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Yralyn's Complete Combat Blacksmith Guide

Table of Contents I. Introduction II. Skill Descriptions a. Merchant b. Blacksmith c. Comodo III. Blacksmith a. Types b. Skill Builds c. Stat Builds IV. Leveling Guide V. Job Change Guide a. Novice to Merchant b. Merchant to Blacksmith VI. Acknowledgements VII. Miscellaneous VIII. Update! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=I. Introduction After weeks, even months, of waiting for input from other blacksmiths, I've finally begun my work on what I would hope would be the best guide for combat blacksmiths, more commonly known as the battlesmith and the battleforger. Why combat blacksmith and not simply battlesmith and battleforger? Someone in pRO once mentioned to me that the build nor the stats clearly divide a battlesmith and a battleforger. This made me think about the huge similarities and little differences between each other. So I began to ask information from other smiths by placing an incomplete guide for battlesmiths and battleforgers and hoping that other blacksmiths would fill in. Things got really complicated, but in the end I believe I have been able to gather enough info to be able to create a virtually complete guide for the combat type blacksmith. What's new? Basically I merged the posts in the old guide, and added a few minor details thanks to the PM .Kei. sent me (he's been playing smiths since ALPHA, so you can say he really does know his stuff ). Deleted old guide, and made the necessary adjustments For a complete listing of weapons Blacksmiths can forge, as well as their requirements, click here: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=II. Skill Descriptions a. Merchant (10) Enlarge Weight Limit -- +100 maximum weight per level. Cost: n/a (Passive)

(10) Discount [needs: 3 Enlarge Weight Limit] -- 5% discount + 2% discount per level EXCEPT AT LEVEL 10 (DC lvl 10 = 24% DC, not 25%), applies only to NPC items. Cost: n/a (Passive) (10) Overcharge [needs: 3 Discount] -- 5% overcharge + 2% overcharge per level EXCEPT AT LEVEL 10 (OC lvl 10 = 24% OC, not 25%), applies only to items sold to NPCs. Cost: n/a (Passive) (10) Pushcart [needs: 5 Enlarge Weight Limit] -- lvl 1 enables rental of Pushcart from Kafra. NOTE: Movement speed with cart is: 50% Normal movement speed + (Pushcart lvl * 5%). Cost: n/a (Passive) (10) Vending [needs: 3 Pushcart] -- Allows you to set up shop, set your own prices and minimize possibility of scams that most players experience in the typical "Deal" (bartering) system. Skill allows 2 slots available for items + 1 slot per level (for Vending). NOTE: Items to be sold MUST be placed INSIDE the Pushcart Inventory (Alt + W). Cost: 30 SP (1) Item Appraisal -- Identify Item skill. Cost: 10 SP (10) Mammonite -- Amplify damage using Zenny, damage calc is 100% + 50% per lvl (600% damage at lvl 10). Cost: 5 SP + 100 zenny per level (5 SP + 1000z at lvl 10) Return to top b. Blacksmith (5) Iron Tempering -- lvl 1 enables refining of Iron Ore into Iron. +6% to success chance in refining Iron Ore into Iron per level. Cost: 1 Mini Furnace + 1 Iron Ore (5) Steel Tempering [needs: 1 Iron Tempering] -- lvl 1 enables refining of Iron into Steel. +5% to success chance in refining Iron into Steel per level. Cost: 1 Mini Furnace + 5 Iron + 1 Coal (5) Enchanted Stone Craft [needs: 1 Iron Tempering] -- lvl 1 enables refining of elemental ores into elemental stones. +5% to success chance in refining elemental ores into elemental stones per level. Cost 1 Mini Furnace + 10 elemental ores of the same type (elemental ores: Red Blood , Wind of Verdure , Green Live , Crystal Blue ) (5) Oridecon Research [needs: 1 Enchanted Stone Craft] -- some claim that this only works with forges that require Oridecon (note that not all lvl 3 weapons use Oridecon), although it is NOT required in order to forge lvl 3 weapons AND you can still successfully forge even without it. Skill Description: +10% forging success chance when forging lvl 3 weapons (3) Smith Dagger -- enables construction of Dagger type weapons, level of weapon available depending on level of skill. +10% success chance in forging Dagger type weapons per level. Cost: 1 (Iron/Golden/Oridecon) Hammer + materials (each material differs between weapons) (3) Smith Sword [needs: 1 Smith Dagger] -- enables construction of one-handed Sword type weapons, level of weapon depending on level of skill. +10% success chance in forging Sword type weapons per level. Cost: 1 (Iron/Golden/Oridecon) Hammer + materials (3) Smith Two-Handed Sword [needs: 1 Smith Sword] -- enables construction of Two-Handed Sword type weapons, level of weapon depending on level of skill. +10% success chance in forging Two-Handed Sword type weapons per level. Cost: 1 (Iron/Golden/Oridecon) Hammer +

materials (3) Smith Axe [needs: 2 Smith Sword] -- enables construction of Axe type weapons, level of weapon depending on level of skill. +10% success chance in forging Axe type weapons per level. Cost: 1 (Iron/Golden/Oridecon) Hammer + materials (3) Smith Brass Knuckles [needs: 1 Smith Dagger] -- enables construction of Knuckle type weapons, level of weapon depending on level of skill. +10% success chance in forging Knuckle type weapons per level. Cost: 1 (Iron/Golden/Oridecon) Hammer + materials (3) Smith Mace [needs: 1 Smith Brass Knuckles] -- enables construction of Mace type weapons, level of weapon depending on level of skill. +10% success chance in forging Mace type weapons per level. Cost: 1 (Iron/Golden/Oridecon) Hammer + materials (3) Smith Spear [needs: 2 Smith Dagger] -- enables construction of Spear type weapons, level of weapon depending on level of skill. +10% success chance in forging Spear type weapons per level. Cost: 1 (Iron/Golden/Oridecon) Hammer + materials (1) Hilt Bind -- binds Blacksmith's weapon, preventing any chance of weapon being dropped when fainting in dungeons. Cost: n/a (Passive). With recent patches, this has been changed to: (1) Ore Discovery [needs: 1 Steel Tempering + Hilt Bind] -- Rare chance of finding any type of forging material from any monster (those not normally dropped by the monster), namely elemental stones, elemental ores, Oridecon, Iron, Iron Ore, and Steel. Cost: n/a (Passive) [side note: this has been bugging me for quite awhile... I think this actually opens up a hidden "ore discovery cache" in the normal drops of a monster, since I usually got Rough Oridecon from Poison Spore... not that random now, is it?] (10) Weapon Research [needs: Hilt Bind] -- +1% forging/refining success chance per level + 2 Hit per level + 2 damage per level, added damage ignores FLEE, but is affected by your weapon's cards & element; for instance, Weapon Research adds 35 instead of 20 damage if using a Wind weapon on a Frozen or Water1 or Water2 opponent, but will not hit a Whisper if you use a non-elemental weapon, like Double Beholder 2H Axe. Cost: n/a (Passive) (1) Repair Weapon [needs: 1 Weapon Research] -- Repairs an equipment's "Broken" status, "Broken" status meaning that weapon is highlighted in red and cannot be equipped. Cost: 1 Steel [for armor], 1 Iron Ore [for weapons]. NOTE: I'm not sure if Repair Weapon needs an Iron Hammer or not... Iron Hammers are available at the Blacksmith guild if ever you need it, however. (5) Skin Tempering -- Old version is that it gives +5% Fire resistance per level. However, with recent patches this has been modified. From (5) Hammerfall -- Stuns enemies in a 3x3 area (although the actual stun range seems more like 5x5 ), must have an Axe or a Mace type weapon equipped. 20% + 10% Base Stun Chance per level (70% at lvl 5). Stun chance is reduced by opponent VIT & LUK/3. Cost: 10 SP [side note: regarding the extra stun range... it seems that while the actual 3x3 area is 20% + 10% base stun chance per level, some players claim that the extra two tile radius has a set 30% base stun chance]

(5) Adrenaline Rush [needs: 2 Hammerfall] -- +30% ASPD on self (+25% on party members), only affects Mace & Axe using party members, will fail if Blacksmith is not using an Axe or Mace type weapon. Duration and SP cost depends on skill level. After War of Emperium, however, Adrenaline Rush was modified so that the bonus to ASPD is +25% on both self and party members. 0+30 seconds/17+3 SP per level (30 seconds, 20 SP at level 1, 150 seconds, 32 SP at level 5). (5) Weapon Perfection [needs: 2 Adrenaline Rush + 2 Weapon Research] -- ignores size penalty of weapons, affects everyone in party including Blacksmith, regardless of weapon. 0+10 sec/20-2 SP per level (50 sec, 10 SP at level 5). [NOTE: party duration is 1/5 that of Blacksmith] (5) Power Thrust [needs: 3 Adrenaline Rush] -- +5% attack strength per level, but supposedly increases chance of weapon gaining "Broken" status at +0.2% per level NOTE: Axe and Mace class weapons are not affected by Power Thrust's side effects; also, this no longer affects nonAxe and non-Mace weapons. 0+20 sec/20-2 SP per level (120 sec, 10 SP at level 5). [NOTE: party duration is 1/5 that of Blacksmith] ! This would soon allow all weapons to be affected by Power Thrust, but all weapons would now risk the "Broken" status... not sure when this would be implemented, however (5) Power Maximize [needs: 3 Weapon Perfection + 2 Power Thrust] -- allows you to ALWAYS deal maximum damage to opponent, but prevents natural SP regeneration and drains 1 SP every (1 * level) second(s), must be used again to deactivate. Activating cost: 10 SP Personal Note: I think what Power Maximize actually does is to modify the attack/defense formula so that Power Maximize removes the DEX/ATK damage randomizer Return to top c. Comodo

Cart Change [needs: 50 Trunk (Wooden Block) + 20 Animal Skin + 10 Iron + Merchant job lvl 35 or Blacksmith] -- changes look of Pushcart depending on base level: 1~40 Normal Cart

41~65 66~80 81~90 91~99

Wooden Cart Flower Cart Panda Cart Burger Cart (regular cart with hood, sign at side, & bigger wheels)


Cart Revolution [needs: 2 Grape Juice + 30 Iron + 5 Tentacle + 30 Sticky Mucus + 20 Fly Wings + 1 Banana Juice (will need more if you didn't bring items the first time around) + Merchant job lvl 35 or Blacksmith] -- deal 1.5 + (Cart Weight/8000) times normal ATK damage to a 3x3 area. Attack is always NEUTRAL type regardless of weapon's element, but skill is affected by weapon's cards &/or Element. Cost: 12 SP

Crazy Uproar [needs: 7 Pearl + 50 Mushroom spore + 1 Banana Juice + Merchant job lvl 15 or Blacksmith] -- +4 STR for 5 minutes. Cost: 8 SP First Aid [needs: 3 Red Herb + 3 Clover + Sterilized Bandage (from Nurse Officer in Prontera Castle)] -- +5 HP. Cost: 3 SP ! You automatically get this skill from the Monk in the newest Novice Training Grounds.

Play Dead [needs: First Aid + Novice tag (from Nurse Officer in Prontera Castle) + Novice job lvl 7] -- Player gains "Fainted" status even if HP is full. Cannot be attacked, cannot be targeted by spells other than Heal (& possibly Double Strafe), cannot regenerate neither HP nor SP, cannot move, cannot gain EXP with even share. Must be used again to deactivated. Skill will be removed once character changes into his/her first job AND leaves the town/map where he/she changed job. SP cost: 15 SP Return to top -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=III. Blacksmith a. Types Generally there are two types of Blacksmith: Battle Blacksmith and Forging Blacksmith. However, because it is possible to take both combat and forging skills (specially since you can easily max the basic combat tree with loads of skill points to spare), a third type exists: the Battle Forger, or Hybrid Blacksmith. The Forger -- designed mainly, if not solely, for forging, they have absolutely have NO combat skills in their build (that means NO Hammerfall, NO Skin Tempering), and take up ALL forging AND refining skills (not to mention the fact that these types put extreme emphasis on DEX and LUK). A separate guide can be found here. Some forgers may opt to take Mammonite in order to amplify their attacks (for levelling mostly); note, however, that low or no STR would still result in really pathetic damage, regardless. The Battlesmith -- designed mainly, if not solely, for combat, they take up all skills directly related to combat. While some battlesmiths would include Skin Tempering as part of their build, others would rather include smithing skills, but only for the purpose of helping them in combat (without need for a forger to support them). The Hybrid, a.k.a. Battleforger -- this build has no particular speciality in mind, since these types of smiths have both combat and forging skills, and using their forging skills for more than just supporting themselves; often these builds work as support for other characters, both financial and forging-wise (e.g. Knight, Blacksmith, Monk in the same server). Being so, this is the hardest to give a precise and detailed guide among the three types. Still, this is probably the best character for first-time smiths, because you will be able to experience the power of a battlesmith as well as the forging abilities of a forger, toned down as it is. For the sake of simplicity, I combined the Battle and Hybrid types into just one category -- the Combat Blacksmith. Return to top b. Skill Builds -=Combat Merchant= 5/10 Enlarge Weight Limit -- weight is not an initial concern for merchants, as the Pushcart

does that for them. Still, it might be a good idea to max this later when you've become a Blacksmith, especially when you're the type that doesn't want to stop to get potions from the Pushcart during Guild Fortress Sieges 10/3 Discount -- if this is your only merchant, this skill is best maximized. Else, get only 3, and have the other merchant discount the items for you. 10/? Overcharge -- the fastest way to make your merchant rich is by selling loot from other characters (or from whatever your merchant picks up from monsters). But if you think you can't max this skill because of Mammonite, then just put as much here as you can, so you can still gain a lot of zenny (specially since Mammonite is the greatest zenny drainer of a combat merchant). 10 Pushcart -- unless you want to keep renting a Cart or moving very slowly, this skill MUST be maxed. 3/4 Vending -- if you plan on getting Item Appraisal, get 3, else get 4. Too much of this skill, and you become a Vend monkey, not a combat merchant (note: you need zenny so you can use Mammonite more often... Overcharge is good, but if you don't have another merchant to vend for you, take this; if you have a vend slave, don't bother taking this). 1/0 Item Appraisal -- take if you don't plan on investing in Magnifiers, else don't get it at all. 10/0 Mammonite -- Normally I'd say always maximize Mammonite, but since not everyone is a fan of it (specially of the -1000z per use at lvl 10), this is only for hardcore pure battlesmiths who have zenny to burn. For everyone else, I'd recommend not getting it at all. From .Kei., a veteran Blacksmith: Indeed mammo is a get or nothing skill. I'd rather preset it as a skill where any battle or BATTLEforge should get. If one is planning to battle alot, they should get mammo, otherwise they would regret in the higher levels. from 3 1/2 years of being a smith, I never really mammoed during the low levels. until I hit around lvl 80+ or so, the number of times I mammoed during a level increased. experience starts to get expensive to earn at those levels. There will be times when you get naturally mobbed (not mobbing), of course, if you are with a priest and the mobs don't hurt too much, cart revs are good enough to take care of them. now I don't know how people in ROE feel about a smith, but my personal feelings is that I will take a mob on if I know I can take them apart, with the help of pots and mammos and even hammerfall too. I dislike flywinging as that leaves a mob to other people which may kill them, and also, if I can gain the exp, why not, since the exp is hard to earn. I have a mindset, I buy my exp with zeny. Let it be pots, let it be mammos. If I don't use money in higher levels, I don't get my exp. Personal experience. PRE-BLACKSMITH COMBAT MERCHANT JOB 50: 5 Enlarge Weight Limit 10 Discount 10 Overcharge 10 Pushcart 3 Vending 1 Item Appraisal 10 Mammonite -=Blacksmith=-

5 Hammerfall -- Initially I wanted to say "take 2 Hammerfall for leveling, 5 for PvP", but because it has such a high stun chance at lvl 5 (70%), I suggest maxing it 5/4 Adrenaline Rush -- Maxing this skill is a must for combat-oriented smiths, but if you really want to forge more weapons, 4 can do quite well. 5 Power Thrust -- it's for the damage (+25%)... to hell with its side effects; Gravity stated that Power Thrust doesn't damage Axe and Mace class weapons, and at the same time they limit Power Thrust to ONLY Axe and Mace class weapons (in other words, it DOESN'T add chance to break your weapons, since it would only work on weapons that are immune to its added breaking chance). This would be fixed in the future, however... but what the heck, that's still 25% more damage... far better than any card available 5/3/0 Weapon Perfection -- even at level 5 the duration of this skill is extremely short (50 secs at lvl 5) compared to Power Thrust (120 secs at lvl 5). If you'll use it, max it... else, take only either level 3 (for Power Maximize) or none at all; this applies particularly to Mace-users, who don't need to use this skill almost 100% of the time due toe the Mace's size modifiers (75% on small monsters, 100% to everything else). 5/0 Power Maximize -- lvl 5 for pure battlesmiths, but don't take it if you plan on going crit battleforger (special battleforgers who abuse the LUK in their build by using crit equips instead of the usual STR increasers). 1 Hilt Bind -- a must, as it is a prerequisite for THE best passive skill of the smith. 10 Weapon Research -- if anyone plans to get anything less than 10 Weapon Research, I seriously recommend that you rebuild your smith 1/0 Iron Tempering -- this skill works well even at lvl 1, and is a pre-requisite for Steel Tempering and Enchanted Stone Craft. If you plan on forging your own elemental battleaxe or mace, then you'd need this to refine that Iron you'd need for it. If you plan on getting Ore Discovery, then get this. If neither apply to you, don't get this. 1/5/0 Steel Tempering -- if you're taking this just to get Ore Discovery, get only 1. If you plan to actually USE this skill, max it. If neither apply to you, don't get this. 1/0 Ore Discovery -- although combat smiths could find this useful, this is absolutely useless for a PvP/WoE pure battlesmith, because you get the drops from monsters, not players 5/0 Skin Tempering -- useful against Fire type monsters regardless of patch, but is totally unnecessary for most combat smiths, since most PvP wizards would rather use Frost Driver + Jupitel Thunder, and WoE wizards rely more on Lord of Vermillion and Storm Gust for entrance defense (may not be the case on some servers, but Meteor Storm DOES miss, same goes with Sight Trasher, Fire Pillar is too expensive to maintain, and both Fire Pillar and Fire Wall are usually replaced by Hunter-placed traps as defense) ? Smith _____ -- the smith skills you take will be totally your choice. Any extra skill points that you have no plans on placing in Blacksmith skills may be used in enhancing merchant skills (like maxing Enlarge Weight Limit).

-=Comodo= Cart Change -- totally optional, but the idea of having a cute/cool-looking cart is very appealing (I love my flowery cart ^^) Cart Revolution -- must get. Anyone who doesn't get this skill is either a masochist or just plain crazy, as this is the ONLY anti-mob skill the merchant/blacksmith has (don't bother getting a Blast Clip, you don't have HP recovery to counter the HP sacrifice for relatively very weak damage... damage that is easily outdone by Cart Revolution) Crazy Uproar -- a great, if not underestimated, skill. A must-have for combat smiths First Aid -- vital during those early years, but could be a total waste of time when you are a Blacksmith already (specially VIT types) Play Dead -- useful as a novice, specially if you plan on getting high base lvl before job changing (which is usually a good thing for Merchants) Return to top c. Stat Builds There are three basic builds: VIT type, AGI type, and hybrid type. Note that these are basic templates, and you can change them any way you see fit. VIT type (with items/skills/job 50 bonus): 110 STR 50 AGI 80 VIT 50 DEX AGI type (with items/skills/job 50 bonus): 110 STR 90 AGI 50 DEX Hybrid type (AGI=VIT, with items/skills/job 50 bonus) 110 STR 60 AGI 60 VIT 50 DEX Since all three can be fully attained below 99, it's possible to make AGI>VIT & VIT>AGI hybrids if you wish. DEVELOPING EACH BUILD: the following would be suggestions as to how to distribute your stats as you go along; these do NOT include job/skill/item bonuses. You do NOT have to follow this if you already have an idea as to how you want your build to develop.

-=VIT=start with: 9 AGI, 9 STR, 9 VIT 10 STR 10 VIT 10 DEX 20 STR 20 VIT 30 STR 30 VIT 15 DEX 40 STR 20 DEX 40 VIT 60 STR 47 AGI 70 STR 60 VIT 80 STR 70 VIT 38 DEX 74 VIT 96 STR (needs Crazy Uproar, +4 STR equips, Green Boots + Chainmail of Ares for HP) -=AGI=start with: 9 AGI, 9 STR, 9 DEX 10 DEX 10 STR 20 AGI 20 STR 30 AGI 30 STR 15 DEX 50 AGI 40 STR 60 AGI 20 DEX 50 STR 14 VIT 60 STR 89 AGI 38 DEX 96 STR (needs Crazy Uproar, +4 STR & +1 AGI equips, Hard Chainmail for HP) -=AGI>VIT hybrid=start with: 9 AGI, 9 STR, 9 VIT 10 DEX 10 STR 10 AGI 10 VIT 20 STR 20 AGI

30 STR 30 AGI 15 VIT 15 DEX 40 STR 40 AGI 50 STR 50 AGI 20 VIT 20 DEX 67 AGI 60 STR 30 VIT 28 DEX 40 VIT 70 STR 54 VIT 96 STR 38 DEX 8 INT (needs Crazy Uproar, +4 STR equips, Green Boots + Chainmail of Ares for HP) -=AGI<VIT hybrid=start with: 9 AGI, 9 STR, 9 VIT 10 DEX 10 STR 10 AGI 10 VIT 20 STR 20 AGI 30 STR 30 AGI 15 VIT 15 DEX 40 STR 40 AGI 50 STR 50 AGI 20 VIT 20 DEX 57 AGI 60 STR 30 VIT 28 DEX 40 VIT 70 STR 64 VIT 96 STR 38 DEX 2 INT 8 LUK (needs Crazy Uproar, +4 STR equips, Green Boots + Chainmail of Ares for HP) ******* Hard Chainmail --> Pupa Card + Chainmail[1] Chainmail of Ares --> Pecopeco Card + Chainmail[1]

Green Boots --> Matyr Card + Boots[1] +4 STR equips --> choose: (1)2 pcs Double-Force Clips, (2)Ancient Ring of Mustle +1 AGI equips --> choose: (1)Light Boots, (2)Sakkat, (3)Green Boots Crazy Uproar --> Comodo skill, see above for requirements *******

About your stats:

STR: your total STR (I mean base STR + total bonuses) should be in 10s, because your total STR is what matters, not your base. Observe: * 93+6 STR (job 50 bonus) = 99 STR = 99 + (90/10) = 99 + 81 = 180 ATK bonus from STR * 93+7 STR (job 50 + Pirate Bandana) = 100 STR = 100 + (100/10) = 100 + 100 = 200 ATK bonus from STR a 20 ATK bonus from just 1 more STR. The lowest minimum STR for any melee character ought to be 80 total STR (without Bless lvl 10), although if you really want to do decent damage, 100 total STR (without Bless lvl 10) is enough. If you really don't mind low damages (and/or slow levelling), then please get at least 60 ~ 70 total STR (without Bless lvl 10), because you ARE going to suffer later on, especially at high levels... AGI: AGI directly affects FLEE and ASPD. ASPD calculations are quite complicated, so it's easier if you go to stat calculators such as iROcalc. As for FLEE, the formula is: AGI + Base level + Item Bonus + Skill Bonus = FLEE. Basically the higher your FLEE, the more likely you'll dodge an attack. However, monsters will always have at LEAST 5% chance of hitting you, regardless of Flee, which is why it is NOT recommended that you get more than 90 base AGI (not even for Assassins)... if you are going for ASPD, this still applies, since you take up so many stat points just for so little points in AGI and so little an increase in ASPD... VIT: a measure of toughness, VIT increases maxHP, decreases damage taken, increases potion effectiveness, and increases resistance to some status ailments. Note that: 1. VIT decreases damage by points; armor decreases damage by percent. 2. VIT increases mDEF also... formula is 1 VIT = 1/2 mDEF 3. VIT increases resistance to Stun, Sleep, and Poison INT: a measure of mental prowness/alertness (not necessarily intellectual capacity), this determines your ability to wield arcane magic [mATK; totally useless to a Blacksmith], your maximum Skill/Spell Point Reserve, and your SP regeneration rate. Since Blacksmiths usually manage with such little SP, you only need to worry about your SP regen rate, which is increased every 6 INT (which means a 4+2 INT should suffice for smiths with extra stat points). DEX: a measure of hand flexibility and good hand-eye coordination, dexterity or DEX is one of two stats that directly affect your forging abilities (the other being LUK)... for a combat smith, 38+12 DEX would suffice for most situations, but some can go as much as 48+12 DEX for added accuracy and higher chance to succeed in forging...

LUK: Luck (LUK), a measure of how lucky your character in more ways than one, works best in 3s (for crit rate) and 10s (for dodge rate). Add one and one and you get the best LUK bonuses in 30s (30,60,90, 120): * +0.1% forging success per 1 LUK (+3% at 30 LUK) * +1 lucky dodge every 10 LUK (+3 Lucky Dodge at 30 LUK) * Status Window Critical rate is 1 + LUK/3 = +11 Crit at 30 LUK * Actual Critical rate is 1 + (LUK*0.3) = 1 + 30*.3= +10 Crit at 30 LUK * +1 base damage per 5 LUK (+6 base damage at 30 LUK) * LUK increases resistances to some status ailments by LUK/5, while to others by LUK/3, giving you 6 or 10 more resistance to status ailments every 30 LUK NOTE: LUK may not be 100% necessary as a pure Battlesmith BUT can prove useful against those low LUK high DEF opponents, as their defenses can't easily be pierced by even Mammonite. Why is AGI a priority for hybrid builds? AGI increases your ASPD and FLEE rate. Less hits taken means less potions needed. Also, simply put: faster attack = faster kill (does not apply to those who deal weak damage by taking too much AGI too early). Note that early in the game VIT plays an important role, as it reduces damage taken, helping you survive longer I am a pure AGI, so why should I have VIT? AGI, while helpful in killing opponents faster, does NOT protect you 100% of the time. Remember, you can only dodge a maximum of 95% of the time (unless you have really really high perfect dodge... but that's for LUK, not AGI)... and large mobs would reduce your 95% FLEE rate to 0%. 100% dodge rate is only applicable in PvP/WoE... but extremely high FLEE often leaves you vulnerable to a lot of status ailments (namely Stun, Poison and Silence) -- all can render your super-fast character totally useless in a PvP/WoE situation. And since almost everybody has Mummy Cards/decent DEX/Very Strong weapons/Envenom, it's not as easy to dodge opponents as it used to be... .Kei.: A little bit of on the side findings myself. Although its rare to find these days, there still are people whom think to build a smith with either 1 vit or 1 agi (meaning they have heavy stats in the other stats). I personally don't recremend this, but rather I would at least recremend at least 20 vit or agi. The amounts of points spent to get either of those stats to 20 is very minimal, but the benifits of it are great. Quite a bit difference in HP, atkspd, pot efficiency etc etc. I know you wrote somewhere in your guide about the minor increase of vit is good, since I couldn't find it, I just have to point it out how I normally feel about those two stats. I am a pure VIT, so why should I have AGI? VIT may turn your character into a virtual tank, but it doesn't mean you're Superman :lol: But seriously, you'll need AGI both to increase your attack speed (high DEF means nothing if you attack slow as hell) and to increase your FLEE (hint: sometimes hybrids are more feared in PvP/WoE than pure builds, since players have to resort to either Quad Ancients or Double Bloody Double Ancients -- both deal less damage than Quad Bloodies). Also, AGI helps in levelling your VIT build. A lot. .Kei.: A little bit of sharing here. I have done many many calculations with vit builds. As much

as seeing a well rounded number looks good, and RO mechanics states that against monsters, every 20 vit gives you a bonus decrease in defense, I find that the incentive for a smith to get 80 total vit is not enough. We don't get alot of HP from the vit, a little bit of resistance is nice, but not noticable, same goes to potting efficiency. That increase in defense is relatively minor and doesn't work against players, players seem to have an exponential equation with damage reduction from vit. I personally find, the amount of vit on a vit oriented smith is around 65-77 to be most optimal. Should my stats be in 10s? No. However, VIT-based DEF is calculated to be something like min(VIT*0.3) and max(VIT*0.5), so ideally to get the best out of VIT, you make it in 10s; but as I said, you do NOT have to make it in 10s. Also, each point in AGI adds approximately 0.1~0.3 ASPD per point, depending on weapon proficiency of class, buffs, and ASPD potions. Add to that, DEX also increases ASPD, albeit less than AGI. If you're going for FLEE, AGI doesn't have to be even-numbered either (+1 AGI = +1 FLEE). INT's bonuses are in 3,5,7 (for mATK bonuses) and 6 (for SP regen bonuses). INT-based mDEF would be approximately the same as VIT, and VIT adds 1/2 mDEF to your character. And finally, since INT doesn't have much of a use for smiths (aside from more SP), this is placed at a very low priority. DEX bonuses are in 5s for ATK bonuses. Same with LUK. Long story short, the only stat that HAS to be in 10s would be STR (if you're an Archerclass character, it would be DEX that has to be in 10s). What if I want to forge? (Battleforger only) Here are my suggestions: 1. Get only 90 STR (no bonuses) instead of 96 STR (no bonuses) -- transfer all the stats you chopped off here into 28+2 LUK (LUK works best in 30s, all extra stats you can put in INT). You won't kill as effectively as Battlesmiths, but at least you forge better than them 2. Allocate less skill points into battle skills, more into forging -- it's painful to not get the optimal battle skills, but that is the sacrifice you'll have to make in order to forge more weapons. 3. Collect all DEX & LUK-enhancing equipment -- **do NOT consider them as your regular levelling equipment; only wear them whenever you have to forge/refine** Very affordable examples of such items are: Drops Card (+1 DEX, can fit up to 4 in one weapon) Lunatic Card (+1 LUK, can fit up to 4 in one weapon) Poring Card (+2 LUK, armor) Rocker Card (+1 DEX, armor) Rosary (+2 LUK, accessory, 15000z available at the Prontera Church) Glove (+2 DEX, accessory, dropped by Mummy) More expensive forging equipment would be: Fortune Sword (+5 LUK, weapon) Ancient Glove[1] (+1 DEX, accessory, rare) Ancient Rosary[1] (+1 LUK, accessory, rare)

Zerom Card (+3 DEX, accessory, very expensive) Crystal Pumps (+5 LUK, footgear, rare, female-only) CRITICAL BLACKSMITH: If you want a very forge-oriented battleforger, and would like to try out something new, try this: final stats, no bonuses included: 78 STR 75 AGI 33 VIT 38 DEX 58 LUK (needs 2x Clip of Counter, +3 AGI equipment, and Mocking garment for added FLEE) A variation of the AGI build, where attack power is replaced by the ability to crit very often (with a max ASPD of 183.00 with Verserk, Bless and Increase AGI lvl 10). I'm already in the process of testing it, and at lvl 66/37 with 50+11 STR, 66+2 AGI, 1+2 INT, 1+9 DEX and 38+1 LUK, I'm still levelling on Sandman pretty quickly (right now I'm simply vending to be able to buy a Mocking Hood at least, so I can't go level it to 99 yet...) By the way, you only need a +10 Quadruple Critical Axe/Battleaxe when your opponent has extremely high FLEE &/or DEF (e.g. 90 DEF Knight, Mental Strength Monk, high FLEE Assassin, Baphomet). Here is a damage-oriented crit smith... final stats, no bonuses included: 88 STR 77 AGI 24 VIT 4 INT 18 DEX 58 LUK Uses either Sakkat + Boots of Hermes, or Green Boots + 2x Brooch of Counter (I'd prefer the latter over the former due to the HP + DEF [you can go for a really good Bone Helm instead of Sakkat] ). Return to top -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=IV. Levelling Guide This is mainly for those who don't wish to (or can't get a) tank. Also, you don't have to limit yourself here since there are a LOT of other places to level up in (and not enough space here /swt) 1~12 Novice Training Grounds -- The new Novice Training Grounds added job level-adding monsters, allowing you to job change IMMEDIATELY after you leave the training grounds. ! There are also NPCs in the new Novice Training Grounds that give you EXP and free Novice-

only equipment, plus up to 300 Novice Potions (which you can use even after job change) AND free warp/storage/cart tickets. 13~24 Spore map [old Elder Wilow map near Payon] or Payon Dungeons [pay_dun01] -spores and skeletons are a great source of exp at this level. Avoid the zombies (Payon) until around lvl 24. Alternate: 12~24 Culverts/Sewers, Rocker area -- both are near Prontera, but for you to enter the Culvert, register at the Recruiter NPC in the Knight Guild (NW corner of Prontera) 25~34 Pecopecos [many maps], Culverts/Sewers [need to register first at the Prontera Knight Guild], or Payon Dungeons lvl 1/lvl 2 [pay_dun01 or pay_dun02] -- for those who plan on levelling on Pecos, remember to pack a lot of meat at first, and preferrably get an Ice Main Gauche or better. For those who plan on going Culverts, any weapon will do, but progress downwards only if you think you can handle bigger/more powerful mobs. At Payon, prepare to fight the zombies you were avoiding earlier... and in lvl 2, you can start with the Soldier Skeletons, Archer Skeletons and Eggyras... around 30+ (with very good Fire weaposn and either an Acolyte party member or a lot of reds/meat). NOTE: Pecopecos have been pretty hard to find in Amatsu 35~42 Elder Wilows, Poporings [many maps], Male Thief Bugs -- Elders are easily dispatched by ice weapons, but be careful with them regardless (specially when Elder Wilows become aggressive). Poporings would be easier for you, and if you get a Poporing Card, you'll not need to worry about getting poisoned. ! Culverts, in my opinion, easily replaced Geffen Dungeon level 1 as the best place to moblevel 41~46 Anacondaqs [many maps], Poison Spores [many maps], Male Thief Bugs [Culverts lvl 3 & 4] -- Be VERY careful in Culverts at this stage, you don't have enough HP or zenny to last against a mob (unless you happen to abuse your Mammonite... a lot), and you don't have Cart Revolution yet (you COULD use a Blast Clip, but that's a lot to ask since you'll have low INT + not enough HP to last against a mob with or without it). Alternative: 35~46 Caramels [mjolnir_01] for AGI chars, Drainliars (Coalmines) [mjo_dun02] for VIT chars -- I found the Coalmines to be VERY good for VIT chars... store a lot of Meat in your Kafra Storage first, however, as there are no NPCs nearby to replenish your stocks. Alternative: Toy Factory 1 -- I'm currently levelling one of my Merchants here, and the Cookies and XMas Cookies are giving great EXP 47~64 Culverts lvl 4, Orc Dungeon 1 [orc_dun01] -- stay at either place when you obtain the Cart Revolution (but prepare to burn a LOT of red pots & blue herbs/grapes/blue potions). The exchange, though, is a HUGE amount of EXP on your part. Alternative: Toy Factory 1 & 2 -- Lutie's Toy Factory sure does have a lot of surprises... 65~70 Assassin Temple, Orc Dungeon 2 [orc_dun02] -- If you have Bloody weapons &/or antipoison monster weapons, go for the ZenOrc at orc_dun02. With high enough Flee, you can try going for Sandman instead. Alternatives: 47~64 Desert Wolf [moc_fild14], Drainliars (Coalmines) [mjo_dun01] -- great drops, just avoid the Sidewinder... and as for Coalmines, EXP is that good

Alternative: 47~64 Myst Case [Toy Factory] -- seems to be a good monster to level on regardless of class; watch out for Cruisers though (as well as KSing bots) 71~80 High Orcs [gef_fild12, CT B2] or Minorous [Pyramid B2] -- High Orcs for high VIT chars, for AGI chars, it's Minorous (beware of the Arclouse in CT B2) 81~99 Minorous/Pasana/Marduk [sphinx4] -- According to atomicgm (and based on my friend's experience at lvl 98) this seems to be a better place to level now that CT2 (HO central) is no longer the map it used to be. Alternatives are Bathories [CT Underground] and Spring Rabbits/Dragontails [Turtle Island lvl 1] Schmeid: 71-80 - Louyang Dungeon - Sidewinders, Increase Soil, Tiger Guised Fiend (listed as Jing Guai in other sites), Horong, Grizzly. Your best weapons here would be a fire and ice elemental. 81-99 - Ayothaya Dungeon 2 - Tamruans, small map, decent spawn, decent drops like Bstrd Sword[3] and Chainmail[1]. Best weapon here would be a Light Epsilon or if you can't afford one, an over upgraded weapon carded with either andres or zipper bear cards. Bring at least one elemental for those pesky Whispers Alternative: 81~99 Raydrics [GH Chivalry] -- a lot of players hunt Raydric Card, Chain Mail[1], and find that Raydrics give HUGE EXP per hour, so no surprise that this is one of the best levelling spots for many players. Ideal weapons here would have Santa Poring Card (since almost all opponents here are Shadow property), although if you find Santa Poring Cards very hard to obtain, Bloody weapons will do (note that Aspersio would be the best "buff" you can get from a Priest in this area [Holy Property weapon]... as long as you don't fight Jokers that change their property to Holy). ----Use Light Epsilon if you can't afford Santa Poring Cards and you can't find someone who can cast Aspersio on you. BTW, High Orcs are large size and extremely weak against Ice weapons, so you might want to consider using +5 VS Ice 2H Axe when levelling on them. If you plan on using a Cranial Buckler, switch to +10 VVS Ice Axe or +8 VS Ice Swordmace Minorous are similar to high orcs in size and elemental weakness... except that they are Brute monsters and not demi-human, so a Brutal Buckler is what you need for them, not Cranial. Finally, never underestimate the power of status ailment cards (e.g. Familiar Card [Blind], ZenOrc Card [Poison], Savage Babe Card [Stun], Marina Card [Freeze], Magnolia Card [Curse], Plankton Card [Sleep], Metaller Card [Silence]). These cards, while not ideal in killing opponents directly, often make a near-impossible fight into an easier combat situation... here are some of the status ailments in detail: Blind [Familiar Card]: -25 Flee and -25 Hit, it allows normally impossible-to-hit opponents (like Jakk and Wanderer) to be easily killed, as that is a lot of HIT and FLEE reduced Poison [ZenOrc Card]: -25% VIT-based DEF, -3% maxHP per second, no HP/SP regeneration... this is one of the most underestimated status ailments in-game, often with very fatal results Stun [Savage Babe Card]: 0 Flee, unable to move or react for the entire duration... this status effect is the main reason why Blacksmiths in alpha and beta were the most feared players in RO's

PvP rooms. While it may not be as effective in PvP as it used to be, I do not see any reason as to why you would ignore this status ailment in monster-killing (Hammerfall does a better job than Savage Babe Cards, but would require SP... keep this card at hand, in case you want to go stun without using SP or if you want to use Cart Revolution to stun opponents) Freeze [Marina Card]: 0 Flee, unable to move or react for one hit, changes opponent to Water1 property, -25% armor DEF (forget about the +50% mDEF)... this is a very deadly status ailment in PvP, WoE and even in monster-killing. Highly effective especially with Endow Hurricane (Sage buff) Curse [Magnolia Card]: Reduce LUK to 0, slow walking speed, -25% ATK... this is probably the most effective status ailment for crit smiths, as this would strip their opponents of whatever crit shield they have (very effective against Jokers and natural crit sins) AND helps you survive attacks even if you have relatively low HP. Sleep [Plankton Card]: 0 Flee, unable to move or react for one hit, x2 chance for next hit to be a critical... this is deadly against VIT characters, since most of them have low INT. In monsterhunting, this can serve many functions, including surviving heavy mobs (Cart Revolution them away, and when they fall asleep... run!). Silence [Metaller Card]: Prevent any active skills from being used... this is the most useful card against those spellcasters that frequently use skills (e.g. 9999 Heal ). Return to top -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=V. Job Change Guide a. Novice to Merchant The Merchant Guild Forums has an excellent guide on how to become a merchant from novice. It includes NPC names and locations, as well as how to get there. b. Merchant to Blacksmith Once you reach at least job level 40 and have used up all your merchant skill points, proceed to the Blacksmith Guild in Geffen. Pre-WoE you could simply talk to the Blacksmith Guild NPC (next to Christopher) and he'll automatically make you a smith. With the introduction of the WoE patch, however, you will need to finish a job quest before you can become a blacksmith. 1. Talk to the Altazen, Blacksmith NPC in the Blacksmith Guild, Geffen -- he will direct you to Getsunfest, a blacksmith located in the Weapon/Armor dealer building in Alberta (remember where you first appeared as a novice in Alberta? It's the building just south of that). 2. Quiz -- before Getsunfest will take you under his care you must first take a quiz regarding merchant stuff. You must get 100% correct in order to continue (I got 90% on the first try and I had to re-take it). The answers are random, but relatively easy to figure out. 3. Item Quest -- if you are job 44 and above you can skip this task. Getsunfest will require you to bring to him a few items he needs for forging his customers' items. There are four types of items needed (depending on who his customer is): * Payon -- 8 Iron Ore, 1 Eye Bandage (from armor dealer in Payon), 2 Blue Gemstones , 1

Arbalest (from weapon dealer) * Morroc -- 2 Star Dust , 1 Zargon , 1 Skel Bone , 1 Gladius (from weapon dealer) * Comodo -- 2 Animal Skin , 8 Iron , 20 Green Herb , 1 Ring Pommel Sabre (from weapon dealer) * Geffen -- 2 Blue Gemstone , 2 steel , 1 Rotton Bandage , 1 Arc Wand (from weapon dealer) * Izlude -- 2 Coal , 2 Red Blood , 2 Shell , 1 Tsurugi (from weapon dealer) Once you bring these to Getsunfest, he will begin his forging. Deliver the, err, newly-forged items to his customers: * Payon -- Telpitz (5 o'clock from the center of Payon Town) * Morroc -- (along left wall of Morroc Town, south of entrance to Sphinx map [this would look like an Assassin, except she has cat ears and a tail... talk about fetishes *drools*]) * Comodo -- Bizmark (left of Upper Dungeon entrance) * Geffen -- Beyliter (immediately south of Mage Guild) * Izlude -- Grongast (behind the weapon/armor building, look for the big statue with a knight standing in front of it) They will give you a voucher (which reminds me of the Merchant quest) that you must take to Gestunfest. 3. Return to Blacksmith Guild, Geffen -- no, you do not become a blacksmith yet. Altazen will send you to Morroc after confirming that you've successfully accomplished Getsunfest's tasks. 4. Look for the Blacksmith girl in Morroc -- she's located somewhere near the center of Morroc Town (a bit WestSouth of the central building, next to the water). This is another quiz that, strangely, I got 100% on the first try ^^; it's a quiz regarding blacksmith stuff... forging in particular; one of the questions I got was, "Which elemental ore did you have the most in your Kafra Storage?" Since I had no ores at all at the time, it was a bonus question Once you pass this quiz, return to Geffen. 5. Final Task: Become a blacksmith -- return to Altazen and he will NOW promote you to Blacksmith status -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=VI. Acknowledgements I would like to thank RO Empire Forums and all its members (and mods and supermods and banned mems and troll banned mems, etc. etc. etc.) for each and every little information they have contributed (willingly or otherwise) into making this guide. I would also like to acknowledge the Merchant Guild (for their novice to merchant guide) and RO DataZone (for their cart change skill info, among other things). Special thanks goes to Flambeau (even if he DOES become a pain in the neck at times ), ulala2 (no matter how much I disagree with his guide and comments ), Gormenghast (for the correction on LUK bonus), ffhighwind (for pointing out the layout corrections needed), Waukeen (for adding insight on being a BS through his guide ), and all the other smiths in the Merchant/Blacksmith/Alchemist Forum (for all their questions, insights, criticisms, comments, & suggestions). Special thanks also to Dan Dairam for making me a supermod as well as Relena (for her efforts in making this THE best infobase for RO fans... at least in my opinion )

Most of all I'd like to thank God for creating me, Lee Myungjin for Ragnarok, Gravity for making it Online, and LevelUp! Games for delivering such a great game to the Philippines Thanks to HealerMan of iRO Chaos, for the information regarding the Geffen BS requirements *New* Thanks to Velad for the link, as well as the info regarding Skin Tempering Thanks to Fiona of the Winds for the actual information regarding Pushcart !Thanks to eilix for permission to use the pics from his guide on the Comodo skills. You can view the entire guide here. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=VII. Miscellaneous (removed most of it due to lack of space -_- ) Well, the problem with suggesting ideal equipment to reach the mentioned stats would be that: 1. There are a huge variety of ways to obtain such stats using equipment. For instance: 99+6 STR [+4 Crazy | +1 94+6 STR [+4 Crazy | +4 STR 95+6 STR [+4 Crazy | +4 90+6 STR [+4 Crazy | +8 Chain Mail] = 110 STR Evil Wing] = 110 STR Ancient Ring of Muscle | +1 Majestic Goat | +1 Extra Chain Mail] = 110 Ancient Ring of Muscle | +1 Pirate Bandana] = 110 STR 2x Ancient Ring of Muscle | +1 Adurate Gemmed Sallet | +1 Extra

it's really just how you want to get your stats. 2. Do you have the funds for such? For the rich players I'd recommend the following stats: 95+6 STR 47+2 AGI <-- with Adrenaline & Berzerk you'll still have at least 175 ASPD 74+6 VIT 6+2 INT 38+12 DEX 1+2 LUK and get the following items: Majestic Goat* Welding Mask Cranial Buckler[1]* Immune Manteau[1]* (anti-Bloody) Green Boots* Ancient Ring of Mustle[1] Safety Ring * - overupgraded if possible Without upgrades you'll have 32% armor-based damage reduction, or armor-DEF, and if you made them all +6, you'll get 53% armor-DEF... that's -54% non-critical damage already... imagine taking less than 800 damage from Orc Lord, who normally deals 2000-3000 damage. And that's without priest buffs.

---------As I said, I don't give equip lists on a general basis because it turns the guide into a shopping list. Figure out what works best with you, then do your own research regarding what items you'd be able to obtain with what you have (we have something pink, looks like a cauliflower and is covered in gray stuff inside what we call our heads... it's called a BRAIN. Please use it, thank you). -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Here are a few equips that give stat bonuses: AGI: Male Thiefbug Card +2 AGI Sakkat +1 AGI Thiefbug Card +1 AGI Female Thiefbug Card +1 AGI Kukre Card +2 AGI STR: Mantis Card +3 STR Tarou Card +2 STR Majestic Goat +1 STR Evil Wing +1 STR Picky Card +1 STR Ring +2 STR Ancient Ring[1] +1 STR Hornet Card +1 STR DEX: Apple o' Archer +3 DEX Drops Card +1 DEX Rocker Card +1 DEX Gloves +2 DEX Ancient Gloves[1] +1 DEX etc. etc. etc. I avoid giving out a shopping list for three reasons: 1. I'd like to keep builds unique. By having YOU, the player, decide which equips to get for your smith in order to get the said stats, I give you the option of added variety to builds. If I wanted to give you my build, I would've posted "Yralyn's ultimate blacksmith build" or something like that 2. There are too many possible combinations that give more or less the same result. Notice that many different equips have different effects; it's up to you to decide which items work best for you. I'm not making a guide for morons, am I? (If I was, I'd post a "Yralyn's guide to smiths for dummies" or something ) 3. I'd like to keep prices down. It's bad enough that Mantis Cards are expensive enough as they are... by leaving a list of things to buy, I only end up increasing the demand for the said items, raising their prices. Besides, I'm pro-poor; I don't buy zenny, I don't even have enough Php to consistently play, and I guess I always experience what 80% of the entire RO populace experiences at least once in their life: no zenny

Let's see: 99+6+4 STR = 109 STR. Evil Wing adds +1 STR, so you get 110 STR total 86+2 AGI = 88 AGI. Boots of Hermes (MTB Card) adds +2 AGI, so you get 90 AGI total 38+12 DEX = 50 DEX. 'Nuff said. Even that is easily obtainable by BS standards. (Given that hilt binding adds +1 STR, you don't even need Evil Wing anymore to get 110 STR total) I have approximately five equipment lists per build (VIT, AGI, STR), and not all of them revolve around the almost-impossible-to-obtain Ancient Ring of Mustle (+4 STR). Here's the deal: There is very little difference between 80 VIT and 90 VIT (around 400+ HP). Also, you're virtually immune to most status effects at 80 VIT, why abuse it? It's not like we're knights. It's easier to get 90 VIT than 90 AGI. 84+6 VIT = 90, 88+2 AGI = 90. AGI builds MUST go for 90 AGI (no lower), because they have too low an HP to take that many hits. VIT builds are 80 VIT because 80 VIT is a lot of HP. Hybrid builds can afford lower AGI because you get just enough HP to counter the lower FLEE rate. VIT builds attack really really slowly. If you want to have 1+2 AGI and 86+4 VIT, fine by me. But at least by freeing up 10 points of VIT (which is a lot of stat points by the way) AND you start with 9 AGI, you at least have the chance of getting 50 AGI 80 VIT with the right equips. I'll show you what I mean: 110 STR 50 AGI 80 VIT 50 DEX STR: 96 (base) +6 (job) +4 (CU*) +4 (Ancient Ring of Mustle <- Mantis Card + Ancient Ring[1]) AGI: 47 (base) +2 (job) +1 (Green Boots <- Matyr Card + Boots[1]) VIT: 74 (base) +6 (job) DEX: 38 (base) +12 (job) * - Crazy Uproar/Loud Exclamation Good luck finding said equips. Of course, an alternative would be getting two Double-Forced Clips (Tarou Card x2 + Clip x2) and a Baphomet Jr. Card. Tarou Cards give +2 STR, so two of those give the same bonus as one Ancient Ring of Mustle (you lose the other accessory slot, but if you really can't find an Ancient Ring of Mustle, then this would be one of your alternatives). When using a Baphomet Jr. instead of Matyr, you lose the +10% HP as well as the ability to wear Immune Manteau (Raydric Card), but if you can't afford to buy Matyr & Raydric, at least here's a cheaper alternative (PLUS, you can get to equip some other boots... like Hasty Boots [Moonlight Flower Card] <- this actually exists in pRO ) You can also go for Majestic Goat/Deviruchi Card/Evil Wing + Clip of Mustle, or Picky Card + 2x Double-Force Clips... each combination has its pros and cons, I know, but the idea here is to make you THINK (think of what suits you best, think of where levelling is fastest, think of how you develop your character, and how to creatively optimize your smith's abilities within your financial boundaries...).

If you're the type that DOESN'T think, then go away, this guide isn't for you... =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Dream equipments are but dreams... stick with reality: 99% of the time those equips are non-existent or unavailable (it's not like an NPC sells Ancient Rings and Mantis Cards and Matyr Cards, and not everybody is that lucky to get several Ancient Rings in a matter of weeks/months... even a lvl 99 character can't get an Ancient Ring that easily... and you can't even use it until lvl 90, what are you going to do until then?) People who already have it will NOT give/sell it to you. (Even if they don't need it)... sometimes even close pals won't give/sell it to you when the dream equips DO come up for sale, it's either it is too expensive for your finances (if a player was selling an Ancient Ring [15m] for 1 hour, and you only have 3m with you, how do you get the remaining 12m that soon?!?), or you have to resort to illegal bids (actual money, items, etc.)... and I really do NOT see the logic of sacrificing material stuff for a virtual [note: NONEXISTENT] world; plus, it's illegal and I do NOT advocate illegal stuff here. Point: If I post item equips, I'd rather post something people can easily get... as much as possible within a 5m budget (lvl 90+ levelling) and 10m-15m (PvP/MVP). Sounds impossible? Maybe it is, but only if you don't know how to get the best deals and the lowest bargains (and a little luck). E.g. 110 STR 90 AGI 30 VIT 50 DEX STR: 96 (base) +6 (job) +4 (CU) +4 (2x Tarou Card) AGI: 86 (base) +2 (job) +1 (Sakkat) +1 (Chonchon Card) VIT: 24 (base) +6 (job) DEX: 38 (base) +12 (job) Total expenses (pRO Chaos prices): 900k ~ 4m approx. (mostly depending on how overupgraded your Sakkat is) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Well, since my guide focused on a VERY cheap set of equips -- particularly regarding accessories (Double-Forced Clips x2) -- you can replace the two Double-Forced Clips and replace it with a single Ancient Ring of Mustle[1] (idea inspired by efriet, who uses Safety Ring + RoM), so you can be versatile and still have enough killing power for most situations. Of course, you can also invest in a Clip of Mustle + Safety Ring + Pirate Bandana if you're REALLY cheap... but then you can't equip Bone Helm (Bone Helm + Safety Ring = 12 DEF, Pirate Bandana + Safety Ring = 8 DEF). And as I always try to emphasize, your build and equips is your call, as only you know exactly how your build will come out in the end. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=for PvM 28+12 DEX is more than enough (since Weapon Research does add to your HIT), but for MVP you'll need all the HIT you can get, which is why 48+12 or 60 total DEX is best for MVPers. And please don't go for such a high AGI... despite the fact that you want a high ASPD (which is why you're going for 110 AGI, yes?), it's still ATK (specially from STR) which determines how fast

you kill (Mammo spams faster with more ASPD, sure, but Mammo hits harder and kills faster with more ATK). -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Update! Gravity(kr) has been releasing update after update regarding so many things about so many things. Here are some things I'd like to point out that may be of interest to present and future merchants/blacksmiths/mastersmiths: For those who wish to undertake the Eye of Hellion Quest (where you can obtain the Nile Rose), in some servers like pRO the answers given by a lot of -- if not all -- guides do not always apply (particularly regarding the third stanza of this certain poem... kinda forgot about it). If nothing works for you, try Valaskjalf (Lighthazen episode) For those between level 40 and level 70 who have the guts, the equipment, and/or the ability to dodge efffectively, might I suggest that you level on Metalings (Einbroch episode) In the Noghalt episode, quest skills for second class characters would be implemented :) Check out the info regarding them (thanks to Doddler and his guide <3 ): o Unfair Trick (passive) Job level requirement: level 30 Description: Reduces the Zeny cost of Mammonite by 10% Quest (not available from Doddler's guide): Head over to geffen (178,72), look for an NPC called Aki [not sure if you need to acquire Greed

first]. She will ask for the following (updated thanks to SAND0, though I still need confirmation on this): 5(8?) Coal 1(2?) Steel 1(2?) Iron Hammer 500z 1 Detrimindexta She will teach you after you give her all the items. o Greed (active) SP Cost: 10 SP Cast Time: Instant Job level requirement: level 30

Description: When used, you automatically pick up all items within 2 cells around you. This does not override the priority of who gets to pick up the drops, and it cannot be used in PVP, WoE, or in town. Quest: Just outside the Geffen Blacksmith guild, there should be a dwarf by the name of Goddi (geffen: 172,53). In order for him to teach the skill to you, you must show him just how much you can carry. Come to Goddi when you are within 500 or less weight of your maximum weight limit, and he will teach the skill to you. Return to top