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Saad al-Ghamdis Qunut

O Allah, all praise is due to You And to You is due all gratitude and thanks And to You returns all matters The open of them, and the hidden from them Glory to the Lord of power and the dominion Glory to the One who will not die Glory to the one who gives life to His creation And He will not die Glory to the one who is Lord of all lords Glory to the one who facilitates all means Glory to the one whose throne is in the heavens And in the earth is His authority Glory to the one whom no creature of this life can see And whom no sense can perceive And whom description seekers cannot perceive And whom incidents do not change And he does not fear His creatures He knows the weight of the mountains, and the measure of the oceans And the number of drops in the rain And the number of leaves on the trees And the amount of darkness of nights and the brightness of days Oh Giver of refuge for those who seek refuge Beloved of those who love Hope of those who are cut off Raiser of the fallen The one who is with broken hearts Who answers the calls of the dejected The mercy of this life and the hereafter and the compassion of both Who answers the desires of those in need He knows the minds of the silent One who does not have a partner from whom he must seek or an angel from whom he asks and is refused Or one who is thankful to Him but is deprived Glory is due to Allah and praise all glory is due to Allah Oh Allah guide us by Your favor among those whom You have guided And forgive us among those whom You have forgiven And be our protector among whom You have protected And bless us in all that You have given us And save us and keep away from us any evil which You have decreed

Verily You decree and none decreed besides what You decree And none is abased whom You befriend And none holds power whom You oppose Blessed are You our Lord the Exalted And to You are due all thanks For Your blessings and bounty We seek forgiveness from Allah from all sins and we repent to You There is no refuge or place of shelter except to You O Allah, distance our sins from our disobedience to You that will lead us to paradise And indeed from certainty in faith comes difficulty in the life of this world And bless us our hearing, and our sight, and our faculties As long as You allow us to live And make them protectors for us against the transgressions we have committed And make us victorious over our enemies And do not allow us to have problems in our deen An do not allow us to make the life of this world our greatest concern And remove from us difficulty in attaining knowledge And do not make hellfire our destination and make jannah our home And do not impose upon us, because of our sins People who lack mercy and do not fear you (as authorities over us) By Your mercy, oh the most merciful of those who show mercy O Allah, preserve us with steadfastness in Islam while were standing And preserve us in Islam while were sitting And preserve us in Islam while were sleeping O Allah bless us with a pure life, and an easy death, and with the grave and its punishment And from slipping from the sirat And the day of reckoning and its terror Our lord, You created us in the best of forms And You granted us sustenance from Your bounty And You taught us and gave us guidance And then we disobeyed You openly But You forgave us, and we committed sins but you availed us from them Your generosity has been descending upon us Yet we sin easily, and we are week. If you look to our account then we indeed deserve punishment But Your mercy is more expensive than our sins so grant us Your mercy. O Allah give us and do not deprive us And increase for us, and do not decrease us And be generous to us and do not be severe with us And grace us and do not be severe with us And grace us and do not disgrace us And help us and do not forsake us.

O Allah make our faces white (with light) And give us our books on our right And raise our degrees in status And make our balances heavy (on the side of good) And overlook our sins O Allah, Creator of the heavens and the earth Lord of majesty and bounty By Your power which does no exhaust We ask O Allah, O the Most Merciful Make our vision lighted by Your Book. So that our tongues will manifest (from it) And lighten our graves with it and by it forgive our sins and improve with it affairs By Your mercy, o the Most Merciful of those who show mercy O Allah, allow the month of ramadhan to be completed in your pleasure And with us having the success of entering Your garden O our Lord, the holy month has indeed past And indeed we stand fearful and shaking before You And we hope in You, accept from us our lord, our fasting And our standing in worship And our prayers, and our remembrance and all our deeds And do not reject our deeds on the Day of Judgment, the day of regret and shame O our lord, all gates are closed except Your gate Do not reject us from Your presence If you do so, there is neither power nor strength to save us except You La ilaha illa Allah.. He who wills the number of footsteps on the surface of the earth and on steps All praise is due to Allah, He in whose hand is the keys of escape O our hope when all doors are closed Our hope when all links are cut And when there is a barrier between us and our family and our people (and we stand alone) La ilaha illa Allah.. O Allah do not let this gathering disperse except when our sins are forgiven And our efforts accepted And our deed counted O the powerful, the most forgiving By Your mercy O the most merciful of those who show mercy

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