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1Chronicles 4:9-10 Her Sorrow, Her Pain, His Gain I am amazed how God reveals Himself in this situation as relate to the prayer of Jabez. I find it interesting that Ezra, who is believed to be the writer, does not mention the name of Jabez mother or Jabez father. We find the chapter opening with Genealogy of Judah. Very little is known about Jabez or his immediate family. In most cases the bible would list the name of the parents. The bible say that Jabez mother name him that because I have bear him with sorrow. Pay attention to how the scripture is worded. She did not say I bear him in sorrow, but she does say I bear him with sorrow. She did not say I bear him through sorrow, again I say, she stated I bear him with sorrow. The word through is a preposition, that indicate that at some point, an end is expected. Through indicates a period of time, If I say I drove through Newnan, I went through the city, I am not expecting an eternal trip in Newnan, at some point I will approach the end of Newnan. But the bible says that she bear him with sorrow. Which Identified that someone or something is accommpanying a situation. When you say with someone, it means that the person you are with is in the service accompanying you. Which indicate that the person with you can be just as you are. That can be good or it can be bad. The sorrow that she bear could be just as much with him as it was her. What are some of the possibilities her sorrows could be, and what could accompany the sorrows. Her Sorrow could have been her own personal conviction. her decision to have a child the timing. financial stability

relationship stability Capabilities

No Father is mention my assumption is to assume she was a single parent. That could have added to her sorrow Single parenting, Responsibility of securing that child from the world Fear of child birth Labor and delivery is a challenge with in itself.

Her pain She could have become a very depressed woman. A woman of low selfesteem. She could have been a distressed women and a woman who could have been emotionally drained. You can have sorrow, and not have the pain associated with it. There is a pain that travel with sorrow, however it go. This woman still bearded with sorrow

Being a single parent is like most chronic conditions, it can be a persistent pain taken a toll on the mother to the point of depression, oppression and anxiety. Pain is not always revealed through the natural eye women are built to be strong so we know how to cover our emotions hide our stress. We are powerful beings we know how to take a messed up situation and walk through the storm as if all is well. We can punk the devil he think he have us and all of sudden the spirit on the inside start warring with the outside and through the grace of God we fight our way through.,

. You cant allow your sorrow to get you distressed, and emotional challenges stop you from doing and being what God has called you to be. God has promised us that He will not put no more on us than what we can bear. With every trial, with every temptation, He has given us a way of escape. In your trials, God is with you. He does not allow you to go through things along. Often times we think that if sorrow is in, God is not in it. But God promise us, that He will never leave us or forsake us, He will be with us always, even to the end of this world.

As mention in my opening statement the chapter begin with Judahs descendants, and suddenly the name Jabez is mention and when he speak its with power and assurance. His mother called his name Jabez because I bared him with sorrow. However in research I learned that he name mean hollow, depression. Hollow means empty Depression means sadness gloom. In the bible days a person name was strong it identify who that person was or who how they were portrayed. Jabez illustrated the power of prayer however do we know his beginning before his ending? Through the sorrow that his mother experience while caring him is it possible that he felt her pain while in her womb and like a cell it attached to his being and thats why he may have felt depressed or maybe even empty. The prayer of Jabez has become popular in the Christian world we may not have experienced what Jabez experience but we do have our own personal isssues.

The things He desired in his prayer Bless me indeed: To request of God the bestowal of divine favor. To bestow good of any kind. Enlarge my coast and that thou hand might be with me: To increase the capacity, expand, extend, magnify, amplify increase And that thou wouldest keep me from evil that it may not grieve me: To keep from wicked. Jabez didnt allow his environment to detect his future He didnt allow his situation to control his mental capacity