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Adobe SocialAnalytics Product Overview

Adobe SocialAnalytics Product Overview Adobe ® SocialAnalytics, powered by Omniture ® The business of social media

Adobe ® SocialAnalytics, powered by Omniture ®

The business of social media

Adobe SocialAnalytics Product Overview Adobe ® SocialAnalytics, powered by Omniture ® The business of social media

“Social media enables a real-time, continuous conversation with our audiences that enhances everything from our marketing to the live- viewing experience. Adobe SocialAnalytics offers additional insights that could help us and our fans get even more out of social media.”

Senior Director, Digital Media Group MTV Networks

Adobe SocialAnalytics Product Overview Adobe ® SocialAnalytics, powered by Omniture ® The business of social media

Adobe® SocialAnalytics is the first solution to measure the impact of social media on business. It enables marketers to directly measure their social media efforts, and understand how conversations on social networks and online communities influence marketing performance. Using Adobe SocialAnalytics, marketers can manage their strategy and investments in social media based on measurable outcomes and in the context of broader, multichannel marketing efforts.

Business challenges

Marketers can’t answer the question, “What is the business impact of social media?” They have difficulty measuring both the results of their social media efforts, and the impact of conversations happening on social networks and in online communities. Current solutions can’t provide the answers that marketers need because they are disconnected from the systems that measure business performance. To analyze social media data, marketers must merge data from disparate tools using slow and manual processes that ultimately deliver little insight. As a result, marketers are managing social media programs in isolation and without the business context that makes social media data actionable.


Adobe SocialAnalytics connects social media to business results by integrating social media measurement and monitoring with multichannel analytics. It captures conversations happening on social networks and in online communities and correlates their impact with key business metrics such as revenue and brand value. It also directly measures the interactions businesses have with their customers in social media, including how Facebook posts drive site visitors and purchase behavior. Adobe SocialAnalytics enables marketers to use social data as an input to optimizing interactions with their customers and prospects across marketing channels.


Make social media actionable —Move beyond trends and engagement metrics by connecting social

media to business results, and focus your efforts around what will impact your business.

Obtain real-time marketing intelligence—Discover the conversations and influencers that are impactful to your customers and business, informing more effective marketing strategies and messaging.

Close the social marketing loop —Track the performance of your efforts on social networks, including Facebook Pages, Facebook Apps, YouTube Channels , and Twitter. Measure how engagement, such as “Likes” and comments, drives action such as orders and revenue.

Bring social media into the marketing mix—Remove social media from isolation. Make it both a component of your marketing mix and a valuable input to making your marketing efforts more relevant and effective at driving business results across all online channels: email, websites, mobile devices, and display ads.

Monitor the pulse of your brand—Check the health of your brand relative to your competitors and industry. Understand how well you control the business-critical conversations, and benchmark the shifts in attitudes and behavior that drive your bottom line.

Key features of Adobe SocialAnalytics

Data collection and processing

• Comprehensive data-sourcing, including all publically available data from Facebook, the full

Twitter firehose, hundreds of millions of blogs, forums, and message boards, and dozens of other social networks.

• Enterprise-class data management platform currently processing more than one trillion

transactions per quarter that is scalable with the rapid growth of social media data.

• Smart processing that removes spam and duplicates, and filters data so that all you see is what is

relevant to your business.

• Industry-leading sentiment analysis with support for advanced text analytics and several

languages, including French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

• Standard 25-month data-archiving for historical benchmarking and compliance. • Real-time data feed easily filterable by user, sentiment, platform, date, keyword, and potential audience.

Social network and application tracking

• Codeless integration of engagement-level data from Facebook, Twitter, and other major social networking profiles with just a few clicks. • Track how engagement on social networks drives conversion on your website or other platform.

• Increase actionable insights with previously unavailable metrics like revenue per fan, conversions

per Like, visitors per mention, and revenue per app interaction.

Drag-and-drop dashboard design

• Go from insight to action quickly and easily with a customizable, drag-and-drop dashboard design.

• Set up customizable, user-specific alerts that keep teams informed and poised to act on

opportunities and threats in real time.


• View how social conversations influence business performance and how business efforts drive

referrals and conversions, and leverage insights to inform multichannel campaign strategies and more effective marketing across all channels.

• Easily export reports and data in a variety of formats for additional analysis. Schedule reports to

be sent at any interval, including weekly, daily, and hourly.

• Take advantage of reports built with the marketer in mind. Built-in reports include:

Key voices—Identify the key voices related to your brand and competitors. Understand their effective reach, attitudes, and potential to influence your business.

Share of voice —Discover the conversations that matter most to you and your customers to inform campaign strategy, effective marketing investments, and messaging.

Social platforms and top keywords—Identify the relevant and meaningful volume of conver- sations online, and the topics and themes discussed most frequently. Use this insight to inform engagement strategies and media buying decisions.

Social platform referrers —Evaluate social platforms beyond the number of mentions and sentiment, and understand how they drive referrals, conversions, and revenue.

For more information

Search keyword integration—See how often your top social terms were used to find your website via paid or organic search.

Native integration with multichannel analytics through Adobe SiteCatalyst®, powered by Omniture

Key features of Adobe SocialAnalytics Data collection and processing • Comprehensive data-sourcing, including all publically available

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Bidirectional integration of metrics within Adobe SiteCatalyst and Adobe SocialAnalytics make it possible

to discover ties between social media, your website, marketing campaigns, and core business KPIs.

• Create and apply reportlets within the Adobe SiteCatalyst and Adobe SocialAnalytics dashboards.

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