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GAME TURN 1 Initiative Phase

Movement Phase

Check for initiative Remove turned markers Turn over movement markers. Throw tactical dice Player with initiative moves all ships Move Ftrs.

Basic 1D6 each Highest wins Must always move full move Can sideslip 45 ahead at cost 2 MP.

Advanced 1D6 plus Flagship Command factor May choose to go Flank Speed move max plus up to max again. No turn All Stop No move. Can turn up to 3 sides. (2 for capitol) (Can only choose either of these if standard move on previous turn. Can repeat as wished but must make standard move on resuming normal movement) Damage Modifiers Tgt Attk Cap Cr Esc Cap -+1 +2 Cr -1 -+1 Esc -2 -1 --

Combat Phase

Each ship/base may fire on 1 target 1. Throw to hit (Target to hit value) with main and additional weapons Modifiers Ships attack individually. Assign Range 6 -10 : +1 Agile tgt: +1 all targets for all ships before 11 15: +2 All Stop: -1 resolving any combat. 16 + : +3 Damage is applied immediately. 2. Defend against all hits (DV). Throw 1D6 per hit Launch / land fighters Attempt Damage control

End Phase

Damage Control Throw Double to repair 1 damage point Good 4D6 Average 3D6 Poor 2D6 5 hits = Destroyed

Damage Effects

1,2 Hits = Ne effect 3 hits = use reduced values on data sheet 4 hits = Crippled (1 hex move, no turn, AV1 at short range, DV 6+)

Tactical Dice 1D6 per base. Use two colours one for Attack and one for defence. Choose mix of each as desired. Throw all in Initiative phase. All that match or exceed Tactical factor should then be allocated to individual ships. Capitol ships max 3, cruisers 2 and escorts 1. During combat each can be used to add 1 to any individual dice throw, according to type (AV or DV) Fighters Launch during end phase of turn. Can land on any fighter capable friendly ship. Deploy next to own ship(s) as CAP. (If ship >10 hexes away, move as normal) During movement phase move up to 10 hexes with no heading problems. CAP will intercept at 2hexes from main target if strike is in range. Match 1 sqdn vs 1. Have a round of combat. Surviving CAP will continue to engage until destroyed or driven off. If strike Ftrs survive CAP they should move adjacent to target. Ftr Combat 1D6 per sqdn. Add modifiers. Compare 1 v 1 If beaten, sqdn driven off and will move to empty adjacent hex. If doubled then sqdn is destroyed. Ship Attack Each sqdn 1D6. Use standard combat system. After attack, strike ftrs return to own fleet. Can then act as CAP or land to rearm for next strike. Spinal Mount Capitol 3D6 Cruiser 2D6 Escort 1D6 Fires into hexes straight ahead only. Minimum range 2 hexes. No range mods to hit. ECM/Detection Carried by scouts. Allows 2 extra tactical dice per turn and +1 to initiative throw. Maximum of 1active scout per side (if more than one present it cannot be used until 1st is severely damaged or destroyed. Lose weaponry and may not carry spinal mount. Very expensive to produce so are limited in number and always protected by the fleet. Mines Basically deployed missiles with some basic ship recognition. Deploy in hex adjacent to minelayer. Become active once not adjacent to friendly ship. Will attack ALL bases that pass through hex. Friendly at 1D6, as per an escort level attack (occasional missile that goes rogue). All nonfriendly at 2D6 at cruiser strength. Replaces basic AV at a 1 for 1 rate. Close Escort Protects Capitol ship from attack when escort with this ability is placed adjacent. Moves with capitol ship and can be placed into any adjacent hex. Any attack through the relevant arc must be calculated against the escort first. Fighter attacks must be targeted against the escort first. Ships gain defensive ability against loss of speed and attack value.

Design Modifiers Turrets AV Front and rear Reduce AV by 1 Agile Better turn (turn = speed -2). Combat Bonus Reduce DV by 1 Tough Increase DV by 1 Reduce speed by 1 Command / Tactical Good 3+ Average 4+ Poor 5+