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Job Descriptions: The Departments: Department of Academic and Co-curricular Affairs (DACA) DACAs primary goal is to enhance academic

excellence and leadership among the student body. It serves as the medium of SBMSC to address academic-related concerns and acts as the intermediary between SBMSC and the SBM co-curricular organizations JPIA, JMA, JFINEX, and ABECS. It also aims to give due recognition to those who excel in academics and expose SBM eagles to leadership formation programs. Department of Student Services and Welfare (DSSW) DSSWs primary goal is to render day to day basic services to its constituents. It grants academic assistance to SBM eagles in terms of calculator-lending and other school supplies. It is the department in charge of conceptualizing and realizing services for the students. DSSW is also responsible for constant check-ups of facilities in the College, specifically the Commerce building, and ensure the welfare of the students. DSSW also aims to perform vital functions regarding campus and social issues and concerns. Department of Mission and Social Action (DMSA) DMSAs primary goal is to link SBMSC to the community outside Xavier University and the country at large. It is the channel between SBMSC and external organizations and affairs. DMSA is in charge of empowering the SBM community through providing avenues for students to engage in social entrepreneurship. DMSA also aims to make SBMSC embody the spirit of Cura Personalis by initiating undertakings for community building. The Offices: Office of Communications OCs primary goal is to act as the media of SBMSC. It aims to make every SBM eagle aware of salient announcements. It is in charge of providing clear and consistent information regarding events, activities, and programs of the council. In order to maximize participation in school activities, OC is responsible for all information dissemination schemes that it can conduct. It is

also the body where students can go for consultations. Through OC, the council may hear and address concerns more efficiently. Office of Budget and Finance OBFs primary goal is to keep track of the cash flow of the council. OBF reviews from time to time the financial status of the council and they are responsible for assessing whether a given budget for a specific purpose is justifiable. OBF is also in charge of suggesting fund raising matters, profit earning activities and ways for the council or project heads to earn any additional funds. OBF aims to exercise honest and transparent monetary governance in the council. Office of Research and Constituent Insights ORCIs primary goal is to provide a sustainable research on issues that may become a ground for the creation of a new policy or enactment. It functions as the cognitive force unit of the council which would study the progress of SBMSC and cite areas where the council must improve upon. It is also responsible of the evaluation after every project and program done to ensure competent sustainability. ORCI aims to continually develop the structure and functions of SBMSC. Office of Administrative Affairs OAAs primary role is to provide a council office that is conducive for work. It maintains the physical arrangement of the council as well as the maintenance of its inventories. It is also in charge of creating a more established system in terms of work delegation in the council. The existence of such system would aid SBMSC to render sustainable services on time and encourage aspiring eagles to work with the council for the implementation of its activities and services. OAA is also responsible for the effective implementation of office rules. OAA also aims to maintain camaraderie among officers and staff and even strengthen their relationship through team building activities.

The Committees: Events Committee Events Coms primary role is to conceptualize, organize, and conduct events for the School of Business and Management. The members of the Events Committee are also in charge of the participation of SBM in any traditional university-wide event such as the University-wide General Assembly, Org Trip, and Intramurals. Multimedia Technical Committee MTCs primary role is to provide and edit photos, videos, lay-out, and other forms of publication materials. This committee conceptualizes and gives the raw materials essential for publication and marketing. MTC aims to provide captivating publication materials to increase students awareness and participation in activities and events of the council. Entrepreneur Publication Committee The Entrepreneur is the official publication of the School of Business and Management Student Council. It shall be a publication that is nonpartisan and holds no prejudice over students, staff, faculty, and the administration. It must solely be truthful in every article that is published. In one academic year, the Entrep is expected to release two issues.