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Celebrity Endorsement: A Literature Review

DOI : 10.1362/026725799784870379 B. Zafer Erdogan pages 291-314 Available online: 01 Feb 2010

Use of celebrities as part of marketing communications strategy is a fairly common practice for major firms in supporting corporate or brand imagery. Firms invest significant monies in juxtaposing brands and organisations with endorser qualities such as attractiveness, likeability, and trustworthiness. They trust that these qualities operate in a transferable way, and, will generate desirable campaign outcomes. But, at times, celebrity qualities may be inappropriate, irrelevant, and undesirable. Thus, a major question is: how can companies select and retain the 'right' celebrity among many competing alternatives, and, simultaneously manage this resource, while avoiding potential pitfalls? This paper seeks to explore variables, which may be considered in any celebrity selection process by drawing together strands from various literature.

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Celebrity Endorsement in Advertising
Issue: Volume 34, Number 2 / Summer 2005

Using celebrities to promote products is a popular advertising technique around the world. However, little is known about how the implementation of celebrity endorsement varies according to dominant cultural values. This study content-analyzed television commercials featuring celebrities from two diametrically different countries--the United States and Korea--in terms of two fundamental cultural dimensions: (1) low versus high context, and (2) individualism versus collectivism. Findings of this study suggest that the strategic use and creative executions of celebrity endorsement mirror the respective prevalent cultural orientations in the two countries, although some similarities do exist. Extensive discussion and suggestions for future research are provided.

Although it has been observed that the presence of a well-known personality helps in solving the problem of over-communication that is becoming more prominent these days. it tends to create confusion among consumers and hence negatively affects the perception of the advertisement and the brand. Mumbai–400 019 E-mail: kulkarnisanyukta@yahoo. Hence. This makes endorsement as one of the indictors of quality for any brand. However there lies uncertainty with respect to the returns that the company might be able to garner for the brand. Kulkarni Sahir U.Impact of Celebrity Endorsement on Overall Brand By Sanyukta A. getting the right celebrity to endorse the right brand. Napoo / sahirgaulkar@yahoo. there are few undesirable impacts of this practice on the brand. On the other hand. Firms invest huge amounts as advertising expenditure for hiring the right celebrity. Source Attractiveness Theory and Meaning Transfer Theory' provide a basis on which the methodology of celebrity endorsement works and also explains how the process of the celebrity endorsement influences the minds of the consumers. Gaulkar PGDBM1 2005-07 Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research L. Consumers perceive the brand as having superior quality because it has been endorsed by a credible source. to say clearly whether the practice of celebrity endorsement impacts positively or negatively to the brand still remains a Today 'Celebrity Endorsement' has attracted immense debate on whether it really contributes to the brand building process or whether it is just another lazy tool to make the brand more visible in the minds of the consumers. . i. The theories like 'Source Credibility Theory. Corporate credibility along with endorser credibility plays a significant role in the attitude of the consumer towards the brand and the advertisement respectively. The issue of matching the values of the celebrity with the brand values is also very important. Matunga (CR). If the celebrity is involved in multiple endorsements.e. the over popularity of the celebrity sometimes overshadows the brand.