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MEST 3: The Impact of New & Digital Media Case Study STUDENT NAME: TEACHER: Step One - Generating

Topic Ideas for Individual Case Studies: A study of the impact of new and digital media on 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Music promotion and the charts TV broadcasting Advertising The media and democracy The role of the distributor and exhibitor The internet & social networking sites The role of media institutions

Now try brainstorming a few of your own.. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Step Two: Identifying relevant theories/ issues & debates Some well known theories/ issues and debates on the topic of new and digital media include: Hegemony Marxism Pluralism Cultural Imperialism Globalisation Post-colonialism

Not all of these will be appropriate for your own individual study. List in the table below the theorists you have identified that you will need to refer to for your study: Theorist/ issue or debate Topic Covered Book/ Publication/ Online source Key Quotes

Theorist/ issue or


Book/ Publication/ Online

Key Quotes

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Identify at least three media texts/ products that you will use as your primary sources of evidence to demonstrate the impact of new and digital media in your topic area. TEXT PLATFORM (broadcast, print, e-media) YEAR OF PRODUCTION

Step Three: Choosing individual topic area and relevant theorists Write here what your case study will involve and the relevant theories. Remember it should be about the impact of new and digital media on.......

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Step 4: Case Study 1. Has new and digital media had an impact upon ownership and control of the media institution(s) involved in your case study area? Explain in detail any impact and what exactly has changed.

2. What impact has there been on the way in which the audience now consume the media products/ texts involved in your case study? How does it differ from what went before?

3. What impact has there been on how the media institution now has to produce the texts and the way in which the texts/ products are distributed and exhibited? This should involve a detailed textual analysis of at least 3 texts to demonstrate the point.

4. Is the size of the audience any different now than before the impact of new and digital media (or has the pattern of usage changed)? E.g. consider for the impact of new and digital media on TV broadcasting the change in audience ratings for programmes as a consequence of the deregulation of TV. (Prior to deregulation audience figures could be 20m+ for Eastenders etc to a situation today where, due to the massive number of channels now available, audiences are vastly reduced and fragmented).

5. Who are the primary target audience now and has this changed? Who was it before and how do you know? TEXT CURRENT TARGET AUDIENCE ORIGINAL TARGET AUDIENCE HOW DO YOU KNOW?

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6. How have the audience responded to the changes? Is there more customer choice? Is there evidence of a more pluralistic model? What evidence do you have to support this?

7. What concerns/ considerations are there (if any) for the media institutions involved in your case study as a result of the impact of new and digital media? (e.g. deskilling or multi-skilling of the workforce/ decline in workforce etc)

8. What are the political and social implications of the new technologies and the methods of their consumption? E.g. moral panics etc?

9. Consider the effects so far, and possible effects in the future, on media institutions involved in your case study (media production).

10. What issues may there be regarding media effects and /or regulation/ censorship as a result of changes due to new and digital media?

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11. Are there any cross-cultural factors and /or effects of globalisation involved in the impact of new technology on your case study? E.g. the internet has been said to be globalising culture through its promotion of the English language.

12. Consider theoretical perspectives in relation to the impact of new/ digital media in your case study. E.g. Representation of certain groups as a result of changes, Marxism & Hegemony, Liberal Pluralism, colonialism, audience theories etc.

13. Using all of the above information prepare a detailed presentation of the impact of new and digital media on your case study area. This presentation should be approximately 10 minutes long. 1. Within this you must cover each of the points in this booklet in detail and this must include at least 3 actual textual examples to illuminate your points. 2. You will be using your presentation to teach the rest of the class about how new and digital media has impacted upon your chosen study area and you will be assessed by your peers and their ability to understand your topic area following your presentation.

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