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The door manufacturer shall have been regularly engaged in the manufacture, and erection of doors similar to the kind specified herein for a period of at least 5 years. All rolling steel doors shall be by the same manufacturer. Door assembly design shall be based on a basic wind velocity pressure of 97.7kgf/m2 (20 lb/ft2). Maximum deflection of door shall be limited to 1/120 of the opening width. Materials for doors, hardware, electrical work, accessories, and fittings shall be new, of high quality and grade.


Curtain shall be of interlocking slats of not less than 20-gauge zinc-coated steel complying with ASTM A 446, Specification for Steel Sheet, Zinc Coated Steel (Galvanized) by the Hot-Dip Process, Physical Structural Quality, Grade A, roll formed in easy curves without sharp bends. Commercial zinc coating shall be 35 grams (1.25 oz) complying with ASTM A 525, Specification for Steel Sheet, Zinc Coated (Galvanized) by the Hot-Dip Process, General Requirements. To retain slats in place and to maintain curtain alignment, each curtain shall have malleable iron end locks riveted to alternate interlocking slats. Rolling fire doors shall have end locks on every slat. Each exterior curtain also shall have fastened to every slat the manufacturer's standard windlock. In addition, to close space between the curtain and the guides at jambs, a continuous flexible rubber or closed-cell neoprene strip shall be provided on the guides. All curtains shall be provided with a bottom bar consisting of two ferrous structural angles with the upstanding legs placed back to back. Between the two upstanding angle legs, a loop-type flexible rubber or closed-cell neoprene astragal shall be extended into each guide and securely fastened to the angles. Bar shall be provided with handles for raising the door and stops for retaining it when open in an exact position against the coil bracket.


Guides shall be formed of standard rolled steel angles complying with ASTM A 36, Specification for Structural Steel, not lighter than 5-mm (3/16-in.) thick. The guides shall be attached to jambs by bolts of not less than 1-cm (3/8-in.) diameter, spaced not more than 45 cm (18 in.) on centres. Guides shall be fitted at top into slots cast in the mouth of the roller shaft brackets. Roller shaft shall be steel pipe of sufficient diameter so that deflection will not exceed 2.5 mm/m (0.03 in./ft) of span. Ends of roller shaft shall be completely closed by cast-iron plugs machined to fit ID of pipe, and secured by cap screws, not welded. Roller shaft shall house all counterbalance mechanisms, including an oiltempered helical steel spring capable of producing sufficient torque to assure easy


P.O. Number : 7200018725

operation of the door curtain from any position. Spring tension shall be adjustable by means of an adjusting wheel on the outside of the end bracket. 1.4 Brackets shall be of heavy cast iron or steel, designed to form an end closure support for the hood. Ends of roller shaft shall be journalled into bracket hubs of sufficient thickness to provide ample bearing surface for load of roller shaft and curtain. Operator bracket hub, and plug-in spring end of shaft shall be fitted with self-lubricating bronze bearings or permanently-lubricated sealed ball bearings. Hood shall be not less than 24-gauge steel complying with ASTM A 525, Specification for Steel Sheet, Zinc Coated (Galvanized) by the Hot-Dip Process, General Requirements, with 35-gram (1.25-oz) commercial zinc coating and shall be formed to fit contour of end brackets in a neat manner and reinforced with stiffening rolls at top and bottom edges. A rubber air baffle attached to hood connection and extending full length of the barrel shall be installed on all exterior doors. Doors shall be provided with the manufacturer's standard chain-or bar-type locking device on the inside of the door. All gears, except those which are part of the motor unit, shall be of high-grade gray iron cast from a machine-cut pattern. Gear reduction shall be calculated to reduce pull exerted on hand chain to not over 16 kg (35 lb.). Hand chain shall be zinc coated. Rolling fire door assemblies shall be fire-tested, rated, and labelled in accordance with ASTM E 152, Fire Tests of Door Assemblies. Each door shall be furnished with a metal UL label as evidence or rating, with the label indicating the rating in hours in duration of exposure to fire, and the letter designation of the location for which the assembly is designed. Automatic closing device and governor shall be provided which will operate when activated by a temperature rise and the melting of the 71 C (160 F) fusible link. Governor unit shall be inoperative during normal door operations. The release mechanism shall be designed for easy resetting. Unit shall be fabricated to permit manual lifting of curtain for emergency exit after automatic closing, with curtain returning to the closed position when released. Fire-rated doors shall close independently of motor operator in the event of fire. Automatic closing device shall be thermally actuated by means of fusible link. The door shall not depend on gravity for closing but shall be forced to a closed position by an auxiliary spring barrel, which is inoperative during normal operation and released by thermal control without affecting the permanent adjustment of the counterbalance spring.





P.O. Number : 7200018725


Retaining wheels shall be attached to the tension rod of the auxiliary spring. Wheels shall conform to Section 1.7 above. A safety governor shall be installed to control the auxiliary retaining wheels. Electric door operators shall be furnished, of the size and capacity recommended and provided by the door manufacturer, complete with electric motor and factory prewired motor controls, gear-reduction unit, solenoid-operate brake, clutch, prewired remote-control stations, control devices, and interconnecting wiring and conduit. Hand-operated disconnect or a mechanism for automatically engaging a sprocket and chain operator and releasing the brake for emergency-manual operation shall be provided. Mount the disconnect and operator so that they are accessible from floor level. Include an interlock device to automatically prevent the motor from operating when the emergency operator is engaged. Operator shall be designed so that the motor may be removed and reinstalled without disturbing the limit-switch adjustment or affecting the emergency auxiliary operator. Fire-rated doors shall close independently of motor operator in the event of fire. Local ambient temperature is 50C (122F) maxi mum, 40C (104F) 24-hour average. Motors shall be high-starting-torque, continuous-duty-reversible, constantspeed electric motors with overload protection, sized to move the door in either direction, from any position, at not less than 20 cm/sec (2/3 ft/sec) or more than 30 cm/sec (1 ft/sec). Motors shall be totally enclosed. Power supply shall be 480-V, 3-phase, 3-wire, 60-Hz grounded power supply for electric door operators rated 1/2 hp and larger. Electric motors rated less than 1/3 hp will be supplied from a 120-V, 1-phase, 60-Hz power supply. Remote-control station shall be a momentary contact, three-button control station with pushbutton controls labelled "Open," "Close," and "Stop," located on the inside only. Pushbutton stations shall be heavy-duty, surface-mounted types with a NEMA Type 4 enclosure. Pushbuttons shall be fully-guarded type. All switches shall be furnished with at least two independently-wired, single-pole, double-throw, form z switch contacts rated for current interruption of not less than 6 A inductive at 120 Vac.







Each door shall have an electric safety-edge switch extending the full width of the door bottom and located within the neoprene astragal mounted to the bottom door rail. Contact with switch before full closing shall immediately stop the downward travel and reverse direction to the fully-opened position. The safety switch shall connect to the control circuit through a retracting safety cord. Steel surfaces shall be primed in accordance with the General Shop Coating Requirement.


P.O. Number : 7200018725


All doors and accessories shall be protected against damage during handling and transportation. All doors and accessories shall be stored out of contact with the ground and under a weather tight covering. Doors and operating equipment shall be installed complete with necessary hardware. Guides shall be installed plumb, level, and rigidly secured in place. Exterior doors shall be installed in the interior face of the buildings. Fire-rated doors shall be installed in accordance with NFPA No. 80.



P.O. Number : 7200018725