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Global Integral Research, Inc




Jenny Wade Ph.D.

January 11th & 12th 2003

San Francisco, CA
This two-day workshop is a certification program in the Wade Mindsets System for Leadership
Development. The workshop consists of a one-day seminar or a 2-day certification. The first day is
open to the general public, and will focus on understanding the way you and the people around you
perceive and engage the world. Differences in the way people experience reality drive most of the
misunderstandings, disappointments, and conflict at home, among friends, at work, and in society. This
workshop will teach you how to spot the different mindsets the people around you use, your own, and
how to bridge between the two successfully.

The second day of the workshop is for professionals seeking certification for leadership development
using the proprietary tools and methods associated with this system. This unique approach is based on
adult developmental psychology and how it affects the way people think, communicate and respond to
communication, and how they make decisions. This comprehensive, research-based system will
illuminate your work with leaders and employees in work organizations as well as in other settings.
Certification is designed for consultants, human resources professionals, and executive coaches. This
approach has been successfully used for the following

• Human resource consulting and creating systems that maximize human capacity: How
to create optimal matches between people and design, how to design training, recruiting,
recognition, and reward systems, etc. (This workshop is a prerequisite for those on
organization and human resource systems design.)
• Diversity: How to look at diversity issues without getting stuck in demographics that are
unreliable and superficial indications of much deeper differences.
• Conflict resolution and mediation: How to discern what issues are most important to
individuals and how they make decisions around those issues.
• Leadership Assessment, Development and Coaching: How coaches can identify
strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots with confidence, know what is possible for client
development, and which areas are most critical for focusing development. The approach
provides the tools needed for leaders to be more effective as the essence of a design plan.
• Marketing and Sales strategies: How to identify the psychographics of clients and
customers at a much deeper level to create market communications strategies and teach
effective sales techniques.
• Business Consulting: How to develop products for specialized customer targets.
In the first day of this experiential, multi-media workshop, participants will learn:

• The six mindsets displayed by workplace populations.

• The leadership styles appropriate for effectively working with each
• Effective communications methods and media for each mindset

In the second day participants will learn the necessary information to become certified in
the Wade Mindsets Systems, including the use of a web-based assessment tool,
proprietary audiovisual materials, and proprietary leadership development guide,

• How An overview of how to match jobs with each mindset for better
performance outcomes and greater employee satisfaction
• How to structure learning/training for each mindset to ensure better
• How to design feedback, recognition and rewards for each mindset for
effective performance improvement
• Training and permission to use the Wade Mindsets Work Inventory
• The right to use leadership development materials furnished by Dr. Wade

Certification includes training in using the Wade Mindsets Work Inventory

( and permission to use this web-based, statistically reliable instrument for
assessing the mindsets predominantly used in work organizations by employees at all levels. Assessment
is so quick and affordable it can be used across entire employee populations as the basis for individual,
group, function, or complete organization applications. Databases can be created for consultants and
client companies.

Dr. Jenny Wade is an internationally known lecturer, teacher, and researcher specializing
in organizational and developmental psychology. Dr. Wade holds a Ph.D. in Human
Development from the Fielding Institute. A self-employed management consultant, her
theory and consulting practice are the result of extensive research and over twenty years'
experience working with Fortune 500 companies, multinationals, and smaller businesses
in a wide range of industries around the world.

9 a.m. -5 p.m. Global Integral Research
Jan 11th & 12th, 2003 Phone: 301-717-0599
Fax: 240-209-0576
WHERE: Email:
Westin Hotel (S.F. Airport)
Millbrae, California
Day 1- Introduction
Regular: $75.00 Integral Institute Member: $50 Grad Students: $35.00
Day 1& 2 for Certification
$1750 if registered by 12/01 $2000.00 after 12/01 / $250.00 deposit