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both religions were written 4000 years ago in the same area of the world, and mo st of the stories

are virtually identical - except Jesus was not Gods son he was just a prophet, like Muhammad (even jews believe this). but the jews kil led jesus for claiming to be the son of God (only he never made the claim... it was just what everyone called him.) so 4000 years ago, originally, the moral guidance of christianity, judiasm and i slam were all the same. It's very very basic and simple. Just don't be a selfi sh, greedy, materialistic, superficial, hateful, lustful, arrogant, person or you wi ll suffer from severe guilt and shame at some point in your life. Whereas if yo u live your life as a humble, caring, loving, joyful, charitable, person then you will have a life of comfort and happiness. That's it. It was merely that it was wri tten 4000 years ago and these concepts hadn't been thought about long enough to be able to be described so concisely without crazy stories with ridiculous symbolism and i magery to try to make the point. Over the years, however, Christianity has been modified in certain ways. For ex ample, originally, christian women had to remain fully covered and wear a headre ss similar to a hijab in the islam faith. The purpose of remaining covered wasn't a manly order to supress women - it was a womans choice in order to preserve her beauty and sexuality for only when it was appropriate. In western christian and catholic culture, these rules were altered over the years or just swept under the rug in re-writes of the bible so that they could use sex as an advertising t ool. Same with violence. My main point I see a lot of borderline anti-islamic posts on reddit these days and it often c omes from a christian perspective (even if the poster isn't an actual christian - they were raised in a christian culture) and the post usually depicts a group of men identified as muslims carrying out a certain gruesome act. The most recent is a bunch of muslim guys destroying a jewish/christian wwii cemetary. Some people seem to think that this is how all muslims act and/or that this is w hat islam teaches. Well, do you think christianity teaches grown men to dress u p in robes and bedsheets while burning crosses and killing coloured people? It's the same exact idea. The problem is not the religion itself or the teaching of its scrip tures because if you've ever read the qu'ran and the bible both within a month - you'd see extreme similarities and very few differences in the teachings. The problem is that most believers in ANY monotheistic faith generally believe t hat there is a God that created our world and everything in it, including us, me rely for his own purpose. And now he is guiding us all. -> when applied to every day life, a pe rson with this belief system making up the infrastructure of their mindset would generally just go about their day like a dog chasing cars, not guiding themselve s consciously through life because god doing the guiding for them. they're just going along for the ride on impuslve because everything is Gods doing - not theirs. R ight?

Let's say a Christian man is thinking to himself and his inner dialogue sounds s omething like this, "Wow there sure are a lot of coloured folk around here these days. I don't like that. I don't like it one bit. They dress so lazy and act so rela xed - they're just lazy good for nothing bums. None of them seem to work so how can they be surviving around here? I work 50 hours a week and can barely feed my family yet these jigaboos stand around all day outside smoking cigarettes - they must b e up to trouble. It's not fair and it's not right. I'm gonna do something about this." - then let's say in a drunken stuper, this man and a few of his like-minded bu ddies go and kill a few innocent black men for standing outside and smoking cigarettes. Psychologically speaking, all that happened here is a man ignorant of other cult ures made a quick judgement and became jealous at the fact that he realized he was mi serable working hard and wished he could be relaxed and enjoying life too - in a jealous rage, he imagined slaying a few black people out of anger (jealousy) the enjoyme nt of the fantasy caused his brain to release dopamines into his system, which i s what causes joy. So he unconsciously associated the death of black people with a feeling of joy, and these types of thought processes are cyclical and very addictive. Dopamines are god given drugs, so to speak. The problem is that the angry christian man doesn 't know it's dopamines that make him feel good when he thinks of killing black p eople, he thinks it's God giving him permission to do it - or even telling him to do it . And then he thanks/blames God for choosing him as his tool to rid the world o f lazy black people. True story. Another true story. a group of muslim men with the same mindset but about a dif ferent thing - they get the idea to destroy a christian/jew cemetary, and the id ea makes them feel good so they think it's God telling them to do it - not simple psychol ogy. And another thing - i've seen a lot of people saying lately that islamic nations are under-developed and living in the stone-age. The sociological reason for t hat is because the teachings of the quran have not changed for 4000 years whereas th e teachings of western religions have been altered over the years for use of sex and violence in advertising and decensitizing people to drugs - all a tool used by the catholic church and illuminati (two in the same)