Size Alignment : Times New Roman : 12 point : Justified (Full Text) : Times New Roman : 12 point

7. Figures and Tables : Centered Placed Caption Font : Garamond (Bold) Size : 12 point Alignment : Centered

Figure Caption must be below the figure and centered, table caption must be above the table and centered. 9. Page Numbering From INDEX to Table Index (Roman I, II,) For Remaining Pages (I.e. from INTRODUCTION -to- REFERENCE) : 1, 2, N 10. References & Bibliography Line Spacing : 1.5 Lines Font : Times New Roman Size : 14 point Publication details and/or URL must be in Italics. Format: [Citation number] Authors Name, Article Title, Journal, Publisher, Location, Year, Edition/Reprint, PP Page No Start-End. [Citation number] Authors Name, Article Title, Complete URL of Web Page. [Citation number] Authors Name, Title of the Book, Publication, Edition, Year of Printing.


Title- G. H. R. I. E. M. Jalgaon Font -Right hand -Times New Roman

Size - 12 point

No header should be applied to front page, index, appendices, certificate, and project approval sheet. Footer: Title-left hand- Project title Right hand-page no (only integer) Font -Times New Roman, Capital Size - 12 point One simple black line should be inserted under heading of header and footer.

1. Project Report must be faint blue colored spiral Bounded and printed in 3 copies. 2. 3 copies of the report should be submitted to the college. Copy to the respective guide is optional. Every student of the group may have their own additional copy. 3. In College copy and guide copy, Name of all the students in that group must be there in Cover page, Certificate, acknowledgement and in Project approval sheet. Report must be written in your own English language. Report must be submitted at the time of submission (One copy). 4. Cover Page, Specimen Copy words are only for students instruction, they are not be printed in the report. 5. Project report should be of 40 to 80 pages. 6. Sequence of pages to be followed as: i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) viii) ix) x) xi) xii) xiii) xiv) xv) xvi) xvii) Cover page Certificate Project approval sheet Acknowledgement Page Index Abbreviation index Figure index Table index Introduction Literature survey System development Performance analysis Advantages & disadvantages Application Conclusion Future scope References xviii) Appendices



Page No.



Page No.

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Figure 1 About Figure 2 About Figure 3 About Figure 4 About : : : Figure N About

Table Page No.

1.1 1.2 2.1 2.2 : : : N

Table 1 About Table 2 About Table 3 About Table 4 About : : : Table N About

Guidelines for Preparation of Project Report

1 Introduction The title of Chapter 1 shall be Introduction. It shall justify and highlight the problem poser and define the topic and the aim and scope of the work presented in the mini project report . It may also highlight the significant contributions from the investigation. 2 Literature Survey This shall normally form the Chapter 2 and shall present a critical appraisal of the previous work published in the literature pertaining to the topic of the investigation. The extent and emphasis of the chapter shall depend on the nature of the investigation. 3 System Development The reporting on system development shall be the presented in one or more chapters with appropriate chapter titles. Due importance shall be given to experimental setups, procedures adopted and techniques developed, methodologies developed and adopted. While important derivations/formulae should normally be presented in the text of these chapters, extensive and long treatments and information, detailed results in tabular and graphical forms may be presented in Appendices. Representative data in table and figures may, however, be included in appropriate chapters. Figures and tables should be presented immediately following their first mention in the text. Short tables and figures (say, less than half the writing area of the page) should be presented within the text, while large table and figures may be presented in separate pages. Equations should form separate lines with appropriate paragraph separation above and below the equation line, with equation numbers flushed to the right. 4 Results and Discussions This shall form the penultimate chapter of the mini project report and shall include a thorough evaluation of the investigation carried out and bring out the contributions from the study 5 Conclusions This will be the final chapter of the mini project report. Scope for future work should be stated clearly in the last part of the chapter. 6 Appendix Detailed information, lengthy derivations, raw experimental observations etc. are to be presented in the separate appendices, which shall be numbered in Roman Capitals (e.g. Appendix IV). 7 References This should follow the Appendices. Author, Title, Name of Journal/Transactions/ Book, Edition/Volume, Publisher, Year of Publication, pp.__. These references must be reflected in text at appropriate places in square bracket. In case of web pages complete web page address with assessing date has to be enlisted. List of references should be as per use in the text of the report.