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Great Warrior King

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B[LDAD .KAGGIA Voice of (be People

MOT-:']Ai¥.lED AM]N 1" he Eyes of Africa. ,M,WAI ·KliAKI Econo.mist for K~l1y;ilj

KJI~1(ATH] Leader ofMau M:iI.1"l
ELrJAI~· .f;,..L\SJ ND E Rebel ·wilth a Cause fEEVANIEE Be be I of the Empire ]"0]\01 0 I<ENYAl'TA F21Jt her 0 f Hara m bee:


Poetess from Lam u

N"E LS ON· .MAND':ELA Fighter· for Humanity
It.ONALD NGALA Teat: her with a Miss in n JAMM.OGT OD]NGA Pe ople is Revolu tiona ry

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Great Warrior King... •. ~·
I .

by Stanley Gazembs


h.phaeJ lGm·Qsop

Sasa Serna Publications

N~irobi . n UK 139.[~tr.56~OD80 Naiirob~ o Sa~2I."!rirm::d by F®tOifurn'i Ltd.P.]mo.e POLl.a!l1Ymeans wirhout permission • lID \l'Il~ a. Box 14681.i\il rights reserved. ~I 1~I~~I. ISBN: '9966-9.·aJ.~~..2004 Srnnley A 'GazeID1~ Ltd.ybe rcpr.].'l.r © . Copyrigh.IDp Cover' illnstration cCipyrlght e .Thxt Wusrra.~ rrom '1lJJ.. any fmm by .O.O.2 004 J ann Nysgih Cover design by Zand Graphl C5.d:~lici!LtiolJi$ltd• .IIJ. No part oftbis publication m.. i:. P.• f!.. P. sysremer 'h'a[l1~m:ittt:d in.odiuccd~ sto(Cd :lll a .o.~o:FJS copyrig_h [© Z004 Raph~l 'f.Mlell:'S.r:i] -2 7' ~X 'Published bv I . Serna.

It)1 IV Dingiswayo is Killed 22 V 'War with the Ndwandwe ..c' I II Shaka Is Expelled.m.27 v . from HO.!! 'Growing into a Warrior . [X 1 3.CONTENTS Pr1ejar.


dary 6gures met e~crly ItO attain the enviable status they It.le GnlJct Africttns by Sir Rex Niven (G.njoy in HlstOry.]l1!}' primary' school hi 5'1:0:11" lessons.3.g accounts of what historicaI and ]egem. yOllllg boy :i 11. A Histor. had &5'L heard about as .u by Aub:n:·ey Ellior {Colli ns).. M](Ul. people.g the books ID' read and found enligh tening 'were: Ni'. ·wfu.e Afr'i'ciltn Peop'u by Robert ·W:. J set lou'r 'to do some research about rum and about the Zulu.PREFACE The legend of Shaka is well -known among 'the people oJ southern Afiica and Attica as a.ilIJl.oJe. There w. ill my' attempt to unearth the legend of Shaka ~the great warrior I. Jl!l~y(EARP) and The . Be~)') Sons o!Z-ul. of th. nways be ~yi[1.

. bur.err much. YlU .Shua for m. I am confident that most of the events described. elp afme Kenya Natiul]JaJj h Ubrary Services special lIerereru:e section s~..tgefids cam.pt to. in fIll' anem.SHJ\.Wre 'to i\db.C" Thank you v.-iil'li . as matters to do with myths :wd .nth new ideas ~Eliz3Jb~th :Ndua for reading the' rnanusceiptand glvmg vilulbie mmgestions:l' and also S~ . 'and in lnstances they clashed on me. I 'YfOnld. I admit iba.jed~'ehere the contribution of 1.Linnee 'Who he~. In addition watched ffi]ms made onthis great Zu'Ju. sequence o:feveng· and even the y~an ID whlch 'Mo'er Mppened* Nevertheless. vnire a balanced ~umor re~der.)Thad to find a middle ground and .t it[: may be: flawed..pedrne edit the script.KA ZULU D~maR a/the Zulu K"'Ufilom by J'eff'GUly (Longman).be...Ia Lute and Silas Okutoyi ofS~sa Serna Publications who furnished me: ". They au1lll g3Ye dliTerent versions of ~at happened.. 31"€ \vha:t reallyhappened.. ~Iur our of their' ''W3. who.'lO'i. Bu e most of aruID the iinvaJ:uab~e.y 'to ind vamruable literature 'On . order to come up 'Wl.W this booJk.warry· all these veesions 1m.i.

. .lot of time training them.. . gIieaf[ king. had spent a. given that he. Shaka was a strong hardwodd.. - ' . ' . The Zulu arc a smrthern African tribe I . and wouJd Dot risk losing anyofrhem...my.. He led his people in battffie5conquering many neighbouring tribes. of the Zulu people called Shaka. ""-' - ._. .-L' . . '. :face the m."p.e..n.. '_.RAKA-' F'R' 0'"'M H' 0---'ME'.y rn]tel Hgent leader 'who 'thought I CJiI--efuUy before sending his warriors to.g warrior..-'. . And he was not just strong but aJI_IO a mgh!.. .'D".. " . . onee melle lived a. This is became be loved them. S.' " .CHAPT'ER ONE lSI 'E'.'X.E. .. "EL.' . . .. .

B ut still 1 und UJli!r gallant L. Zulu. seeking to rob them of their cattle and .p ..'they were no matchl In those days" tribes fought bitter wars with their neighbours. me Mfolozi [0 the north. The Ndwandwe were . Their name. Through their ..l1. the "pe ople of the sky~·. Perhaps the fiercest enemies of 'the Zul u.. the Zulu had ftiendly neighbours.. and the Tugela to the south. At 'me 'time that Shaka lived. the endless Indian 0 C'C3.zU]~U whose territory lies between two great rivers. Up north towards the hilly country that is the modern-day Ndwandwe Pili" '!i. the Mrctw3 tribe to the east.rapture their young men and 'WOOlen. and' the Qwabe 'tribe to the south. yl~t another river. to the east is.SHAU .' leadership of Shaka .(JlJtl_~~ iJI. me: To the west tower the Drakcnsberg Range of mountains. The young men were ..>JII Swaziland wen! the fiery tribe...hiUy country passes Mhlamse. means 'sky'-'"and so they calJ th emsel yes. 1!j"UJ..

~ O' _. also expanded his territory un till it covered an area of albaut 3 20 ~ 000 square. '._ _ '.EXPELLED PROM HOME forced to join their army~ 'These wars were called. ' •• _ of only l~.sOO.' . e u \ 1. . Mpcsn. Even though he became great. He. £'250" 00 I peop 1 out It uug't! nanon 0. And Shaka was :iU1 exp er it: at them: he managed u. Afrka.khlornletre~ across what: is today South. his area was about two thirds the size of Kenya.·.e.•• . the to b ::'Id -UJIIJ. or War-s of Wmdering'. Shaka was .

and other dangerous animals. Shaka was born around the year 17~8~. One daY' when Shaka was out herding his father's cattle. W~$ He had to stru ggle from a life of poverty to rise to 3. Shaka 's father Scnzangakona was born child. Zulu chief who had. brought up in a royaJ household.J. 'were ever born! Shaka grew up like any other Z uI1l1 'boy. where he 'vas. But Shaka. angered by what he thought to be Shaka's own carelessness that he bad the boy.long before any of us 7 born to . Shaka's father was so. his first- woman who was not properly married to him.SHA:KA Z 1[f L U nor. a '\-vL]d dog sneaked up on the herd and killed one ofthe sheep. along with . many wives. His main task was herding his father' s cattle and protecting them from wild dogs.

.w . Shaka was only' six ye ars old H Cas:t on t of his father' 5 household ~or . [11 They would come upon a household on their path.a ~ 11'1'. Suddenly they had nowhere to live. early at dawn they woul d leave Ion their way.w"Fn1i·· or P·I·]'·'Il"'IiCp11i . them In..kraal) as it was known.11'0(0' ~:v.e night from strangers.·.. Shaka and! hi~ mother went through a.rery different from the life of an ~ "~_~'Ii.EXI~ELLEn FhtOM ~IOME his mother. and knock at the L But often they 'were DOt so hl'cky. _. and had 'to beg for shelter fo. and had to spend the l]ight in the biting cold undernea th the stars ~ hungry and misera ble .Y Shaka and his mother traveled this until they reached Nandi '8 relations of the Langeni tribe in the hills north of Z ululand '. This.i'Yti. lot of difficulties. was.I. Sometimes the kind strangers tookthem in and fed them" And then._ """~ W. the clansmen were unkind to 5 . The Langeni people took. certainl y . as night fell ain house and beg to be shel tered for the night. However.J.r th. Nandi " thrown out of his large hou sehold.

. not beep.etw.nkru!ed :3[ ears ~and. and 'they found.SI-IAUZULU them.~ru. Soo D. because of the dishonour his. mother had br(lugb[ on their name by conceiving Shaka out 'Of wedlock. of other boys because his parents bad. nature was kinder 'to them.g smaller tribes.y of the S. Nat one to run . the young. refuge with a kindly neighbouring clan cal led the.iiW:3. down. Often Shaka was the laughing stock. He worked very hard :in every chore he was given. his hosts.WT-O'LU1.tan~ finely-built y10lmg man who could throw his spear with amazing' accuracy. and greatly Unpressed the Mt. Having found l1t little peace at last. including the Zulus. .cri. over the Iand and Shaka and his mother had to set off yei[ again ~ Thi So tirn e ~ though. Hewas also growing into . drought came. Mtetwa.din.i people. These tribes 'were collectively called Nguni speakers. married. this.Y. The M tetwa chief ruled mer lllall.gh his.tree.~. man 'was not aboutto let. me One day our herding he came upon a leopard lying run a. Shaka aimed his spear and struck the le opard ill the ribs. They would also ~. made him 'Very bitter.

ELLED . 7 . The chief heard of wha t the young m ant bad done and he was very impressed.PRO M HOMt: bringing it down out of the tr-ee.0 b e prepared and brought him.BXP.~ Shaka 'was pIiepare d with his other spear and dub and he bravely struck it dead. So gre at was Shaka's pride and Joy! handed. As the wounded leopard lunged at him. Burt he did not send Shaka awayempty- Hie rewarded the young n13JJ with a CO~~ his very fin t P ossession. He ordered me leopard's to skin [.

Dingiswayo befriended Shaka and trained him 3S a warrior . Soon Shaka distingui shed him self as. He taugh his men how important physicalli fitness is to a warrior. Dingiswayo. he towered over other menl On top of that he had a very powerful body and a restless mind. a clever warrior ~and was given a.. reghl1. 'GROWIN'G INT'O' A.ent to lead. took. He also taught 'them to 8 .CHAPTER TWO.. kind chief of tl e Mtetwa ~ n 1807. over. his son. WARRIOR Upon the death of the. By 'this rune Shaka was only 20' yc MS old. and yet he was so tall.

could be as fast as antelopes. he ordered that a.nz'gn(l. light RJ'£f8ai' spear which they threw at the enemy.=klwa un til the ve ry end of the battle. going first into the field of thorns! ' By the end of the exercise few' of men dare d ques tion Shaka' s orders ~ He e~re. Tradl:ti. and ordered them to trample them into ground with their bare feet! And such was his wisdom he would nut let his prized warriors go 'through the orde al wi thout first showing that it could be done He personally led the exercise. fiery sharp "devll-thoms'. long. Shaka taught his warriors to hold the i. For instance he made 'them discard their cowhide sandals and fight barefoot so that they.nd1esl:gned a" .new kind of weapon.~ the me i me.GROWING INTO A WARlUOR foilow 'me orders of their t superiors. They 'were not to throw 'their spears like field be covered wi th nku. FOf' the few who resisted. He brough in many other cb :an~es. 9 . Shaka introduced a short heavy spear called an i-.onaHy~ warriors were used to fighting with Q.klwa..

they were to be as cunning as foxes. to the fatal. Once they were certain of the enemy's strength.. Indeed. Shaka fa ught h is warriors the m ethod of the 'bul 'I's-horns. stab of the i. . S h aka. Then me enemy') s body was open.. Finally. close hand-to-hand combat. [0 t change.. He taught the warrio rs how [0 use this. they could COIne out fighting. ZlJ L U thei r enernies di d. invented a longer. kllVtt. aJ so taugh this warriors never to sha\v th ernselves to the en erny at the beg] nn ing of a battle. He told them 10 stay in hiding until they had seen enough of the enemy to know how strong he was. This called for immense bravery! 'To Furth er prote cfr the warrio rs. ~ When the ~ "sbull 10 ..HAKA.S. Now Ell Zulu warrior had to advance as close as possible to his enemy and engage him 3. Shaka . big shiel d to push tile enemy's shield to. heavier shield made of raw ox -hide that covered the entire body. As a result their fighting 'tactics had i) .. the side.

est'or ~ head' fight . and. eanwhile. formed the !l. t111 e' Butelezi.·ch.cft.. the enemy could hardly gel!:'out alive! The army was to be divided into three grDUpS.horns' trick was used. . one" group to 'the right. and 'the other to the ]. ~ and the enemy would be trapped in between. Soon an opportunity ShO'N carne for Shaka to Mterwa went to I his skills as a f gil te r. These were the ~ horns.. The war with a neighboring clan. 1I .A central solid block of warriors rust: advanced and locked arms wi th the enemy in a fierce hand-to-hand They were the largest group of the three. of the unit . . the M twn other groups of warriors ran around on either side of me enem y in thin columns.

his eye staring' fixedly at him. AJ[ around the m the cheering ''''arriors had gone silent. They stood at opposite ends of the battlefield exchanging insults.tout. Sudden ly Shaka sprang forward. The Butelczi champion carnie to meet him. dared anyone to come for"vard and face him. and easily took the spear sweeping ~.Chief Dingiswayo took three regiments with him to fight the Butclezi. grip. The ox-tails he wore around his knees and elbows danced menacingly as he approached the enemy." confident that Shaka was an easy catch. of me enemy's 1. shield.. The Bute]ez] champion was alarmed and .2 his. tensely watching the l\VO men.1. hand and a huge white shield in the other. The Butelezi champion raised his spear and lunged . Shaka a snarl spreading on his face. holding his short i-khvtl sp.e'ar in his. 0]] But Shaka. fleet as a. champion 0 ~hen a the Burel 'Zi stepped forward and . beating his chest proudly. buck] was ready for him.

G ROW[NG . Yet again Shaka bravely stepp ed ]n to the n\I1ng of the long spear and took mt on his huge shield. and 13 .[NTO A '\¥ARlUOR raised his second! spear for another attack. pushing it over '[0 his left.

This man was their best warrior. fear descended on the unbelieving Butclezi warriors ]~. the left and the other 'to two IC'O[ umns me right of the B u tele zi arrny. .-l€lwt! descended round-eyed MJj.HA...C 'n Ihni c ne '_' . Immediately their champion had fallen he sprang forward and raced towards the front ranks of the Butelezi army.. ..I.As they had been trained.21 "i!.~ But Shaka was not ab ou t to give them a break.... the Butelezi champion feU to his knees with .and yet Shaka had floored bill'] so c asily . Shah forced both shields to his left. s-norns recr fnq ue he h au . one to.d. . As Shaka' s f:u:~a'Yjt i... 1 taught 'the nl '.Mtetwa 'warriors who made up the ~hest'" o~ tth eu'b 'I.~ yell.. the suddenly turned in wards.. The rest of the Mtetwa hurriedly formed into the VI\VO columns of 'the 'horns' and raced ahead very fasr along each flank.K!1 ZULU th en he used his shie 1 again to push Ute d Butelezi's shield out: of me \V~. closing 14 ..nedup behind him.. leaving the left side of the startled B utele zi exposed to the stab of his deadly i-k/wa spe ar.S. Behind him rushed the other .'.g b rute force.y" Applyin.

The rest of the Butelezi army.giswayo stopp ed the battle and ordered the Butelezi 'to surrender. of the Butelezi army inside the "hull's horns. They were expecting to start the ja.'. hack towards where their 'worn en and cattle were waiting. astonished at wha thad happe n ed. and ran. There was no need for senseless bloodshed. indeed! 15 . The Mtetwa had won the battle hands-down.GRO\VING fNTO A WAl00:0R in and trapping 'the front ranks. Shaka ~ Later ~Chief D iagiswa yo rewarded Shaka wi th teu head of ca ttle an.d promcted him to the rank of captain of a hundred-mart And it was a well-deservedreward unit.bulll" the victory dance! Seeing this. turned rail. thanks to the bravery and ingen uity of one man. Chief D m.

. Before he wed. back. RET"U'. .. man. Bn t this \I\"a5not. 16 .. _.' & the fame of this. brave young rnan spread far and wide. '. . . horne in Znluland Shaka's ageing father Senzangakona wed. M'E .' .. going to be easy.CHAPTER THREE '. . announced that be wanted one of his olher sons. . named Signjana. the old. RN····H· O'. When Shaka heard the news he prepared to travel horne to assume Jeaderahip of the clan 'I U be was the eldest son. This w:as iD the year 1816.

. .'\I'o'iII.RETURN HOME to take over le adership of the c]an. This meant that now Shaka had to fight for the throne.. . L.. Fortunat. tI-!I!." Shaka's friend. With the aid of Mtetwa warriors. Chief Dingiswayo. Shaka 'was happy to be back home after so many years wandering in.' 1.JLJe! . ~ -i' ~ " I. the wild..~b. . 'the greatest enemies were the powerful clans like me N dwandwe to 'the north .M!B Lion! " The 'peop~. They were not happy that Shaka had returned from exile and D13.. However. Shaka managed to mice the throne of tile' Zulu people from his .":r/. righ tflE11y belonged to him.I?. l:~.g of the Zulus. brooding half-brothers.e~y.' Li'O"'I'II11 '_ UI. ·li...IDs. . 17 .The ..'na. tnrone tlaat Aft er successn y capmnng t..jI. Shaka realized that be had many enemies.. Jill! lLTf:lOM.il·n~.. r:1~ ".eof 'the tribe were salu ting their new leader.m:. there were sho '!""(C 'of h. with Shaka at the head.de himselfkin.iln1.i. As the gallan t warriors marched through ~ the village.'I{"'lP.cked at any time. 'was there to help him... full'.Tt:r.rlll ...:l1 "'.could be a.Zulus. Some' of his enemies were .stepbrother ..

honed spears gHnting menacingly in the morning sun! 18 . Of course. woke up by And this was the same for. So carefully did Shaka plan the mission 'that Makcdarna the chief of the Langen i. whom Shaka knew 'weI].SHAUZULU small. to settle with 'them" To do this.the dan. lot of careful thought. He had some persona] business. Then he burned to his mother's clan. the Langeni ~ up north.ge rs in their mildS'C} [heir well.Langerli Iand. finest warriors and sneaked them into . the J" one morning to find his k'rasl surrounded Zulu warriors! ocher senior men ~n. the place' was familiar to him because he had spent :P'Mt of his childhood there. and he bad to' build it up before going to war. He was not prepared Shaka's army WdS to lose the few warriors he had! But how could he conquer the other clans without going to war? This called for a. he selected some of his. He first took 'Wl]L1 t remained of Chief Dingiswayo's Mtetwa army and added them to his own. 'What shock it was for them to wake up and 'find stran.

Shaka. M.RETURN HOME There was nothing for Chief.. his mother. when Shaka was but a.hi s mother ~ relations. But this was not all. mere boy. been unkind to him.age with his []icry ZuJ u i ntpis. l\nd JJ. in exchange for his being Left alone to run his affairs. settle wi th those of . not wishing to engage in senseless bloodshed wi th his kin. as the warriors were known. the unkind re lations writhed L. s who had. These stakes were normally usedto fence in cattle. and. split tree trunks . ordered the chief to sendyoung menfrom the tribe to join the Zulu army. Shaka also had a score to.arching th rough the VllH. He ordered 'them to be executed on sharpened stakes made: from. Shaka found his unkind relations.Il pain) Shaka ordered the Zulu i' 19 .Makedarna 'to do but surrender.

The Zulu arm y was grow. exchange for their being left mec'to run their own affairs. Moreover.g from strength to strength .io. They took away cattle.zUL·U warrior'S to set the :fe:nceson fire VVhat agony the unkind relations lived 'through 3$ they died! And yet SUtch was their awe that they shouted the royal greeting. all their wealth. He made their' chiefs send young' men 'to serve in the .eik J Bttye'def' to the king. grain and women. even as they i.SHA. died" Shaka fe~t n.t. And so the remaining Langeni 'warriors joined Shaka's army. young men nom other neighboeing clans heard of his conq nests In war and. The Zulu descended on them in fearless droves and razed their villages to the ground.KA .. willingly came to join him.. were soon to regret it. 'Those :fe\v clans who dared resist the Zulu. t. Bll:y. Left to 20 . mat is. the Zulu easily conquered other neighbouring tribes.ZIII u army in.o mc:rcy' at 1l1L It was payback time for what they had done to him and his mother. Atfter that.

And as they came into the Z ulu army.Ii wander the open peld. the wilderness. sou th of the Sahara! 21 .R.1JJ army.ZlLlJ. they had no option but 'to surrender and be enlisted into the . the you~g men learned a dis cipline that they had never known and were honed into the finest warriors.E:r U RN H:O.M.

'- To the north of his friend .CHAPTER FOUR D.gone [0 war. . released the Ndwandwe chief with a fine of a few head of cattle: and a stern warning to behave himself 22 .d was tnc rana hostile Ndwandwe clan.. who had been giving Chief Dingiswayo trouble fot a." and occasionally captured Chief Zwide. Often they had . Dingiswayo was stronger.llow· m amed Zwide. but. D"· .· .. .. long time. s. The Chief of the Ndwaridwe was a crafty fe. mgiswayo ')s 1.INGISWAYO IS KIL·. 'to keep the peace» he ~w~ys.:..L·E·D.

That is unable 'to defeat the stronger Sf) Chief Dingiswayo Ntombazi. she kept the skulls of the p eople she killed in her bouse! Ntombazi agreed to. Zwide W.. this they needed 80m e To do of his.6! 'Tog:eth.J" d fjrienn s :t11. Moreover.. She wanted to keep his prized head to add to her collection of skul 1." he cautioned.. he hatched an evil plan" Zwide sought the help of his mother. VIce. he could.3 . hair and bits of his. not believethe levels to.DING[SWAYO ]'8 K]I ." But Chief Dingiswayo bru shed aside his -' -.W. In fact. Ntombazi was an old witch who ~ . friend and mentor could go in the name of good relations with his neighbours. is going to make an attempt on your own life next.. help him. used her craft 'to destroy people.er tb ey' plotted to c ast a powerful magic spell on Dingiswayo. ED L Shaka warned his friend that the Ndwandwc chief was not to be trusted . which his "The man. 2.. ''''] say next time yOll catch that weasel you should slit his throat! the proper thing to do" my friend ~ .

To get th e hai r and toen ai ls. Id get.some 0 f his ttoenans.1 was to trick him into marrying her so that she . COlD. The: witch would use these to brew' a. . This woman beautiful \VOnl:. 01ngi swayo was so taken by the stu nningly beau tifiil woman 'thai he married her.n. -. 'When the' magic was ready" 'tile old 'witch told her SOD to !chaUenge Chief Dingiswayo to battle. rus nair an d..I1. they sen t a to Dingiswayo.. ~!-.'I!. strong magic medicine which would trap Dingi swa yo '... wo uld m eet D inglis'\Wyo' s .~ L· . toenails. like a true Nguni.. took up the challenge. And Diugi sway 0.24 . It had been arranged th at Shaka and some of the warriors. note k_noMflg he was courting deathl his own.

. 1!L. -LU· m bazi U _.t the great chief not omy me battle.-. thrashing once and for all. ~-.niO"~.!!i.'. .. River .a· UJII...oi"'" MJ. ~ N···· .J. Dingiswayo had [0 go on without him. - .£.y . the mighty chief of the Mtenva 'was lured into the hands of Chief Zwide and .LJl.~ .Ib. This was going to I(OS.o. a. left ..... .'~m.. the enemy ranksl So strong W~ the spell that not one of his warriors accompanied himl Only a handful of his wives 'went faithfully with him. was . ". So..!Il1~ late in getting 'to the agreed rendezvous.... Then they 'would . either by magic OF to.'. I . but his life as well. c.. .: SL. In this.r.go together the Ndwandwe Wi:r.!~ shed_ her powerful m.riors and give them..J.'. in 'me battlefield close to the black Mfol 0zi J:U" As the two enemies stood facing' each other 111In~..army. meet 'a " twist 0f' rate... But sorneho w. way.. Soon 'Chief Dingiswayo like a mad man. - the s~fety' of his own army and started 'walking' right in to.

\ZULU was.SHAK.. he vowed to avenge the death of his friend. Shaka's grief '\Y2S immeasurable when he got the news of the cowardly murder of hi me ·d and mentor" wise Chief Dingisv ayo. Silently and sur· ly. killed. 26 .

':-:' '"TH. T.'. However. Shaka's spies brought rum news that 'Chief Zwide was planning 'to attack Zulu. ._'" ""'" "I • " . A"" N""'D""V{E. p'.roC{!:ss.·· WI'.rjng weaker . to her t collection Eventually.' . " -.". In the.-vJdemd his Ndwandwe warriorskept moving steadily ~. E-:" _'I • I "./ tribes [n their '\vay. '~~.. .'". be knew that Chief 27 ." In the following months..'H' .'....lIl~ south. L' • '.' ND'"':"W. Z'. .rAR." : ."he old 'witch added many skulls.:. "_' • ~"'.CHAPT. pkmde.ER FIVE 'l'~.. Shaka had a bone to p'i(~k"vith the 'Ndwandwe be cause they 'had killed 'me Dingiswayo. '".: ~.

' 1 .enr. -.. and to underestimate the size of the Zulu army. and to tell . Zwide and report to hirn on his preparations. lit was 'very dry. W:U Noluju was also! to He to Z"'IVIde about Shak~~5plans.. There W'dS a man called Noluju who was UI0\Vn. lNhile Shaka's army numbered about 10. ozu Hi' ·1I'~ Q" f. Zulu army' . nor water ~ 28 .aJ.. '1 Shaka carefullv chose where the battle ~ ~LJ . 11. had . I'i Q 'i. which was not: easy to climb from the direction of the Ndwandwe army. Zwide had an enormous force of over 18 ~ 000 warriors.lliS the. pace CMlC-d v.: n. J In this W'1ly~ 'the Ndwandwe cbief 'was made "to give away his strategy for the battle. almos t .. Shaka sent him to go and spy on. The closest river W. often invited ItO the Chief's ItrGlal. 11'0 Mfolozi.. and it was quire far.000 warriors. to Chief Zwide and who was.WAR M1"H THE NDWANDVVE Zwide's army was much bigger than his own .)lUJ Hill .. carefully. steep escarpm. 1_11:' " woum be: a. There was fo ad for the Ndwandwe warriors..Zwide that the smaller than itt reallv "vas.mice the size of Jus own! He had to think.

The Ndwandwe were not to susp ect anything until. This Forest was haunted by evil spirits. He 29 . in the beat of battle! The dense.WAR WITH THE Nr:nv.'en~right in the' thick of it~' Shaka had his rnen evacuate the Z'ulupeople from the surround rung homesteads ~ They hid [11 the dense and swampy Nkandla forest. they w. and no Ndwandwe in his right mind woru1d dare venture inside. Shaka planned to lure them into this forest. Nkandla Forest was nearby.ttairuy need.ANDWE which they would ct.

. toughest wMTior would be weakened without water.~and 'this was going to 1 be the roost difficu. carry off all the food and drive away the cattle.· l .U. few cattle.eserted. 'l['T~:fI . However. Shaka 'asked a few of his. It was.bt battle the N dwandwe had ever fbughr..iD.S. that dry area the sun gat scorching hot by mfudday. pits. a. O.l!!..: ".H. 'and even 'the. the. village wi til. And so the next d~y dawned. men empty the grain. the yeat~· 818.' ·!. men to' stay behind in . and.AKAZULU had his...W. the Ndwandwe began streaming toward IQ··. '. In. for the Zulu warriors during the battle.. d.. He had a plan for them.. 30 . Other men 'wok some of the food and water up to Qokli Hill.

g them from atop the hil!~saw to Ius disappointment that me' wily Zwide had chosen to stay at horne.Shaka.e 31 . V¥ ~ Hat~ ..f\Vhcl'"C in sight. tailing. the army.and'N'e. you Zwu cowards! 'CODlJC out and face the champions of battle in all Nguniland..~:')) But there 'was no Zulu an. 'the migh tJr N d w. "ICOHle out. Nomahlanjana.~Il. The place was as deserted as a ghost villagel Shaka gave a signal. plot to 'tJr-a. 11rb. The Ndwandwe carne running in their thousands. In. Wait~was that 3. and the warriors who bad remained hidde II ~n the 'rillag1e drove the cattle in to the view of the N dwandwe. son.p them in theforest! As soan as the Ndwandwe were weU. to lead. the Ndwandwe did not suspect that this was a.. iusid. ObBerV. herd of cattle hurrying away?. all shou r. He hadinstead sent his. their haste [tograb the well-fed Zulu cattle. The N dwandwe rushed after the cattle that were going toward the dark forest..s and bravado.

. .:i'. capturing their chief.A. a S\vann IOf devils descending on 'we' poor Ndwaadwe with and jackals in 'the distance! Those few' Ndwandwe 'who 'were able to escape from the forest were DO luckier. lik'e. to another land. spears.u:'W. . ..~. :fled. found the evil Vlitch woman.pay for the sins she had done. 32 . intent on.~. tile ZUlu warriors descended on them. The ZuJu mined down on them from the hill and hammered.nds. Zwide bad. They chased the. zung! L . Zwitne.S good enough..m an the W.Zuri·i. Instead. stinging with their deadlyI -ltwt.3. However. them senseless. from the 'trees like bees. because she would just as well . the Zulu..tu~B! It was.'(IY bid north where they had come nom.SHAKAZULD the forest. leamt of the defeat of IDS men 'and. Nltombazi.

'. this time of .b.!lmo. another Ndwandwe chief called Sikunyana took over.e ·w.JI ...p urting an end to the evil ·wo. They' marched for m:my days through 33 . to . He tried. . piece of her buttock! And no sooner . snapping :IW3:Y a limb.50~O[]Omen" to meet the new' troublemaker.w. and he let off with an 3iDDY.For punishment.. . I' 'Th c crazy llnye:n I . their motherland .man.reorganize.After Chief Zwide and his men fled..red:lim.WJittl-.' s yt. uU[.~ 10£ witoChttry..e. for the hunger of a starved hyena is enormous! Eventually Shaka ordered dlat the hut be set ablaze ~thus .lc . ' . then a. brought him word. . Ll!: 1Nhat a terrible fate! Cries ofterrible ' L.lIllleUUJ.. to .much back to . :ag'Ony t:: 11 . . chased old 'witch round and round.keep her ut company: a half-starved mad hyena.r.l. scary companion.had he finished one m me bi't~ than be would be '~nneed of Inure.. '1_. the scattered • Ndlwand. the witch 'was dragged all the way 'back to Zululsnd and locked up inside an old 11 with a. 'Yet again Shah's many informers.¥ to ..

umn~singing war ax -hide shields and deadly' i ~klwastlashlng ill the sun. O]JOlIW~'IIi"ii P '. As for ChiefZwide who had..-v: . m M1. H ed " N··: d . run :~w~ylike a coward....oJ... along ~ongs. He travelled north-west into the modern-day Sarno country with ~ few of hls men.ged to take over mather tribe and.JLLIJ. that the young Sikunyana managed to evade capture by the Zulu. awaited.. . Zwide S0011 carne face to faa: with a country... The rest ofthe Ndwandwe warriors were captured and.p.. become chief. . ill ': '.1.-lil ~ S:····h'c. She 34 . and.. They were 'Ii ke a...U n J"" ~ ~~~. However..my.: U'. and later fled up norm into Swazi Shaka trou ble again.r.) their enormous c. L the order the fearless Zulu swarmed up the slopes and devoured them.I. a worse fate..' .. never '[0 C3. fierce foe by the name of'Queea Mabelemane.ruJJi]I I • ~ . It was only by luck. He escaped by h [ding: in a pit that was disguised as an elephan t trap.(!fi.. rum.SIMKAZULU the hot plains in.a. the zu~u a. forced to join.. ·M· ~Jh.f"lb camped at a '~ao·Tii' .. A.use .]. m ighty column offiery safari ants crossing a 'bare field! They met the fe~r Ndwandwe l!. ~l-'ag~.

. a strange land..~. Zwide's own medicine men were no match for this powerful .~her name me ant 'Pour Breasts.'tile Chieftainess of the Pedi people and had terrible supernatural powers. in.j8 rncther. indeed" she was." and.m. Even stranger.~ ~ e . 'work on Zwide and..Ie.TH THE NDWANDVfE 'was. nd a soon Z'\\71id-.ag~..en Ma belemane se t her pOiwlerfuLi magic: to. b. powers dleclifLed~ and he died.WAH Wl.sscd with a set of four pendulous breasts instead of the normal human two=what a sight! QUf. was not there 'to help him. ..('. woe unto him ~ 1. the witch N tombazi. forgotten.

clump of'¥andering Jew weed grows over a manure heap in the rains. And the Zulu empire kept growing. 36 . just as a.SHAKAZULU Wi.th Zwide den:. ~ the last serious opposition to Shaka '5 power was gone.

. and an English doctor carne wounds." Their king Shaka reigned unchallenged.e even tried 3·7 . the so 1}10S[ me Zuluhad become powerful tribe fun. . ' By this time. Shaka encountered the 'first Europeans travelling through Zul uland.'. In appreciation. Shaka allowed the '[0 the rescue of this g~eat Zulu and treated his :nglish traders to operate in Z ululand. It happened tha ~haka had been wounded in battle and was in a bad state. all of ern Africa. Sometime in the year 1824.·_KA'.CHAPTER SIX THE DEATH OF SHA"·. .

Iest the same fate befall him! These killings created fear and discomfort aLCIOSS the land. the dry fJeld. And it was just what his scheming half-brother Dingane bad been 38 .Z'UIJJ to establish diploma ti c relations wi th King George.S..2IL stake. at the m. The warriors became un ha. So great was. someone and. He would just walk up to.' for he was very In his mger he ordered many people killed') suspecting them of being witches who had caused his m other's death . But around this time misfortune struck.a was inconsolable attached 'to his rn othe f.H1'iJCA. agony out there in. S. the awe in which this man was held no one dared question his orders. And his warriors did just that" leaving the poor man to die in. they did not agree with. he would order that the poor fellow be dragged out into the plain and stuck on . if he looked suspicsous.hak.ppy because 'Often they were ordered to do things. Shaka '8 beloved mother N andi died.ere}' of an 1:5 and vultures. the king of '[he 'white people thousands of kilometres a:way.

:lL. " . rnl Thew Ilf)joun-if"p'd .~ b".. .. hi" m .. . 39 I' . He died.~ r..:J lL. brave 111M1 who built and led rhe most ferocious army Mrica had ever seen ... I r"··' . Secretly....THE D'1!ATli OF 5HAKA ''\vaiting for. .: LmL. alone i~ a small kraal ailed kwaNyakanlUb! ~ The 'army was not 'there to defend cllcir ~e3der for ~ Shaka had ordered them 'to go '[0 war just the day before. ".. .. JLUJ~]:l . in 182g.bing 'i!.ead]y i~llfw'a spear he had fashioned.LJ. I~ back with the d. _.rb. Dingane and a few other members of the family plotted Shaka ':5 death. Ull)dl.~:~ in the _.~at 41 year-s of age a t the hands of his own ha lf brother Dingane. And SIO ended thee life of a great k[ngf~the c ' imaginative. They crept upon him early one !llOrntng as he stood..

!!ijii.Bitloq & ~""Si.s~ ~" NC ifl~g' ~'~~OOoK~~ .L: !i:!I~• .lm.an:lln·iI'II ..Pepp.!tv. .S.!:fl'e f'fi. Po~.

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