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Jordan Graham Mr.

Borrero English 1102 April 9th, 2012 The Pitch Dear Executives, Im creating the concept for a movie based on the later stages of the Revolutionary war leading up to the British surrender at Yorktown. I want to create a story of revenge, endurance, and honor, which are all aspects of war. Tragedy will also be a big part of the story to give it some quality. It is about a young American whose house was raided by the British, and then joins the continental army when he later finds out his family was murdered. He will battle alongside some of the most memorable commanders until standing alongside George Washington at the surrender of Yorktown. Hopefully the audience can get a sense of the effects of war, and will feel very involved in the story, giving it an emotional aspect. As well as being a quality story, it will be very legitimate when it comes to the facts. This will bring in audience that interested in the movie for more of interest in the subject, and also people who just want to watch a really good movie. The opening scene will be very peaceful setting, in Charleston, SC. As the sun is setting, Jack Daniels is eating dinner with his family. The camera switches to a group of redcoats walking through the fields about a mile away. Eventually, Jacks father sees them from a distance out the window, and tells him and his mother to go out the back door and run. They did

what he said as he went upstairs to get guns for him and Jacks two older brothers. Jack and his mother ran as fast as they could to his uncles home. Little did he know, his dad and two brothers had been killed by the British soldiers who then burned his house down. He begged to go back to try to find them, but his Mom wouldnt let him. He was so angry and sad he didnt know what to do, so the next day he left without saying anything to his mom and planned on joining the army with a friend he knew was joining. Jacks friend was Nathan Matthews, and the two of them and Nathans father all set out with some Patriots to join the Army with General Abraham Buford, who was commanding the war in the south. The first battle came quick, at Waxhaw Creek, SC. The continentals got slaughtered, Nathans father being one of the first to die. They both got out alive, but the effects of war were already overwhelming both of them. They had heard that they were getting a new commander in the south, General Horatio Gates. He took them to their second battle where poor tactics caused them to lose, and there commander fled in embarrassment. Washington then sent down Nathaniel Greene and Daniel Morgan to command the war. Jack and Nathan met up with them in present day Charlotte, and then split up in two groups, Jack and Nathan going with Daniel Morgan. He proved to be a very smart but tenacious general in his first battle, where they defeated the British at the battle of Cowpens. This boosted Jacks confidence and made him want to keep fighting. But after this victory, the continental army lacked money to pay soldiers, and didnt even have enough supplies. A lot of them protested, Nathan being one of them. He left Jack, and would eventually be recruited into the British army as a loyalist. The war was not the same without Nathan, since that was his only friend. But Jack made other friends quickly who encouraged him to keep fighting. After a long wait for supplies, they finally got them and went straight to battle at the Guilford courthouse. During the battle, Jack shoots and kills Nathan, unaware it was him until after he shot him. Even

though the British lost twice as many men, the continentals ended up retreating to save soldiers. Jack was in complete shock because of what had happened. His father and brothers were killed, he left his mother, and now he had just killed his only friend. Despite the tragedy, Jack was starting to feel a part of the army, and didnt want to quit. By this time, he was well acquainted with Nathaniel Greene, Washingtons favorite General. Once Cornwallis and the British set up at Yorktown, Washington came down and set up all of his army around Yorktown, along with his French reinforcements. Jack fought alongside Greene and Washington for days. Washingtons son Jacky was fighting in his first battle ever when he got camp fever and died. Eventually Cornwallis surrendered and to Washington with Greene and Jack Daniels along his side.