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Organizational audit: Resources:

Financial resource: with the first share capital is 1,000 billion VND and it has operated effectively for many years, Co-op Mart has a stable financial resource to continue to perform in retailing as well as other business in future. Technological resource: using the quality management as per ISO 9001:2000, the accreditation of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), the application of IT in management, then the hire-purchase of high-tech commodities such as computers and printers, and a chain of ATMs. Organizational resource: the organizational structure and system is arranged logically from superior to subordinate through each department. So, the power of Co-op Mart will be performed in maximum level. Human resource: Vietnamese employees at the supermarket are not trained systematically. However, Co-op Mart always concerns with training employees to enhance professionally their skills in working. Typically, Co-op Mart Ho Chi Minh City is pioneering the standardization of employees. In general, the employees in the private sector are more dynamic, enthusiastic and polite than those in the state-owned sector. Reputation resource: Co-op Mart is enterprise which has been leading in retailing in Vietnam for many recent years when Coop Mart Cong Quynh was the first supermarket of Saigon Coop established with the models of Japan (Co-op), Singapore (Fair Price) and Sweden (KF) in 1996. Since 2000, Coop Mart has had average annual growth rates of around 30%. In 2003, turnover of the supermarket chains was over 1000 billion VND, achieving 50% of the retail market in Ho Chi Minh City and attracting over 30,000 customers per day. Co-op Mart has become the preferred destination for family shopping or relaxation during the weekend. Though the land area of the supermarkets invested in by Co-op Mart is rather small, it still attracts all types of customers in the city as well as in provinces. It has a total of 700.000 close and membership customers. Capabilities:

In a rapid developing society and it must serve huge amount of customer at a time, Coop Mart always is aware in training employees to improve and enhance their skill that enable to work in high power, to be flexible in every given tasks. Managing Directors of Saigon Co-op also have an important role in arranging task and job for each director of departments. By this, its profit increase steadily year by year. For marketing activities, Coop Mart uses "membership cards" whereby customers can accumulate purchased value to get bonuses, birthday gifts or discounts. Other supermarkets often distribute "commodities manuals" to customers to introduce goods, and plan promotion programs. Core competencies:

Besides opened supermarkets, the supermarket projects in other provinces were promptly established. Most of them are located at convenient sites for retail activities. Co-op Marts commodities are diverse, ranging from food to garment and luxury commodities, and are mainly aimed at serving daily demand. One special aspect of this retail system is that the commodity prices are acceptable to consumers. Meanwhile, diversified and convenient services together with consumer - friendly salespeople in Coop Mart who are devoted to consumers, mean it is trying to attain the willing attitude of them in shopping.