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Western Australian Association of Teachers of Italian AGM 24 February 2012 BlueWater Grill, Applecross Present: Bianca Petale, Lina

Andrews, Lynne Rockliff, Mirella Kerrigen, Cynthia Carrington, Marinella Caruso, Fulvia Valavasori, Italian Consul Adriano....., Esther Blood, Luigi De Sanctis. Francesca Candaten, Carmelina La Galia, Melissa Trolio, Pina Zingaels, Maria Speranza, Rita De Filippi, Alda Costa, Imma Pellone, Nicole Aquilia, Stefano Rotelli, Maria Suehrche, Kirsten Robertson, Denisse Scassera (Esther please add from RSVP list...I did these from memory) Apologies: Linga Gangemi (Melville SHS), Laura Whitfield (Bunbury Catholic College), Juliana Pupazzoni Burman, Kim Angel (Peter Carnley College), Alessandra Tommasi (Swan Valley Christian College) Grace Costa (Perth Modern), Maria Calabro (St Brigids), Elisa Higgins (SIDE), Michelina Vinci Maria Lo Presti (Aquinas), Rose Famiano Bianca Petale Welcomed members, introduced guests. Consul, Adriano Welcomed membership, spoke of the importance of the National Curriculum and its role in strengthening ties between Aust and Italian governments. He acknowledged the important role and the impact that teachers of Italian have ont he long term relations between Aust and Italy. Acknowledged Prof De Sanctis and Prof Porta at UWA. Prof Luigi De Sanctis As a former teacher and Principal he understood the importance of teachers on shaping students. Indicated that the incoming Consul comes to the position with 4 yrs of experience in the Australian context. He thanked Bianca and Fulvia for their welcome to him personally and in his role. He is keen to encourage all types of exchange between Italy and Australia. Bianca Petale Thanked Adriano and Luigi for their support and stressed how important this ongoing support is for all teachers of Italian. Biance commented ont he excellent turnout to the AGM and was very heartened by the level of member support for all of WAATIs activities throughout 2011. Thanks to Lynne Rockliff and Esther Blood for their organisation of AGM. Thanks to BlueWater Grill staff for their professional approach. Bianca Petale PRESIDENTS REPORT 2012 WAATI committe saw 6 new members: Jaeik Jong, Lynne Rockliff, Cynthia Carrington, Kim Angel and Francesca Candaten. Returning committee members: Angela Signorile, Esther Blood, Mirella Kerrigen, Fulvia Valvasori and Bianca Petale. WAATI ran a number of Teacher PL throughout 2011: Primary PL, Smartboards, Josephine Dundas (funded by MLTAWA). Thanks to all presenters and organisers. WAATI also ran a community event, Susanna Iulianis talk. It was excellent but not as well-attended. Plans to continue these types of events for the wider non-teaching community.

Esther Blood Treasurers report 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2011. WAATI books were audited in accordance with the Association Inc Act. Report distributed to membership. Balance: WAATI: $9383.93 (Income: Membership and MLTAWA sponsorship Expenditure: PL & AGM) WAATI EXCHANGE: $23 043.01 Esther thanked committee and Bianca and Fulvia. Commented that the positive aspect of her position has been connecting and meeting so many Italian teachers. BP Minutes of the 2011 AGM Moved: Lina Andrews Seconded: Lynne Rockliff

BP She thanked the 2011 committee for their hard work and commitment FULVIA: Thanks for her hardwork with Exchange Programme ANGELA: (Outgoing)Thanks for use of SIDE & setting up for Lynne Rockliff to attend meetings online. ESTHER: (outgoing) Thanks for he work as Treasurer JAEIK: Thanks for website creation and maintenance MIRELLA (outgoing)Thanks for her past duties as caterer and for her newsletter initiative in 2011 LYNNE: Thanks for her organisation of PL LINA: Thanks for her work on forthcoming conference & work with PL CYNTHIA: Thanks for her work as caterer of WAATI events. KIM (outgoing): Thanks for her work on committee in 2011 FRANCESCA: Thanks for her work on committee in 2011 and her work on the Assistent teacher initiative MARINELLA: Thanks for her work on committee 2011. Marinella spoke to the membership about the increase in enrolments in the Italian Dept at UWA. 50% increase in 2012 enrolments (230 in Beginners Italian & 66 in Advanced Italian). Italian dept has had greatest increase across Languages. Increase is due to changes in structure at UWA, cross-faculty enrolments, Language bonus for Yr 12, increased enrolments at UWA overall. Marinella quoted Joe LoBianco honour our students and stressed the importance of understanding their needs and contexts. Bianca spoke of the 2012 initiatives: WAATI Biennial conference in May, Assistenti Linguistici (thanks to Francesca for her work). So far there have been 5 expressions of interest. Fulvia thanked the outgoing president, Bianca Petale for all her hard-work and dedication. Presentation of gift and card to Bianca. Fulvia also mentioned that there were 54 confirmed exchange students going from Busselton to Karratha. Bianca thanked Fulvia for her work with exchange programme.

ELECTION OF 2012 WAATI COMMITTEE All positions vacant. President Fulvia Valvasori Nominated by: Bianca Petale Seconded by: Lina Andrews Vice-President Francesca Candaten Nominated by: Fulvia Valvasori Seconded by: Lynne Rockliff Secretary Cynthia Carrington Nominated by: Bianca Petale Seconded by: Mirella Kerrigen Treasurer Lina Andrews Nominated by: Bianca Petale Seconded by: Fulvia Valvasori Committee Alessandra Hardwick Nom: Lina Andrews Sec: Fulvia Valvasori Jaeik Jong Nom:Bianca Ptale Sec: Marinella Caruso Marinella Caruso Nom: Lynne Rockliff Sec: Lina Andrews Alda Costa Nom:Esther Blood Sec: Marinella Caruso Lynne Rockliff Nom: Lina Andrews Sec: Bianca Petale Stefano Rotelli Nom: K Robertson Sec: D Scassera Kirsten Robertson Nom: D Scassera Sec: M Bollini (unsure of spelling) Maria Suehrche (spelling?) Nom: Lina Andrews Sec: Esther Blood

Meeting closed: 10.45am