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more ways to make 'the car you can

believe in, your own.
The design and engineering excellence that make Volvo the car you can
believe in makes Volvo quality accessoriesthe safe and practical way to tailor your
Volvo to your own life style.
Volvo accessories are designed to fulfill your specific driving needs and to
make your driving experience more comfortable and convenient. That's why we
offer you more ways than ever to personalize your Volvo. And that's why genuine
Volvo accessories are built to the same high standards as every other integral part
of your Volvo. To give you the outstanding level of comfort, the uncompromising
concern for safety, the quality construction and the automotive value you expect
from your Volvo.
This brochure will help you choose those Volvo accessories that will enhance
your driving pleasure. Accessories are arranged in convenient categories for easy..reference
to areas of your particular interest.
To' ensure your personalized Volvo continues to provide more of what you
want in the way you drive, genuine Volvo Accessories are protected by Volvo'swarranty.
Contact your Volvo dealer for exact warranty conditions and limitations.

Genuine Volvo Accessories... more of

what you can believe in.

Driving comfort and the passengercompart- tioning systemon is tor coils means you can
safety year round. ment. And your Volvo maintained by a sole- cool down the passenger
Volvo Air Condition- Air Conditioning ventila- noid-controlled valve. compartment from 100°F
ing circulates cool, de- tion system's push-but- This meansyou don't 138dCIto a comfortable
humidified air through- ton air flow controljcl have to waste fuel by rev- 75°F (24°C! in as little
out your car by means of allows you to recirculate ving your engine when time as 14 minutes.
12 strategically located 90% of the air inside the stoppedin traffic in order The only air condition-
outlets, to refresh and re- car, to help keep out to stay cool and ing system built to
lax you and your pas- noxious fumes and to re- comfortable. Volvo's quality standards.
sengers on the hottest cycle the air in the Becausesetting the A Volvo Air Condi-
summer days. passengercompartment. thermostat too low ~ tioning System is de-
But Volvo's fully in- The "floor" button jd) di- result in condensation signed and built with the
tegrated air conditioning rects air quickly and freezingon the system's same careful attention to
system does more. It efficiently to rear seat evaporatorcoils, Volvo detail and concern for
works in tandem with passengers. A four-speed has integrateda special quality that goes into
your Volvo's ventilation fan (el lets you adjust air detent switch in the your Volvo. Quality de-
and heating systems. So flow to your needs. thermostat control. This tails like a two-belt drive
in winter or on damp Built to be better allows you to feel, as system, plastic shielded
spring mornings, it can A Volvo Air Condi- well as see,the maxi- hoses, and many more.
help clear your Volvo's tioning System is built mum recommendedcon- We know you won't ac-
windows of visibility- for years of reliable tinuous cooling setting. cept anything less,
reducing condensation efficiency. On hot days,you can And a Volvo Air
quickly and easily. It's designe~ and spe- over-ridethis detent for Conditioning System is
Simply set your cially mounted for short periodsto permit backed by Volvo's parts
Volvo Air Conditioning smooth vibration-free op- rapid cool down and then and accessories warranty
System's thermostat (a) eration and long range return the thermostat to Isee your Volvo Dealer
at the minimum setting comfort. And it's de- a normal setting to for terms and conditionsl.
and slide the heater con- signed to work with your maintain your comfort. That's protection to keep
trol (bl to the right, to Volvo's engine, not What's more, the you comfortable all year
circulate warm, dehu- against it. Constant idle larger capacity of Volvo's round.
midified air throughout speed with the air condi- compressor and evapora-

a c e

VOLVO IN-DASH AU- The Tape Cassette sedans or specially-de- AUDIO SYSTEM
DIO COMPONENT Deck features a front- signed, color-coordinated PROPOSAL
SYSTEM loading cassette player, Rear Wagon Speakers are For maximum listening
compatible with metal built for long lasting, re- pleasure, we recommend
This top of the line tapes, locking fast for- sponsive performance the following Volvo In-
Volvo system of perfectly ward and reverse, auto- with the Volvo Audio Dash Audio Component
matched component sep- matic reverse, and an Component System.
automatic tape head re- System:
arates gives you all the The Volvo Graphic .Component AM/FM
convenience of a single tractor that protects your Stereo Cassette with
Equalizer (available sepa-
in-dash system and all of tapes when power to the rately for this and other 80 Watt (4 x 20) Power
the sound you want for unit is turned off. selected systems! allows Amplifier
the road. The AM/FM Tuner you to contour your .20 Watt Front Door
features pushbutton tun- sound to fit your own Speakers
The 80 Watt (4 x 20) ing, electronic noise sup- acoustic taste. It sepa- .20 Watt Rear Deluxe
High Power Amplifier, pression for automatic rates the audio spectrum Speakers Or Rear
mounted separately un- muting between stations, into five bands (50 Hz, Wagon Speakers
der the dash, produces 20 exceptional sensitivity of 150 Hz, 400 Hz, 2000 Hz, .Graphic Equilizer
watts of power for each 1.5 microvolts at 30dB, 10,000 Hz) so that base, .Power Antenna
of four speaker outputs and a signal-to-noise
for a total power output ratio of 64dB. Phase Lock
of 80 watts. And with Loop circuitry locks into
Total Harmonic Distor- incoming signals and a
tion (THD) of only .2% "mono/stereo" switch
from 25Hz to 25,OOOHz lets you hold onto dis-
plus a signal-to-noise tant FM signals longer,
ratio of 65dB, you get in the monaural mode.
big, clean, high fidelity Built-in balance/fader
playback on the street or controls let you adjust
on the highway. the sound side-to-side
and front-to-back. mid-range and treble fre-
quencies may be adjusted
Four powel"tated 20 to give you more control
Watt Dual Cone Speakers of tonal quality. It fea-
(required for system! de- tures on/off switch to let
liver clear, low-distortion you take the equalizer
sound over a wide fre- out of the system, a
quency range. These new power indicator light,
flush mounted Front and it operates with a
Speakers and enclosed signal-to-noise ratio of 80
Rear Deluxe Speakers for dB with THD of 0.05%.

VOLVO AM/FM from "stereo" to "mono" step-up/step-down tuning AUDIO SYSTEM
STEREOCASSETTE to let you hold distant in increments of 200 kHz
stations longer, and an (FMJ or 10 kHz (AM) for PROPOSALS
integral balance/fader fine tuning of weak or For maximum listening
control for side-to-side hard to find signals. pleasure, we recommend
Top Executive Stereo/ the following Volvo AMI
CassetteRecorder and front-to-rear sound When the "step" button
adjustment. is held in depressedposi- FM Stereo Cassette
System Distinctive black- tion, tuning travels up or Systems:
This Volvo audio
system allows you to rec- out dial face provides a down the frequency
clean, stylish appearance range until the button is TOP EXECUTIVE
ord and playback your released. .
when the system is not CASSETTE PLAYER
favorite music from the
in use. Optional digital The integrated cas- RECORDER
system's AM/FM stereo
frequency read out and sette player features auto .Remote Microphone
tuner or to dictate while
clock fits in the instru- reverse, fast forward and .Digital Frequency and
you travel or commute
reverse, channel selector Time Display
through an optional
and tape reverse switch. .20 Watt Front Door
hand-held microphone.
Automatic tape head re- Speakers
tractor prevents possible .20 Watt Rear Deluxe
tape damage when power Speakers or Rear
to the unit is turned off. Wagon Speakers
The Volvo Micro- .Power Antenna
processor System
provides four separate AM/FM MICRO-
speaker outputs with a PROCESSOR STEREO
ment cluster of your
maximum output of 6.5 CASSETTE
watts per channel. .20 Watt Front Door
Volvo AM/FM Stereo Speakers
Volvo AM/FM Micro- .20 Watt Rear Delux~
Cassette System Speakers or Rear
processor Stereo/Cassette
The Top Executive This Volvo audio Specially designed
for listening pleasure in Wagon Speakers
has power to spare, 8 .Power Antenna
system puts state of the
watts per channel through art microprocessor com- your Volvo, this system
four separate amplifiers. allows you to preselect
puter technology at your AM/FM STEREO
.The intergrated cas- your music programming
fingertips. It includes
with an integrated four-
sette recorder/player fea- electronic AM and FM .30 (2 x 15) Watt Power
tures locking fast forward tuning that automat- track cassette player.
and reverse, automatic ically seeks and scans AM/FM Stereo Re-
reverse, electronic noise ceiver features Auto- .Graphic Equalizer
broadcast signals and .Fader Control
suppression, a Hi-C noise matic Frequency Control,
locks in the signals for 20 Watt Front Door
filter to reduce tape hiss unparalleled drift-free re- electronic noise suppres-
and other high frequency .Speakers
ception. Computer mem- sion, pushbutton tuning 20 Watt Rear Deluxe
noise, and automatic for two preselected AM
ory lets you pre-select six Speakersor Rear
tape head retractor to AM and six FM stations and three FM stations,
protect your tapes if and a "mono/auto/ Wagon Speakers
for one-touch tuning. Its .Power Antenna
power to the unit is stereo" selector switch
turned off. bright digital di~play that automatically shihs
The AM/FM re- from stereo to mono re-
ceiver features two AM ception to hold onto
distant signals.
The cassette deck
features fast forward and
reverse, channel selector
switch, and an automatic
tape head retractor that
protects your tapes when
shows you the exact fre- power to the unit is
and three FM pushbut- quency and stereo turned off.
ton tuning, automatic reception. Maximum output:
muting betweenstations, The Volvo micro- 8 watts per channel.
automatic transition processor also features

VOLVO AM/FM stereo reception. System Volvo AM/FM Stereo s- AUDIO SYSTEM
STEREOSYSTEMS also features built-in side Track System PROPOSAL
to side balance control.
Maximum output: If your pre-recorded For maximum listening
AM/FM Stereo 6.5 watts per channel. music selections are on pleasure, we recommend
Microprocessor 8-track cartridges, this the following Volvo AM!
Volvo audIo system is FM Stereo Systems
The precise digital sure to please your ears.
electronic tuner of this AM/FM STEREO
Volvo stereo system Its AM/FM Stereo MICROPROCESSOR
memorizes your favorite Receiver features Auto- .30 (2 x 15) Watt Power
six AM and six FM sta- matic Frequency Control, Booster
tions for one-touch tun- electronic noise suppres- .Fader Control
ing. It features search up, AM/FM Stereo Receiver sion for automatic mu- .20 Watt Front Door
search down and scan This fully tran- ting between stations, Speakers
tuning to find even weak sistorized Volvo AM/FM pushbutton tuning for .20 Watt Rear Deluxe
broadcast signals and StereoReceiverfeatures two pre-selected AM and Speakers or Rear
lock them in for drift-free electronic noise suppres- three FM stations, and a Wagon Speakers
reception. Search up and sion, automatic muting "mono/stereo" selector .Power Antenna
down travels in incre- betweenstations, varia- to let you switch from AM/FM STEREO
ments of 200 kHz IFM) ble tone control, side-to- stereo to mono mode for .30 (2 x 15) Watt Power
10 kHz (AM) for fine tun- side balancecontrol, and listening to distant Booster
ing of hard to find a mono/stereoselector. signals. .Graphic Equalizer
signals. Bright digital dis- Maximum output: Maximum output: .Fader Control
play let you see clearly 8 watts RMS through 2 7 watts per channel for .20 Watt Front Door
exact frequency and channels. each of two channels. Speakers
.20 Watt Rear Deluxe
Speakers or Rear
Wagon Speakers
.Power Antenna
.30 (2 x 15) Watt Power
.Fader Control
.20 Watt Front Door
.20 Watt Rear Deluxe
Speakers or Rear
Wagon Speakers
.Power Antenna

These popular Volvo free life. Built-in distur- feature pushbutton tun- Frequency Control for
monaural radios offer bance filters and noise ing and baseand treble signal retention.
fully transistorized cir- suppressors eliminate control. AM/FM radio
cuitry for long trouble- noisy interference. Both also featuresAutomatic

30 Watt (2 x 15) Power Flush Mounted Rear tem and are recom- This antenna
Booster Speakers mended for use with the provides optimum recep-
Volvo Power Booster.! tion on both CB and
Rated input: AM/FM bands. It auto-
10 Watts matically retracts when
Frequency response: the radio or ignition is
130-13/000Hz-3dB turned off.
Rated input: Power Antenna
20 Watts For excellent recep-
For greater, distor- Frequency response: tion of AM/FM signals,
tion-free power from your 70-12/000 Hz-3dB this antenna automat-
Volvo Audio System, in- These high-power, ically retracts and ex-
Combination CB AM/FM tends when radio or
clude this 15 Watts per flush-fitting speakers Power Antenna
channel Power Booster. mount on the rear shelf ignition is turned on or
Total output 30 Watts. of all Volvo sedans. off. Standard on Coupe
Volvo Speakers Rated input: models.
Volvo speakers have 15 Watts .*Note: All power
been specially designed Frequency range: antennas for AM, AMI
to provide optimum fre- 100-12,000Hz-3dB FM and AM/FM stereo 8
quency range and sound track units require a spe-
10 Watt or 20 Watt Sta- cial dash mounted
quality for Volvo Audio tion Wagon Rear
Systems inside your switch for antenna
Volvo. Speakers operation.
New, Optional 20 Watt CB Mast Antenna
Dual Cone Front Door Top loaded mast an-
Speakers tenna allows for easy
These specially de- matching and excep-
signed dual cone speak- tional reception of CB
ers fit in the inside door signals.
panels of all Volvo mod- Front A Post Antenna
els to provide greater This economical,
power capacity required black, telescopic antenna
for the Component Se- These high quality, mounts on the left wind-
ries systems and are color coordinated speak- shield pillar for excellent
recommended for sys- ers mount in the rear AM/FM and stereo recep-
tems using the Volvo side panels of Volvo sta- tion. Standard on DL
Power Booster. tion wagons. Available in models.
Rated input: blue, brown, beige, black
20 Watts and grey. (20 Watt speak-
Frequency range: ers are required for the
70-12,000 Hz-3dB Component Series sys-

A fully-integrated system When you disengage
for easy, reliable the Cruise Control, a
operation. special solenoid releases
Volvo Cruise Con- any remaining vacuum
trol is designed for sim- in the servo to assure im-
ple operation. And be- mediate throttle release.
cause it's fully integrated And when you are travel-
with your Volvo's accel- ing uphill or down, the
eration and braking sys- Volvo Cruise Control
tems, you stay in com- gently accelerates or de-
plete control at all times. celerates to maintain
All controls are your cruising speed
built into the turn in- devote your attention to ation. To re-engage the within 2 mph on grades
dicator/high beam wand. the road ahead. Cruise Control, acceler- up to 3 degrees.
Accelerate to any desired Safe at any speed. ate to 30 mph and slide Volvo Electronic
speed above 30 mph and With Volvo Elec- the switch to the "Re- Cruise Control is the
press the Set Speed tronic Cruise Control, sume" position (bl. Hold only speed regulating de-
switch lal. The Electronic maintaining a safe, legal it for a second, and Volvo vice designed and ap-
Cruise Control takes highway cruising speed is Electronic Cruise Con- proved by Volvo. And it
over, permitting you to easy and automatic. trol takes over again, is the only cruise control
take your foot off the ac- You're more relaxed and bringing you safely to the reliable enough to be
celerator pedal and to more alert. To increase last set speed. part of your Volvo.
your speed while the Built to Volvo's stringent
Cruise Control is en- safety standards.
gaged, gently tap the end The electronically
of the control wand to controlled servo system
boost speed smoothly in of the Volvo Cruise Con-
increments of 2 miles trol provides maximum
per hour. sensitivity, reliability and
If you brake or ac- safety. Electronic sensors
celerate, Volvo Cruise (cl monitor precise road
Control disengages im- speeds and adjust the
mediately and returns throttle opening as
yourVolvotomanualoper- needed.

1. Head Restraint Easy-to-cleanpadded into a roomy seven- been specially designed
Cushions vinyl, over a reinforcing seater. Seatfolds down for installation of this es-
These attractive, steel frame, is color coor- and out of sight when sential accessory.
foam padded cushions dinated to complement not in use. Comes com-plete
offer greater comfort to your Volvo's interior. (See with armrests, seat 6. Child Safety Cushion
your front and rear seat color options on page 32.) belts, and entry/exit han- You'll prize the
passengers. Color coordi- ~le above tailgate. Avail- peace of mind this ac-
nated to compliment Adjustable Armrest able in beige and black. cessory provides. The
your Volvo's interior, Make driving more cushion lets your little
they are available in comfortable. ..arrive re- 5. Child Guard passengers (over 50 Ibs..1
three easy-to-maintain laxed. ..with Volvo's ad- Constructed of see the road ahead and
upholstery styles. Fabrics justable, fold-away shock-absorbing foam ride at the proper seating
that brush clean, ribbed armrest. Push button plastic with tubular steel height to use standard
and plush velour for an convenience allows you reinforcements, this seat belts, to help prevent
elegant touch. (See color to set six comfortable safety device prevents injury from sudden stops
options on page 32. J positions. Available in children from being or surprising road haz-
beige, blue, brown, grey thrown between the front ards. The three-point seat
2. Rear Head Restraints and black. seats in the event of an belt system holds the
Give your rear seat emergency stop. Child cushion firmly in place.
passengersthe same 4. Auxiliary Seat guard mounts securely Easily removed and posi-
comfort and protection as Convert your five on the back of the tioned. (Not available in
those who ride in front. passengerVolvo wagon driver's seat which has Canada.)
2 3

4 5 6


Volvo gives you a choice of easy-to-read instrument gauges
to help you get the m()st out of your Volvo.
Volvo in-dash instruments warn you of possible
system malfunctions before it's too late to correct them
and help you adjust
your driving habits for maximum economy.
1. Tachometer-Two low oil levels or to poten- in operation. Lets you
sizes: 80 mm and 52 mm tial cloggedfilters, loose spot fluctuations that
Recommende"d for oil lines and pump or can signal battery prob-
cars with standard trans- bearingproblems. IPres- lems, excessive electrical
mission, this fully-tran- sure ratings expressedin loading or a voltage reg-
sistorized tachometer BARS.) ulator malfunction.
lets you keep track of 3. Oil Temperature 5. Ambient Temperature
your engines rpms, to Gauge Gauge
help you determine the Recommendedfor For cold weather
conect, economical mo- Volvos used to tow or driving safety, this in-
ment to shift gears. Adds carry heavyloads or strument keeps you con-
a sporty look to your driven in high tempera- stantly aware of changes
dash. Choice of 80mm ture climates. The instru- in outside air tempera-
size for main instrument ment warns of engine ture ~t road level. It
cluster or 52mm size for overheatingand possible alerts you to the pos-
center instrument loss of engine lubrication sibility of road icing
console.2. capability. conditions when air tem-
Oil Pressure Gauge 4. Voltmeter perature falls below DOC.
This gauge monitors The voltmeter The thermocouple sensor
your Volvo's oil pressure monitors your Volvo's mounts securely under
to warn against dan- electrical system,mea- the front bumper. Stan-
gerous drops in pressure. suring voltage at the dard on GLT models sold
It alerts you to possible battery while the car is in Canada.

Coin Console Fuel Economy Gauge Remote Trunk Lid Lock
This handy, covered tray This instrument alerts you Conveniently located in
holds coins, tokens, or any to unnecessarily high fuel con- your Volvo's glove compart-
small object you want to find sumption. Extremely valuable ment, this push-button release
quickly. Conceals change from during acceleration and when lets you unlock the trunk with-
curious eyes. Available in cruising at highway speeds. out having to leave your car.
black, blue or brown. Helps you adjust your driving Standard on GLE and Coupe
habits to get maximum fuel models. .
efficiency from your Volvo.

3. Grille Cover cranking power.Uses Ideal when constant 8. Rear Window Shades
Speciallydesigned normal house electric wiper action is unneces- These elegant, roll-
for Volvo grilles, this current (IIDV'. sary or disturbing. Inte- out shades shield the in-
tough insulated plastic 5. Limited Slip grated with the standard terior of your Volvo from
coverprotects your en- Differential wiper wand, it controls heat and sun damage
gine from extreme winter For extra traction in rear window wiper to without hampering vis-
weather. It shortens mud, snow or rain, or for three strokes every fif- ibility. They help your
warm-up time and helps starting on slick, icy teen seconds. Standard Volvo Air Conditioner
the engine maintain a roads,Volvo's limited on GLE Wagons. cool your car more effi-
higher working slip differential is essen- ciently, while providing
temperature. tial. When one rear 7. Side Wind special relief from the
Keepsout corrosive wheel starts to spin, it Deflectors sun for rear seat
road salt, rain and snow automatically transfers Cut wind noise and passengers.
from engine power to the other side, glare, for more comfort- 9. Engine Block Heater
compartment. to pull you safely able driving with your Take the frustration
4. Battery Warmer through. windows open, even out of cold winter start-
Protect your battery 6. Intermittent Rear when it's raining. Made ing and prevent excessive"
and get a warm start on Wiper of durable, tinted acrylic battery wear, with this
a cold day with this acid For greatervisibility plastic, these wind de- Volvo accessory. Fits into
resistant plastic wrap- without distraction, this flectors are supplied in "freeze plug" on your en-
around. The battery Volvo rear window wiper pairs and are available for gine block and uses
warmer allows your bat- keeps your rearwardview both two door and four normal electric house
tery to work at full clear of mist and drizzle. door models. current (IIDV).

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8 9

UGHT AUOY WHEELS 3. 14" Deluxe Slotted Spoileralso increaseslat- 9. PerformanceParts
Precision-crafted Alloy Wheel eral stability and im- Catalog
beauty and high strength A luxurious look provesoverall road han- Everything you need
aluminum alloy are com- with a touch of sports dling. Standardon GL, to give your Volvo a total
bined in these distinctive styling. Used with large GLE, GLT and Coupe GT appearanceor to in-
sports wheel designs. hubcap. models. creaseits engine per-
Light alloy material re- 4. Wheel Trim Rings 7. GT SteeringWheel formanceand handling
duces unsprung weight Add a look of lux- Add a GT look to capabilities. Volvo offers
to provide more respon- ury to your standard your Volvo's interior a complete line of high
sive road handling and Volvo wheels with these with this small-diameter performanceengine,
more comfortable riding. stainless steel trim rings. wheel. Coveredin simu- drive train, exhaust,sus-
Open designimproves air Standardon GL models. lated leather for a more pension,lighting and
flow for faster heat dis- 5. RoadHandling Kit comfortablegrip, this GT safetyequipment, de-
sipation and superior These front and rear SteeringWheel improves signed exclusively for
brake cooling. Precision stabilizer bars and heavy steeringresponseand in- Volvo cars.
machining assures duty front suspension creasesdriver leg room. For a complete GT
wheels are true round for springsreduce body roll Standardon GLT models.. AccessoriesCatalog,see
maximum tire life. and sway on tight cor- 8. GT Shift Knob and your Volvo dealer or
1. 14" Finned Alloy ners. Kit increasestotal Boot write:
Wheel stability by 35% when Thesehandsomeac- Volvo Performance
Elegant, European fitted together with cessoriesadd a finished Parts
styling with either small Volvo gas-filled shock ab- look to any Volvo with a Building "c"
capand chrome lug nuts sorbers(sold separatelyj. manual transmission. Rockleigh, New
or large hubcaps(shown). 6. Spoiler The shift knob is leather Jersey 07647
Standardon GLE models. This sportyac- coveredfor a comfort- Price: $3.00
2. 14" GT Alloy Wheel cessoryactually reduces able, non-slip grip. The
Used with small dragand improves your GT shift boot is genuine
hubcapand chrome lug Volvo's aerodynamiceffi- black or beigeleather.
nuts for a sporty ciency to reduce highway Eachaccessoryavailable
appearance. fuel consumption. separately.
S 6

1. Station WagonRoof and keep pets safe and rear springs.Standardon for maximum strength.
Rack secure with this fold- GLE Wagons. Ball and draw bar assem-
This Volvo perma- down Volvo cargo guard. b. Semi-Automatic Load bly may be removed
-nent roof rack lets you Frame is made of attrac- Levelling System when not in use. Max-
add an extra load on top. tive chromium steel tub- A specialdash- imum recommended
It's highly polished stain- ing. Guard can be mounted switch lets you trailer weight 2,000 lbs.
less steelrails and corro- quickly folded against control this system's (908kgs)and tongue load
the roof when not in use. .
sion proof zinc supports compressorand air weight 200 lbs. (90kgsj.
add maintenance-free 4. Load Levelling shocksto raise the rear Meets both Volvo
beautyto your wagon, as Systems of your Volvo when and FederalSafety
well. And it's six strong Volvo load levellers carrying heavyloads. Fits Standards.
anchoragepoints are are designed to keep your all models.
sturdy enough to carry Volvo level for maximum c. Manual Load Levelling 6. RemovableLuggage
large loads safely. road handling stability Rack
System Quick action fas-
2. Roof Spoiler under varying load condi- Consists of special
tions. They raise and air shocks, air lines and a teners let you secure the
to improve trailer towing lower the rear of your control gaugemounted rack firmly to your
stability and to cut wind Volvo or your Volvo in the trunk. Fits all Volvo's roof gutters in
resistancethe Volvo sta- wagon to compensate for models. just minutes. Made of
tion wagon roof spoiler heavy cargo or trailer d. SpringShocks durable aluminum tub-
boosts highway fuel effi- Heavy-dutyrear ing for load carrying
ciency. The spoiler at- a. Fully Automatic Load shocks with auxiliary strength and mainte-
taches easily to the roof springs maintain ride nance-free good looks.
Levelling System The handy nylon
by means of the Volvo A unique series of height under heavyloads
roof rack, available valves inside specially or when towing a trailer. luggage net (shown) and
designed shock absorbers Fits all models. a nylon luggage cover
3. SteelCargo Guard automatically adjusts to (not shown) are available
5. Trailer Hitch and
Protectyour rear the load you are carrying. Wiring Harness separately.
seatpassengersfrom Complete with two Steelyoke bolts per-
loose luggageor boxes shock absorbers and two manently to car frame

2 3 4

5 6

1. Plush Floor Mats in place with exclusive and keep it clean with plicator brush with each
These luxurious, grommets and screw interlocking Volvo mat bottle. Both paints avail-
deep-pile floor mats are locks. Set of four mats, set. able in colors to match
specially designed and front and rear, available Available in black your original finish.
matched to your original in brown tweed, blue, and designed especially 7. MaintenanceItems
Volvo interior. beige and black. to fit sedan trunks. Your Volvo deserves
Durable synthetic 3. Color Coordinated 5. Wagon Cargo Mat the best of care.Brake
pile is color fast. Mats Mats Fluid, * Cooling System
Heavy-duty vinyl
are removable for easy Color coordinated mat is specifically de- Rust Preventativeand
shampooing or vacuum- molded thermo-plastic Lubricant,* Gas Line
signed to fit around the
ing and are held firmly mats are contoured for an wheel wells of your Anti-Freeze* and Lock
in place with grommets exact fit and maximum Volvo station wagon De-Icerare available for
and screw locks. protection for your origi- cargo compartment. Pro- your Volvo's general
Set of four mats, nal carpeting. tects the original carpet maintenance.Specially
front and rear, available Raised border and when carrying cargo and formulated wax and pol-
in brown, beige, blue, red waffle pattern traps dirt, keeps cargo area neat ish is also availableto
and black. water and snow. Rigid when rear seat is raised. protect and beautify your
2. Koko Mats construction permits Removeable for storage. Volvo's finish.
Koko fiber mats fast, easy removal for 6. Spray and Touch-Up *Not available in
lend a unique combina- cleaning. Studded bottom Paints Canada.8.
tion of exciting color and surface prevents slipping.
Keep your Volvo/s Service Manual
protection to your Volvo. Set of four mats, finish looking new with
Fiber absorbs moisture front and rear, available Easy-to-follow, step-
touch-up paints for small by-stepmaintenancein-
and dirt before it ruins in blue, brown, beige and areas and fluorocarbon- formation for current and
your original interior. black. free spray paints for pastmodels is contained
Wipes clean in minutes. 4. Trunk Mats larger areas. Touch-up in Volvo Service
Mats are held firmly Protect your trunk paints have a built-in ap- Manuals.

2 3 4

5 6 7 8

These Volvo accessoriesare designed
to make driving your Volvo even more of a pleasure.
And because they're made for your Volvo, they make driving
safer, as well. Get a better view and
a better grip on the road with these extra conveniences.

1. Adjustable Reading Lamp comfortable driving. A sporty additional rearward visibility for
For looking up an address touch available in vinyl or black safer highway passing. Adjustable
...checking the map...or a little leather.4. from inside the passengercom-
ni.ght reading, this "flexible-neck" EXTERIOR REAR VIEW partment. Standard equipment on
Volvo lamp puts the light where MIRRORS all models except 2-door and 4-
you need it. Adjustable shade a. Manual Remote Right Side door DL models, GLE and Coupe.
keeps the beam out of the driver's Mirror b. Electric Remote Side Mirrors
eyes and permits choice of wide Expand your rear view with Adjust ri.l!;ht door mirrors
coverage or a spot of high-inten- this Volvo door mirror. Provides with a touch 01 a button. Special
sity light. Mounts in any number multi-directional switches mount
of locations and snaps out of the 1 within easy reach of the driver.
way in its own uno6strusive Standard equipment on GLE and
holder. Coupe models.
2. Leather Steering Wheel 5. Power Front and Rear Windows
Get a luxurious grip on There's luxury as well as
driving. This generously padded convenience in Volvo's finger tip
steering wheel is completely cov- control power windows. Rocker
ered with elegant calfskin leather switch control for front windows
to set off your Volvo's interior is mounted in the center
beautifully. dashboard console. Rear window
3. Steering Wheel Covers controls mount in seat belt con-
Rugged, good-looking lace- sole, between the front seats. Onl
on covers keep your hands cool f
off switch in dash console re-
and dry in summer for a safer vents accidental opening 0 rear
grip, warm in winter for more windows.
2 3 3 -

b. 5

These Volvo accessories are designed
to protect your Volvo from theft or
vandalism. Others of these accessories
improve safety visibility on or off the road.

1. Lockable Gas Cap remove wheels. Replace- 4. Bumper Reflector Stripes built-in, sturdy four-point
At today's prices, it ment sockets available Bri~t, reflective stand for stability in the
pays to protect your fuel in- a coded card en- stripes make your Volvo wind. Folds neatly into a
vestment. Gas cap is made closed in each package.3. more visible to other driv- conveniently stored case.
of bright red corrosion resis- ers. Attractive, self-adhesive
tant material. Comes com- Anti-Theft Alarm tapes, white for the front 6. Station Wagon Security
plete with two keys. Safeguard your Volvo and red for the rear bumper, Luggage Cover
2. Locking Wheel Nuts against forced entry. add a sporty look that also More Security for the
Attractive chrome If opened, a special means greater safety. carEo compartment of your
plated steel lug nuts protect horn alarm will sound off 5. Warning Triangle Volvo station wagon. This
your li~t alloy Volvo unless a key is placed in the Alert on-coming traf- attractive vinyl cover keeps
wheels from thieves and ignitioo or the alarm is de- fic to l our position at the luggage and valuables safely
vandals. Special wrench activated within 15 seconds. side 0 the road. This reflec- out of sight. Cover rolls
socket with each package of Protect your investment tive" luminous plastic tri- back into a special storage
four lug nuts lets you alone with this Volvo alarm. angle sets up easily on a tube when not in use.
1 2 3

4 5

These practical, attractive personal accessories
are you're way to let evezyoneknow you own
a time-honored investment. A Volvo,
the car you can believe in.
I. Pen and Pencil Sets gold platted, engraved coasters illustrate historic 11. Lapel Pin
Distinctive gold filled handle. Volvo models. Gold plated or silver
or chrome plated writing in- 4. TapeMeasure 8. Ashtray lapel pins let the world
struments with Volvo Logo. Steel Volvo pullout For den or office, func- know you're proud to be a
2. KeyRings tape measure for do-it- tionally designed Volvo ash- Volvo driver.
Vinyl or leather key yourselfers. tray is practical yet 12. Umbrella
ring with the Volvo em- attractive. An attractive full size
5. CigaretteLi.v,hter blue umbrella with white
blem, a key ring with a two- Brushed cnrome, elec- 9. Volvo Mug
hour timer, or a handsome Volvo emblem-perfect for
tric butane li~ter with Handsome, white ce- rain and ~olf.
pewter key ring with a 1927 distinctive Volvo emblem. ramic mug keeps hot drinks
Volvo medallion: for the 13. Plastic Volvo Cars
6. Thermometer hot.
kcys to the car you can be- Fully assembled plas-
Our Volvo interior car 10. Necktie tic model Volvo cars includ-
lieve in. thermometer mounts easily This good-looking, ing the celebrated 1927
3. PocketKnife on dash top for clear reading. sporty tie is woven with the model gives that added
Handsome, handy 7. CoasterSet Volvo Logo on navy blue touch to your home or
double-bladed knife with Elegantleatherfaced polyester field. office.

1-11 12


1. Sport Shirt black V-neck sweater, made 5. R Sport Belt Buckle and two way zipper, snapped
This casual one-but- in Sweden of 100% li.e;ht- Belt lapel, three zippered outer
ton, pull-over shirt is made weig4t polyester. Ribbed Handsome brushed pockets, left arm pen
of cool, comfortable cotton! waistband and cuffs for a bronze buckle embossed pocket and inner pocket
polyester with a discreetly comfortable fit. with R Sport logo in relief with snap.
handsome Volvo logo on the 4. R Sport Warm-up Suit and genuine cow hide belt. Matching polyester-
chest. Available in white Great on the go or 6. Ski Jacket and Pants filled, bib-style ski pants
with navy emblem or navy lounging around, tnis Volvo On the slopes or on feature flared bottoms with
with white emblem. R Sport Warm-Up is made of the go, this exclusive Euro- elastic ankle bindings that
2. 'Teri' Pullover comfortable, absorbent cot- pean tailored jacket with form fit over ski boots.
Li.e;htweight "teri-like" ton/polyester (75% cot- aistinctive rally styling is a 7. T-shirts
materiaf(67% cotton, 33% ton/25% polyester). Sporty sure winner. Features 100% TheAll-American look
polyester) keeps you cool top has zippered pockets and polyester insulating lining, in SO/SOCotton/Polyester.
and comfortable on the go. a draw-string hood. Match- concealed hood and full- This machine washable
3. R Sport Sweater ing bottoms comfortable fit- neck padded collar, plus Volvo t-shirt retains its
You'll be a stand-out ting elastic waist and ankle snow-lock cuffs, full-length comfortable good looks
attraction in this distinctive bands. 3 wear after wear.
1 6


AIR CONDITIONING P.4 Base Kit (Electronic) All 821, 828, 1980-1981 1128862-8
Installation Kit 821 1980-1981 1128725-7
Base Kit 240, DL, GT, 1976-1981 1129063-2
Installation Kit 828 1980-1981 1128724-0
B21F 283136-0
Base Kit (Mechanical) 240821 1976-1979
Installation Kit Power
Base Kit (Mechanical) 260827 1976-1979 283137-8
Steering 1129100-2
Installation Kit Non- SEATING P.16
Power Steering 1129017-8
Adjustable Armrests ALL MODELS 1975-1981
Base Kit Diesel D24 1980-1981 1129097-0
Brown Except Coupe 1129148-1
Installation Kit 1129098-8
Grey 1129149-9
Supplementary Kit Carbureted 1976-1981 1129026-9 1129035-0
Beige 1129059-0
AUDIO SYSTEMS AND P.6 Blue 1129060-8
COMPONENTS Auxiliary Seat All Wagons 1978-1981
Component Series Black 1128800-8
AM/FM Stereo Cassette Beige 1128440-3
Tuner and Amplifier ALL MODELS 1976-1981 1129531-8 Child Guard ALL MODELS 1975-1981 283667-4
Cassettes Child Cushion ALL MODELS 1975-1981 1129023-6
Top Executive Player/ Headrests, Rear All Sedans
Recorder Cassette ALL MODELS 1976-1981 283789-6 Black 1975-1981 283095-8
Microphone (Optional) 1128282-9 Beige 1975-1979 1129005-3
Digital Display ALL MODELS 1981 1129474-1 Beige 1980-1981 1129051-7
(Frequency/Clock) Light Beige 1975-1981 1129006-1
AM/FM Stereo Cassette Blue 1975-1981 1129050-9
Microprocessor ALL MODELS 1976-1981 283798-7 Brown 1980-1981 1129071-5
AM/FM Stereo Cassette ALL MODELS 1976-1981 283778-9 Grey 1980-1981 1129072-3
Stereos Headrest Cushions
AM/FM Stereo Micro- Front-Cloth
processor ALL MODELS 1976-1981 283797-9 Black (Pair) 240 1975-1979 283819-1
AM/FM Stereo ALL MODELS 1976-1981 283799-5 Black (Each) DL 1980-1981 1295554-8
AM / FM Stereo 8- Track ALL MODELS 1976-1981 283774-8 Blue (Each) DL 1980-1981 1295556-3
CB'S Brown (Each) DL 1980-1981 1295557-1
Remote 40 Channel Beige (Each) DL 1980-1981 1295558-9
Modular CB ALL MODELS 1976-1981 283782-1 Smooth Velour
Combination 40 Channel Grey (Each) GLE 1980-1981
CB/AM/FM Stereo ALL MODELS 1976-1981 283770-6 Blue (Each) 260 1976-1979 1264514-912645
Monaurals Grey (Each) 260 1976-1979
AM/FM ALL MODELS 1976-1981 283771-4 Ribbed Velour
AM ALL MODELS 1976-1981 283775-5 Brown (Each) GL, GLE 1980-1981 1295175-2
Amplifiers/Equalizers Grey (Each) GL, GLE 1980-1981 1295177-8
15 Watt Amplifier ALL MODELS 1976-1981 1128703-4 Blue (Each) GL, GLE 1980-1981 1242231-7
Graphic Equalizer ALL MODELS 1981 1129458-4 Beige (Each) GL, GLE 1980-1981 1242232-5
Fader Control ALL MODELS 1976-1981 283395-2 Silver (Each) GLT 1981 1295849-2
Speakers Rear-Cloth
20 Watt Door (Pair) ALL MODELS 1976-1981 Black (Each) 240 1975-1979 283093-3
20 Watt Rear Box (Ea.) Allexc.Wagons 1976-1981 283195-6 Smooth Velour
20 Watt Rear Wagon Grey (Each) GL, GLE 1980-1981 1295174-5
(Pair) All Wagons 1976-1981 Blue (Each) 260 1976-1979 1264516-4
Black 1129481-6 Grey (Each) 260 1976-1979 1264517-2
Blue 1129564-9 Ribbed Velour
Beige 1129565-6 Brown (Each) GL, GLE 1980-1981 1295176-0
Brown 1129566-4 Grey (Each) GL, GLE 1980-1981 1295178-6
Grey 1129567-2 Blue (Each) GL, GLE 1980-1981 1242234-1
15 Watt Rear Flush Beige (Each) GL, GLE 1980-1981 1242235-8
(Pair) All exc. Wagons 1976-1961 Silver (Each) GLT 1981 1295850-0
10 Watt Rear Wagon
(Pair) All Wagons
Brown 1129558-1 Ambient Temperature 240, 260, DL, 1975-1980 1128426-2
Grey 1129559-9 Gauge GL, GLE,
Dark Blue 283196-4 Diesel
Black 283199-8 Ambient Temperature ALL MODELS 1981 1129311-5
Beige 1129033-5 Gauge
Antennas Clock 52mm ALL MODELS 1188269-3
Combination AM/FM/ Fuel Economy Gauge 240, 260, DL, 1975-1980 1128861-6
CB Power Antenna ALL MODELS 1976-1981 1129073-1 GL, GLE
AM/FM Power Antenna ALL MODELS 1976-1981 1128858-6 Fuel Economy Gauge All exc. Diesel, 1129312-3
CB Antenna ALL MODELS 1976-1981 1128509-5 52mm GL T Turbo
Black A-Post ALL MODELS 1976-1981 1128483-3 Oil Pressure Gauge 52mm DL, GL, GLT 1981 1129315-6

Oil Temperature Gauge DL, GL, GLT 1981 1129316-4 -Blue 1128616-8
52mm -Amber 1128615-0
Tachometer (Gas) 240, DL 1975-1980 283546-0 -Green 1128617-6
Tachometer (Gas) 80mm DL 1981 1129310-7 Timer, RearWindow All Wagons 1975-1981 1129022-8
52mm DL 1981 1129335-4 Defroster
Tachometer (Diesel)
80mm Diesel 1981 1129338-8 GT SPORT AND HANDLING P.22
52mm Diesel 1981 1129336-2 Front Spoilers
Voltmeter 52mm ALL MODELS 1981 1129314-9 -Black ALL MODELS 1975-1979 1128565-7
Mounting Kit for ALL MODELS 1981 1129661-3 -Silver ALL MODELS 1975-1979 1128566-5
3 Instruments -Black DL 1980-1981 1304101-7
Mounting Kit for ALL MODELS 1981 1259730-8 GT Shift Knob All 4-speed 1975-1980 1128144-1
1 Instrument Models wlo
Dashboard Convenience 0.0.
Items GT Steering Wheel ALL MODELS 1975-1981 1128127-6
Coin Console ALL MODELS 1975-1980 1129024-4 Leather Shift Boot All 4-speed 1975-1981
-Black Models 1264664-2
Coin Console Black ALL MODELS 1981 1129605-0 -Beige 1295553-0
Road Holding Kit 240, DL, GL 1979-1981 1128795-0
Beige ALL MODELS 1981 1129630-0 R Sport Catalog 7771017-6
Shock Absorbers, Gas 240, DL, GL 1979-1981 552093-7
Brown ALL MODELS 1981 1129631-6 Trim Rims 242,244,245 1975-1979 1206318-6
DL 1980-1981 1272299-7
Dash Handle ALL MODELS 1975-1980 1128680-4 Wheels, Alloy ALL MODELS 1975-1981
Trunk Lock Release DL,GL,GLT 1981 1129317-2 GT,14" 1128493-2
Diesel Finned 14" 1128730-7
Hub Cap, Small 1129021-0
WEATHER P.20 Hub Cap, Large 1129031-9
Battery Warmer ALL MODELS ALL 284065-0 Chrome Lug Nuts for 688984-4
Driving Lights Halogen 1129493&1128730
(Canada only) Slotted 14" 1128491-6
Large Rectangular R 260, GL, GLE, 1975-1981 1235051-8 Hub Cap 1128492-4
GLT, Coupe,
1235050-0 Cargo Guard All Wagons 1975-1981 1129091-3
H1 Bulb Kit 273581-8 Load Carriers ALL MODELS 1968-1980 283276-4
H4 Headlamp Kit 7" 242,242GT, 1975-1980 1212742-9 Extension Rails 283277-2
Single Round DL2dr, GT Ski Adaptor Straps 283278-0
H4 Headlamp Kit 5-3/4" 244, 245, 1975-1980 284078-3 Load Leveling Systems
Round Hi DL4/5dr Automatic 245, DLWagon 1979-1981 1128791-9
Hilo 284083-3 Semi-Automatic 240,260, 1975-1981 283631-0
Rect. Hi GL, GLE, GLT, 1975-1981 284081-7 DL,GL,
Diesel, DL Manual 240,260, 1975-1981 283632-8
Hilo 284079-1 DL,GL,
Engine Block Heaters 818, 821A/F, 1962-1981 277536-9 Luggage Cover (Roof) ALL MODELS 1979-1981 281002-6
830,823 Luggage Hold-down ALL MODELS 1968-1981 1128168-0
827,828 1976-1981 284048-6
D24 Diesel 1980-1981 284085-8 Luggage Net ALL MODELS 1968-1981 1128178-9
Fog Lamps Luggage Racks
Clear, Bumper Mount All Models 1975-1981 284005-6 Permanent All Wagons 1968-1980 279902-1
(U.S. only) w/o Spoiler Removable All Wagons 1975-1981 1129660-5
Clear, Bumper Mount All Models 1975-1981 1128507-9 Removable All Sedans 1968-1980 1128321-5
(Canada only) w/o Spoiler Removable All Sedans 1975-1980 1128685-3
Amber, Bumper Mount All Models 1975-1981 1128508-7 (Canada only)
(Canada only) w/o Spoiler Removable All Sedans 1975-1981 1128635-7
Grille Covers 240,242, 1975-1980 1128712-5 Load Carriers ALL MODELS 1968-1981 1129658-9
DL 2 Dr One piece for
244,245, 1978-1981 1129260-4 1128898-2 Roof Spoiler 1129657-1
DL/45dr Roof Spoiler All Wagons 1968-1980 1128898-2
260, GL, GLE 1975-1981 1129261-2 Ski Racks, Lockable ALL MODELS 1968-1981 284016-3
Intermittent Rear Wiper 245, DL Wagon 1975-1981 1128792-7 (U.S. only)
Limited Slip Differential All Models 1975-1981 279951-8 Lockable (Canada only) ALL MODELS 1968-1981 1129659-7
Rear Window Shades All Sedans 1975-1981 1128304-1 ALL MODELS 1968-1980 1128442-9
Side Window Wind All 4 Doors 1975-1981 1128752-1 Spring Shocks 240, 260, 1975-1981 283088-3
Deflectors DL,GL,
Side Window Wind All 2 Doors exc. 1975-1981 1128755-4 Trailer Hitch ALL MODELS 1975-1981 283094-1
Deflectors Coupe Wiring Kit 283657-5
Sunroof Wind Deflector All Sunroof 1975-1981 Plug Kit 1128873-5
-Smoke Models 283982-7 Wiring Lamp Converter 284074-2



Floor Mat Sets ALL MODELS 1975-1981 Adjustable Reading Lamp ALL MODELS 1968-1981 283651-8
~2 front, 2 rear) Power Windows Front 164, 24O, DL 1975-1981 283595-7
Koko -Brown Tweed 1128956-8 Rear 1128388-4
Black 1128957-6 Steering Wheel, Leather 240, 260, DL, 1978-1981 1128427-0
Tan 1128958-4 GL, GLE
Blue 1128959-2 Steering Wheel Covers
Plush-Brown 1128960-0 Leather ALL MODELS 1975-1981 282925-7
Black 1128961-8 Vinyl ALL MODELS 1975-1981 282926-5
Beige 1128962-6 Rear View Mirrors,
Blue 1128963-4 Electric Right All Models exc.
Red 1128964-2 GLE, Coupe 1975-1981 283182-4
Themoplastic -Black 1129300-8 Left DL, GL 1975-1981 283181-6
Blue 1129301-6 Manual Right DL 1975-1981 1255685-8
Beige 1129302-4 Trim for Manual Inside 1294714-9
Brown 1129304-0 Trim for Manual Outside 1255000-0
Maintenance Items
Brake Fluid DOT 3 ALL MODELS 1967-1977 284034-6 SAFETY AND SECURITY P.29
(U.S. only) Anti-Theft Alarm ALL MODELS 1975-1981 1128746-3
DOT 4 (U.S. only) ALL MODELS 1978-1980 284051-0 Bumper Reflectors ALL MODELS 1974-1981 283306-9
Cooling System Rust 284033-8 Stripe Kit (Red front,
Preventative (U.S. only) white rear)
Gas Line Anti-Freeze 284032-0 Silver -front ALL MODELS 1978-1980 1128743-0
(U.S. only) Silver -rear ALL MODELS 1978-1980 1128741-4
Liquid Paste Wax 279245-5 Lockable Gas Caps ALL MODELS 1967-1974 281007-5
Liquid Polish 279140-8 1975-1978 283953-6
Lock De-icer (U.S. only) 284037-9 1978-1981 1129012-9
Silicone Lubricant Spray 284035-3 Luggage Cover (Interior) All Wagons 1979-1981 1129025-1
(U.S. only) Warning Triangle ALL MODELS All Years 283342-4
Soft Paste Wax 284030-4
Windshield Glass 284036-1 PERSONAL ACCESSORIES P.30
Cleaner (U.S. only) Ashtray ,.
Windshield Washer 284031-2
Car Thermometer
Solvent and Anti-
Coaster Set
freeze (U.S. only) Cross Pen & Pencil Set -Gold Filled 280655-2280706-3
Trunk Mat All Sedans 1975-1981 1128444-5 -Chrome :
Wagon Cargo Mat All Wagons 1975-1981 283539-5
Electronic Lighter
Paints Code Golf Umbrella
Alloy Wheel Spray 1128736-4 Key Rings -1927 Volvo
'--, Diplomat Black -Touch Up Brush 019 283476-0 -Volvo Emblem Fob
Spray Can 019 2.77500-5 -Two Hour Timer :
Cascade White -Touch Up Brush 042 283478-6 Lapel Pins -Silver 280550-5280549-7
Spray Can 042 277502-1 -Gold Plated (U.S. only)
Carlsbad Yellow -Touch Up Brush 128 1128344-7 Pocket Knife
Spray Can 128 1128339-7 Steel Tape Measure
Cherokee Red -Touch Up Brush 129 1128625-9 Volvo Mug :
Spray Can 129 1128623-4 Volvo Plastic Cars -1927 Jakob
Mystic Silver Metallic -' Up Brush 130 1128622-6 -244
Spray Can 130 1128620-0 -245
Glacier Blue Metallic -Touch Up Brush 134 1128771-1 -264
Spray Can 134 1128769-5 Volvo Tie
Coronado Gold Metallic -~ Touch Up Brush 135 1128774-5 CLOTHING P.31
Spray Can 135 1128772-9 Due to seasonal changes, additional clothing items may be available
Kingsmere Green Metallic -. Touch Up Brush 136 1128777-8 or selected items may be out of stock. Contact your Volvo Dealer
Spray Can 136 1128775-2 Parts Manager for current ordering and size information.
Artesia Beige -Touch Up Brush 137 1128780-2
Spray 137 1128778-6
Castlewood Brown -Touch Up Brush 138 1128783-6
Spray Can 138 1128781-0
Scotia Blue "; --, --,
-foucn Up Brusn 139 1128786-9
Spray Can 139 1128784-4
Richelieu Red -Touch Up Brush 141 1129202-6
Spray Can 141 1129200-0
Vernon Green ~ Touch Up Brush 142 ~129205-9
Spray Can 142 1129203-4
Woodside Tan Metallic -~ Touch Up Brush 144 1129211-7
Spray Can 144 1129209-1
Cameo Brown -Touch Up Brush 146 1129638-1
Spray Can 146 1129636-5
Cyprus Green Metallic ---Touch Up BrushTouch 147 1129641-5
Spray Can 147 1129639-9
Seneca Red Metallic- Up Brush 148 1129644-9
Spray Can 148 1129642-3


We reserve the right to make changes at any time, without notice,
to prices, colors, materials, specifications, accessories items and
also to discontinue accessories items. Printed in CanadaVNA/PM120M1080