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Name: Reg2Nsis Version: 0.11 Description: Converts registry information (from registry itself or REG-file) into NSIS-script commands.

Automatically substitutes $WINDIR, $SYSDIR, $PROGRAMFILES and $COMMONFILES constants instead of corresponding special folder names (based on current Windows settings). Include generated script to your installer with the !include directive. Usage: Reg2Nsis (reg-file | reg-key) [-r] [(-o nsis-file | -O)] Parameters: reg-file take values from the specified REG-file reg-key take values from the specified registry key -r iterate through registry subkeys recurrently (if source is registry key) -o nsis-file send generated NSIS-script to the specified file -O send output to the file with the same name as inputed REG-file but with the .nsh file extension -s disable special folder substitution Examples: Reg2Nsis "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Notepad" convert registry key into NSIS-commands Reg2Nsis "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Notepad" -r convert registry key and all its subkeys into NSIScommands Reg2Nsis settings.reg -O convert saved registry file into NSIS-commands. File settings.nsh is used as output URL: Author: Artem Zankovich <aarrtteemm(at)> History: 0.11 (20.10.2006) * Bug with multiline values in regedit4 file is fixed (thanks to Vadims Zenins for bug-report) 0.10 (31.08.2005) * Bug with values that ends with "\" is fixed (thanks to Dekel Cohen) 0.09 (09.05.2005) + Multiple-line values are supported for non-Unicode REG-files (thanks to Vadims Zenins for bug-report) * Unicode bug fixed - Removed substitution of "\r", "\n" and "\t" to "$\r",

"$\n" and "$\t" for REG-files 0.08 (01.04.2005) + Special folders substitution added (enabled by default) (idea of Vadims Zenins) + Option -s disables special folders substitution + Reg2Nsis changes "$", "\r", "\n" and "\t" to "$$", "$\r", "$\n" and "$\t" 0.07 (29.03.2005) - Reg2Nsis processed large .reg-files incorrect. Fixed. - Convert "\\" into "\" in .reg-file key names (thanks to Vadims Zenins for bug-reports) * default extension of generated file changed to .nsh 0.06 (09.10.2004) - Bug fix (thanks to Michiel Hazelhof again) 0.05 (03.10.2004) - DeleteRegKey for keys with minus at the beginning (standard way to delete registry keys with .reg files, thanks to Michiel Hazelhof for report) 0.04 (17.08.2004) - bug with loosing default values (started with @) is fixed (thanks to Stephan H. Wissel for report) 0.03 (21.01.2004) + Option -O added + REG-files context menu command installer added. The command it adds is 'Convert to nsis script' (idea of David Lewis) 0.02 (12.07.2003) + comments indicate begin and end of generated script + added empty keys creation 0.01 (10.07.2003) + initial release