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SAED2401: EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY Experiential Exercise #2 Which of the following factors in Marthas world are influencing her motivation? Family, Culture, Health, Physical, Social, Emotional, Prior Learning Briefly justify your selection. 8 lines The factors that are attributing to Marthas motivation are indicative of her: Family, Health and Emotion. Her family has recently become detached as a result of a parental divorce impacting on her motivation; Martha is missing both the father complex and the proponent that was influencing her with design her dad. This separation of Marthas parents results in her working exceedingly hard to help support the single parented family, effecting her health - being overworked, exhausted and unable to pay attention in the design class. As a result of both these factors, emotion contributes to Marthas motivation as a reflection of her current life situation. How much does Martha value the art class and the required tasks? Use the Task Values discussion in class to guide your response. 6 lines Martha has intentions of becoming an industrial designer and knows that she has to work hard to achieve her design ambitions. Though, her mothers validation of design was deteriorated due to the relationship with her father, resulting in a lack of value in the subject, thus reflecting onto Marthas perception, producing a self-fulfilling prophecy. Martha is not completing the tasks as an outcome from this as well as being exhausted from excess work. What do you think Martha attributes her current poor performance to? Why? 5 lines Use attribution (b) handout as a guide Out of the four factors that attribute to motivation in education: ability, task difficulty, effort and luck. Effort is the internal factor that is attributing to Marthas poor performance in class, due to being overworked in her part-time job, and looking after her three younger siblings; she is too tired to put in effort and concentrate in the her design classes. What evidence is there of intrinsic motivation? 2 lines Intrinsic motivation can be seen when Martha used to design and repackage household items, such creations would make her feel good about herself, thus pushing herself, on her own behalf. What are the motivational effects of the examples of rewards and punishments Martha experiences? 4 lines Martha receives punishment (or negative reinforcement) through deductions of marks and afternoon detentions for both late submission of work and misbehavior. Rewards (positive reinforcement) can be viewed as when Martha completes her work she feels a sense of self-gratification, which comes from within her intrinsic motivation.