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Social Media Strategy Map

This Social Media Strategy Map is designed to help you assess where you are in the Social Media integration process and gives you a road map to achieve your goals.

Social Media Strategy

Strategy, Objectives & Goals Assess social media contribution to business strategy & goals Target Audience Insights Determine social media use behaviors of target audiences Implementation Plan

Social Media Delivery

Integration Execution

Social Media Management

Social Media Measurement Manage the Social Media strategy and create a plan for growth Learn & Evolve

Develop a phase-byphase plan for social media

Integrate with existing traditional and online strategies

Prioritize Social Media initiatives and projects and carry out the plan

Learn/explore latest social media tools and continually evolve

1. Create awareness & understanding of social media challenges, risks, opportunities 2. Assess organizational readiness 3. Assess social media readiness 4. Identify current social media tools in use 5. Develop a business case for utilizing social media 6. Assess upstart investment requirements

7. Research industryspecific cases and thought leadership 8. Develop segmentation/ characteristics of target audience and tactics 9. Research target audience use of social media 10. Identify relevant communities & conversations

11. Develop systems to develop, implement and maintain social media tools 12. Align communications systems and processes with social media initiatives 13. Determine staff, functional, organizational requirements 14. Develop a road map 15. Create timeline

16. Align with existing traditional marketing tactics 17. Integrate with existing online marketing tactics 18. Develop internal & external policies and guidelines 19. Finalize budgets 20. Implement organizational structure to manage social media initiatives 21. Build awareness and educate organization 22. Develop timelines and deadlines

23. Select tools 24. Build or configure tools 25. Identify and gather relative content 26. Test tools and deliver 27. Partner with experts 28. Retain & attract high performance team 29. Develop monitoring and reporting system

30. Execute daily/weekly/ monthly monitor system 31. Evaluate performance 32. Re-align to core business processes 33. Revisit business strategy & assess success 34. Evaluate ROI 35. Adjust strategy to reflect findings

36. Analyze and learn from success of the initiative 37. Develop programs for training social media team 38. Educate and update decision makers and develop social media success stories 39. Further develop long-term strategy

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