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Justice Served Up Daily

Interactive Case Studies And Resources For The Classroom

500 Pearl Street provides insights into todays white-collar crime cases and the challenges and consequences associated with it. This new, innovative approach brings the headlines, and the people in those headlines, into the modern classroom.
Todays financial markets and the crimes that spawn from them are complex. Journalists who cover these cases rarely investigate white-collar crime to a level that allows readers to not only understand the issues that lead to the violation, but also learn steps that will prevent it. We want to change that and bring our experts into the classroom with stories that are in the headlines today. Walt Pavlo has been a guest lecturer at over 100 universities since 2003. His case gained the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigations as it was forming the Enron and WorldCom task forces that were assembled to combat corporate crime. While being a part of training at the FBI Academy, Pavlo set out to spread the message of his own cautionary tale. After nine years of speaking about his own crime, he is bringing his experience and contacts into a program that is specifically designed to educate and facilitate learning for tomorrows business leaders.

Our Content
The professionals who provide content to our website and program are leading journalists, forensic accountants, federal law enforcement officers, defense attorneys, prosecutors, prison officials and those who have been convicted of crimes. This unique collection brings differing views and perspectives that allow students to learn more about the business issues that have taken otherwise good people across legal and ethical lines. Our content is timely, interactive and creative. It represents the beginning of the transition to the modern classroom by using technology that personalizes relevant information. The content can be plugged into various academic programs including ethics, accounting, law or journalism. Bring this new resource to your students to enlighten and engage.

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Walt Pavlo blogs for and has access to some of the most intriguing stories related to white-collar crime. Pavlo covers some of the highest profile trials in person from the courthouses in Boston and New York. The firsthand accounts of trials like those of Winifred Jiau, insider trading and Ross Mandell (Sky Capital), stock boiler room operations, are covered and include interviews with the people involved in the trials. Our newsletter includes cases in the news, issues concerning accounting, compliance, prison and fraud. In addition to our own reporting, these stories result from our in-depth daily research of major news outlets, such as The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, New York Times, Bloomberg and others.
500 Pearl Street Inaugural Newsletter 4/4/12 5:31 PM

Justice Served Up Daily

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Welcome to the inaugural Newsletter for 500 Pearl Street, which was created by author and speaker Walt Pavlo. This newsletter and the website were started to give those interested in white-collar crime a reliable resource for today's top stories. We scour various news outlets and create our own unique content to share with our readers. Here is what's new:

Forward to a Friend - The website is up and we

are blogging about fraud, ethics, accounting, civil litigation and prison issues...everything white-collar. Each article is linked to news sites that allow the reader to dig a little deeper into the story and to also properly cite our sources. Our blogs are good for water-cooler talk or make for great classroom discussions. Write a comment and tell us what you think....we always respond. Each blog comes with our own perspective....hopefully with a little humor and/or insight, but we aim to make it all easy to read and understand. In addition, we give you a list of the books we are reading that cover fraud, its causes, consequences and solutions. We also have Resources from various respected institutions who conduct studies on crime, ethics and compliance. In addition, if you want to bring the 500 Pearl Street experience, live interactive case studies, to your event then please contact us to inquire about our speaking engagements ( or 617-8585008).

What's With The Name

500 Pearl Street In The News - CNBC asked

Walt Pavlo to comment on Jon Corzine's (former CEO of MF Global) testimony on Capitol Hill. Most thought Corzine would take the 5th, but he talked, sort of. Here were Walt's thoughts on the testimony.

From the most interesting stories, come more detailed cases from the courtrooms. Each case study is current and created from court documents, interviews with those convicted and media coverage of the actual case. The first four (4) case studies involve antitrust, insider trading, mortgage fraud and expert networks (passing confidential information). Each case contains instructor notes and questions.
Stolen Without A Gun is now available on Kindle for
$0.99/copy. Walt Pavlo and Neil Weinberg (Editor in Chief American Banker) released the book in 2007 and it has been used in training sessions and classrooms across the is a great read !!! In lieu of a Page 1 of 2

500 Pearl Street is the address of the federal courthouse in downtown Manhattan (New York, NY), which has been the backdrop of major whitecollar cases ranging from Martha Stewart to Bernard Madoff. Most recently, it was the courthouse where people accused of insider trading were prosecuted under US Attorney Preet Bharara. The lights are flashing and cameras rolling as prosecutors, defense lawyers and defendants all parade in and out of one of the most famous courthouses in the country. Decisions made here have an impact on business, regulation and policy around the country.

Case Studies
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Lectures Via Skype

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"Copyright"Kordula,"LLC"" January"31,"2012"

When CNBC, FOX Business or BBC is looking for an expert opinion on whitecollar crime, they reach out to Walt Pavlo. With credits to his name in most major news media outlets, Pavlos opinions and insights put him in the unique circle of experts in crime and punishment as it relates to white-collar felonies. We want to bring that same experience to students through interactive presentations using todays technology of either Skype or Wimba. This provides a unique, cost effective way to bring case studies into the classroom to help students understand the workings of white-collar cases that are in the news.

Video Interviews
These 10-15 minute videos bring students insights from leading journalists, forensic accountants, FBI agents, judges and perpetrators. These are experts in their own right that have an interest in sharing their stories and accounts in ways to enlighten, inspire and initiate discussions in todays classrooms.

Email And Social Media

Group projects or student groups are often looking for specific answers to their questions. Direct email access to Walt Pavlo will give them an answer to their question within 24 hours of receipt. In addition, updates on timely news stories and blogs are posted to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Pricing - $2,000.00 / Academic Year

500 Pearl Street Newsletter delivered by email twice monthly (note the website is updated daily) Four (4) New Case Studies per academic year delivered by PDF to Instructor Five (5) Skype Lectures Four (3) Video Interviews Unlimited emails, and social media updates