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Teaching Plan

Management of Industrial Relations---- PMB 603

Purpose of the course: Knowledge of the business and relevant labour laws is of utmost
importance to any manager. In the field of Industrial relations HR manager must be aware of the functioning of trade union and the relevant law dealing with them, methods and governing principles of settling disputes and the legal provisions regarding workmens compensation and lockout ,lay offs etc forms part of the subject of study of this paper.

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Industrial Relations--- definition ,meaning, nature, evolution of industrial relations, Industrial conflicts and disputes 04 Industrial Disputes and strikes--- Causes of strikes and industrial disputes, forms of strikes ,factors influencing the out come,effects of strikes and Right to strike and its evolution. 04 Methods of settling Industrial disputes---Statutory and non- statutory bodies settlement with and without state intervention, compulsory Arbitration vs collective bargaining and adjudication, recommendation of 2ndLabour commission on dispute settlement. 04 Collective Bargainingmeaning& importance, subject matter of collective bargaining, agreements and difficulties and hurdles 03

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Workers participation in management----schemes of workers participation in management in India,works commitees, joint management councils, board level participation, participation of workers in management Bill 1990 recommendation of 2nd National Labour Commission2002 04 Trade Unions---emergence, objectives, trade union movement in India, Early years up to 1929, period from1930 -39 ,1940 to 1949 ,trade union movement after1950 till date 03
Indian Trade Unions, political parties and problem of leadership,Trade union rivalry and recognition. 03 Presentations & class test/quiz/case discussions 07

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Internal assessment will be of 40 marks out of 100 and based on Class test Assignments and Presentations Attendance, class participation 20 marks 15 marks 05 marks

Text SINHA PRN, , Indu Bala and Seema Priyadarshini Shekhar - Industrial Relations, Trade Unions and Labour legislation, Pearson Education Recommended Readings Sivarethinamohan,Industrial Relations and Labour Welfare,PHI

MichaelVP,Industrial Relations In India and Workers Involvement in management,HPH SrivastavaSC,Industrial Relations and Labour Laws,Vikas Publishing House PayleMV,George Simon,Industrial Relations and Personnel Management,Vikas Publishing House Mamoria, Mamoriaand Gankar,Dynamics of Industrial Relations,HPH