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NX - How to Create Custom Reuse and Machinery Library Parts

New to NX5 are the Reuse and the Machinery Library parts. The libraries contain some standard parts and common structural models. You can either add to these libraries or create new ones. This article describes the steps needed to create your own library, create the files for the libraries and describe how they work. The required library object components are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The Reuse Library functionality toggled ON from the Customer Defaults. A part file BMP (bitmap, Best size to use is 300x200) image Spreadsheet Directory where the objects will be retained

Start NX5, go to File => Utilitie => Customer Defaults => Gateway => Reuse, toggle on the Display Reuse Library under the Native selection => OK. Exit NX5 saving the changes and restart NX5 to load the changes made to the Customer Defaults. The following example is a parametric compression spring part created with a Helix feature and a tube.

The expressions are renamed as:

Because the Tube feature ID will not be changed in the spring model design, we will not need to rename the p4 expression. We will not be using this expression later either. The part file can be saved at this point to preserve the model. Enter the Drafting application to detail the spring in the modeling view (Cancel the creation of the drawing sheet).

Edit the text of the dimensions to describe the expression to be edited. Then use File => Export => BMP to save the image that will be used in the library selection. Next create the spreadsheet needs to define the Primary Parameters. The expressions to be editable when adding the library part will need to be defined and match the expressions named in the part file as shown in bold characters below. At the bottom of the expression values, place end there as shown. This spreadsheet works in the same manner as the Knowledge Driven Applications such as Mold Wizard and Progressive Die Wizard; empty cells below the defined cell such as under the parameter Radius will use the parameter defined until a new value is defined again. Cells C3 and C4 will use the value of 10 for the parameter Radius.

Create a directory where the part file, bitmap image, and the spreadsheet will be stored, such as C:\MyCustomLibrary\. Create a new Blank part file. From Gateway select the Reuse Library tab from the Resource Bar and pin it open using the thumb tack icon. Use Right Mouse to select the empty space under the Standard Parts to select from the Add Library menu. Browse to the directory C:\MyCustomLibrary\ then select OK. As shown below, the Reuse library will be listed below the Standard Parts library.

Select the MyCustomLibrary (reuse) and the part file should be shown in the Member Select window. Use Right Mouse to select the Reuse Library Member, select Edit KRX File. The Create/Edit KRX file dialog will appear. Here is where the Spreadsheet and Bitmap image are specified to be used for this Member. Select which of the Primary Parameters are to be used. When completed, select OK. Drag and drop this part file in the NX5 modeling window. The dialog Add Reusable Component will appear where the Primary Parameters can be selected or the Details can be edited. To modify an existing value entered in the Details, use the Right Mouse to unlock and change the value. The Machinery Library parts work in the same manner. The key difference between the Reuse Library and Machine Library is their license requirements. The Reuse Library parts are sample parts available under all NX licenses while the Machinery Library parts are available through the MACH3 Bundle license. Please refer to the NX5 documentation for further information regarding the Reuse and Machinery libraries. Walter Schnurr