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Hye Doun

A Publication of the Armenian Nursing And Rehabilitation Center, Inc., Emerson, NJ

April/May/June 2009

The Armenian Genocide Remembrance on April 24, 2009 at the Memorial site of the ANRC

The Presidents Message

Board Of Trustees
ANDREW TORIGIAN President of the Home and Chairman of the Board of Trustees VATCHE BAGHDIKIAN Vice President DAVID ROWAN Treasurer BERGE TALANIAN Assistant Treasurer KHOREN NALBADIAN Recording Secretary ANNETTE TAMALIANALMOND Corresponding Secretary H. CRAIG FROONJIAN, DMD TED TAKVORIAN, Esq. JOHN VANISKHIAN Board Members MATTHEW RUSSO, LNHA Administrator JAN MRANI, M.D. Medical Director

Serving Our People

Andrew Torigian

t is amazing how in life so many things are taken for granted. Here at the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (ANRC) nothing is taken for granted. We are, after all, dealing with human beings whose very lives are dependent on the superior level of care they receive from the ANRC.

For this we are very thankful for our Administrator Matt Russo and his dedicated staff of managers, nurses, health providers and employees. It is for this very reason that our ANRC has been rated a four-star nursing home and rehabilitation facility by the N.J. State Health Department. We, the Board of Trustees of ANRC, are very proud of their efforts and it inspires us to proceed with our plan for a new building for our residents. Our staff go above-and-beyond their duties to make sure our residents are comfortable, have their scheduled activities on time, serve their delicious, homecooked meals promptly, and take care of residents personal needs. We are also very thankful for the Friends of the Armenian Home (FAH), whose efforts to beautify the current ANRC facility has been exceptional. These wonderful, dedicated ladies continue their mission of love on a consistent basis and we and our residents are very grateful to them. q
The Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center sits on three spacious acres nestled in wooded, suburban Emerson, Bergen County, NJ. Our Address is: Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 70 Main Street, Emerson NJ 07630 Phone: 201.261.6662 Fax: 201.261.5509 You are invited to call and make an appointment to discuss the individual needs of your loved one. Directions: By Bus: Port Authority: Bus #165 to Emerson By Car: Exit #165 on Garden State Parkway. Right turn onto Oradell Ave. Left turn onto Kinderkamack Rd. Turn right onto Main St. Follow contours of road. Home on left. From GWB: Take Route 4 to Kinderkamack Rd. Right turn onto Main St. Follow contours of road. Home on left.

Hye Doun Editorial Board

Andrew Torigian Chief Editor Louisa Janbazian Editor Matthew Russo Advisor Howard Torossian Photography and Ads Layout & Design by Caspian Seal Printed by PRINTSOLUTIONS Englewood, NJ 201.567.9622

2 HYE DOUN | April/May/June 2009

From the Administrators Desk

randomly. Of all, 95% of the speakers publicly voiced their support. The closing of Pascack Valley Hospital has had a direct impact on the amount of new residents the ANRC has admitted; regrettably theyve declined. The opening of this hospital will have a positive effect on our future expansion, and ultimately on the community at large. The ANRC witnessed its most profitable years in 2006 and 2007. However, since 2008 we have seen a decline in our fiscal condition of which is largely due to the closing of Pascack Valley Hospital. Fortunately the care we provide, combined with the recognition we receive, has allowed us to stay solvent. The Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has provided nursing care to the frail and elderly of Bergen County for over 70 years witnessing both the birth and unfortunate closing of Pascack Valley Hospital. It is indisputable that the hospital closing has caused financial setbacks to area businesses. Its re-opening will revitalize the Township of Westwood and surrounding communities, area nursing homes, and other businesses as well. Hackensack University Medical Center and Legacy Partners have agreed to invest their own money in the reopening of their hospital.

Public Hearing for

Local Hospital draws crowded

Matthew L. Russo, LNHA Administrator

On Monday June 8, 2009 I had the privilege of attending a four-hour long Public Hearing regarding the re-opening of the former Pascack Valley Hospital, which is now under New Jersey State Health Planning Board review. At stake is the re-opening of the former hospital led by Hackensack University Medical Center and Legacy Partners. The purpose of the meeting was to gauge interest by the local community

Fortunately the care we provide, combined with the recognition we receive, has allowed us to stay solvent.
from the 500+ local residents, and the response was unanimous: Pascack Valley wants its hospital back! While I signed up to speak I unfortunately did not get the chance to publicly state our support. Local politicians voicing their opinions took the first ninety minutes. The chair then chose others In todays current economic climate where more jobs and increases in capital investment are vital, we anxiously await the ruling for Hackensack University Medical Centers Certificate of Need Application to re-open as Hackensack University Medical Center North at Pascack Valley. Keep your fingers crossed! q
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Health Care

Alzheimers & Staying Healthy

Shakeh Bautista, DON ately, all the studies are pointing to the same direction. The choices we make in our lives to stay healthy make all the difference in how we feel and how our body and mind function; healthy body and healthy brain go together. Even if you have Alzheimers a combination of physical, mental and social stimulation can slow the diseases progress. Research indicates that regular exercise and a nutritious diet can slow memory loss and even lower risk of Alzheimers disease. Some of the mentally stimulating activities that build your brain and form vital neural connections to deter cognitive decline are: * * * * Learning a new language Learning how to play a musical instrument Play board and card games Reading books and doing puzzles

* * *

Writing and taking up new hobbies Conversing and singing Visiting museums

New research suggests that exercise and a healthy diet of vegetables, legumes, fruits and foods with omega-3 fatty acids, including salmon, tuna, canola and olive oils, nuts and seeds can help prevent or delay the disease by breaking down toxic amyloid precursor proteins in the brain. Researchers found that fast foods, a diet high in cholesterol, and the amount of fat and sugar consumed displays brain symptoms similar to those found in early stages of the disease. The fast food diet appeared to increase the substance that forms the neurofibrillary tangles common to Alzheimers. The tangles prevent the brain from functioning normally and eventually destroy brain cells. All these findings together encourage us to eat right and keep our mind and body active. These factors convey to us a message that diet and exercise can play a significant role in prevention of the disease. q

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Beth Aymar, MSW, LSW, Director of Social Services
As the newest member of the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation family, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Beth Aymar and I am excited to be joining the team as the new Social Worker. Recently, I graduated from Rutgers University New Brunswick with my masters degree in Social Work. The emphasis of my program was on health, mental health, and aging with a special concentration on grief and loss. My education has prepared me to work with the aging population as I have learned such things as: end of life care, restoring the dignity of older adults, medical concerns surrounding late adulthood, special considerations for the family members of residents, and bereavement issues for both the resident and his/her family. The combination of my classroom education and field experience at Hackensack University Medical Center will prove to be useful as I join the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation staff and I look forward to being a part of such a wonderful community. q

4 HYE DOUN | April/May/June 2009

In the Kitchen with Chef Alan Fass

reetings to everyone! The homes summer menu is in full swing to reflect the change in season. Being that summer is the most difficult time to keep perishables items safe, I thought Id provide you with some more tips to prevent food born illness. I hope this article helps you understand how to keep your family safe while enjoying the summer months.

Poultry and meat can be stored in the refrigerator in its plastic wrap for a day or two. If part of the meat or poultry is going to be used, it can be wrapped loosely for refrigerator storage, but make sure the juices cant escape to contaminate other foods. Tightly wrap any foods destined for the freezer. Store eggs in the carton in the refrigerator rather than in the door, where the temperature is warmer. Keep seafood in the refrigerator or freezer until preparation time. Store leftovers in tight containers.

The first rule of food storage in the home is to refrigerate or freeze perishables immediately. Refrigerator temperature should be 5 C (41 F), and the freezer should be -18 C (0 F). Check these periodically with a good thermometer.

For foods that can be stored at room temperature, some precautions will help make sure they remain safe. Dont store foods near household cleaning products or chemicals. Potatoes and onions should not be stored under the sink, because leakage from the pipes can damage the food. Potatoes should not be placed in the refrigerator as well, store them in a cool, dry place. q

Received with Thanks the following donations for the ANRC

In Memory of Sinorik Mangioglu
Mr. & Mrs. Vasken Bagdat Mr. Vahe Bagdat Mr. & Mrs. Aram Berberoglu Mr. & Mrs. Pier Berberoglu Mr. & Mrs. Serkis Berberoglu Marika & Mardik Cezucci Mr. & Mrs. Dikran Cicek Mr. & Mrs. Garbis Cicekian Mr. & Mrs. Kirkor Dagdevirenel Mr. Arto Demir Mr. & Mrs. Artin Dikici Mr. David Dursunyan Mr. & Mrs. Onnik Garakyan Mr. & Mrs. Haci Garipian Mr. & Mrs. Stephan Gozumian Mr. & Mrs. Gozumyan Mr. & Mrs. Kirkor Gulagaci Mr. & Mrs. Manug Gurel Rev. & Mrs. Hadodo Mr. & Mrs. Ari Karakaya Mr. & Mrs. Magar Kuzuican Mr. Simon Mancilik Mr. & Mrs. Asadur Mirek Mr. & Mrs. Raffi Muratyan Mr. & Mrs. Agop Orakciyan Mr. Ozkuyumcu Mr. & Mrs. Arto Sacan Mr. & Mrs. Sevan Semerciyan Ms. Yeprem Sivaci Mr. Arto Sultancan Mr. & Mrs. Aret Tokatlioglu Mr. & Mrs. Arto Tokatlioglu Mr. Erol Turel Mr. & Mrs. Kirkor Urganciyan The Family Urun Mr. & Mrs. Vahi Urun Mr. & Mrs. Albert Velt Mr. & Mrs. Toros Yetkin Total


In Memory of Haroutun Aramian & Josephine Kaspanian

Aramian Mr. & Mr. Sarkis

Other Donations

Armenian Relief Society Agnouni Chapter of NJ Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bourghol Total $180.00
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Activities Corner

Joining The Community

Sandy Cortelyou, ADC, Director of Activities

n Saturday, June 6th, 2009 the Emerson Senior High School was the place to be! The Emerson Chamber of Commerce sponsored Uncle Johns Puppet Show for all ages with the proceeds going to the Emerson Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Fund. In support of the chamber the residents of the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center were in attendance. On this lovely and warm Saturday fifteen residents and eleven staff and family members were able to go outside and take in some fresh air. Everyone in the crowd delighted at the interaction between the little children and the various puppets. The residents truly enjoyed hearing the laughter coming from the children. The program ended with a few famous musical tunes and some dancing. We all enjoy going out and the residents at the Armenian Home are no exception. We are all looking forward to attending the Annual Senior picnic at Van Saun Park in September and we will hold a few more outings before the cold weather comes.q

On May 6th, 2009 the ANRC hosted the Emerson Chamber of Commerce to discuss community planning and events for our areas businesses. By raising community awareness about our home, our local merchants are able to refer loved ones to the ANRC for superior health and rehabilitative needs.

Uncle Johns Puppet Show

July 3RD, 17TH, and 31ST Residence Barbeques July 7th Lunch Outing July 8th Shopping Day July 19th National Ice Cream Day July 23rd Top Your Own Hot Dog Day August 5th Zoo Outing August 6th Root Beer Float Day August 28th Hawaiian Luau

September 7th Labor Day, Residence Barbeque September 11th Remembering Ground Zero September 15th Senior Picnic, Van Saun Park September 21st Armenian Independence Day Celebration September 28th Maratha Christian Band Performs

Date TBA Blessing of the Grapes TBA St. Nersess visit, twice this month August 14th and 28th Residence Barbeques 8 HYE DOUN | April/May/June 2009

Genocide Remembrance: April 24, 2009

April 24th the ANRC remembered the many Armenian martyrs that were massacred by the On well asWe are very thankful to St. Vartanantz,cameArmenian Presbyterian and St. Leons ChurchTurks. the es, as the Hovnanian School children who to our home this day.

Matthew Barnes, Aide to Congressman Scott Garrett R-NJ-5 reads a message urging House of Representatives members to pass resolution to acknowledge Genocide by the Turks.

A student of Hovnanian Armenian School laying flowers at the Genocide Memorial Site of ANRC.

On April 2nd the Sassy Ladies visited the ANRC to perform dance routines and step patterns for the enjoyment of residents. The Sassy Ladies visit many of our area nursing homes and strut their stuff to Big-Band and oldies favorites. They are just another fine example of how people in the community make a difference in other peoples lives.

On April 14th, the Friends of Grace from the Korean Community Center in Englewood visited the ANRC to perform for our residents. These ladies performed rituals only for the Kings and Queens of Korea in times past. The group believes that ensuring good health and independence later in life relies on the efforts of all generations. The ANRC thanks the Friends of Grace for their dedication to our home and we look forward to their return next year.

On May 7th a few of our residents visited Roses Place in Fair Lawn for Lebanese cuisine! Meeting our residents culinary desires is a top emotional need that is whole heartedly appreciated.

HYE DOUN | April/May/June 2009 9

On April 29th, 2009 the Activities Department held a dinner to thank the many volunteers that provide assistance to the Activities Department throughout the year. The ANRC would like to thank all volunteers that make our home a more special place to be a resident. Our volunteers assist our staff with zoo visits, senior picnics, mall outings, and much much more!

This past May Varoujan Vartanian, Ara Dinkjian, and Noubar Boyajian made yet another visit to the home to the delight of all! Thank you Varouj, Ara, and Noubar for your outstanding dedication to our home!

On May 3rd, local music instructor Shahla Iksal (friend of Patient Care Coordinator Maggy Petrosian) brought some of her toddler students in to perform for our residents. The response was overwhelming to see children so young play musical favorites all could appreciate. To view a child playing an instrument for people many generations older was a treasure words cannot describe.

10 HYE DOUN | April/May/June 2009

Friends of the Armenian Home | FAH

FAH Poon Paregentan

by Linda Amerkanian


n Friday, February 20, 2009, the Friends of the Armenian Home held their yearly Poon Paregentan celebration. A large crowd attended this year to join in the festivities. The FAH ladies started the afternoon circling the great room while singing and clapping. Der Vahrich Shirinian, who resides at the Home, spoke a few words about Poon Paregentan in Armenian and then in English, and gave the blessing of the food table. Beads, crowns and goody bags were distributed to each resident. A beautifully decorated and colorful buffet table with special Armenian delicacies baked by Armine Pechdimaldji was prepared for all to enjoy. We were very fortunate to have music provided by Varoujan Vartanian, Ara Dinkjian and Noubar Boyajian. We thank them for generously donating their time and talent to make beautiful music on this happy day for all for the residents, staff, as well as the FAH ladies. We especially appreciated Varoujans warm manner of singing special songs and speaking to individual people while encouraging them to dance, sing along and requesting special songs with Der Vahrich to singing two verses of Duleh Yaman. The FAH Ladies on the Committee were MaryAnne Bonjuklian, Seta Boudoughian, Armine Pechdimaldji, Anita Temiz (who brought along her son, Shant), Talene Tchorbajian and myself, Linda Amerkanian. Shant assisted the ladies with various chores and was a big help. We all look forward to making our Mayrigs and Hayrigs as happy as ever during these difficult times in their lives. q

2 1
1: L to R: Linda Amerkanian, Talene Tchorbajian, Anita Temiz and her son Shant, Seta Boudoughian, Armine Pechdimaldji and MaryAnne Bonjuklian 2: L to R: Varoujan Vartanian singing, seated Ara Dinkjian and Noubar Boyajian 3: L to R: Singer Varoujan Vartanian, Jack Makinagian dancing and singing along with Residents participating while clapping
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Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

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ANRC Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Armenian Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (ANRC) was held on Thursday, May 21, 2009, 6:30 pm at the ANRC, in Emerson, NJ. A review and an update was presented, as well as the future plans of ANRC. Refreshments were served following the Meeting.