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Jurgen Schirmacher
From: To: Cc: Sent: Subject: "Patrick Holden (Estate Manager)" <> "Tatib Foundation" <> <> Friday, April 20, 2012 11:52 PM RE: De Zalze

Dear Jurgen, Your letter dated 20 March refers. You state in your letter that you and the complainants (for who you obviously act), are entitled to information. We wish to point out that we have to date not received any reply to our letter dated 15 March, in which we asked you, who you were acting for and what your mandate was . For the sake of transparency on your side, please furnish us with this information. We note with regret your continued threats of legal action, whilst we have made every effort to accommodate you and whoever your instructing complainants may be, in an honest effort to find the best solutions for the Estate and all its Residents, to this particular matter. As soon as you advise us of who the complainants are, for whom you act in this matter, we shall favour you with a further response. We would like to also add, that we note in your Tatib blogspot that you are advising the public that you had invited the De Zalze Winelands Golf Estate HOA to arrange an open meeting, with all affected parties, (to the spray drift)with the aim of finding a solution to the problem. We as the HOA never received such an invitation from yourselves, and request a copy thereof. Regards, Patrick Holden
From: Tatib Foundation [] Sent: 20 April 2012 12:27 PM To: Patrick Holden (Estate Manager) Cc:;; Subject: Re: De Zalze Importance: High


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Hi Patrick, Thank you for your prompt response. We take note of the fact that Crown are not registered PCO's and as such that the spraying that they have been doing has been done without a registered PCO being present and thus unlawful under Act 36 of 1947.

The 3rd paragraph, of your letter dated 19 April 2012 seems to state that from now on, there will indeed be a registered PCO present at all times when Crown does any spraying on the Estate. Kindly confirm that this is what you meant - that there were no PCO's in the past, but in the future there will be. Kindly confirm the name and registration details of the PCO that will from now on be present during the spraying. If you indeed do pride yourselves on "proper governance and transparency" , as stated in the final sentence of your letter, you will have no problem furnishing TATIB with the names and details of all agricultural remedies [ pesticides / fungicides / herbicides ] that you have been spraying, not only on the vines, but also on the ornamental trees , shrubs and other areas of the estate. If you fail to furnish us with this information, to which we and the complainants have a legal right, you will sending out a message that you do not wish to be "transparent", which will then leave us no alternative but to serve you with a PAIA application, which under the Promotion of Access to Public Information Act 2 of 2000, will compell you, under law, to supply us with the information that we have requested. Last year TATIB served Stellenbosch Municipality with a PAIA application, which compelled them under law, to give us the information that we require. Dont make us do the same to you . Kindly furnish us with Crown's registered address /domicile where our attorneys may serve papers and also the contact details and names of the directors of Crown as we have been unable to find their details by doing a google search. regards Jurgen Schirmacher ----- Original Message ----From: Patrick Holden (Estate Manager) To: Cc: ; Eben Potgieter ( ; Sent: Friday, April 20, 2012 7:38 PM Subject: De Zalze

Dear Jurgen, Please find the attached. Regards,


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