No matter the industry or application, precision cutting glass and other brittle materials has always been a vexing problem. However, ASP’s parent company, Fonon Technology International, invented a new process for performing precision controlled scribing of glass. The new Zero Width Laser Cutting Technology™ (ZWLCT™) represents a major breakthrough for brittle material scribing. The effects of this technology are projected to be far-reaching. ZWLCT™ splits materials on the molecular level with tremendous speed. Additionally, there is no material loss, no particles and no chips or other debris associated with conventional scribe and break technology. This is done at tremendous speeds by controlled propagation of a microcrack through the subsurface layer of material. The scribe line is formed in such a way that molecules do not leave the surface of the glass, unlike conventional scribe and break technologies.

Flat Panel Display Production
FPD production based on ZWLCT™, will dramatically improve speed and quality. Completely clean cutting speeds of one meter per second are typical, resulting in undamaged surfaces, high strength and stress free edges cut to virtually any shape.

PDP, TFT-LCD Channel Grooves & Edge Chamfers

ZWLCT™ can be modified to produce well-defined surface grooves and edge chamfering. This can revolutionize the production of TFT and PDP displays and screens. It is now possible to economically produce a matrix of fine grooves in the substrate that can be used for display applications.

Glass Tube Cutting

The cutting of the edges of the float glass straight off the rollers is now possible. This can be achieved at the high production speeds primary manufacturers require without the production problems associated with mechanical stripping.

Automotive Safety Glass

ZWLCT™ is the ideal solution for processing ultra-thin layers of glass for use in the automotive industry. These thin glass panels must have unprecedented tensile strength in order to be effective. ZWLCT™ is the only technology available in the world that can cut glass, leaving edges and surfaces that are 5x stronger than mechanically cut panels.

Glass Wafer Cutting & Dicing

In order to extract the most value from a wafer substrate, it must be processed quickly, efficiently and with minimal material loss. ZWLCT™ ensures that there will be no material loss due to the cutting/dicing process. Maximum yield is achieved from the glass wafer when it is processed using this patented technology. With dicing speeds averaging 1000 mm/sec, process time drops drastically, enabling a giant step up in production.

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