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1-Finish the following dialogue with these words :

retire - watch for footballer in
Lamiaa : I've finished my homework,Dad .I want to...(1)...TV .
Dad : OK. There's a programme at nine about Abou Treaka ,the great.(2)
Lamiaa :He plays .(3)
Dad :And he's going to ..(4) next week .Switch on the television, please
2-Finish the following dialogue with these words:
idea - great - birthday about - present
Yasmeen :Mum'sis next Friday
Maha :Do you want to buy her a ..?
Yasmeen :Yes ,of course what . getting her address?
Maha : That's a good .we can go to the shops this afternoon.
3-finish the following dialogue with these words:
holiday - village - capital visit - Where
Hany : Have you had a good , Samy?
Samy: Yes ,I went with my family to . some friends in Greece.
Hany : . do they live in Greece?
Samy: In Athens, the.. .
4- Finish the following dialogue with these words:
often before teeth mouth do
Mona : What are you doing, Dina ? Dina : I'm brushing my j
Mona : Do you brush your teeth every day ?
Dina : Yes, I k .
Mona : How you brush your teeth ?
Dina : After each meal.
Mona : Do you brush your teeth myou go to bed ?Dina : Yes, always !
5-Finish the following dialogue with these words:
often - before - teeth mouth - do
Mona :What are you doing ,Dina ?
Dina :I'm brushing my..
Mona :Do you brush your teeth everyday?
Dina :Yes, I
Mona :How .do you brush your teeth?
Dina :After each meal.
Mona :Do you brush your teeth you go to bed
Dina :Yes, I do.

6 Finish the following dialogue with these words:
Lolo is asking Fauroz about her hopes of the future.
: What would you like to be when you finish school?
Fauroz : I'd .to be a doctor.
: Good, I wish to be a doctor
Fauroz : If you ..a doctor, which one would you like to be?
: I'd like to be Sir Magdy Yacoub.
Fauroz : Why?
: Because he is very around the world.
7- Finish the following dialogue with these words :expensive should cheap about idea
Yasmeen : What j I buy for Sara ?
: How k .getting her a CD ?
Yasmeen : A CD is too l.. I don't have enough money.
: Why don't you buy her a book ?
Yasmeen : That's a good m
8-Finish the following dialogue with these words:
[about great should read - reading]
Sara: What - - (1) - - I buy for Diana?
Wafaa: What does she like?
Sara: She likes - - (2) - -.
Wafaa: How - - (3) - - buying her a book?
Sara: That's a - - (4) - - idea.
9-Finish the following dialogue with these words:
[When know build built ideas]
Ali: Do you - - (1) -.. - Mohamed Ali?
Hani: Yes, I do.
Ali: - - (2) .- - was he born?
Hani: He was born in 1769.
Ali: What did he - - .(3) ..- -?
Hani: He built many buildings and the
famous mosque and brought new - - (4) - - for Egypt.
10-Finish the following dialogue with these words:
[have yet What wash washed - has]
Mother: What - ------ (1) ------- - you done?
Daughter: I have done my homework.
Mother: Have you tidied your room?
Daughter: No, I haven't tidied my room- - ---------(2)--- - -.
Mother: Have you ------- - (3)- - - the dishes?
Daughter: Yes, I have.

11-Finish the following dialogue with these words:
[read reading about exciting history]
Tamer: What are you - - -----(1) ----- -Ali?
Ali: I am reading an - - - (2) - ----- - book?
Tamer: What is it - ------------- (3) ---- -?
Ali: It is about the - - - (4) - - - of Egypt.
Tamer: Can I borrow it? Ali: Of course when I finish it.
12- Finish the following dialogue with these words:
Rauhana : Hello, what is your favourite.?
Mazen : It's swimming.
Rauhana : Me too, .about going to the beach on Friday?
Mazen : It's a good .but I have a problem.
Rauhana : that?
Mazen : I have a test on Saturday, I should study.
13- Finish the following dialogue with these words:
[For since do Where from]
Ali: - - - (1) - -- - are you from?
Tom: I am from England.
Ali: What do you - - - (2) - --------- - in Egypt?
Tom: I am a doctor.
Ali: How long have you been here?
Tom: - - - (3) - - --------- 1999.
14- Finish the following dialogue with these words:
soldiers - at - born in mosque
Amal : Where was Mohamed Ali j ?
Gehad : k .Albania.
Amal : Who did he come to Egypt with ?
Gehad : With the Turkish l..
Amal : What did he build in Egypt ? Gehad : He built a famous m
15- Finish the following dialogue with these words:
eat - juice - drink - some cake
: What would you like to .....(1)....., sir?
: I'd like ....(2).... meat with vegetables, please.
Waiter : And do you want to ..............(3)............ anything?
: Yes. Orange ..............(4)...., please.

1-Supply the missing parts in the following mini dialogues :(a)Salma : Iheard you were ill last week . How are you now ?
Manal :.
:He's a mechanic
2) Supply the missing parts in the following two mini dialogues :
? Eslam : Which subject is less interesting Arabic or maths -1
Norhan :
2- Ahmed : ................................................. ?
Mahmoud : I was born in 1995 .
3-Supply the missing parts in the following mini-dialogues:
Teacher: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -?
Tamer: Oil is found in Egypt near Suez and in Sinai.
Sara: How about buying a CD for Sally?Mai: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4- Supply the missing parts in the following two mini dialogues:
1- Shimaa : What would you like to be when you grow up ?
Asmaa :
2- Eslam : ? Shroq : No , Ive never been to Aswan .
3- Mother : Have you finished your homework ?Ahmed :
4- Mahmoud : ?Ayman : I have painted a picture .
5-Supply the missing parts in the following two mini dialogues: 4m
A) Marwa : . ?Basem : Yesterday, I played football.
B) Noura : .?Fatma : The tyrannosaurus was the biggest.
6-Supply the missing parts in the following two mini-dialogues:
Ali: What about going to the zoo?
Hani: -------------------------- Sara: ------------------Sally: That's a good idea. I enjoy reading books.
7- Supply the missing parts in the following two mini dialogues:
1- Maha : Have you washed the dishes? Nora : . because I was tired
2- Doaa : . ?Eslam : I've tidied my room
8-Supply the missing parts in the following two mini dialogues: 3m
Yasmin is talking to her doctor.A) Yasmin : I'm too fat, I have no energy. .
Doctor : ................................................................
Aliaa asks Asmaa what she should do to be good at English.
B)Aliaa : ....?Asmaa:You should study hard and read a lot
9- Supply the missing parts in the following two mini dialogues :
1- Gehad : How about playing tennis ?Zeinab : .
2-Al Gohary : ... Mahmoud : Yes, I'm reading an exciting stor

1-Read and match:
1- English and Arabic are
2-Sudan is a big
3-Sorry I haven't
4-Sudai Arabians
5-Rome is
2-Read and match:
1- My sister likes.
2-Football is
3-Lions have
4-Nabil didn't do his homework
5-I don't know
3-Read and match :
1-We haven't seen Salma
2- The food she cooks
3- Where do we
4- Five people were
5- Sara wants to
4-Read and match:
1- English and Arabic are
2-Sudai Arabia is a big
3-Sorry I haven't
4-Sudanese people
5-Damascus is
5-Read and match :1- I have written
2- I've learned new things
3- My father found
4- Nabil hasn't
5- Put away e.

a-the capital of Italy

b-speak Arabic
c-very big cities
d-cleaned the fridge
e-country in Africa
f-different language.
a-Did he?
b-which film
c-reading funny stories
d-more interesting than handball
e-very sharp teeth.
f-4500 years old.
a) be a dress designer .
b) two days ago ?
c) since she left school .
d) is very delicious .
e) get oil from ?
f) killed in the train accident .
a-the capital of Syria
b-speak Arabic
c-very big cities
d-cleaned the fridge
e-country in Asia
f-different languages.
a. tidied his room yet .
b. Heba's toys.
c. sweep the floor.
d. about English on the internet.
f. a new job last year.

6- Read and match :
1- What about buying boots?
2- Cheetah is the
3- The mobile is very useful
4- Open your
7-Read and match :1- Nefertiti and her husband
2- Mohamed Ali brought
3- Mum asked Sara to
4- We use a boat
e- changed their names.
8-Read and match :1- Have you washed the car?
2- I can't leave
3- Why don't you
4- A giraffe is
9-Read and match :1- It's an
2- Do your
3- They changed their names
4- I can't buy it
10-Read and match :1- She enjoys
2- Let's
3- My brother bought
4- How about
11-Read and match :1- Akhenaton was
2- Nefertiti helped her
3- Ramses became king of Egypt
4- Mohamed Ali was born
5- Mohamed Ali brought new

a- because you can carry it easily

b- Good idea.
c- book, please Ali.
d- fastest animal on land.
e- because it's too expensive.
a- clean the fridge.
b- to cross a river.
c- soldiers.
d- New ideas for Egypt.

a- taller than a horse.

b- buy her some flowers?
c- No, I haven't.
d- No, I don't.
e- the hen with the dog.
a- because it's cheap.
b- because it's expensive.
c- exciting story.
d- home work, Sally.
e- because of the new religion.
a- buy a CD?
b- buying a CD?
c- watch TV.
d- planting flowers.
e- a pair of boots.
a. husband with a new religion .
b. ideas and books .
c. a soldier .
d. Nefertitis husband .
e. in 1279 BC .
f. in Albania .

1-Read the following, then answer the questions :
Camels are very useful animals .They can live in very hot deserts for a long
time .They are tall and heavy . They are used for riding and carrying things in
some countries . We can also get milk , meat ,wool and skin .It is usually brown in
colour .It's sometimes used for racing , which is great fun .
Answer the following questions:
1-What is a camel used for in some countries ?
2- How many useful things can we get from camels?
B)Choose the correct answer from a ,b ,or c :
3-Camels are ..animals .
Tall and heavy
b) short and light .c-Short and heavy .
4-The Arabian camels is .in colour .
c)brown .
5-The underlined word which refer to the .


b) racing

c)colour .

2-Read the following passage then answer the questions:

A week ago, my uncle was at a wedding with his children Sally, Heba andHany.
There was a band. Sally and Heba were clapping while a man was singing. Hany
was listening to music. A lot of people came to the wedding. They brought
presents and sweets with them. My uncle himself brought a camera to take
photographs. When they went home, his children said to their mother, "It is a
happy day".
A- Answer the following questions:
1- How many children has your uncle got? ..
2- Who was listening to music? ..
B- Choose the correct answer from a, b or c:
1 - My uncle brought..........
a) a camera b) a band
c) a present
2 - My uncle's children were ..........
a) angry
b) happy
c) unhappy
3 -.......... people were in the wedding. a) Many b) Few c) Some
3-Read the following passage then answer the questions:
My name is Ryan. I have a big family. I have two brothers and one sister. One
of my brothers is older than me, His name is Tim. My other brother Danny is
younger than me. My sister is older than me too. Her name is Helen. My mother's
name is Pam Brown and my father's name is Bob. My brother Tim is married. His
wife's name is Sheila. They have two daughters. My sister Helen is married too.
Her husband is called Terry. They haven't any daughters, just a son, called Ross.

My mother has a sister called Aunt Sally. She's married to Uncle Peter, they
have three children. I like large families.
A- Answer the following questions:
1- How many brothers and sisters does Ryan have? ..
2- Who is older, Ryan or Helen? ..
B- Choose the correct answer from a, b or c:
3) Mrs. Sally is Ryan's................. a) mother b) sister c) daughter d) aunt
4) Terry is Helen's...................a) brother b) fatherc) husband
d) son
5) Ryan likes ..................families.a) small
b) clever c) rich d) big
: Read the following, then answer the questions-4
Akhenaton was Nefertiti's husband. He became a king of Egypt 1353 BC. He
Egypt for 17 years. Nefertiti and Akhenaton had six daughters but no sons. ruled
Queen Nefertiti lived at a time of great change. She helped her husband with a new
religion in Egypt. They changed their names because of the new religion. Nefertiti is
.often called one of the most beautiful women in the world

A. Answer the following questions

.....?How long did Akhenaton rule Egypt .1

?Why did Nefertiti and Akhenaton change their names .2

B. Choose the correct answer from a , b or c
The underlined pronoun "He" refers to . a. son b. Akhenatonc. Nefertiti -3
.. Nefertiti helped her husband with a new -4
b. time
c. world a. religion
Nefertiti lived at a time of great ..a. religion b. world c. change -5
5-Read the following , then answer the questions:
Mohamed Ali was not Egyptian . He came from Albania . He was born in 1769.
He died in 1849 . His father died when he was a boy. Then he joined the Turkish
army and came to Egypt in 1798 . Seven years later he became leader of Egypt .
Mohamed Ali was a great man . He built lots of new buildings and schools. He
brought new ideas and books to Egypt . Egypt changed a lot in his days.
A. Answer the following questions:
1- When was Mohamed Ali born?..
2- Why was Mohamed Ali a great man?..
B. Choose the correct answer from a, b or c:
1- Mohamed Ali was a solider in the . Army
a. Turkish b. Egyptian c. Albanian
2- Mohamed Ali lived for . years. a. 18 b. 60 c. 80
3- Mohamed Ali's father died when Mohamed Ali was .a. very old b. a
baby c. a boy

1-Choose the correct answer.
1- The first (car -map-bicycle) of the world was drawn by El-Idriss.
2- If oil is found , It is (pumped- left- put )to the sueace from under ground.
3 We [may be will must be are] able to visit the moon.
4 -Yara [travel travels travelled will travel].
5-Mr.Khaled (learned- taught- told) us English last year.
6-A (doctor-teacher-farmer) works in a clinic.
7-We should turn (on- off- to) the computer after using.
-A (jug-freezer- kettle) is used to heat water.8
9- (Flippers- Skin-Eyes) help dugong to swim.
10-We use the (printer- keyboard- mouse) for typing.
1-A computer is too (light- expensive- small) to buy.1
12-Great white sharks have (weak- sharp- thin) teeth.
13-There are too much website (at-in-on) the internet.
14-The wolf (eat- ate eaten) a lot of sheep.
15-Have you (ever-never-just) eaten frogs?
16-(Bad-Good-Naughty) pupils shouldn't make noise.
17-We dont like (clever- naughty- good) pupils.
17-Ahmed wont come to the party, [will he doesnt he isnt he cant he]?
18-Yara didnt tell me anything, [did you did she were you was I]?
19-Maher doesnt like teacher,[is he does hedoes Maherlikes he]?
20-I dont know French [am I do I do you are you]?
21-The farmer and [he - him his its] wife were happy.
22The past tense of draw is [draws drew drawing drawn].
23-She went to Cairo in the 21st of April ,2007.
24 Have you [write wrote written writing] anything today?
25[Where What When Why] did you write the letter? Yesterday.
26 Mohamed has got an expensive car; he [cant must will may] be rich.
27 The picture is the pyramids, it [cant must will May] be from England.
28-A dog is (a thing a bird a place an animal).
29-The sack is full of (water rice milk ice cream).
30-I (taste smell touch hear) with my nose.
31 Mona is [the beautiful more beautiful most beautiful] than Faten.
32 Dinosaurs died [in since a bout out] millions of years ago.
33-This is the house (which who whose where) he lives.
34-A car (which whose who where) is new, is expensive.
35-He is too short (too-enough-to-for) touch the ceiling.

36-Manar is happy (too-enough-to-for) to sing.
37-Maher doesnt like teacher, [is he does he does Maher likes he]?
38-I dont know French [am I do I do you are you]?
39-The opposite of rude is (careful-tolerant active polite).
40 Where did you [find found finds finding] my bag?
41 Yara[draw drown drawn drew] a picture yesterday.
42 Have you ever [ridden rode ride rides] a camel?
43 [Did Have Will Do] you ever drawn a picture? Yes, I have.
44-What [have are havent did] you draw?
45-Im going to [sell sells - sold selling] my old car.
46-The farmer and [he - him his its] wife were happy.2
47-I [am not didnt havent hasnt] know where Marwa lives.
48Salma is interested [on at in of] playing the piano.
49 How old [is he he is he has has he]?
50-Ahmed ate a (delicious-salty- bad)meal It's tasty.
51-Can you tell me where (is your school your school is is school) ?
52-Ask Faten what (the time is is the time the time - was the time).
53-Yara (asked wanted said told) to know if I could go with him.
54-What about (meet to meet meeting met) our friend Ali?
55-Carpets (are making was made made are made) in Egypt.
56-The Egyptians (will have to had to could) grow more food in the future.
57-A lot of things have changed 9 for since age if) 1952.
58-Yara asks (at for in on) help when I need it.
59-Yara was late (to from on for) school yesterday.
60-I have been here (since for ago yet) ten oclock.
61-Here is Ahmed (who whose which where) hand was slightly burnt.
62-That is the rope (which whose who whose) he pulled the air
63 We have (many much a few a little) time lets walk to school.
64 Theres (many a little - much a lot of) bread, but not enough.
65 There isnt (much any a lot a few) furniture in that room.
66However, not (a lot many a little) of her friends go to the same school.
67Amal brought (less - a fewer a few the fewest) bread than Amira
68-The opposite of friendly is (friendship unfriendly friend friends)
69-Machinery means (one part of a machine an umber of machine)
70- She ( dislikes -. likes - enjoy )noise because its dangerous .
71- I waited for a bus until it ( played -arrived -caught )
72- This story(teaches learns-studies )us to be careful of dangerous animal .
73- You could( run -catch-hunt )bus number four to Giza .

1-Write question using words in bracktes.
1-Machines drill holes to find oil(Why)
2-Oil is pumped along the pipes (How)
3-Oil was formed millions of years ago.(When)
4-Ahmed can speaks Italian and Arabic.(How many)
5-White sharks and dugongs live in warm water.(Where).
6-Aprinter is used to put words from the computer on paper
7-She shouldnt cheat in the exam.(What)
8-She is used to cheating in the exam.(What)
9-She behaves badly as her parents didnt bring up her well (Why)
10-It is a good idea not to cheat (How about)
11-Yara goes to the doctor when she is ill(When)
12- The iguanodon walked on its back legs. (How)
13-The brontosaurs ate plans and leaves (What)
14- Football is the most exciting sport.. (Which)
15-He gets up at 6 o'clock in the evening (When)
16-She studies hard to get high marks (Why)
17- Yes , she has bought a new computer. (Has)
18-I have visited the museum and the zoo (which places)

19-He goes to the cinema on Friday (When)

20- She has bought a new computer. (What)
21-Yes , I have visited the museum and the zoo (Have)
22-He goes to the cinema on Friday (When)
23- I bought a pair of boots last week. (What)
24- Why don't you buy a mobile? (How)
25- We cross a river by boat. (How)
26- Mohamed Ali was born in Albania. (Where)
27- Mohamed Ali was born in 1769. (When)
28- They changed their names because of the new religion. (Why)
29- A lion is more dangerous than a wolf. (Which)
30- A blue whale is the longest sea animal. (What)
31- He came to Egypt in 1798. (When)
32- Ahmed has done his homework. (What)
33- Mona has washed the dishes. (Has)
34-Ali has washed the car. (Who)
35- Yes, I enjoy reading books. (Do)
36- No, I can't leave the hen with the dog. (Can)
37- We can make footprints with our feet. (How)
38- Hunt means to catch animals. (What)

39- I can see animals in a zoo. (Where)
40- Football is more exciting than tennis. (Which)
41- Mona has cooked the food. (What)
42- There are twenty boys in my class. (How many)

43- She is called Nefertiti. (What)

44- A sculpture is a kind of statues. (What)
45- My mother is out. (Where)
46- Mother asked Sara to cook the lunch. (What)
47- This is a dictionary. (What)
48- Goats eat grass. (What)
49- Ramses built many temples. (What)
50- Yes, He was a great soldier. (Was)
51- I can't buy it because it's too expensive. (Why)
51- He took the sheep to the mountain. (Where)
52- He was born in 1967. (When)
53- The people in Egypt speak Arabic. (What)
54- Elephants is the biggest animal .
( What )
55- Football is more exciting than swimming. ( Which )
56- We go to Alex by bus.
( How )

1-Read and correct the following sentences.

1-I've learn English for five years.( .
2-They have been married for 2000.( .
3-Yara stayed in a hotel in a week. .( ...
4-This part called the mouse.( ..
5- Id like know more about sea life. .( ..
6-Oil is used for make fuels. .( .
7-Ahmed is used to study hard.( .
-Yara has just write the letter. .( .
9-Ahmed forget to do her homework tomorrow. .( ..
10-Furious means very hungry. .( .
11-Ahmed enjoys plays football. .( .
12-My father find a new job lat week. .( .
13-Ahmed reads a lot of books yesterday. .( .
14-people should tell lies. .( ...
15-Ahmed s been to Cairo and still there. .( ...
16-Have you hear me? No, I hasnt. .( ...
17-They havent never eaten in a big restaurant. .( ...
18-Ahmed already has bought a new C D.( .
19-Mohamed Ali arrive in Egypt at 1789.( ...
20-Mohamed Ali built a famous museum of Mohamed Ali. .(.
21-.Ali is a very important leader in the geography of Egypt. .(
22-Mohamed Ali was a good teacher. .( ..
23-Ahmed went to Alex, doesnt he? .( ...
24-Ahmed goes to institute, does he? .( ..
25-Ahmed will go on foot, didnt Ahmed? .( ...
26-Ahmed was born on 1998. .( ...
27-Ramsea was a king of Egypt since 66 years. .( ...
28-A horse is as big than a camel. .( ....
29-Tearchers retire in the age of sixty. .( .
30-The modern Egyptians built the pyramids. .( ..
31-I have many money. .( ..
32-You mustn't say lies. .( ...
33-How much year does this animals live? .( ...
93-Books are making in Cairo(....
94-Oil is used for make petrol(.
95-The people of Egypt are Sudanese.(..
96-Sharks have fins and strong tail to help them eat.(

97-Hoda has swept the fridge.(
98-Dugong live in cold water.(.
99-It,s a help book about different games.(
100-Taps are turned off to get water.(
101-Cheetahs are slower than lions.(.
102-How high is Ahmed?(..
103-Maha eats so many sweet that she is very fat.(.
104-Her house is like big as ours.(
105-He cant see some footprints..(.
106-How many money do you have?(
107-It,s so hot for me to eat.(...
108-fill the bottle of the water, please(.
109-What do you need to make the experiment?(...
110-Rain was feel from the sky.(..
111-Iam not sure .it must be a whale(..
112-Would you like to sea the new time machine?(
113-Yara and Ahmed started there trip(..
114-They must are very happy.(..
115-Yara is very tiring so, she went to bed.(.
116-Yara drew a beautifully picture yesterday.(....
117-Ahmed is happy Mohamed is happy , two.(.
118-Ahmed didnt go by bus, as well.(
119-Unless you dont go to bed , you will be tired.(..
120-The children went back there own time.(...
121-The clothes will be iron this evening(
122-Ahmed fell over but he didnt hurt him.(
123-She is two young to wash herself(
124-Aflas is a suddenly bright light.(
125-She doesnt go to Cairo, does not she?(
126-Ahmed and Mohamed has just seen it.(..
1127-Giza is famous four it pyramids.(
128-Ahmed was borne in 1998(..
129-Widows are made from glass and wood.(
130-Alex is in the north off Cairo.(..
131-In the future ,there can be better hospitals.(..
132-Yara decides help blind people.(
133-Yara,, please washed the dishes..(..
134-An octopus has got ate legs.(..
135-Have you never been to England?.(

136-.How about got some flowers for Marwa?(.
137-I have seen Mona for 2007.(.
138-Dinosure died in 160 million years ago..(
139-Salma was smiling happy(..
140-We are been very busy.(
141-What is you are nationality?(
142-We enjoyed watched the film (..
143-Ahmed drives very careful to the air port.(.
144-How long are you been in Egypt ?(.
145-Ahmed read an interested film.(.
146-Have you buy anew C D?(.
147-A keyboard is used for type words.(.
148-Yara ran quick to her institute.(..
149-What should I bought for Ahmed?(.
150-I saw a very gig wolves.(
151-The thieves stole a bank in Suez.(..
152-He was birth in 1333BC.(..
153-Yara hasnt have a good day.(
154-How much years does this animals live?(
155-The film was so bad that he lift before it finished.(
156-They were saw expensive that she didnt buy one.(..
157-You mustn't say lies.(.
158-My brother has found a new job last month.(.
159-I will win the prize unless I work hard.(.
160-She answered the test correct.(
161-Ahmedcame late yesterday ,dont Ahmed?(
162-The film was so boring that I saw it twice.(..
163-I dont like Kersha , too.(..
164-Oil is used for make fuels.(
165-Amed didnt go neither.(...
166-Ahmed always does her homework by herself.(
167-You will be tired if you go to sleep now.(.
168-You should waste your time.(
169-Cairo is the capital of Italy..(
170-El Idrissi drew the first car of the world.(
171-It,s for another drinks.(.
172-He is used to study hard (
173-Yara enjoys eat sweet food(.................
174-You could by a bike for Ahmed(....

175-Amina doesnt watch TV last night.(.........
176-The lion coat the rabbit and eat him.(
177-How about eating these nice grass?(....
178-There was a boat to help people a cross(.
179-Why not you buy her a book?(.
180-We had an enjoy time at the beach.(...
181-What should I bought for Ahmed?(...
182-A tortoise is slowest than a cheetah.(.....
183-It ate planets and leaves all day(...
184-Do you no an animal?(...
185-Spisers are frightened animals.(....
186- A mouse likes eating chess(.
187-Ahmed which plays football is Mr. Khalid's son(.
188-Some dinosaurs eight the leaves of trees.(....
189-The tall animals are giraffes(...
190-Maths is the most difficult than history(..
191-You were happy yesterday , were you?(...
192-Salmaa couldn't wrote as she forget her pin(...
193-It's very hot ,hasn't it? (...
194- It's running , hasn't it?(.......
195-I married in the age of thirty three.(..
196-Mona is very happy ,isnt her?(......
197-Yara didnt sea much people at institute.(...........
198-Ramses belt many temples.(...........
199-Yara came in of the house started to run(...........
200-There was anyone eat home , was there?(...
201-We arent finished our homework.(..
203-My brother has boat new a list of job(..........
204-Ive wrote a list of jobs.(..
205-Are you travelled outside Egypt this year?(...
206-Ahmed, please puts away the clothes.( .....
207-There is a different between this year and last year.( ..
208-Has Marwa travelled outside Mahallet Bisher now?( ...
209-Yara washed the dishes, havent you?(...
210-Have you never travel to coir?(..
211-They have been to the Red see.(....
212-Salma has dropped any paint on the floor..(..
213-He stayed their for a week.(......
214-Ahmedwas born in the 3rd of march,1998.(...

215-Cairo has the capital of Egypt.(..
216-Have you ever been to the North Cost?(.....
217- Ive just meet an old friend.(....
218-Yara and Amina has just made cakes.(......
219- Ive just washed the dishes, two.(
220-What isnt she done yet?(......
221-Ahmed havent read his story yet.(..
222-Soon means before a short time.(.....
223- It's used to typing words.(..
224-I,d like to learn more about see animals.(.......
225-It has got head in big eyes.(.....
226- It's colour is light brown.(..
227-What would you liked to know?(.
228-Yara has been in Egypt four a week.(.....
229-The police is good people.(......
230-Some thieves stole the bank.(
231-Yara has been here for yesterday(.
231-I came in 8 o'clock(...
232-My friend has write a litter to me.(
234-The police has reported a bad fire in Mahallet Bisher(.
235-The Egyptian team won one an important match.(
236-Books are making in Cairo(....
237-Oil is used for make petrol(
238-Knives are made in metal.(..
239-The first plane flow by the Wright brothers.(.
240-The first car was inventing by Benz(...
241-The chair is made by wood(..
242-Some oil is taken to see ports(.
243-Oil is pumped a long pipes(...
244-This factories are called oil refineries.(
245-How did he make the experiment?(.
246-He filled the jug of cold water.(..
247-I went to the butcher's because buy some meet.(
248-What happens in 1961?(
249-The first oil were found in Egypt .(
250-Oil is fined in many countries.
251-Oil is used to kerosene and other fuels.
252-Most plastic is made of oil.
253-The table is made from wood

254-she is getting up early
255-I can't look for metal.
256-Cotton is used to make fuels.
257-They have stayed in the hotel for Sunday..
258-How long are you going to reading this story?......................
259-They have been married for 2000.
260-Yara stayed in a hotel in a week
261-The robbery happen at seven o'clock last Monday.
262-Furious means very hungry.
263-Ahmed enjoys plays football
264-My father find a new job lat week..
265-Ahmed reads a lot of books yesterday.
266-people should tell lies.
267-They made a trick on the thief..
268-Egypt imports the fewest sugar in 2003.(
269-We always put curtains on the floor of our flats. (.
270-Ahmed is angry about Zeyad. (.
271-We are angry with the film. (
272-He is disappointed at his son. (..
273-He is disappointed in the result. (.
274-Mr.walid 's husband is a nurse. (
275-Leave is the opposite of die. (
276- wish he studied hard tomorrow. (.
277- I wish we travels by bus next week. (..
278-They wish they studied last year. (..
279-I wish he was here now. (
280- Who don't you buy her a mobile?
281- What about buying a book four Sara.
285- How much suggestions did she make?
283- Let's watching a video.
284- A rabbit is fast than a tortoise.
285-Cheetah is the fast animal on land.
286- My father is as older as my mother.
287- She didn't go to work, didn't she?
288- He likes football, do he?
289- They are pupils, are they?
290- He becomes the king of Egypt in 1805.

1-Punctuate the following.
1-mr Khaled met mona and wafaa in alex on Monday
2-mona s birthday is next tuesday
3-mona will go to alexandria next tuesday
4-manal has never been to ankara or athens
5-manal has never been to rome or london
6-mohamed said i went out
7-how are you heba
8-stanly bridge is in alex.
9-ahmed has got a nice dictionary
10- mr Khaled met mona and wafaa in alex on monday.
11-how are you heba..
12-stanly bridge is in alex. ..
13-ahmed has got a nice dictionary
14-ahmed and ali have ever been to rome
15-we visited aswan last march
16- what about visiting nora on Friday
17- let s go to alexandria
18- she visits luxor and aswan..
19-yes we ve finished ..



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