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Archimedes Principle Lab

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Introduction: In this lab you will be attempting to determine what material an unknown metal is made out of. You will do this by utilizing Archimedes principle. You will use a device called an overflow cup, which will allow displaced water to flow out into a smaller catch cup. We will submerge the metal in the cup, measure the weight of the displaced water and calculate the density of the object. Materials: Overflow Cup Smaller cup Mass Balance Chunk of Unknown Metal Procedure: 1. Weigh your chunk of metal and your empty catching cup. Record those masses on your data sheet. Multiply that number by 9.8 m/s2 to determine the force of gravity on that object. (Fg)

2. Fill your overflow cup with water until it begins to overflow. Make sure none of this water lands in your empty catching cup.

3. Place your catching cup next to the overflow cup, so it will fill with any overflowing water.

4. Submerge your metal in the overflow cup slowly. Make sure all the water overflowing is being caught by your catching cup. Weigh your cup now that it includes the displaced water. Record that value on your data sheet. 5. Calculate the density of your metal by using the equations we discussed in class. SHOW ALL YOUR WORK! You will not receive credit for this activity if you do not show your work. You may use the back of this sheet for more room. 6. Use the density table on page 275 to determine what your metal is made of. If you cannot find your density, try looking it up on the internet. Useful Equations: Fb = Fg (displaced fluid) = mfg

Fg = Force of Gravity on object Fb = Force of buoyancy due to the fluid mf = Mass of fluid (kg) = Density of object = Density of fluid (in water this is 1000 kg/m3) Data Sheet Object Chunk of Metal Empty Cup Cup with Displaced Water Displaced Water Only Mass of Object (kg) Weight of Object (N) XXXX XXXX

(To determine the mass of the displaced water only, subtract the mass of the cup with water in it from the mass of the empty cup)