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Multiple Choice: Answer the following questions using the multiple choices given to you. Please write only the letter in the blank space given. 1A Where is Rome located? A. Italy B. North America

C. Romania D. England


What is the landform Rome occupies shaped like? A. A sword C. A guitar B. A road D. A boot The Romans called the Mediterranean Sea "mare nostrum", or A. Our Sea C. Our Protector B. Our Life D. Our Troubles The last of the "good emperors" was A. Nero B. Caligula



C. Julius Caesar D. Marcus Aurelius


Roman emperors often ________ the best young man he could find to be the next emperor. A. Voted for C. Captured B. Fought over D. Adopted Who marched elephants over the Alps during the Punic Wars? A. Nero C. Hannibal B. Augustus D. Caesar Before Christianity, the Roman religion was a _______ one. A. Polytheistic C. Agnostic B. Catholic D. Muslim How many people could the Roman Colosseum hold? A. One million C. 500,000 B. 100,000 D. 50,000 Who killed Julius Caesar? A his brother B his wife





C senate members D soothsayers

10 B

Roman legions were A. Senators B. Soldiers

C. Provinces D. None of the above

11 C

One aspect of Roman culture borrowed from the Greeks was A. Government C. Architecture B. Public baths D. None of the Above One of the most famous baths of Rome was the Baths of A. Rome C. Caesar B. Caracalla D. Oil In Pompeii, which volcano erupted? A Mt. Vesuvius B Mt. Everest

12 B

13 A

C Mt. Charlotte D Mt. Augustus

14 C

In the Republic, who actually ran the government? A. Patricians C. Plebeians B. Emperors D. Consuls Which of the following was the site of all public affairs? A Forum Romanum C Pantheon B Circus Maximus D Colosseum Which is not a reason for the fall of the Roman Empire? A. Corrupt leaders C. Foreign Invasion B. Bad government D. Flooding In 380, _________ became the official religion of Rome. A Mythology C Christianity B Muslim D Catholicism Rome invented a new buliding material called A Steel C Plaster B Concrete D Drywall A slave who was forced to fight for entertainment was a A Gladiator C Dueler B Soldier D Rival Which of the following items did the Romans give us? A soap C 12 month calender B gasoline D the clock

15 A

16 D

17 C

18 C

19 A

20 C

True or False Answer the question as either T or F. Please put your answers in the blank spaces given. 21 T During the Third Punic War, Rome defeated Carthage and then sold the Carthaginians into slavery. Plebians were weathly Romans. Patricians were merchants, artists, and farmers. Roman consuls could serve for a total of two years. Senators were allowed to serve for life. The Five Good Emperors were Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Atonius Pius, and Marcus Aurelius. One reason the Roman Empire declined was that Commodus, the son of Marcus Aurelius, was a very poor leader. The Pax Romana is a 300 year period of peace and prosperity in Roman history. Diocletian divided the Roman Empire into two parts: the Northern Empire and the Southern Empire. A Christian is a person who believes and follows the teachings of Jesus.








Fill in the Blank: Rome's Beginning Use the word bank to complete the sentences in the story. The story of Rome's beginning is told in a legend about twin boys named ___________________ and __________________. shepherd Mars Romulus wolf Remus Tiber They were the sons of the god of War, ______________. According to the legend, the twins were abandoned on the ____________ River, were rescued by a _____________, and raised by a kind _____________. Later, ______________ killed __________ and named the city of Rome after himself.

Describe the Colosseum. 4 points

Describe the differences between a Roman child and yourself. 5 points

How can we see the legacy of Rome in our culture? 5 points

When you have completed your exam, please turn your paper over and raise your hand. If you have your study guide completed make sure you have turned that in as well.
BONUS QUESTION (1 point): Men in Rome wore TOGAS. What did young girls wear?