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A comparative study of adjustment and mental health of public school teacher and govt.

school teacher
Dr.PUSHPA GANGWAR HOD B.Ed DEPTT. DBS COLLEGE COLLEGE KANPUR Miss Puja Singh Lecturer B.Ed. K.S.B.D (P.G) College Sarwankhera , Ramabai nagar

Quality of education comes from a quality of a teacher. This quality is decided by the sound mental health and well adjustment of teachers in their profession. The sample is comprised of 120 public and government school teachers. Mangal Teacher Adjustment inventory and RCE Mental Health scale of teacher were used as tools. The study revealed that mentally healthy and adjustment is correlated with each other. The female teachers were more mentally healthy and highly adjustable in a comparison of male teachers .

INTRODUCTION Mental Health and Success in learning are very closely related. Frendsen Teacher is man maker of the society. As the country needs teacher with vision as good nation. Teachers are the masons who lay the foundation of a nation. It has far reaching influence on the society She/He lives and no other personality can have influence more than that of teacher, so the teacher with sound mental health and well adjustment will be able to make a good student. Teacher is not only teaching content but also transmit his/her own personality to the students. Aristotle has truly said, Healthy mind exists in healthy body So the teacher who possesses healthy mind as well as healthy body can actively take the society in to right direction. It is also known as mental health and adjustment is complement to each other. A mentally healthy person shows highly adjustable quality and vice versa. In case of teachers profession if teacher with sound mental shows healthy adjustable quality as he is the architect of a future of young generations. This study has been attempted to know the adjustment and mental health of public and government school teachers. Statement of Problem:A comparative study of adjustment and mental health of public schools teachers and Government school teachers Objective of study:To compare the adjustment of public schools and government school teachers. To compare the mental health of public schools teacher and government school teachers.

Hypotheses : There is no significance difference between adjustment of male and female teacher of government and public schools. There is no significance difference between mental health of male and female teacher of government and public schools. Methodology:Normative survey method has been used for the study. Sample The study has been conducted on a representative sample of 120 of different government and public school of kanpur city on the basis of stratified random sampling. Total Teacher (120) 60 from Government schools 30 30 Male teacher Female Teacher 60 from public schools 30 30 Male Teacher Female Teacher

Tool used for the study: Mangal Teacher Adjustment Inventory (MTAI) developed by S.K. Mangal RCE Mental Health Scale of Teacher developed by Prof. S.P. Anand.

Statistical Techniques:The statistical technique like measures of central tendency and measures of variability, t-test has been used to analyse the data.

Result & Discussion:Teacher score 63 (Male) above and 65 (Female) above are highly adjustable. The result revealed that the most of the teachers either working in public schools (M=166.65) or Government schools (M=160.32) were mentally healthy on the other hand most of the teacher in government schools (M = 63.00) and Public Schools (M = 67.72) were having well adjustable quality in their profession. In case of male and female teachers differences in average in both the scales. Teachers Male Female No. 60 60 Mental Health M=157.80 M=168.55 Adjustment M=63.65 M=67.72

Considering the objectives of the study by analyzing the data it was found that teacher working in public schools were mentally healthy in comparison to government school teacher. Whereas the teacher of government school shows the highly adjustable quality in comparisons to public school teachers. Some differences were found among male and female teacher both in their mental health and adjustment quality. Female teacher shows sound mental health and highly adjustable quality in comparison to male teachers. The Hypothesis No-1 revealed that the null hypothesis is rejected and it was observed that there were t=2.86, p<0.01 found in mental health among the male and female teachers comparatively female were found mentally healthy. The hypotheses no.2 revealed that the null hypothesis is rejected there were significant differece t=2.46, p<0.01 observed in score of teachers adjustment among male and female teachers. It may be concluded the female teacher were having more adjustment quality than male teachers.

Conclusion:Considering the study it can be concluded that mental health and adjustment is associated with each other. As mentally healthy teacher shows highly adjustable quality and teacher possesses adjustable quality shows good mental health. Study reveals the fact that female teacher were more mentally healthy and adjustable quality rather than male teachers. The reason behind this female teacher shows the balancing attitude in every field whether it is home or working place. At the end it can be suggested that teacher she / he is known as the creator of ones personality should have sound mind and adjustable quality. After all teacher is considered one of the main pillar of educational tripolar process. REFERENCE:Aggarwal J.C (1995) Psychological foundation of Education, vikas publishing house pvt. Ltd. 576, Masjid Road, Jang Pura New Delhi 110014 Best John. W (1998) Research in Education, prentice hall of India pvt. Ltd. New Delhi 110014 Garret E. Henry (2005) General Psychology, New Delhi Eurasia Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. Pathak P.D. (2010) Educational Psychology, Vinod Pustak Mandir Agra-2 Singh Arun Kumar (2005) Educational Psychology, Bharti Bhawan Patna Sharma R.A (2004) Methodology of Educational Research. Lal Book Depot, Meerut.