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A Study of Customer satisfaction in Retail Sector towards Big Bazaar

CONTENT Introduction Review of Literature Rational of study Objective of study Hypothesis Research Methodology Bibliography

IntroductionThe India Retail Industry is the largest among all the industries, accounting for over 10 per cent of the countrys GDP and around 8 per cent of the employment. The Retail Industry in India has come forth as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries with several players entering the market. But all of them have not ye t t a s t e d s u c c e s s b e c a u s e o f t h e h e a v y i n i t i a l i n v e s t me n t s t h a t a r e r e q u i r e d t o break even with other companies and compete with them. The India Retail Industryi s g r a d u a l l y i n c h i n g i t s w a y t o w a r d s b e c o m i n g t h e n e x t b o o m i n d u s t r y . The total concept and idea of shopping has undergone an attention drawing change i n t e r ms o f f o r ma t a n d c o n s u me r b u yi n g b e h a v i o r , u s h e r i n g i n a r e v o l u t i o n i n shopping in India. Modern retailing has entered into the Retail market in India as is observed in the form of bustling shopping centers, multi-storied malls and the huge complexes that offer shopping, entertainment and food all under one roof. Big bazaar is a place where you can find everything for your home. Form grocery items to the electronics and clothes items also. T h e p r i c e s o f t h e a r t i c l e s i n b i g b a z a a r a r e n o d o u b t e c o n o mi c a l b u t t h e r e a r e s o many things in Big Bazaar that you have to buy at MRP and for the same in local market you can bargain. In big bazaar quality of the kitchen articles is very good and they also offer schemes but if you calculate them you will find that there is not a very big difference in the amount. B i g B a z a a r i s d e s i g n e d a s a n a g g l o me r a t i o n o f b a z a a r s o r I n d i a n ma r k e t s wi t h clusters offering a wide range of merchandise including fashion and apparels, food products, general merchandise, furniture, electronics, books, fast food and leisure and entertainment sections

Objective of study :

To find out the factors that affect the buyers decision in Big Bazaar To evaluate the strength of these factors in buying decision of the customers in Delhi. To understand customers level of satisfaction with Big Bazaar outlet.

Hypothesis Ho1: Individual brands in Big Bazaar are not providing customer satisfaction. H02: Private brands and licensed brands are the main cause of customer dissatisfaction.

Research Methodology Research Design

The study will be Descriptive i n n a t u r e a n d wi l l b e c a r r i e d o u t t o i d e n t i f y t h e factors which formed the basis of Consumer satisfaction in organized retail sector and on the basis of these factors a comparative analysis of different category of consumers was done. Sample Design Simple Random Sampling will be used for the purpose of sample design. Tools for Data Collection Primary Data Self Designed Questionnaire using 5 point Likert scale where in respondents would be asked to indicate the degree of agreement or disagreement to particular statement ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

Secondary Data Detailed review of literature from secondary sources would provide the base for identifying the domain, selection, designing and inclusion of various measuring variables in the questionnaire for the study. Sample Size Conduct a Research Program on 100 people Tools for Data Analysis Certain statistical tools like Z Test, chi square t est, Arithmetic Mean, Standard Deviation, etc. would be used for the purpose of data analysis facilitates evaluation of brand name and customer satisfaction.

Bibliography: Berman berry, evansjoel R (2007) an introduction to retail i n g R e t a i l Management, pearson education (Singapore) private ltd, pp.3, eighth edition Nair Suja 2006 retail management Himalaya publication House Mumbai. N S h a t h J a g d e e s h 1 9 8 3 e me r g i n g t r e n d f o r r e t a i l i n g i n d u s t r y jo u r n a l o f retailing vol.5 Lusch F Robbert 1990 Retail management South Weste r n E d u c a t i o n Publishing 2 Edition.