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Differentiation Quiz: True or False?

Why or why not? HDYKT?
Differentiated instruction is
not a single strategy, but
1. Differentiation What is DI?
rather an approach to
is individualized F
instruction that
instruction. entation.asp
incorporates a variety of
It is important for the
teacher to establish the
2. Differentiated
fact that each student is a
instruction means Enhance learning with technology.
unique individual and has
having high F
different learning needs.
expectations for es.html
Consequently they will be
all students.
working at different tasks
much of the time.
3. In F When teachers What is DI?
Differentiated differentiate, they do so in
instruction, response to a student’s entation.asp
students are readiness, interest, and/or
always grouped learning profile. Readiness
homogeneously refers to the skill level and
(based on background knowledge of
readiness). the child. A student¡¯s
learning profile includes
EDU 276 DI QUIZ (FALL ’08) – © 2008, MENGMENG, LIN-p. 1
learning style, grouping
preferences, and
4. Differentiated If the student has difficult
assignments learning by listening, How to adapt teaching strategies to Student Needs
should be offered writing, etc. Try to find
at all times. some lower level.
To demonstrate
5. Differentiation
understanding of a
means assigning What is DI?
geometric concept, one
more work to F
student may solve a
some students entation.asp
problem set, while another
and less to others.
builds a model.
Teachers can also get
information about student
learning styles by asking
students how they learn
best and by observing
student activities.
6. A Differentiated How is it Implemented?
Identifying environmental
classroom T
preferences includes
provides choice. entation.asp
determining whether
students work best in large
or small groups and what
environmental factors
might contribute to or
inhibit student learning.
Learning contract gives
7. A learning teachers a way to DI in the
contact is used classroom, students are
with students who F decide in what ways their
have behavior education will be
problems. structured vary on specific
student need.
EDU 276 DI QUIZ (FALL ’08) – © 2008, MENGMENG, LIN-p. 2
Tiered assignments are
8. Tiering designed to instruct
What does it look like for reading?
assignments students on essential skills
means that they F that are provided at
are watered down different levels of
for slow students. complexity, abstractness,
and open-endedness.
9. Pre-and
All differentiation of Enhance learning with technology
T learning begins with
student assessment. es.html
Specified ongoing
activities on which
10. Anchor students work
activities are busy T independently /ongoing
work. assignments that students
can work on throughout a
unit. It is busy work.


EDU 276 DI QUIZ (FALL ’08) – © 2008, MENGMENG, LIN-p. 3