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Year 1st July Canara Hindu Permanent Fund Ltd.

formally registered with a capital of 2000 shares of 50/1906 each, with 4 employees. 1910 1969 1976 1983 1984 1985 1987 1989 Canara Hindu Permanent Fund renamed as Canara Bank Limited 14 major banks in the country, including Canara Bank, nationalized on July 19 1000th branch inaugurated Overseas branch at London inaugurated Cancard (the Banks credit card) launched Merger with the Laksmi Commercial Bank Limited Commissioning of Indo Hong Kong International Finance Limited Canbank Mutual Fund & Canfin Homes launched Canbank Venture Capital Fund started

1989-90 Canbank Factors Limited, the factoring subsidiary launched 1992-93 Became the first Bank to articulate and adopt the directive principles of Good Banking. 1995-96 2001-02 Became the first Bank to be conferred with ISO 9002 certification for one of its branches in Bangalore Opened a 'Mahila Banking Branch', first of its kind at Bangalore, for catering exclusively to the financial requirements of women clientele.

2002-03 Maiden IPO of the Bank 2003-04 Launched Internet Banking Services 2004-05 100% Branch computerization 2005-06 Entered 100th Year in Banking Service. Launched Core Banking Solution in select branches. Number One Position in Aggregate Business among Nationalized Banks.

Retained Number One Position in Aggregate Business among Nationalized Banks. Signed 2006-07 MoUs for Commissioning Two JVs in Insurance and Asset Management with international majors viz., HSBC (Asia Pacific) Holding and Robeco Groep N.V respectively. Launching of New Brand Identity. Incorporation of Insurance and Asset Management JVs. 2007-08 Launching of 'Online Trading' portal. Launching of a Call Centre. Switchover to Basel II New Capital Adequacy Framework. 2008-09 2009-10 The Bank crossed the coveted 3 lakh crore in aggregate business. The Banks 3rd foreign branch at Shanghai commissioned. The Banks aggregate business crossed 4 lakh crore mark. Net profit of the Bank crossed 3000 crore. The Banks branch network crossed the 3000 mark.

The Banks aggregate business crossed 5 lakh crore mark. Net profit of the Bank crossed 4000 crore. 100% coverage under Core Banking Solution. The Banks 4th foreign branch at 2010-11 Leicester and a Representative office at Sharjah, UAE, opened. The Bank raised 1993 crore under QIP. Govt. holding reduced to 67.72% post QIP.

Late Sri Ammembal Subbarao Pai Our Beloved Founder

Founded as 'Canara Bank Hindu Permanent Fund' in 1906, by late Shri Ammembal Subba Rao Pai, a philanthropist, this small seed blossomed into a limited company as 'Canara Bank Ltd.' in 1910 and became Canara Bank in 1969 after nationalization.

"A good bank is not only the financial heart of the community, but also one with an obligation of helping in every possible manner to improve the economic conditions of the common people" - A. Subba Rao Pai. Founding Principles 1. 2. 3. 4. To remove Superstition and ignorance. To spread education among all to sub-serve the first principle. To inculcate the habit of thrift and savings. To transform the financial institution not only as the financial heart of the community but the social heart as well. 5. To assist the needy. 6. To work with sense of service and dedication. 7. To develop a concern for fellow human being and sensitivity to the surroundings with a view to make changes/remove hardships and sufferings. Sound founding principles, enlightened leadership, unique work culture and remarkable adaptability to changing banking environment have enabled Canara Bank to be a frontline banking institution of global standards.

Significant Milestones As at September 2011, the total business of the Bank stood at 530515 crore.

Vision & Mission


To emerge as a Best Practices Bank by pursuing global benchmarks in profitability, operational efficiency, asset quality, risk management and expanding the global reach.

To provide quality banking services with enhanced customer orientation, higher value creation for stakeholders and to continue as a responsive corporate social citizen by effectively blending commercial pursuits with social banking.

Profile A Brief Profile of the Bank Widely known for customer centricity, Canara Bank was founded by Shri Ammembal Subba Rao Pai, a great visionary and philanthropist, in July 1906, at Mangalore, then a small port town in Karnataka. The Bank has gone through the various phases of its growth trajectory over hundred years of its existence. Growth of Canara Bank was phenomenal, especially after nationalization in the year 1969, attaining the status of a national level player in terms of geographical reach and clientele segments. Eighties was characterized by business diversification for the Bank. In June 2006, the Bank completed a century of operation in the Indian banking industry. The eventful journey of the Bank has been characterized by several memorable milestones. Today, Canara Bank occupies a premier position in the comity of Indian banks. With an unbroken record of profits since its inception, Canara Bank has several firsts to its credit. These include:

Launching of Inter-City ATM Network Obtaining ISO Certification for a Branch Articulation of Good Banking Banks Citizen Charter Commissioning of Exclusive Mahila Banking Branch Launching of Exclusive Subsidiary for IT Consultancy Issuing credit card for farmers Providing Agricultural Consultancy Services

Over the years, the Bank has been scaling up its market position to emerge as a major 'Financial Conglomerate' with as many as nine subsidiaries/sponsored institutions/joint ventures in India and abroad. As at September 2011, the Bank has further expanded its domestic presence, with 3432 branches spread across all geographical segments. Keeping customer convenience at the forefront, the Bank provides a wide array of alternative delivery channels that include 2623 ATMs, covering 899 centres. With 100% CBS, the Bank offers technology banking, such as, Internet Banking and Funds Transfer through NEFT and RTGS across all branches. The Bank has further enhanced its basket of new tech-products for customer convenience like Canara Gift Cards, Canara Campus Card, Canara Platinum Card, Bills Desk for utility bills payment, Cash withdrawal at Point of Sale (PoS) machines at Merchant Establishments, VISA money transfer and the ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) facility during FY11. Not just in commercial banking, the Bank has also carved a distinctive mark, in various corporate social responsibilities, namely, serving national priorities, promoting rural development, enhancing rural self-employment through several training institutes and spearheading financial inclusion objective. Promoting an inclusive growth strategy, which has been formed as the basic plank of national policy agenda today, is in fact deeply rooted in the Bank's founding principles. "A good

bank is not only the financial heart of the community, but also one with an obligation of helping in every possible manner to improve the economic conditions of the common people". These insightful words of our founder continue to resonate even today in serving the society with a purpose. The growth story of Canara Bank in its first century was due, among others, to the continued patronage of its valued customers, stakeholders, committed staff and uncanny leadership ability demonstrated by its leaders at the helm of affairs. We strongly believe that the next century is going to be equally rewarding and eventful not only in service of the nation but also in helping the Bank emerge as a "Global Bank with Best Practices". This justifiable belief is founded on strong fundamentals, customer centricity, enlightened leadership and a family like work culture.

Sl. No.



Shri. S RAMAN Canara Bank Head Office 112, J C Road BANGALORE - 560 002

Chairman & Managing Director

Smt. ARCHANA S. BHARGAVA Canara Bank Head Office 112, J.C. Road BANGALORE -560002 Shri. ASHOK KUMAR GUPTA Canara Bank Head Office 112, J.C. Road BANGALORE -560002 Dr. THOMAS MATHEW Joint Secretary (CM) Ministry of Finance Government of India Dept. of Economic Affairs North Block NEW DELHI - 110 001 Smt. MEENA HEMACHANDRA CGM-in-charge, Reserve Bank of India, Foreign Exchange Department, Central Office, Central Office Building, 11th Floor, Fort, MUMBAI - 400001 Shri. G.V. SAMBASIVA RAO Special Assistant, Canara Bank, Abid Road Branch, Hyderabad - 500001

Executive Director

Executive Director

Director representing Government of India

Director representing Reserve Bank of India

Workmen Employee Director

Shri. G.V. MANIMARAN Manager Canara Bank IIT Branch Chennai - 600 036 Shri. KHALID LUQMAN BILGRAMI Chartered Accountant 1042, Sector-A, Pocket A Vasant Kunj NEW DELHI -110070 Shri. PANKAJ GOPALJI THACKER Ward No.- 2B Plot 308, Adipur Kutch, Gujarat - 370205 Shri. SUTANU SINHA Senior Director(Academics & Professional Development) The Institute of Company Secretaries of India ICSI House, 22 Institutional Area Lodi Road NEW DELHI - 110003 Shri. P. V. MAIYA Flat No.106, Sowmya Springs,5/2 Dewan Madhav Rao Road Basavanagudi BANGALORE - 560 004 Shri. SUNIL GUPTA House No.82, Sector 17, PANCHKULA - 134109 HARYANA

Officer Employee Director

Part -time Non-Official Director

Part-time Non-Official Director


Part Time Non Official Director


Director Representing Shareholders


Shareholder Director

Awards & Achievements

Received during 2011-12

The Bank was conferred with National Award - 2011 for excellence in the field of Khadi and Village Industries - Best Bank, South Zone for PMEGP.

Received during 2010-11 Awards/Accolades

Canara Utsav & SLBC Kerala-Declaration of total banking coverage

bags Indira Gandhi Rajbhasha shield 2009-10 2009-10

Canara Bank

The Bank has been conferred with the Second Best Bank Award under National Awards for Excellence in lending to Micro Enterprises for the year 2009-10, by the Ministry of MSME and Outstanding Performer at National level for implementation of Interest Subsidy Eligibility Scheme (ISEC) of KVIC in the country for 2009-10. The Bank was conferred 4 awards by the Public Relations Council of India (PRCI), in the following categories

Silver Award for Corporate Film ( TV Commercial ) English Bronze Award for House Journal/Magazine Languages Bronze Award for Table Calendar Bronze Award for Corporate Advertisement Single - English


No. of HIGH Risk branches : 1 Audit / Inspection conducted as per the audit plan and there is no backlog. The concurrent audit of 494 branches cover 79 % of advances and 53 % of deposits of the Bank. Priority Sector Performance
A. Priority Sector Advances : Performance as at March 2011

B. Highlights of Priority Sector Performance in last 3 years.


Bank has achieved hat-trick by crossing all mandated, SoI and Internal Targets in Priority Credit. Bank has doubled the growth under Agriculture in 2009-10 compared to 2008-09. The Agriculture disbursement in FY 07-08 was Rs.11443 crore while in it in FY 10-11 Rs. 22374Crores, which is almost doubled in a period of 3 years. Education loan stood at Rs.3503 crore, compared to O/s level of Rs.1737 crore for Mar 08 more than doubled in 3 years. Weaker Sections, SC/ST and Minority advances also more than doubled in 3 years.

C. Priority Sector Lending in last 4 years

D. Growth in Priority Sector Lending over last 3 years

Segments Priority Agriculture Direct Agri Education Micro Credit Weaker Sections SC/STs Minority Agri Disbursement E.

Outstandings 43,203 17,996 12,897 1,737 173 7,528 2,055 4,551 11,443 70,757 29,656 22,669 3,503 339 17,823 5,087 11,718 22,374

Growth % 27,554 63.78 11,660 64.79 9,772 166 75.77 95.95 1,766 101.67 10,295 136.76 3,032 147.54 7,167 157.48 10,931 95.53

March'2008 March2011 QTM

F. Corporate Social Responsibility of the Bank G. Performance of Regional Rural Banks, sponsored by Canara Bank (Performance

for the year ended March 2011) H. A W A R D S:



o o o

o o o

Product and services Term loans

Term Loans Term Loan is normally extended for acquisition of Land, Building and machinery, purchase of vehicles etc. and also along with working capital finance as composite loans. Term Loan is given both for industrial and non-industrial borrowers i.e. both for projects / activities involved in manufacture/processing/repairing and business / trading activities etc. The project needs to establish technical feasibility and economic viability. Term loan is extended in different forms such as all rupee loans, foreign currency loans and Deferred Payment Guarantees (DPG) / acceptance facilities (other than foreign currency loans obtained from the foreign banks or branches of Indian Banks abroad without the back-up of DPGs issued by Banks in India). Repayment schedule for term loans would be stipulated based upon Debt Service Coverage Ratio, cash generation and repayment capacity. Repayment would be by way of periodic

installments with appropriate repayment holiday during implementation of the project. Rate of interest on term loans depend upon various factors like nature of the project, quantum of loan, risk rating, repayment period and structure of the debt. Securities for term loans per se would be as per general lending norms of the banks and also depends on the risk perception of the individual account. Gold Card Scheme for Exporters 1. Objectives of the scheme Eligible exporters, depending upon their track record and credit worthiness, are granted better terms of credit. 2. Eligibility

All exporters including those in the small and medium sectors who satisfy the laid down guidelines. Exporters whose accounts have been classified as "Standard", having satisfactory track record, earning profits for the past 3 years and not having overdue export bills in excess of 10 per cent of the current year's turnover.

3. Fixation of limits Working capital limit (in-principle limit) may be sanctioned for a period of 3 years with a provision for renewal subject to fulfilment of terms & conditions and review of the performance of the exporter at the end of every year with provision to step up the limits within the overall limit assessed originally or reassess the total limits if the performance is much beyond the estimated level.

The facility under Gold Card scheme may be withdrawn and brought under the normal export credit channel if it is found during annual review that the performance is not up to the anticipated level.

A Standby limit of 20% of the assessed limit may be additionally made available to facilitate urgent credit needs for executing sudden orders.

4. Rate of interest

Export Credit (both preshipment and post-shipment)-As advised by HO from time to time.

5. Other benefits Charge schedule and fee structure at 25% lower than that applicable in respect of normal exporters

For more details, please contact our nearest branch. Working Capital Finance Working Capital is basically the investment in current assets like raw materials, stores, semi-finished goods, finished goods, sundry debtors etc. It represents the money that is required for purchase / stocking of raw materials, payment of salary, wages, power charges etc. and also for financing the interval between the supply of goods and the receipt of payment thereafter. Working Capital Finance is extended in different forms basing on the requirement in the form of Inventory Limits (Pre-Sales), Finance against Receivables (Post-Sales), Non-Fund based limits and Short Term Lending products. Working capital requirements of a unit would be assessed by adopting various methods like Turnover Method, Maximum Permissible Bank Finance (MPBF) System, Cash Budget System and Net Owned Funds System, depending on the type of activity. The securities for working capital facilities per se would be as per general lending norms of the bank and also depends on the risk perception of the individual account. Rate of interest on working capital finance depends on quantum of loan, nature of activity, purpose of loan, risk rating, financials etc. Infrastructure Financing The Bank extends finance to various infrastructure projects. The finance is characterised by large outlay of funds and longer repayment period. The project needs to establish technical feasibility and economic viability. In addition, sensitivity analysis shall also be examined to ensure that the project establishes its viability with variations wherever needed. Considering the huge outlay of funds, finance is generally considered under consortium arrangement with term lending financial institutions and other banks. Our bank also provides Syndication services to assist the promoters. Memorandum of

Understanding (MOU) has been signed with India Infrastructure Finance Company Limited (IIFCL) for enabling flow of funds for the infrastructure projects syndicated by us. Rate of interest, security and repayment period for infrastructure financing would depend on nature of project, quantum of loan, repayment duration, cash generation, repayment capacity etc.

Export Finance We also offer the following Export Finance facilities to units who undertake or desirous of undertaking export business. 1. Pre shipment Finance a. Packing Credit (PC)

b. Clean Packing Credit (CPC) c. Pre-shipment Credit on Foreign Currency (PCFC)

2. Post shipment Finance a. FDB

b. FBE c. BRD

3. Foreign Bank Guarantee (FBG) including Deferred Payment Guarantee in Foreign Currency for import of capital goods (subject to FEMA and RBI guidelines). 4. Foreign Letters of Credit (FLC) for import of raw materials, capital goods etc. (subject to FEMA and RBI guidelines).

Personal banking PERSONAL BANKING Savings & Deposits Loan Products Technology Products Mutual Funds Insurance Business International Services Card Services Consultancy Services Depository Services Ancillary Services

Savings & Deposits




Loan service

Loan Products Housing Loan Know More Canara Mobile (Vechicle) Know More Canara Pension Know More Canara Rent Know More Canara Jeevan Know More
Technology products

Home Improvement Loan Know More Canara Site Loan Know More Teachers Loan Know More Canara Mortgage Know More Doctors Choice Know More

Canara Cash (Shares) Know More Canara Budget(For Employed/Business) Know More Swarna Loan(Gold Loan) Know More Canara Guide Know More For Online Education Loan Know More

ities Available 1. Transactions Through Our Bank Atms And Other Bank Atms 2. Purchase Of Goods And Services At POS Merchant Establishments 3. Mobile Top-up

4. VISA Money Transfer 5. E-ticketing Types of Accounts SB/CA/OD accounts in the name of individuals as well as joint accounts (operated severally) Eligibility All SB, Current and OD account holders including NRIs, employees and ex-employees Mutual fund product Mutual Funds We have tie up Canara Robeco and HDFC AMC for cross selling of their mutual fund products through our branches. Investment can be made in following schemes. CANARA ROBECO Mutual Fund Products Know more. HDFC Mutual Fund Products Know more. Insurance products
Life Insurance

Bank has started a Joint Venture Insurance Company Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Company Limited. The new JV insurance company was launched on 16th of June 2008. In the JV insurance company, Canara bank has a stake of 51%, HSBC Insurance (Asia Pacific) Holdings Ltd 26% and Oriental bank of Commerce 23%. We also act as a Corporate Agent of Our JV Company. For further details log on to Click on the Products for more details.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Secure Smart Plan Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Dream Smart Plan Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance Grow Smart Plan Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Pure Term Plan Future Smart Plan Insure Smart Plan

International banking services International Banking Services FOREIGN EXCHANGE AND INTERNATIONAL BANKING SERVICES Canara Bank entered Forex arena in 1953 with the opening of its first Foreign Exchange Department in Mumbai. We finance exports at pre-shipment stage as well as post shipment stage, which can be availed either in foreign currency or Indian Rupees. In addition we facilitate forfaiting. That is, discounting of deferred export receivables on 'without recourse basis' from an overseas forfaiting agency. Canara Bank is pioneer in financing of LC based International Trade transactions in India. The Bank not only finances at customers option in foreign currency at pre-shipment and postshipment stages at LIBOR related rates but also finance the import leg in foreign currency where imported inputs are required for exports. The Bank has the expertise in handling project exports of goods and services. The Bank has an excellent worldwide correspondent relationship and have the capability to handle any export, import, remittance and related transactions anywhere in the world and in any currency. Non fund based transactions like adding confirmations to LC, issuing inward and outward Bid bonds & guarantees, establishing LCs for import into India, arranging buyer's credit at attractive terms etc. are our forte. Credit card service CANARA CARD is a GLOBAL CREDIT CARD from the house of Canara Bank, one of the leading Banks in India, with around 2700 Branches and 34 million loyal customer base. In tune with our tradition of offering quality products with competitive features and best customer service, we are delighted to introduce you to the Canara Global credit Cards, offered to the privileged & elite people of the society. Canara Card is designed to meet your high-end life style with anything you might need to make your experience a sheer pleasure. No matter where you are across the world, luxury and comfort is always at hand. Our cards enjoy the privilege of worldwide acceptance and free insurance coverage. Canara Cards are backed by a wide network of CANARA BANK branches and 24 Card Service centers located at many important cities spread across the country. CANARA BANK is the principal member of VISA-WORLDWIDE and MASTERCARD INC.

With its fantastic features and transparency in transactions, you will be delighted to know, why you chose the right card. Please read further to know more about Canara Global cards. Depositary services
A Depository is an organisation which holds investors' securities in electronic form. The depository also provides services related to various transactions in such securities. A depository interfaces with its investors through Depository Participants. Depository Participants maintain investors' accounts (demat accounts) which are similar to Savings Bank/Current accounts with a Bank. Purchase and sale of securities can be done through demat account. Presently there are two depositories in India viz., NSDL (National Securities Depository Limited) and CDSL (Central Depository Services Ltd). Our Bank is a Depository Participant of NSDL.

Services available: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Account opening Dematerialisation Transfer of securities Pledge services Freezing and un-freezing the depository account Nomination facility

Ancillary Services RETAIL SALE OF GOLD COINS SAFE DEPOSIT LOCKERS Keep your valuables in our lockers and have peace of mind. Lockers available at select branches where Safe Deposit Vaults are installed. Bank lets on hire safe deposit lockers to individuals (Singly or jointly), Firms, Companies, Association or Clubs, Trustees on nominal rent. SAFE CUSTODY SERVICES This subsidiary service is rendered by the Bank to most valued customers. Bank undertakes the responsibility of safe custody of articles entrusted by the customer under a contract and return the same according to terms agreed upon. NOMINATIONS This facility has been devised with an aim of minimising the hardships caused to the family members on the death of the depositor/s. Nominations can be made in respect of all types of

deposit accounts by the individual account holders in their own capacity singly or jointly. 7 DAY BANKING Now we are open on all days - Seven days a week. Facility available at select branches. EXTENDED BANKING HOURS Now you can do your Banking operations for more time. We have extended our business hours by one hour more for your convenience. (at select computerised branches). DD SHOPPE Get your demand drafts through our exclusive DD outlets. Our DD shoppe issues demand drafts upto one hour before close of office hours. Facility available at select branches. Current Deposits

For traders, businessmen, corporate bodies etc. who operate the account frequently.

The minimum balance requirement for current account is as follows: Metro/Urban - Rs.5000/Semi-Urban/Rural- Rs.1000/-

Not eligible for interest.

No ceiling on the number of withdrawals and credits.

Pass book, pass sheet, standing instructions, cheque collection facilities available.

Cash Management Services The speedier you are, its easier for you to address the challenges of globalisation. Corporate Cash Management Services (CCMS), an innovative service offered by Canara Bank for speedy collection of cheques and other instruments, places corporates on a faster-track. In more ways than one-such as definite funds flow, better cash management and deployment of funds, better monitoring of funds flow, optimum allocation of funds and effective planning of investment functions. What is CCMS?

An innovative service specifically tailored to meet the requirements of Corporates/Business houses/Partnership firms Speedy collection of outstation cheques and other instruments Pooling of funds at designated centres More importantly, providing funds to the Corporates as per their need Customised MIS reports

What We Offer? Under CCMS we offer the state of the art technology products

SUPERFAST SERVICE - Local cheque collection services FASTRACK SERVICE - Upcountry cheque collection services BULK COLLECTION SERVICE - Bulk cheques collection services

Under 'SUPERFAST SERVICE', agents or offices of Corporates can deposit the cheques to be cleared in the local clearing and funds will be pooled at any pooling branch designated by the Corporates. Under 'FASTRACK SERVICE', agents or offices of Corporates can deposit the cheques drawn on outstation centres and proceeds will be pooled at any pooling branch designated by Corporates.

Merchant Banking Services

AN INTRODUCTION : Canara Bank is also one of the leading " Merchant Bankers " in India, offering specialized services to Banks, PSUs, State owned Corporations, Local Statutory bodies and Corporate sector. We are SEBI registered Category I Merchant Banker to render Issue Management (Public / Rights / Private Placement Issues), Underwriting, Consultancy and Corporate Advisory Services etc. We also hold SEBI Certificate to act as "Bankers to an Issue" with network of exclusive Capital Market Service Branches and designated CBS Branches to handle collecting / Refund / Paying Banker assignments. We do undertake "project appraisals" with linkage to resource raising plans from Capital Market/ Debt Markets and facilitate tie-ups with Banks / Financial Institutions and Potential Investors. Our uniqueness is extending services through single window concept covering the following areas: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Merchant Banking Commercial Banking Investments Bankers to Issue - Escrow Bankers Underwriting Loan Syndication

As leading Merchant Bankers in India, we have associated with issues involving various types of industries, banks, statutory Bodies etc. and have an edge in handling Private Placement issues both retail & HNIs. SPECTRUM OF SERVICES:

Equity Issue (Public/Rights) Management Debt Issue Management Private Placements Project Appraisals Monitoring Agency Assignments IPO Funding Security Trustee Services Agriculture Consultancy Services Corporate Advisory Services Mergers and Acquisitions Buy Back Assignments Share Valuation Syndication

Technology Upgradation Fund Schemes (TUF Schemes)

Our Bank has been appointed as "Nodal Agency" for implementation of the following

Schemes. I. II. III. IV. Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) of Ministry of Textiles. Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS) for Technology upgradtion of SME's of Ministry of Micro Small Medium Entrepreneurs.(MOMSME) Plan Scheme of Technology Upgradation of Food Processing Industries of Ministry of Food Processing Industries. (MOFPI), Scheme for extending assistance to Sugar Undertakings 2007 of Ministry of consumer Affairs, Food & public distribution (SEFASU)

I) TUFS: The Scheme is in force up to 31.03.2012 Scope of the Scheme: The Scheme is available for modernisation / expansion of existing units and for setting up of new units with benchmark level of technology in textile and jute industry Activities covered:

Cotton ginning and pressing, Textile industry covering Silk reeling wool scouring Synthetic filament yarn manufacturing Spinning Weaving Knitting Fabric embroidery Garment Made ups Manufacturing Processing Dyeing etc. Jute Industry

The Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme envisages the following; 1. To provide a reimbursement of Five percent age on the interest charged on a project of Technology upgradation in conformity with the scheme, up to a maximum period of ten years including implementation and moratorium period of maximum up to 2 years. However for the Spinning machinery the reimbursement will be four percentages only. 2. The Scheme will provide 15% Margin Money subsidy for SSI Textile and Jute sector in lieu of 5% interest reimbursement on investment in TUF compatible specified machinery subject to a capital ceiling of Rs. 200 lakh and ceiling on margin money subsidy Rs.15 lakh. A minimum of 15% equity contribution from beneficiaries will be ensured. 3. The scheme will provide additional 10% capital subsidy for specified processing machinery and specified machinery required in manufacture of Technical textiles and garmenting machineries. 4. The scheme will provide an additional option to the power looms units to avail of 20% Margin Money subsidy in lieu of 5% Interest reimbursement on investment in TUF compatible specified machinery subject to a capital ceiling of Rs.200 lakh and ceiling on margin money subsidy Rs.20 lakh. This is administered directly by the Textile Commissioner's Office Mumbai. II) Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS) of MOMSME. Scheme was valid till

31.03.2012 list of beneficiaries under Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme (CLCSS) of Ministry of MSME Objective: The Scheme aims at facilitating technology upgradation by providing 15% upfront capital subsidy to Micro small and medium entrepreneurs including tiny khadi village and coir industrial units on institutional finance availed for induction of well established and improved technologies in the specified sub sector / products approved under the scheme. III) Plan scheme of Technology Upgradation of Food Processing Industries (PSTU for FPI) of Ministry of Food processing industries (MOFPI) Scope & Spread of the scheme:

To provide a thrust and wider coverage for food processing industries in the country. Sectors in food processing such as fruits & vegetables, milk products, meat poultry, flour milling, rice milling, oilseeds products and such other agrihorticultural sectors including flavors, colours spice, etc., are covered under the scheme. Aerated water, soft drinks, packaged drinking water not cover for assistance under the scheme. Women, SC/ST should be given priority. Covers activities leading to value addition and shelf life enhancement. Assistance and eligibility under the scheme: Only new food processing plant & machinery are eligible. 25% of the cost of plant and machinery and technical civil work, with a Maximum grant of assistant is Rs.50 lakhs in general areas. 33% up to 75 lakhs in difficult areas like Jammu & Kashmir, HP, Sikkim and North Eastern states, Andaman & Nicobar Island and ITDP areas integrated tribal development project. Technical civil works exclude office buildings, guest house, canteen and roads. Units should apply before commencement of commercial production. Individuals, firms co-operative, companies and PSUs are eligible.

NRI Banking

NRI Deposits


Know More


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NRI Consultancy
Attorneyship Services This is a specialised service to help our non-resident customers and others who find it difficult to operate their accounts personally. We obtain power of attorney from the customer in our favour and execute his instructions promptly and meticulously. It gives the customer great confidence that his money is safe. SERVICES The following services are a few examples of our attorneyship services

Making investments in shares/debentures in Indian Companies by direct subscription/

through market operation.

Sale of shares/debentures of Indian companies through market operation.

Making other investments like fixed deposits/NSC/Units of UTI/Govt. securities/ bonds of Public sector undertakings etc., (The above services are offered on Non discretionary basis and specific instructions are to be given for each transaction).

Opening of demat account with the depository participant and handling their demat accounts.

Making payment of Insurance premiums/subscription to Associations etc.

Collection of income on investments/ realisation of investments/ safe custody of securities.

Obtaining RBI permission for purchase/sale of shares. Follow-up for purchase/sale of shares.

Collection of income like rents and other receipts/effecting remittances as per instructions / Computation of income and filing of Income tax returns.

Payment of LIC premium, telephone bills etc.