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Kenneth Jordan

Rowland Heights CA, 91748 Cell # (909) 643-6483

To pursue a challenging career, in which my education, skills, and experience will be an asset to the organization and its customers

A dynamic, team spirited, and performance driven professional with an extraordinary blend of leadership, business, and manufacturing industry knowledge


Linux and Windows based operating systems Basic HTML Microsoft Works 2008 Adobe CS3 Suite Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 AutoCAD 2006 / 2008 Manual Drafting/Sketching Autodesk Rivet 2009 3DS Max Physical 3D Modeling AutoCAD MEP Drawings Autodesk Inventor 2009 Thermal joint bonding processes: ERW, SAW, SMAW, GTAW, FCAW, and GMAW Full competency in the operation of: Chop Saw, Iron Worker, Pipe threader,... Layout Work in accordance with tolerances and material specifications through ASME standards and codes Manual, digital, and C.N.C. Break Press operations Shearing processes: Pneumatic and Hydraulic Thermal cutting processes: Plasma, Air Gouge, and Oxyacetylene Torch Manual and digital Milling and Lathe operations Heat treat procedures for pre and post operations


ITT Technical Institute Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Aided Drafting & Design Flare Industries Graduation Date: March 2010 Austin, Texas

Obtained: AWS D1.1 & D1.2 3G, 4G, and 6G Certifications

G. J. C. Community Trade Certificate in Advanced Welding Processes

Certification Date: August 2006 Austin, Texas Graduation Date: March 2002 San Marcos, Texas

Perfect Attendance Award Highest Honors Award Graduated Top of Class GPA 3.67

Efficiency Improvements Product Improvements ASME and ISO Standards Process Validation Database Management Creative Problem Solving Multi-Project Coordination Root Cause Analysis Risk Analysis Assessment / Design / Implementation


Consolidated Precision ProductsMaster Welder / Fabricator /CADD Operator


Pomona, California
Apply efficiently all thermal bonding processes: GTAW, FCAW, SMAW, SAW and GMAW Log and repair any and all damaged pressure vessels Retrofit out of date parts to fit new concept designs for improved operations Develop efficient welding techniques vs. the configuration of material and vessel applications Inception to implementation multifunctional structures for foundry production applications Assist draftsmen and design engineers with experimental concepts through AutoCAD 2009 Reverse engineer failed designs for root cause analysis and data report Program and update latter on PLC data for foundry efficiency 2007-10

ITT TechT.A./ Mentor/ Assistant Admin. Austin, Texas Managing hardware and software related issues Teaching AutoCAD design commands to students Tutoring Physics I and II/ College Math I and II/ Rivet 2009/ AutoCAD 2009

Flare IndustriesPipe Fitter/Combo Welder 2006-07 Austin, Texas Work closely with Q.C., Welding Engineers, and Draftsman to facilitate customer projects in a timely manner Redesign out of date parts to fit new concept designs and improved operations Layout certified materials in accordance to engineering drawings and specifications Applying Thermal Bonding Processes: GTAW, FCAW, and GMAW

Cut / fit / tack / weld (440 carbon and 310 stainless) and set for inspection Q.C. final products for possible out of tolerance parameters using: Speed Square, Torpedo levels, Micrometers, Calipers, Square, Tap measure, Plum bob, Chalk Line, Angle finder, Pipe tape, Center Punch, Sign, Stamp, and prepare qualified product for inventory shipment

McCoys WeldingCombo Welder 2004-06 Pflugerville, Texas Efficiently execute Plasma, Oxyacetylene, and Air gouge thermal cutting operations Heat treat work (Titanium and Aluminum alloys ) to prevent stress fractures and deformation Complete predetermined thermal joint bonding processes efficiently i.e. GMAW/ GTAW/ FCAW Ironworker operation ( hydraulic sheer, punch, and brake press ) for low thermal applications Revise shop drawings ( when needed ) from CAD to final product with supervisors approval Use all measuring tools at disposal i.e. Caliper/ Micrometers/ Speed Square/ T-Square/ Tape ( 100ft ) . . . Create Jigs for thermal expansion and contraction control of similar part production CeleritySemiconductor TIG Welder 2001-04 Round Rock, Texas Complete predetermined precision thermal joint bonding process: GTAW on all applications Flood work in Inert gas/Noble gas Argon throughout the thermal process (to prevent sugaring) Q.C. cylindrical work i.e. leak check/ parts per mill. initial and report results if structure is compromised Inspect welds, stamp, and initial for review and inventory database maintained at the home office server Fill out D.M.R.s ( Damaged Material Reports) and M.R.F.s ( Material Request Forms ) for welding departments Work closely with draftsmen and design engineers to develop new and more efficient welding techniques Use measuring tools i.e. Caliper and Micrometers to maintain tolerances of but not limited to .005 thousands Continually work with little to no supervision in and around a clean room environment efficiently