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SAMPLE LETTER OF INTENT (LOI) September 02, 2006 Mr.

Christopher Jones 480-555-2596 Best Deals Real Estate LLC. Re: 2000 S. Levine Rd. Mesa, AZ 85208 (Maricopa County) Dear Mr. Jones, This LOI expresses Purchasers interest in buying the property located at the following address: 2000 S. Levine Power Rd. Mesa, AZ. 85208 in Maricopa County. Purchaser: Cherif Medawar Seller: The Brandon Family Trust Purchase Price: $8,285,245 Cap Rate: 9.15% Inspection Period: Thirty days (30) days from the Date of receipt of requested Due Diligence documents, including Sellers NNN Lease Agreement, Surveys, Environmental Reports, Titles, Expense Reports and Financials (if available). Financing Period: Offer shall be subject to acceptable financing by purchaser within 15 additional days from date of expiration of Inspection Period. Closing Date: At a mutually agreed upon date between Purchaser and Seller, but no later than 10 days from the Expiration of the Financing period. Closing Costs: Seller shall pay the City and County Transfer Tax, all other closing costs shall be paid by Purchaser and Seller in accordance with the tradition prevailing in each Propertys County. Purchaser and Seller shall each bear its own attorneys expenses. Seller shall pay the agreed upon commissions to brokers as per listing agreement. Properties Condition: Buyer accepts the Property As Is, Where Is, with no representations by Seller. Other Conditions: Property must appraise at purchase price or higher. Acceptance: This letter of Intent shall be open for acceptance until September 07, 2006 at 12:00 Noon. It is understood that the letter shall be withdrawn if Purchaser has not received an

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acknowledgment from the Seller by such date and time. Contract: Buyer and Seller to execute a binding purchase agreement within Three (3) business days from acceptance of LOI. Earnest Money: Twenty Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000) deposit shall be due within Forty Eight (48) hours of the Effective Date of the Purchase agreement, which means the date by which the latter of the parties executes the Purchase Agreement. All Earnest money shall be applied to the Purchase Price at Close. NO BINDING AGREEMENT OR RIGHTS OR OBLIGATIONS SHALL ARISE AS A RESULT OF EXECUTING THIS LETTER OF INTENT OR WITH RESPECT TO THE PROPOSED TRANSACTIONS, UNTIL AND UNLESS PURCHASER AND SELLER EXECUTE THE BINDING PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENT INCORPORATING THE ABOVE PROVISIONS AND OTHER APPROPRIATE TERMS. Sincerely,

Purchaser: By: _______________________________________ Printed: ____________________________________ Dated: _____________________________________

Seller: By: _______________________________________ Printed: ____________________________________ Dated: _____________________________________

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