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Protect Me! 2010 DiSTANTX .NET Framework 3.5

Protect Me! 2010 creates secure executable (.exe) container files to which you c an add any files and directories you want to! Your files will be stored securely inside the container file. To ensure a maximum of security, Protect Me! 2010 uses SHA1 for password validat ion and AES for encryption. The container file can either run or extract your files once you typed in the ri ght password. Key Features: * Easily password-protect any file you want! * You get one .exe file which contains the encrypted file(s) o The result will be just a few KB bigger than the encrypted files the mselves! * Your data is really secure! o SHA1 for password validation o AES (Rijndael) for your data * The container file is compiled at runtime! ber(Deutsch): Protect Me! 2010 erstellt sichere ausfhrbare (.exe) Containerdateien, zu welchen sie beliebig Dateien und Ordner hinzufgen knnen! Ihre Dateien werden sicher verschlsselt in dieser Containerdatei gespeichert. Um maximale Sicherheit zu gewhrleisten, benutzt Protect Me! 2010 SHA1 fr die Passw ortverifizierung und AES fr die Verschlsselung. Die Containerdatei kann Ihre Dateien entweder ausfhren und anschlieend lschen, oder entpacken, nachdem Sie das Passwort eingegeben haben. Fhigkeiten: * Schtzen sie jede Datei, die Sie wollen * Sie erhalten eine .exe Datei, die die Dateien verschlsselt beinhaltet o Die Containerdatei ist nur wenige KB grer, als die verschlsselten Datei en! * Ihre Daten sind extrem gut geschtzt! o SHA1 fr Passwortverifizierung o AES (Rijndael) fr Datenverschlsselung * Die Containerdatei wird sofort vom Programm erstellt! Changelog: -Version - Bugfix: ShellExecute used to throw an exception if a process is run by Rundll32.exe, now it got a selfmade ShellExecute-replacement - Bugfix: Executing multiple files threw an exception (reported by Anonymous) - Bugfix: Buttons "Extract Everything" and "Save As" were mixed up - Bugfix: Fixed some smaller issues

-Version 1.0.1 - Update: Container is multilingual now (can be overriden by param eters -en or -deu) - Update: Container now asks if existing files should be overwritt en - Bugfix: "Execute file" didn't work properly (file naming issue) - Bugfix: Improved filesize calculation - GUI: You can right-click the main application's files list an d chose "Remove Selection" to remove one or more files - GUI: New container GUI - GUI: Improved language parameters detection (can use "-en","deu" or "/en", "/deu" now) -Version 1.0 - GUI: It's multilingual now (German & English) - GUI: Added Windows 7 Support (Taskbar progressbar) - GUI: The main application now has an about form - GUI: The whole GUI was re-designed - GUI: Added a status strip - GUI: Added "check for updates" - Bugfix: The application will not accept a blank password anymore - Bugfix: A container was created after quitting the SaveFileDialo g - Bugfix: Icon options fixed - Bugfix: You can create multiple container files with the same co ntents now - Bugfix: An exception might be thrown when deleting the cached ic on is not possible - Feature: Automatic language detection (UI will be German if your system is German) - Feature: You can override the language detection now by using the the commandline parameters "-deu" (for German) or "-en" (for English) -Beta 2.0 - New: You can choose a custom icon file for your container now (suggested by Yaser Hani) - New: Added the ability to clear the list of files to add (suggested by Yaser Hani) - New: The protected container asks for a password before listi ng its contents (suggested by Yaser Hani) - New: Multithreading - New: Directories can now be stored inside a container - New: You can choose to extract everthing - New: Better error handlung and ram usage - New: Temporary (encrypted) files get cryptic filenames now - Bugfix: Fixed a serious bug which prevented Protect Me! from add ing files if the filepath contained a space character (reported by Yaser Hani) - Bugfix: Fixed a serious verification bug which only affected fil es < 256 Bytes - GUI: Improved file list (shows filesize now) - GUI: Fixed several smaller bugs - GUI: Added full Drag&Drop support - GUI: Main application's form has got an icon now - GUI: Added progressbars to show the current progress - Fix: Deletes temporary encrypted files -Beta 1 - initial release -DiSTANTX