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:::How to make money with ebay - the bullshit free guide:::: Youve probably seen heaps of different guides

for being successful with ebay, wh ich talk shit about promotions, and getting search results, As well as techniques in writing up your listing to make it magically enslave th e mind of whoever reads it, making them buy your item. This guide is not one of those. I will rather than tell you how to sell your ite m, but rather how to find things to sell. How to find wholesale items to sell, a nd how to identify a possible investment gold mine. When i say investment gold mine, im talking about something you could buy cheapl y, and sell for a significant amount more. CUrrently i do buisness with the following products. Carbon - graphite electrodes :pulled from batteries and sold at over 2x the valu e, there is actually a good market for these, and all other similar stuff is rid iculously overpriced. now however i buy rods wholesale, but thats how i started and it worked well for me Thermochromic pigment :super expensive pigment, very hard to come by, but i foun d some, and can sell at less than the cheapest seller, and still turn over 250% profit copper sulfate : common chemical used for many chemical reactions for amateur ch emists, also noobs think that when you electrolyze it, the sulfuric acid will be super strong, when in fact its very dilute Sulfur powder :in australia this is very hard to find at a price that is not stu pidly high, or online with super high chemical shipping costs super powerful green laser modules: i buy lasers very cheaply and sell them for rather large anounts, recently i found out the main reason people by lasers from me, is because they think its illegal to buy them from china. this kind of igno rance goes in my favour, although in actual fact, the only illegal laser product s to import are portable pointers. Still this is a side plus, i dont base my sal es on this, but it helps. this can help you steal away customers from the chines e sellers Laser diodes : i buy laser diodes, then i buy laser housings, then i buy regulat ors. I put them together, and can resell at double price, and it would be cheape r than buying it together wholesale MMO electrodes: i buy MMO (mixed metal oxide, similar to platinum), sheet mesh, which is rare platinum group metal oxides baked onto titanium mesh, and cut it u p, spot weld a peice of titanium onto it, and sell for 5 times more than i buy. at those prices, i am considered the cheapest seller in the world. i sell my MMO electrodes for $20-40, the online value however is $70-120 , the real world val ue is $200-400. I buy my MMO sheet of another ebay seller, and i make a very lar g amount of money off this. this is the perfect example of an investment goldmin e. Random electronic parts : ferrite rings, magnets from magnetrons, laser diodes, motors, random transistors and high power transistor/ IC chips convenience items :things which are ridiculaously inflated on ebay within austra lia, but overseas are super cheap, i buy there and sell within australia, people

will buy more willingly if it comes from within the country, people have paid u p to $20 more for something purely because of this WHolesale dividing : this is essentially just buying a whole lot of something, a nd breaking it up into individual items or bunches. I did this with laser diodes , i bought a large amount my accident, i bought 10 for $8ea. i decided to auctio n them off, and they wound up selling for $30 each, even though they could be bo ught for $20 from china. this of course i also an example of a convenience item.

Typically when something is sold in bulk amounts, the price of individual items drop. Originally i did this with ammonium sulfide liquid stink bomb glass vials, i cou ld either buy 3 for $5, or 30 for $11. i then sold all 30 for $2ea or $4/3, which is close to the individual value. i d id this outside of ebay, but the same sucession rule applies.

The difference between the wholesale value and the current selling price - 10%, is your profit margin, 10% is a typical ammount to drop by. ensure you are the c heapest around, and you will get the most sells. 70% will choose to spend allot more for something from their own country, and likewise most people prefer to bu y somehing that is cheaper. most wont pay 3 cents more for the added security of knowing the seller is more reputable, by being the cheapest. its a pranoia base d on nonesense. 99% of the time, the cheapest will not be any different to the n ext one slightly more expensive, and so on. Still. if you have the cheapest item, youll get maybe 90% of the sales that othe r sellers would get for that exact same thing. the other 10% conists of people m aybe buying different quantities, or people repeat buying from sellers they trus t.

You may be wondering how this will help you make money, Well, i base my sales on stuff i also like. so next time i want a new type of la ser, ill buy 10, and sell the other 9, see how well they sell. if its good, ill buy more. if not, i still have that 1, and the other 9 will sell eventually and ill get a high return, or ill sell the laser diodes at less than what i bought t hem for, giving me a fair discount at least. Next time you want something, whether it be a bag of fertilizer chemical (like potassium sulfate), keep some spare, see if it sells, if it does, next time buy a lot more, and use the bulk extra to both pay back for the whole bag, and also perhaps turn a profit! but if your really sure itle turn over a high profit, like when you find a bunch of value items, where anything you make is profit, see how fast they sell. if t hey sell fast, buy them wholesale in large amounts and sell! That is what i did with my carbon rods, the next step was buying new batteries t o take them out of, and then, i went and bought rods from a manufacturer. The same thing happened with my MMO, but that was for an experiment, to see how well it would sell, which it did!

If you dont have any particular things you would buy, you just want money, look at selling stuff like potassium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, and other chemical fe rtilizers. List them on ebay in small amounts , before you even buy them from the store. eb ay listings with 1 picture are completely free, no cost to you if they dont sell . you only pay fees if it sells! Other things to sell are spare parts of kits, or just screws and stuff. Springs are very expensive, spare ones will sell fairly well. anything you notice at a s tore that is cheaper than on ebay, go and sell it in portions if you can. Better yet heres a list: parrafin wax potassium chloride salt substitute ( very high demand for this cheap ) incandescent light bulbs (small ones from toys that use glowing wire) titanium (any titanium object is valuable) charcoal (be sure to specify what wood its from, and if it was exposed to air wh en it was heated) balsa scraps willow wood (willow charcoal, baked , without touching air, is very valuable) copper, zinc, brass ect valuable metals thick copper wires (advertise as copper cathode) scrap solar cells from anything long lengths of electrical wire (1m or more is good) heatsinks (from computers ect, any heatsink materials, particularly with the bol ts included makes it worth nearly twice as much) novelty legos/ special parts (very valuable, try auctioning them off.) old money/ new money coins wrapped in a coil roll. (next time your at a store, and your getting chang e, ask of you can have your $1 cheange as a 20 roll of 5 cent coins)

Note: Wherever possible send your items in an envelope, its cheaper, and faster. if in australia, anything with a dimension below 20mm, can be sent in a letter, so anything small can be sent that way. i find few things i sell where i have to send something by parcel post, sell ne arly as good as when i send by letter, unless of course postage is free. Anyway, this information should help you establish a small source of income via ebay. ive made this my hobby, and turn over between $60-250/month from this. By the way, i am 16 years old.