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"Prang! prang! prang!" I heard the sound from kitchen.I think something bad happen.

I walk carefully to the kitchen for see what happened.Oh my God! what had happen?The scene like the nigth market.As before,my home like at library.Very quiet and calm. However, there are just too many quarrels and bickering among our family members. This had turned my family upside down and created such chaotic situation between us. Have I commited in any wrongdoings? What did I do wrong? Am I the reason for every things that have been going on? Really? I refuse to belkieve it so, but I'm seriously blurred and have got no clue. No matter what it was, I do believe thatr nobody is perfect. Argh! Maybe i should have just leave it alone. I'm too occupied to think about this problem and I think that it is just a waste of time. I believe that this is the time for me to enjoy with my friends. For all of you out there, be careful of what you wish for. Not all people have the chance to live with a family. Some people has never got the chance to get to know their own family. This story begins on 6th April 2012. As I have put my first step in the house, suddenly, I heard the weird sound from the kitchen, "Prang! Prang! Prang!" I feel very scared and afraid to continue my steps towards the house. I was surprised to only find out that my father was having another argument with my mother. I did not know the reason why did they involve in a fight at the first place. As I stood there watching, I have finally found out the reason for the argument. Turned out, my father was planning to marry another woman. My father had been seeing another woman for quite some time without my mother realizing. Suddenly I have realized the fact that my mum did tell me once about dad's changed of behaviour. I could still rem,ember what my m um had told me earlier. It sounded something like this, " There must be something going on with your father, he had been acting rather strange lately. He is nothing like how he was before." He kept on coming back home from work quite late lately and his cellphone is always in his grip. Mum had been more suspicious since dad put a password to his cellphone. He often received some phone calls late at night. When mum asked, he never told who that person was. Mum first realized this when she had accidentally heard my dad's phone rang as he was in the shower. "ring, ring, ring!" The phone rang. Mum did not answer it at first, but as the phone kept on ringing, mum asnwered it fearing that it might be from someone of urgency. As she answered the phone, she heard a woman's voice on the other end saying, "hello darling, I really miss you, when are you coming here to see me." After few minutes, my mother stormed out of the room, at the same time, my dad came out of the bathroom. Later on, dad checked his phone and realized that there was a phone called answered last ten minutes while he was showering. Making the matter worst, the caller id was from the other woman. Dad went to the kitchen to ask mum about it. My mother was so angry and lost her temper on what had just happened. She

was so hurt. The argument worsened with all the problems my brother had created lately. Dad had always trying to advice him all about smoking but he never listened to dad. He often smoke with his friends at the food court. My father found out he was smoking when he accidentally smelled the smoke when he was talking to my brother. Even his lip had a changed of colours. They kept on blaming each other because they believe that they have failed in educating my brother. The next day, it was my sister who has added on the stresses that the whole family are facing. She kept on going to Taiping Sentral and wasted time there as opposed to focus on her education. Her grades are all falling down. There were many conflicts aroused lately in the family. Words cannot express just how much I am dissapointed and frustrated with my family. I do not know who should I turn to to share all this problem. I do not know how to solve the problem. I am also angry with my family because almost everyday we got ourselves into an argument at the very least. I think that the best solution for me is that I should just run away from the house one fine day. Sure, it is probably not the best solution for me, but I am seriously blurred and do not know what are other things or options I do have. I must look for a life that will make my life contended and meaningful. My family has never been paying any attention to me. For that reason, I do believe that I need a friend that will understand me truly. I cannot wait to get out and find freedom in life! One day, my family plan to the village.I don't want to go and i give many reason to my father. My father allowed me to stay at home and exclude myself from their plan. As they have left to the village, I hurried to my room and packed up all my clothes to go far away from this house and life! There is no bus station near my house, and so, I have to keep on walking to at least hopefully being able to catch a bus. I was walking further and further away from the house on that deep and still night. Suddenly, to my surprise, there is a bus station right on my left side. Initially, I was so scared to approach the bus station because I can tell for sure that there was no bus station there before. Regardless, I did walk to the bus station. Without me realizing, there was a man who has been keeping an eye over me all this while. He was looking quite good from afar. He looks like a good man too. He had later on introduced himself and we stay there and chat for quite a long time. Not too long after, the rain started pouring on us. I was feeling so cold and he had later on took off his sweater and put it on me. From that gesture I felt like he was such a caring and loving type of person. Not so long after that, the rain had finally stopoped. The bus arrived soon after. The man had then left me a handkerchief and a card as am intoduction or getting to know each other gifts. This was where the storyt begins, the love story begins. Before this I have never fallen in love. I feel so fortunate because it is the first timeI am falling for someone. I have experience such great times as I have escaped the family from hell that gave me so many stress and tension. I have planned with my

best friend to stay over at her place in the meantime. As I was looking at the c ard the man had given me, I realized there was a phone number there. Without wasting much time, I have straight away texted him. He replied not so long after and asked me to have dinner with him. He told me that we are going to dine at a very famous and expensive restaurant! Oh my god! What more a girl could hope for? From there, I have started to imagine that he is indeed the right man for me to be wedded to. Not only that he is handsome, he is also kind-hearted, rich and romantic. He has all the qualities I amd looking for in a man. At the dinner, he had again, swept me off my feet with the candle light dinner. He had also gave me a bouquet of flower and gift, a very cute bear. Yes! I'm falling more and more for this man! His name is Muhammad Danial, he who had made my life so much happier. We went out almost every week. I have never told anybody anything about my family. But, now I feel like it's a good time for me to start sharing some of those bad memories I have had kept deep with me with him. After I have told me about almost everything, he promised me that he will try his best to bring happiness and smile to my face. But, he said that he could only do that if I marry him. One day, as we were spending time together at the garden, he had proposed to me, to be his one and only wife. My best friend did not approve of this my recent changes of behaviour. She kept on advising me to go back to my family. She kept on reminding me that, "not everyone has the chance to live with a family" and that family is the most important thing in everyone's life. She kept on asking me to think back on everything that mum had done while raising me. Everything that she had sacrificed. She said, " your family must have been worried sick about all this, don't be too hasty and quick and making decision, one that will make you regret real soon." She added, " did you for once think that he wioll make you happy for the rest of your life, without your family and everything?" As she was saying this, I heard from downstairs a song from radio, and it goes something like this. "Indahnya, damainya keluarga yang bahagia, Itulah idaman impian setiap insan, Yang dahagakan belaian serta kasih dan sayang, Oh Ayah, Oh Ibu, Dengarlah rintihan dan luahan hatiku, Yang dahagakan kasih." I feel so sad while listening to the song. It had accidentally brought back some of the ggod old memories that we have had. I was so touched by the song and

how meaningful the lyrics are. In that split second, I have decided to go back home. When I have finally reached home. I noticed that there were nobody home. I had then called my mum and dad, but still nobody asnwered. Oh my god! What happened to them? Suddenly it occured to me, what if I would never see them again? Suddenly, my phone rings, and it was him who called me. He wanted to see me at our usual place. But, I have turn down the offer and explain what I had just done. I had also told him that I think it would be for the best if we would just stop seing each other for now. He was so mad and upset. He had then said, " I will kill everyone who come in our way!" " You will never see them again!" Suddenly, it strucked me, how did he know they were missing? I never told him about it. He had then blackmailed me by saying, "if you want to see them again, you do exactly as I say!" He told me that he had kidnapped my family and that infact, he is no ordinary man, he is actually a "bunian" prince! I was so shocked and scared! The man that I thought I knew is actually a total stranger! Hell! Is he even a man to begin with? I had then came out with a plan. I called him and told him that I will continue seeing him on one condition, he must set my family free. He agreed to my condition, and released my family soon after. We planned to meet at our usual place, and there he promised that I will personally see my family while he is releasing them. I was pretending that I am still in love with him. As we got further away, my family told me that we should all pack our stuffs and run away from this place. Place where he would not know of. I have throw away the phone and the number so that he could never contact me again. From that moment on, I have realised that family is the only thing certain and true. There is no other replacement. If I could ever give my two cents to anyone out there, it would be that, remember people, be careful of what you wish for.