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Reading Log 1 Title: A Silent Night That Brought Healing Author: Steve Banko Date Read: July 14, 2011 Reflection: After reading this, I realized that, during Christmas, people were more prone to be brought closer to others; especially their family members. Although my family never really played Christmas music during the holidays, we still come together and celebrate the holidays. Sometimes just enjoying the presence and company of our loved ones is all we need. I believe that the magic of Christmas helps us to appreciate our family and ourselves. Banko said I believe that Christmas music can touch the spirit and it reminded me of hearing the quiet hum of carols in the background whenever I walked into a store during the holidays. Every time I hear a song I know, it reminds me of last Christmas, bringing back memories of seeing relatives I rarely get to see and it puts a warm, fuzzy feeling in my stomach.

Reading Log 2 Title: The Strange Blessing That Brought Me Home Author: Robin Baudier Date Read: July 14, 2011 Reflection: Its strange to think that having something important to you get taken away would somehow make your life better in the long run. I personally dont believe in blessings that much but thats just me. I know some people who wish for a blessing or miracle to happen so their lives would be easier and better. But there are others out there who have it so much worse than most of us and live such awful lives that they sometimes dont care as long as they have each other.

Reading Log 3 Title: Making It Up as I Go Along Author: Alice Brock Date Read: July 14, 2011 Reflection: Improvising is like thinking for yourself or just going with your instincts except you sometimes act before you think it through thoroughly. Sometimes you do things right and other times what happens is a complete mistake. But people learn from these mistakes. Learning from these mistakes in life help a person to not do the same thing again later in their life. Hopefully most of your improvising helps others as well as yourself.

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Reading Log 4 Title: Teaching a Bad Dog New Tricks Author: David Buetow Date Read: July 14, 2011 Reflection: I think everyone needs a dog or at least some type of pet they have to care for. Having a pet is a lot of responsibility and you must be ready to take care of one. Letting someone new into your family will always change it, whether it be a good thing or not. If you live alone then, having an animal will help keep the house from being a quiet and lonely building. Caring for a dog helps you to be responsible. I believe that not only do you teach the pet something but it may also teach you something you needed help on doing in life.

Reading Log 5 Title: Failure Is a Good Thing Author: Jon Carroll Date Read: July 14, 2011 Reflection: After reading this piece, I realized that that the failures in life are either from not knowing or not understanding how to do something or trying something totally out of your comfort zone. Failing isnt always the end of the world, although sometimes it may be close. Failing helps a person to realize what they did wrong so that they can learn from their mistake and be successful next time they attempt the feat.

Reading Log 6 Title: The Deeper Well of Memory Author: Christine Cleary Date Read: July 14, 2011 Reflection: Whenever I have to remember something important, like school work or something similar, I sometimes forget because I just store it in my head and dont really think about it. But when it has to do with a person I loved or an event so memorable Id never forget it, it usually stays in my heart and something has to happen in order for the memory to resurface, such as a smell, sight or phrase that had to do with the memory. Things that I have to remember get stored in my short term memory and memories that come unconsciously get stored in my long term memory so that Ill always have those memories.

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Reading Log 7 Title: The Questions We Must Ask Author: Tamar Duke-Cohan Date Read: July 14, 2011 Reflection: First of all I would like to say that the Israeli need for security does not outweigh the importance of the rights of individual Palestinians. Peoples individual rights are the most important thing I think and although keeping everyone safe is also important, you wanted people rebelling against you. Now about the idea of asking hard questions and arguing strongly about them is totally relatable to me. I always wonder the hardest things in life that leave people I ask confused or in disagreement.

Reading Log 8 Title: A Reverence for All Life Author: Michelle Gardner-Quinn Date Read: July 14, 2011 Reflection: I absolutely agree with everything that Michelle said except the stuff about bugs since Im quite terrified of most of them. Since humans are the dominant species right now, the world is changing rapidly. Too rapidly, in fact, that its causing problems for not just animals and plants but human life as well. Everything we as humans do not only affect our everyday lives but also the lives of other organisms around us. I feel that the people of this earth need to start taking drastic actions to stop the everlasting changes to the world. Soon there wont be much of a world left to live in if this goes on for years to come.

Reading Log 9 Title: A Feeling of Wildness Author: David Gessner Date Read: July 14, 2011 Reflection: I think the feeling of wildness is when something big happens in your life that changes not only yours but those who are around you. I also believe, being a Buddhist, that when Davids father died, he was reborn into his daughter Hadley and that was why he felt that same feeling of wildness again at both events. I really dont exactly know what wildness is except that it has to do with than the wild like forests and safaris.

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Reading Log 10 Title: Untold Stories of Kindness Author: Ernesto Haibi Date Read: July 16, 2011 Reflection: War is pointless and so is the fact that the worlds population of humans is separated into groups. People divide themselves into groups sometimes based on race, religion or political views. If people were more diverse and accepting of other customs and cultures, then there would be fewer wars. People would help each other not just because of a war or even a little disagreement but because they wanted to for no reason at all except to just be kind. All you hear on the news is mostly about the wars going on in the world. There really should be more stories of kindness happening around the world do to these wars.

Reading Log 11 Title: Inner Strength from Desperate Times Author: Jake Hovenden Date Read: July 16, 2011 Reflection: I agree with Jake that when desperate times call for desperate measures, people are willing to do whatever they can to make things right or at least normal again. People who never ever give up on anything or anyone are usually more successful at life. People sometimes also dont appreciate what those close to them do for them on a regular basis until its either too late or too much time has passed. When something goes wrong, it gives people the strength to do something about it.

Reading Log 12 Title: Paying Attention to the Silver Lining Author: Annaliese Jakimides Date Read: July 16, 2011 Reflection: People will walk in and out of your life but only those you actually meet and talk to and become friends with will leave footprints. Every person you come across and pass wherever you go could be a potential friend. Your parents always tell you to never talk to strangers but I wonder if you never talk to strangers then how do you meet new people and make friends? Sure there are people you should definitely never talk to but still an occasionally smile of hello towards someone youve never met before can always brighten up yours and the persons day.

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Reading Log 13 Title: Navigating Turbulent Waters Author: Jimmy Liao Date Read: July 16, 2011 Reflection: I could relate to Jimmy because when I was young and would misbehave, Id usually get punished and get beat. But I just brace myself for what I deserved and learn from my mistakes but sometimes I just go with it and try not to do anything about since it does help me a little. I usually go with the flow and do what everyone else is doing so I dont seem like the odd one out or something of that nature.

Reading Log 14 Title: All Beings Are Interconnected Author: James Loney Date Read: July 16, 2011 Reflection: I have always wondered if everything we did affected not only ourselves but others, especially if theyre far away. I do believe that everything you do always have consequences, whether they are good or detrimental to ours and others lives. Every action has a reaction so if you put someone down, you also put yourself down. Just like James said that if you imprison someone, you are also imprisoning yourself because you have to stay with the person and make sure they dont escape. Its just more work for you and makes everyone stressful. Freedom is never a one way deal. It has to go both ways.

Reading Log 15 Title: A Musician of Many Cultures Author: Yo-Yo Ma Date Read: July 16, 2011 Reflection: I agree that by not choosing just one but all three cultures, you can accomplish so much more than if you isolated one culture to live and learn by. I myself and multiracial but never choose which the better culture is because Im just degrading myself and its almost racist. I believe that accepting who you really are deep down will boost your confidence and help you to not always feel like you should be expected to be a certain type of person.

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Reading Log 16 Title: That Golden Rule Thing Author: Craig Newmark Date Read: July 16, 2011 Reflection: There are good guys and bad guys out there in this world. The good guys are the people who help others because they want to and were probably helped themselves by others and are just paying it forward. The bad guys are those who go with the flow and do what others do because someone else is doing it. They think since others are doing it, its okay to do it. If someones doing something bad, others might do it too since someone else is doing it.

Reading Log 17 Title: Living What You Do Every Day Author: Yolanda O Bannon Date Read: July 16, 2011 Reflection: I also believe that what you do for a living should be something you love because you do it every day. You practically live your job. Whats the point of having a terrible job that will leave you feeling miserable and hopeless all your life? What you do should fit you and your personality since youll be doing it for quite a while. Maybe all the way up until you retire. But you should never let your job be your life.

Reading 18 Title: The Long Road to Forgiveness Author: Kim Phuc Date Read: July 16, 2011 Reflection: You should always forgive someone for what they did wrong no matter what it was. If you never forgave them then you would always hold a grudge. Holding grudges makes a person become bitter and resentful and nobody wants that. It is true that if people learned to love and care for each other no matter the race or cultural difference, then most of the wars happening would stop and people wouldnt suffer anymore.

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Reading Log 19 Title: Resilience is a Gift Author: Joel Schmidt Date Read: July 20, 2011 Reflection: Resilience is a gift but also something everyone has whether they know it or not. I think that the fact that people want things to return to normal or at least close to somewhat normal drives them to never give up. I look at people who have had such traumatic incidents that I wonder how they did it. I knew I could never really do what they did. But I guess thats just the way it happens sometimes when you want your life back.

Reading Log 20 Title: Baking by Senses and Memories Author: Emily Smith Date Read: July 20, 2011 Reflection: When someone passes away, they are not really always gone. There is always a piece of them left somewhere. You just have to find it, whether it be in a book, movie, or even the things they did before they left like baking. Having a sense that that person is still with you, helps to ease the pain and the fact that they are truly gone. You want to do everything you can so that your loved one is never forgotten.

Reading Log 21 Title: Learning to Trust My Intuition Author: Cynthia Sommer Date Read: July 20, 2011 Reflection: I guess intuition is like your gut feeling about something or someone. Some people live off of logic while others do things completely based on what they feel is right or moral. I believe that people need to trust their own intuition as well as others because there is always more than one way to do something at everything in life. I would say when in doubt, go with whats in your heart.

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Reading Log 22 Title: An Optimistic View of the World Author: Dan Tani Date Read: July 20, 2011 Reflection: People dont always see the situation as either the glass being half full or it being half empty. Some people sometimes are both optimistic and pessimistic but it really depends on the situation and on their beliefs. If people were more optimistic or even if everyone were optimistic then people would be able to more easily see the brighter side of things. I see the world as one whole nation trying to live together on one planet but some see it as separate nations sometimes fighting to take control. I believe optimistic people see humans as just one species and race, man.

Reading Log 23 Title: Music Makes Me Come Alive Author: Joan Tower Date Read: July 20, 2011 Reflection: Ever since I got into it, music has always been my life and I cant think of a better to express how I feel about and stuff in general without music. Even though I have only been into music for over 4 years, it feels like it is my whole life now. I strive to make myself better at it and sometimes I have off days and I fail at something. But then I always try again the next day. Music really does make a person come alive because its like your whole resurfacing but through music.

Reading Log 24 Title: The Guts to Keep Going Author: Amy Lyles Wilson Date Read: July 20, 2011 Reflection: When a tragedy happens in your life whether to yourself or someone close to you, like a best friend or family member, it can sometimes change the way you view things. Especially if someone has passed away, then you need to grieve for them but only for a while. Then you have to move on with your life so you can live it to the fullest possible. Everyone must keep going and basically go with the flow because thats how life is. Time is always moving and you cant stay in the past forever.

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Reading Log 25 Title: Were All Different in Our Own Ways Author: Joshua Yuchasz Date Read: July 20, 2011 Reflection: I agree with Joshua that all people are different in their own way thats what makes each and every one of us unique. People shouldnt be and shouldnt feel degraded because they are not like everyone else. Then again no two people are exactly alike. Even identical twins have their differences. A persons personality is also unique since not everyone thinks and acts the same way otherwise they are just a bunch of lemmings.