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Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access

Comparing Engine: Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access

In case of Honda Activa the engine is a 4 stroke with single cylinder with a displacement of 102cc while in case of Suzuki Access it has the same 4 stroke with single cylinder but here it is displacement of 124cc.

Comparing Power: Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access

Honda Activa can generate a power of around 8.1PS while as Suzuki Access takes a lead here with 8.6PS. Activa is featured with 7 BHP power generation while Access comes with 6.4 kw@700RPM.

Comparing Pickup And Efficiency: Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access

Pickup in case of Honda Activa can be understood as by it can cover 60 km in first 10.5 seconds and can give up to 54 kmpl as mileage. But in case of Suzuki Access, 60 km are covered in just 7 seconds with lesser mileage efficiency of 45 kmpl.

Comparing Dimensions And Ground Clearance: Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access

The dimensions of Honda Activa are 1765x715x1130 mm and ground clearance is about 145 mm and if Suzuki Access is analyzed its dimensions are 1780x650x1125 mm with ground clearance of 160 mm.

Comparing Tires And Brakes: Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access

The tire size and brake size in case of both the bikes are same. The tire size in both bikes is of 90/100 while as breaks used are drums in both the cases. The seat size in case of Honda Activa is about 765mm while as if Suzuki Access is taken into consideration then its seat size is 780mm.

Comparing Fuel Tank: Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access

In case of Honda Activa size of fuel tank is quite smaller than the Suzuki Accesss one. Suzuki Access offers 6.0L of fuel tank while the former offers only 5.3L. Maintenance of both the bikes is pretty normal and easy.

Comparing Price Tag: Honda Activa Vs Suzuki Access

Honda Active will approximately cost Rs.39, 097 while as Suzuki Access will cost about Rs.40, 150 (both ex-showroom prices). After knowing about both the bikes you can now decide what you want, an efficient and a cheap bike or a costly one with better features and attributes. And whatsoever you go for, please take some time to leave a comment before skipping the page.

Honda Activa
Check On-Road Price | Engine : 102 CC | Maximum Power: 8 Bhp @ 7500 rpm | Dimensions:(LxWxH) 1761 x 710 x 1147 mm | Ground Clearence: 145

Suzuki Access 125

Check On-Road Price | Engine : 124 CC | Maximum Power: 8.58 BHP @ 7000 RPM | Dimensions:(LxWxH) 1780 x 650 x 1125 mm | Ground Clearence: 160

Honda activa 110 cc or Suzuki Access 125cc which is better milage?

ctiva is better choice than Access. Because it gives an average mileage of 45-50kmpl in city and below 60kmpl in highways.As the capacity of the Access125 is more,so it will give less mileage than activa. and it's more comfortable to ride also.If you are considering a power, Activa gives a 7bhp and Access gives 8.5bhp.In which Acess is better. And in price also it's 1000-2000 Rs costlier than, if you consider only mileage you would go for activa...

Witch is better suzuki access or honda activa??

Which gearless scooter to buy?? honda activa, honda aviator, suzuki access or kinetic flyte?
Without any second opinion u go ahead with the Honda Activa.. i myself is the owner of Activa since last 5 years and till now i have not faced any major problem.... Its an awesome bike... For further detailed comparison u can click on the following link but i have a wonderful experience with Honda Activa