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ExtrusionPower is an easy-to-use 3D Solid Modeling solution based on the Direct Modeling technology of PTC's Creo Elements/Direct to design the Dies for the Aluminium Extrusion Process. ExtrusionPower calculates the optimum design of the Dies by changing the parameters dynamically. High accuracy of the product's analytic and free form geometry assures manufacturability of the design process, guaranteeing the best result.

Product Features
ExtrusionPower is one of the worlds unique solution for the design of Aluminium Extrusion Dies. Aluminium Extrusion is an industrial metal forming process to produce long profiles with a constant cross-section. This cross-section is shaped by the opening in a steel tool known as Die. ExtrusionPower is supported with Manufacturing and Finite Element Analysis solutions. With the additional productivity tools for automating common design tasks, ExtrusionPower offers significant productivity gains and saves countless hours of design time. Extrusion Die Design is often based on the experience of the Die Designer. Sometimes this experience may be in form of company design rules, but often it only exists in the designers mind and it is difficult to transfer this knowledge to other persons. Ordering Information
ExtrusionPower License ExtrusionPower Yearly Maintenance M680L M680Y

Trial and error method is also often used, as new dies are first produced for testing only, before the final shape is fixed. Many time it is a big problem to produce the same Die once again after the Die completes his lifetime, if the Die is designed and manufactured with the tradional manual methods. ExtrusionPower is capturing the knowledge of the die designers by standardizing companys own design methods. Features

Creo Elements/Direct Modeling V18

System Requirements
Supported platforms: Windows XP 32 and 64 bit TM Windows Vista 32 and 64 bit TM Windows7 32 and 64 bit

Delivery Information
Software download available through ExtrusionPower web site Supported languages: English German Russian Italian Turkish

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Right of technical modifications reserved MIP Ltd (12/11) D680-002D

Both for symmetric and asymmetric mandrels Die blank library Welding Chamber Design Mandrel Design Wizard Parametic Creation of Webs, Ports and other mandrel elements Automatic Modeling of Bearing Lengths Iterative Optimisation of Blend radii Industrial proven shapes for port holes and web sections Variation Design Adjustment of welding chamber to web geometry Import/Export of DXF/DWG, IGES, STEP, Creo Formats Automatic Creation of Bill Of Materials Management with PDM and ERP Systems Connection to FEA and CAM Programs Transfer of 3D models to 2D engineering drawings Technology Advisor with Extrusion Die specific knowledge