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1 Bottom-up troubleshooting begins at which layer of the OSI model?

#physical layer

2 Which two statements are true about local applications? (Choose two.) #They are accessed from a remote computer. #They run on the computer where they are installed. 3 Refer to the exhibit. What default gateway address will be assigned to PC1 if access to remote resources is needed? # 4 Which attribute must be the same for wireless devices on one network to be able to communicate with devices on a different network? #default gateway 5 How do ISPs obtain public IP addresses?. #They obtain the addresses from the RFC. 6 Refer to the exhibit. The security policy of an organization allows employees to connect to the office intranet from their homes. Which type of security policy is this? #remote access 7 Which wireless component allows wireless clients to gain access to a wired network? #wireless bridge 8 Which network design layer provides a connection point for end user devices to the network? #network 9 Which two transport layer protocols are used to transfer messages between hosts? (Choose two.) #TCP #UDP 10 An administrator is troubleshooting a network problem that involves the inability of users to reach Internet sites. During troubleshooting, the administrator is able to successfully ping web sites by their IP address, but pings to domain names are unsuccessful. Which service is most likely at fault? #DNS 11 Refer to the graphic. Assume that the command output is from a wireless DHCP client that is connected to a Linksys integrated router. What can be deduced from the output? #The wireless connection is good.

12 A company has a web server that must be accessible to both external and internal clients. Which security policy best practice should be followed to maximize security of the server? #Keep the web server on the external network.

13 TCP/IP data transmission between the source and destination host is de-encapsulated in four steps: A. The TCP header is removed. B. Bits are decoded and the destination MAC address is recognized. C. The IP header is removed and the contents are passed to the next layer. D. The Ethernet header and trailer are removed. What is the correct sequence of these steps? #B, C, D, A

14 A computer joins the network and announces itself to all hosts on the LAN. What type of message does the computer send out? #broadcast 15 What are two ways that a user can interact with an operating system shell? (Choose two.) #CLI #GUI 16 What are two examples of peripheral input devices? (Choose two.) #barcode reader #digital camera

17 What are three examples of logical configuration information used when planning a network implementation? (Choose three.) #size of broadcast domains #IP addressing scheme #physical device location

18 Which wireless protocol is used for encryption? #WEP 19 Which value represents the host portion of IP address with a subnet mask of #.10.11

20 A home user is looking for an ISP connection that provides high speed digital transmission over regular phone lines. What ISP connection type should be used? #DSL 21 What is the purpose of pop-up blocker software?S #It prevents the display of advertisement windows.. 22 What are two advantages of purchasing a custom-built computer? (Choose two.) #user can specify higher performance components #supports higher-end graphics and gaming applications 23

Refer to the exhibit. PC1 is unable to access the web server at Based on the provided output, what is the most likely cause of the problem? #PC1 is configured with an incorrect IP address and default gateway. 24 What is the name for the contract between a customer and an ISP that specifies requirements for uptime and service response time? #SLA 25 Which term is associated with logical addressing? #IP addresses 26 Which Windows PC command line utility can be used to discover the path that a packet takes to reach a destination? #tracert 27 Which statement accurately describes what network devices do in the distribution layer of the three layer design model?. #They interconnect local network segments. 28 Select three statements that correctly describe how DHCP services may be provided. (Choose three.) #An integrated router can act as both DHCP server and DHCP client. #Most home network integrated routers receive an IP configuration directly from their ISP. #A variety of devices can act as DHCP servers, as long as they run DHCP service software.

29 Which two causes of networking problems are related to the physical layer? (Choose two.) #disconnected cables #improper operation of cooling fans

30 Which installation option should be chosen when the current operating system is too damaged to work properly? #clean install

31 What is an ISP? #It is an organization that enables individuals and businesses to connect to the Internet.

32 What two pieces of information should a help desk technician document while troubleshooting connectivity issues with an end user? (Choose two.) #if the user can ping the default gateway address #whether the PC uses dynamic or static IP addressing 33

Refer to the graphic. What feature can be installed on the Linksys integrated router to convert private IP addresses to Internet-routable addresses? #NAT

34 After attaching four PCs to the switch ports, configuring the SSID and setting authentication properties for a small office network, a technician successfully tests the connectivity of all PCs that are connected to the switch and WLAN. A firewall is then configured on the device prior to connecting it to the Internet. What type of network device includes all of the described features? #firewall appliance

35 For the second time in a week, workstations on a LAN are not able to log into the server. The technician fixed the problem the first time, but cannot remember the steps taken to solve it. What aspect of the troubleshooting process has the technician neglected? #documenting the troubleshooting process

36 What is the default subnet mask for an IP address of #

37 How does a crossover cable make it possible for two "like devices" (for example, two switches) to communicate? #The transmit pins on one device are connected to the receive pins on the other device. 38 What will be one result of using a wireless infrastructure when designing the communications infrastructure for a new building? #Wireless devices will be easy to add or relocate.

39 What does the term "attenuation" mean in data communication? #loss of signal strength as distance increases

40 Which type of computer has an integrated mouse? #laptop

41 Which Windows command is used to display the configured IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway? #ipconfig 42 What must be identical on all devices in a WLAN for successful wireless communication between the devices? #SSID

43 For devices that do not autosense, which connection requires a crossover cable? #PC port to PC port 44

Refer to the exhibit. A user on Host1 requests a web page from the web server. Which diagram is accurate for the encapsulation of the traffic that is sent from the user to the web server? (D)

45 What describes the external IP address that is obtained by a router through a cable or DSL modem? #a public address that is obtained through DHCP from the ISP

46 Which two components are configured via software in order for a PC to participate in a network environment? (Choose two.) #IP address #subnet mask 47 What destination IP address is used in a unicast packet? #a specific host

48 Which part of the electromagnetic spectrum is commonly used to exchange data between a PDA and a computer? #infrared

49 What two commands can be used to form a new binding if client information does not agree with the DHCP client table? (Choose two.) #ipconfig /release #ipconfig /renew 50 What are the two possible values for a digital bit? (Choose two.) #0 #1 51 Which picture shows a USB port on a PC? (I THINK YOU'ARE A SMART GUY)

52 What is the purpose of a router? #to forward broadcasts to all interfaces so that all hosts receive them